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Jan-Oct 07 Guestbook Entries

Date: 27 Oct 07
Rank: LTC
Name: Steven N. Kash
Call Sign: Dust Off 26, Dust Off 3
Unit(s): 498th Med. Co. (Air Amb)
Time Frame: 1965-1966
E-mail: phantomwolverine@insightbb.com
Message: I flew with former Marine fighter pilots, like myself: Bill Knowles, Bill Scanlan, Stan Scharf. We transferred to the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps in the late 50's and early 60's. Also, I was Dust Off 16 & Dust Off 3 with the 377th Med. Co. in Korea in all of 1963.

Date: 27 Oct 07
Rank: Ret CWO
Name: Ron Tweed
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 54th Med Det
Time Frame: 67 & 68 Tet Offences
E-mail: rontweed7@yahoo.com
Message: Gen Pat Brady,67&68,54th Med Det out of Chu Lia, Gen Brady at 326th Med Det Ft Campbell KY,1974 on up. Now you rascals have to remember that I'm getting old but I will never forget the courage, tenacity and hope of my fellow DUST OFF Pilots that I have had the privilege to fly with.

Date: 27 Oct 07
Rank: Retired
Name: Don "Flash" Donahue
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 507th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1986 to 1993
E-mail: dede@net1plus.com
Message: Time flies and still fond memories of the 507th out of Ft Sam Houston remain. Have been keeping up with all the news that has floated about this here site and here is a little of the latest as far as the National Defense Bill is concerned. After several changes the Senate Passed its version of the bill and if you were to peruse the documentation you will not find any reference to CMB in the version passed by the Senate. here is the link info

Date: 14 Oct 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Calvin Guthrie
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 236 Med Det.
Time Frame: 1971
E-mail: calguthrie57@aol.com
Message: I flew as a mediv with Da Nang DUSTOFF Jan 71 to Jan72.

Date: 14 Oct 07
Rank: SSG
Name: Gordon Bishop
Call Sign: A 21
Unit(s): "A"Troop 1sqdn.10th Cav
Time Frame: Jan69----Dec69
E-mail: gordonbishop@comcast.net
Message: No message received.

Date: 14 Oct 07
Rank: Retired SSG
Name: William E. Brown Jr
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1965-1967
E-mail: wbill6344@earthlink.net
Message: I was sorry to read that the 498th Medical Co (air Ambulance) had been de-activated after having such a great unit history.

Date: 6 Oct 07
Rank: CPT
Unit(s): 377TH MED CO 3RD PLT
Time Frame: 0CT 84-OCT 86
Message: No message received.

Date: 29 Sep 07
Rank: SPC
Name: Jordan Schulz
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th MED CO (AA)
Time Frame: DEC 99 - JULY 03
E-mail: jordan.schulz@us.army.mil
Message: I remember the good times and bad times with the 57th; my first family in the ARMY. 2 tours in combat Afghanistan and Iraq. It's sad to see the 57th Retire DUSTOFF.

Date: 29 Sep 07
Rank: CW4ever
Name: Jim Bauer
Call Sign: Med Evac 34
Unit(s): 15th Med Evac Det
Time Frame: 68-69
E-mail: jim_bauer78248@yahoo.com
Message: Gablingen AAF, North of Augsburg Germany, Oct 68-Oct 69. 15th Med Det was one of 2 detachments assigned to the 421st Med Evac Company. We flew the last of the Sikorsky CH-34Cs in country. All the other Med Evac units in Germany had UH-1s (barf). Jesse Wisdom (KIA RVN) was my Commander, mentor, great friend and family sponsor. Other pilots were Marvin King, George Carter, Frank Pomett, John T Owens, Frank Nickolitch and Skip McAdams. We were MEDEVAC. Lost como with all of them, "over".
40 years and 3 months,,,, Army been good to me. My "DUSTOFF" time was with "Eagle Dustoff" Camp Eagle, Vietnam.

Date: 29 Sep 07
Rank: SFC - E4
Name: Jan-Helge (Helli) Goralski
Call Sign: Charlie 7
Unit(s): 1 Taskforce Medevac Macedonia ,Prizren 1999
Time Frame: mar 99 to nov 99
E-mail: gtarabas@gmx.de
Message: Nice to hear from this Web site. I was flying Combat-SAR in the 1st Task Force in Kosovo 1999 in Macedonia an later in Prizren Kosovo. I'm an active reserve and when in reserve training I do my duty at the field hospital brigade. One evening one of the flight commanders handed me his patch (421st Evac) to wear it when I'm in charge. My wish is it to stand one more time in front of an SAR-helicopter when the turbines starts and fly. God bless all our brothers and sisters in war and peacekeeping missions. Let them all come back home safely.

Date: 23 Sep 07
Rank: SP5 (then) SFC (ret)
Name: Garry Wood
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Med Det. (RA)
Time Frame: 1980-1983
E-mail: topdoctex60331@aol.com
Message: We not only covered the ranges, but we did a lot of hospital to hospital transfers and neo-natal transfers to the University of NC Chapel Hill (UNCLE) but to Charlotte as well. We were the first DUSTOFF unit to transition to the UH-60. You Call We Haul!!!! Also participated in the Mariel boat lift at Ft. Indiantown Gap.

Date: 22 Sep 07
Rank: SSG
Name: Eric W. Schaberg
Call Sign: Lone Wolf
Unit(s): 507th / 3/507th/ SAR RAAF / 63rd/ 236th
Time Frame: 1982 to 1992
E-mail: es@engdesignsource.com
Message: DUSTOFF!!!!

Date: 22 Sep 07
Rank: SFC
Name: Jody Homan
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 83rd Medical Detachment
Time Frame: 1992- 1995
E-mail: pipehandler2@charter.net
Message: I flew with a few good pilots, CPT Haun, CPT Sloan, Mr. Mustard, CPT Ghostley, CPT . Lund. The crewchiefs and medics were mostly in transition, so forgive me for not remembering names. I am looking for mission descriptions from the MAST missions we flew in that timeframe. There is one in particular, Mr. Mustard piloted the aircraft to a beaver dam, landed and let off the crew to save a man who had cut his leg with a chainsaw. I saw this story in print and now I cannot locate it. Any help would be appreciated and can be emailed to me. Thank you and hope to hear from the old crews again.

Date: 22 Sep 07
Rank: SSGT
Name: Rick Yearman
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 7th Med Det (HA)
Time Frame: Jun '67 - Dec '69
E-mail: dustoff77rick@yahoo.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 15 Sep 07
Rank: COL
Name: Frank H. Wright
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 4/498th Medical Co (AA)
Time Frame: 08/76 - 04/79
E-mail: frank.h.wright@us.army.mil
Message: I flew MAST missions out of Columbia, SC metropolitan airport.

Date: 15 Sep 07
Rank: SP5
Name: John Grimes
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 54th Med Det.
Time Frame: June 1968/June 1969
E-mail: john.grimes@patrick.af.mil
Message: Flew with Mark Markoski.

Date: 15 Sep 07
Rank: CPL
Name: Richard Elias
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 3/5 & 2nd CAG
Time Frame: 1968
E-mail: ymbarnif@comcast.net
Message: I was lifted out on the night of 10/18/68 at or around 2330 hours. 2nd CAG 1968, thanks guys for being there. Semper Fi!

Date: 15 Sep 07
Rank: Army Vietnam Vet
Name: Sterling Brooks
Call Sign:  
Time Frame: 1970-1973
Message: I spent 30 years in television after my discharge from the Army. I am about to post a unique video on YouTube in regard to a re-edited film I produced at Fort Bliss on the MAST program (Military Assistance to Safety Traffic.). As soon as I get the piece on YouTube, I will contact you.

You can reach me through my Web site at www HighAboveTexas com.

Date: 7 Sep 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Jimmy D. Pace
Call Sign: Warlord
Unit(s): Co B 123 AVN BN
Time Frame: 1970-1971
E-mail: jimmydpace@bellsouth.net
Message: Came across your Web site today. Thought that I would welcome everyone home. Been a long time since flying the skies of Vietnam. I flew as a door gunner on slicks with the "Warlords" or the 123rd AVN BN at Chu Lai from April 71 to Sept 71. Before my flying with the Warlords I served 7 1/2 months with B Troop 1/1 Cav. also at Chu Lai. Like to thank everyone for what you did in Nam. So many stories go untold about the brave men who served there. May God bless and keep you all. "Tiny" Clear Right Up Sir.

Date: 7 Sep 07
Rank: E-7 USAF
Name: Pete Waddell
Call Sign: Igloo
Unit(s): 41st TAS
Time Frame: 1967 to 1972
E-mail: dynagc@aol.com
Message: I am not DUSTOFF but I owe my life to a DUSTOFF Crew. During the siege of An Loc we were shot down. Rather a controlled crash landing in a rice paddy. DUSTOFF got us out just in time. We were flying a C-130. I am still trying to actually meet a Vietnam Vet from DUSTOFF to thank him personally.

Date: 7 Sep 07
Name: Thomas
Call Sign: Rescue fly
Time Frame: 07.08.1991
E-mail: thomas.nieberle@fujitsu-siemens.com
Message: Hi! In August 1991 one of the 236th "Blackhawk" took me from Hospital Zentralklinikum Augsburg, Germany to special hospital to Regensburg in less than 20 minutes! Without this very quick action I should have lost some fingers of my right arm! Thank you very much Boys!!!! Greetings from Bavaria!

Date: 2 Sep 07
Rank: SGT Then
Name: Abraham I. Ibarra
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame: May 2001-Oct. 2005
E-mail: abraham.ibarra@att.net
Message: Attached to 498th Task force Med Eagle, SFOR10, Eagle Base Bosnia, Production Control with CW2 Perkins. September 11, 2001- March 2002.
MOS 68B power plant repairer then, 15B. 57th Med. Co. (AA), 56th Med. Batallion, 44th Medical BGD.

Date: 2 Sep 07
Rank: CW4(Ret)
Name: Doug Petersen
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 34
Unit(s): 45th Med. Co/151st Med Det/57th
Time Frame: Vietnam 1970-1971
E-mail: doug1508@aol.com
Message: I flew out of Long Binh from the summer of 1970 until the unit was shutdown in the spring 1971. Ralph Conrad was my roommate. I flew with Bill Yancey as I recall and too many others that I don't remember the names. I flew DUSTOFF at Fort Bragg for an additional three years, before being sent to "slicks".

Date: 2 Sep 07
Rank: CW3
Name: Patsy Giarrizzo
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 1159th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1987-2007
E-mail: pgiarrizzo@erahelicopters.com
Message: Retired now but still flying and luvin it. If your truly team player and wanna fly when you head out the door. Send me an e-mail and you too may enjoy 14 days on then 14 days off. The hardest work you will do is when you are home on break---Like the hunny do list ! (Smile) Have a good day all.

Date: 25 Aug 07
Rank: SGT
Name: Aaron Orzel
Call Sign: EE-YORE
Unit(s): Det. 1 Co. C 3/238 AVN (Medevac)
Time Frame:  
E-mail: blackhawk_eeyore@yahoo.com
Message: UH-60 crewchief with the Wolverine Guard.

Date: 25 Aug 07
Rank: E-4
Name: Chuck Butkus
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): "70" 498th , "71-73" 507th, "75-76" Ft. Knox, "85" 377th.
Time Frame:  
E-mail: Budlight76@gmail.com
Message: "70" 498th, "71-73" 507th(Ft. Sam & Ft. Sill), "75-76" 431st Ft. Knox, "85" 377th Korea.

Date: 25 Aug 07
Rank: SP5
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 4PLT/507th MED C. (AA)
Time Frame: 1983-1984
E-mail: Douglas.Keyes@osan.af.mil

Date: 25 Aug 07
Rank: SPC
Name: Troy Hunting
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 3/507th AA Ft. Hood, TX
Time Frame: 1985-1988
E-mail: troy_hunting@yahoo.com
Message: I just happened to bump into this Webpage and thought I would sign the guest book. I doubt any of the people I worked with will see this post. It was so long ago I was a proud member of "DUSTOFF." 3/507th was without a doubt the most rewarding time I had in the military and my first duty assignment. I was a 67N fresh out of AIT. I remember many people who left an indelible impression on my life as I was a crazy 18 year old with a wild streak a mile wide. Some people I worked with: Lt. Abner, Mr. Matu, SFC Van Horne, Sgt. Cochran, Sgt. Conkle, Spc. Brown, Mr. Grey and many others I can't remember by name sitting here at my work desk but their faces will be with me forever. Great times and great people. I currently work in the medical field and give credit to the Medics who took me under their wing as the beginning of my interest in medicine. I sure would like to hear from any of the people I served with. "We have done so much with so little for so long we can now do anything with nothing - forever."

Date: 18 Aug 07
Rank: E5
Name: Billy Blackmon
Call Sign: Bravo Nov
Unit(s): Air traffic control tower cu chi and Tay Ninh
Time Frame: Mar 1969 to Oct 1970
E-mail: williamblackmon@yahoo.com
Message: I was in Air Traffic Control Tower at Cu Chi 1st tour. Tay Ninh 2nd tour. I flew a lot with DUSTOFFs at Tay Ninh approx between May and Sep 1970. Mainly Tim Horrell (DUSTOFF at Tay Ninh formerly Little Bear at Cu Chi). I am in touch with him. A pilot called Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who ferried in taxi girls at night while pretending to do high hover checks (from Tay Ninh city to Tay Ninh base camp) Other pilots I don't remember names. One ambush of convoy, pilot approached low level and landed in middle of convoy many wounded. Had to come back down from altitude to get one more with legs blown off, he died at pad in Tay Ninh. Also with DUSTOFF in triple canopy winching out wounded. Pilot had to high hover forward then down to get winch low enough in trees. Then ascend and back to get out. If anyone remembers any of this send me a message. (I know it sounds routine to most DUSTOFF pilots but not to me) many other flights.

Date: 18 Aug 07
Rank: SmSgt (E-8)
Name: Bobby Inboden
Call Sign:  
Time Frame: 1957-1980
E-mail: bjinboden@asbcglobal.net
Message: Did not fly. Looking for information/history on Douglas Moore, Col. USA, Ret. I knew Douglas back when we both pulled a cotton sack in Northeast Arkansas

Date: 18 Aug 07
Rank: CPT
Name: Larry L. Hanson
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 85
Unit(s): 82 Med Det (AA)
Time Frame: 1967
E-mail: lhanson@dia.net
Message: No message received.

Date: 18 Aug 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Mary Ellison
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 3rd ID
Time Frame:  
E-mail: Ijanee48@yahoo.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 18 Aug 07
Rank: CPL
Time Frame: 1981-1985 FT BENNING GA
E-mail: dustyrusty8626@yahoo.com
Message: 498 evac 2nt flight plt after most guys ets back i was attached too 690 medical co but went to 498 latter worked alot on the FRYER DROP ZONE with the jump school @ FT BENNING AND THEN RELAXING @ PANAMA CITY BEACH (SPINNIGERS AND LA VIA'S BEACH CLUB TOO ALL THE FREINDS I HAVE MEET IN MY ARMY TOURS.... NOW RESIDING IN BALTIMORE MD AND NAKHON SHAWAN THAILAND.....Take care all ......god bless..... dustyrusty8626@yahoo.com.

Date: 11 Aug 07
Rank: SFC
Name: Gordon Brink
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 2/507 Med Co
Time Frame: 1980
Message: No message received.

Date: 11 Aug 07
Rank: SFC
Name: Michael Lombardo
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Medical Co AA
Time Frame: 2000-2002 //2003-2005
E-mail: mike.lombardo@us.army.mil
Message: Flew with the 57th Med as a flight medic on their first tour in Iraq.

Date: 4 Aug 07
Rank: CPT (then)
Name: Aubrey K.Lange
Call Sign: DO 11 (68 ) DO76 (71-72)
Unit(s): 498th in (68) 82d &57th (71-72)
Time Frame: 1968 ----1971-72
E-mail: Lange.helicopters@wcc.net
Message: LTC Scott was commander in 68 with the 498th I commanded the 82 and 57th in 71-72 at Canto Bien-Tuy and Long-Bien.

Date: 28 Jul 07
Rank: CW2
Name: Richard Williams
Call Sign: Machine
Unit(s): C CO 1-111TH AVN (AA)
Time Frame: 2005-2008
E-mail: ricky.williams6@yahoo.com
Message: I flew with the men of Det 1-149th during Hurricane Katrina and the men of C Co 1-111th FSMT Bosshog in Iraq 06-08

Date: 28 Jul 07
Rank: CW4
Name: Matthew L. Munsey
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 2nd AVN DET
Time Frame:  
E-mail: matthewmunsey@yahoo.com
Message: 2nd Medical Company, Ft. Riley, KS - 1995-1998 82nd Medical Company, Camp CANARGUS, Haiti - 1995-1996 571st Medical Company, Ft. Carson, CO - 2000-2001 542nd Medical Company, Camp Page, Korea - 2004-2005 542nd Medical Company, 6-101st GSAB, Ft. Campbell, KY - 2005-2006 542nd Medical Company, 6-101st GSAB, Camp Speicher, IQ - 2006-2007

Date: 15 Jul 07
Rank: 2LT
Name: Raymond Hanson
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): Flight School
Time Frame:  
Message: I was accepted to become a DUSTOFF pilot two months ago!!!! WUUU HOOOOOOO!!!! See you all around the flight line.

Awesome website.

Date: 15 Jul 07
Rank: CPL
Name: Jay Bierman
Call Sign: "Beer-Man"
Unit(s): 159th AA Germany
Time Frame: 2002-2004
E-mail: airevac7@yahoo.com
Message: OIF one, March 2003-February 2004

Date: 7 Jul 07
Rank: SP5
Name: ED Iacobacci
Call Sign: medic
Unit(s): 237 Med Det (DMZ DUSTOFF)
Time Frame: 70-72
E-mail: ediacobacci@verizon.net
Message: The 237 med [DMZ DUSTOFF} is having a reunion in April 08 in Vegas. Go to dmzdustoff.org for the scoop. Would love to see more crewmembers there. A lot of people made the last one but mostly pilots. There is a list on the site. If you need help e-mail me.

Date: 1 Jul 07
Rank: SGT
Name: Larry D. Kimmith
Call Sign: DUST0FF 299
Unit(s): 2/421ST MED CO (AA)
Time Frame: 73-77

Date: 26 Jun 07
Rank: SGM
Name: Rindt
Call Sign: Bravo 5
Unit(s): DOF - Medevac
Time Frame:  
E-mail: aidrie@gmx.de
Message: Nice to hear from this Web site. I was flying Combat-SAR in the 1st Task Force in Kosovo 1999. I'm still active reserve and when in reserve training I do my duty at the un training centré.

One night during a mission one of the flight commanders handed me his patch (421st Evac) to wear it on my flight overall.

God bless all of you.

Uwe "Randy" Rindt

Date: 23 Jun 07
Rank: SSG
Name: Jacob Purvis
Call Sign: Harley 42
Unit(s): 542nd Air Ambulance, 6-101 GSAB
Time Frame: NOV 2005 thru OCT 2006
E-mail: caretaker26@hotmail.com
Message: Pilots - CW2 James Vanmeter
CW2 Tom Scott
CW2 Wayne McDonald
CW2 Damien Rink

Medics - SSG David Edens
SPC Michael Hundley
SSG Matt Kinney

Date: 23 Jun 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Mike Deremian
Call Sign: Dutchmasters I was slick CE
Unit(s): B Trp 7/1ACS 164th Frp (223 Avn Bn.) 1st Ave. Bgd.
Time Frame: 10/70-10/71
E-mail: inboundhot@hotmail.com
Message: Flew with the Dutchmasters B7/1 1st. ave bgd. we were assigned to the 223rd ave. bn. for Lamson 719. I crewed on UH-1H's as a CE. Flew chase on Pink Teams in Laos. We staged out of Lang Vei on QL9 and was shot down for the second time in early to mid March on QL9 between the pink line and Lang Vei by a 51. We were flying low 700 AGL below arttey. We had 2 snakes with us with no ammo, returning from a mission, we all made it out ok, but no ride, a "DUSTOFF" inbound from Laos with wounded ARVN's onboard saw us go down circled back and picked us up. Within 10 minutes Cousin Charles finished my ship with RPG's. Whenever I meet someone who flew "DUSTOFF" and he is having a drink, his money is no good. I am forever grateful to you guys as one whose job had similarities, I know yours was the bravest. God be with all of you here, and remembered, because of you I write this with great thanks.

Date: 23 Jun 07
Rank: SGT
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 3rd Plt 498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1979-1982
E-mail: elizabeth.a.chafin@hotmail.com
Message: Commander was CPT Adams. Flew with CPT Walsh, CPT Denmark, Mr. Pruim, Mr. Young, Mr. Irvin, SPC Hughes, SPC Arnold E. Bell, SPC Gary Moran, SPC Wright, SGT Lee, and many others. For awhile I was a crewchief. My HUEY was 72-21559. I remember her white skid caps and duck tail. Once someone painted their duck tail like a flag. Those were good times. I also enjoyed being the only female in the hangar. A lot has happened since then, but those were some of the best times of my life. Wish I could get in contact with some of the guys; see what's happened in their lives.

Date: 23 Jun 07
Name: Richard D Miller
Call Sign: American DUSTOFF 24
Unit(s): C Co 2/4 AVN (AA)
Time Frame: 09/2005-11/2006
E-mail: richard.d.miller@us.army.mil
Message: MAJ Ortiz, CPT Boudruaex, CW3 Didonato, CW3 Wuenscg=he (Ole' Grumpy), CPT C-Hung, CPT Alyssa Waldhauser, so many more that earned my respect and will always be in my heart......Jason, Princess........

Date: 14 Jun 07
Rank: CW2
Name: Steve Losorwith
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 37
Unit(s): 45th Med Co -Long Binh
Time Frame: 2-70 to 11-3-70
E-mail: slosorwith@smclean.com
Message: No comments received.

Date: 4 Jun 07
Rank: SFC/Ret.
Name: Greg Holmes
Call Sign: Graybeard/witchdoctor
Unit(s): 236th/101st, 327th, Flatiron
Time Frame: 1987-1994
E-mail: dustoff98@yahoo.com
Message: Started in the 2nd Flight Medic Class@ Mother Rucker in 1983/4. Flew with the best and not so good. Lived to talk about it!

Date: 2 Jun 07
Name: Ronald O.J. Carlson
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 3
Unit(s): 82nd Med. Det.
Time Frame: 1965 - 1966
E-mail: krcarlson63@comcast.net
Message: Years have passed and age has arrived much faster than anticipated. Often the guys from the 82nd pass through my mind and heart.

Currently we, Karen and I, live in Olympia, WA soon to relocate to Bismarck, ND - for a couple months out of the year and then to S. Cal. for golf and grandkids. Bismarck is home, the best walleye fishing in the world, and most importantly we have family there.
Would love to hear from you all and would especially be blessed should you stop in during your travels. Would love to hear from you.

Date: 2 Jun 07
Rank: SFC
Name: John Crespi
Call Sign: Mercy
Unit(s): MEDEVAC 1st Cavalry Division
Time Frame: 1967-1968
E-mail: Ekkdog@sbcglobal.net
Message: I took your UN-Official poll on who should receive the badge and, as the medic on more missions than I like to remember, "believe" I (and most of the crews) would in many cases not be here to take the poll if it were not for the door gunners on our birds. I don't know about the other units in Nam, but we flew as a crew as we still are to this day, not a crew and a door gunner. Let's not do to our own crewmembers like the US Army HQs types REAR AREA !!!!!s. I never did my job by myself; it was always as a crewmember. Doctor J

Date: 2 Jun 07
Rank: E-5
Name: Joe Klass
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 1/326th Eagle DUSTOFF
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: jklass52@yahoo.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 2 Jun 07
Rank: CW3
Name: David R "Doc" Headley
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 507th Med Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 1986-1987
E-mail: david.headley@brooks.af.mil
Message: I was the Component Repair Officer for the 507th Med at Ft Sam in 86 & 87. I retired from the US Army and the 507th on 1 May 1987. I now work for DPMO and JPAC doing artifacts analysis for Aircrew Personnel listed as MIA from the Vietnam War. Many of these are DUSTOFF crews and aircraft. "Bringing Our Brothers Home With Honor."

Date: 28 May 07
Rank: LT
Name: Stephen Beals
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 15th Med Det.
Time Frame: November 1968
E-mail: jamigo@sbcglobal.net
Message: My first cousin was KIA while evacuating wounded troops in a UH-1 Medevac in November, 1968.

Date: 28 May 07
Rank: CIV
Name: Judith Craig
Call Sign: Spouse of the 159th Med Evac in Wiebaden Germany
Time Frame:  
E-mail: craigjudyj@msn.com
Message: My husband was SSG Heathe Craig, he was killed on June 22nd 2006. I just looked at your page and I wanna say thank you for everything you wrote. And thank you again for everything you did for me in San Antonio. My son loves the award Heathe won...

Date: 28 May 07
Rank: Ret/SSG
Name: William E. Brown Jr
Call Sign: Pleiku DUSTOFF
Unit(s): 498th Med Co, Air Amb
Time Frame: 1965-1967
E-mail: wbill6344@earthlink.net
Message: I flew with MAJ Kash, CPT Bill Carol. MAJ Mizel, MAJ Paul Bloomquist, Mr. Wooley and Mr. Jenkins and others during this time period my first crewchief was SP5 TUTHILL and my second was Gallipeau, I departed Lane Field 27 Sept 1967 and was with the 2d Platoon at Camp Holloway and later to Lane Field, outside of Qui-Nhon. Later I was reassigned to Korat Thailand, 31st Field Hospital as a flight medic under flight surgeon CPT Peterson.

I recently sent my application to the Dustoff.org with a money order to join.

Date: 22 May 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Bruce Johnson
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 45th Med. Co., 44th Med. Brgd.
Time Frame: 7/1967-6/1968
E-mail: dust66401@hotmail.com
Message: I flew with the 3rd platoon and the first platoon as a crewchief.

Date: 19 May 07
Rank: SGT
Name: Bill Gittere
Call Sign: Evac 69M
Unit(s): 159th Med Co AA
Time Frame: 1991-1995
E-mail: 01c94@msn.com
Message: I was a flight medic with the 571st Med Det (RA) from 86' through 90', then with the 159th Med Co (AA) from 91' thru 95', including Somalia from Dec 92' thru May 93'. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello to the most unselfish professionals on the planet. Fly low...DUSTOFF!

Date: 14 May 07
Rank: CW2
Name: Thomas (Toma) Grubb
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 159
Unit(s): 159th Med (Cu Chi DUSTOFF)
Time Frame: May 69 - April 70
E-mail: toma@159thdustoff.com
Message: I was a pilot at Cu Chi and Tay Nihn with the 159th. I am building a Web site for all 159th members 63- present. Looking for everybody who ever served with the 159th. Sign in and become a member of our on-line community www.159thdustoff.com

Date: 12 May 07
Rank: SFC
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377 Med. Co. AA
Time Frame: 81-89
Message: Always enjoyed him bringing out his Vietnam slides over the years. You DUSTOFF pilots are some of the best patriots our country has ever.

Date: 6 May 07
Name: Nathan Carlson
Call Sign:  
Time Frame: 1965-1966
E-mail: cncarlson@charter.net
Message: My father is Ronald Carlson who flew DUSTOFF with the 82nd. Always enjoyed him bringing out his Vietnam slides over the years. You DUSTOFF pilots are some of the best patriots our country has ever seen. I did a stint in the USAF as a physician and then as a civilian briefly with the Army at Madigan Army Medical Center. Now practicing in the civilian world in So. Cal. Bravo to all of you for a job well done.

Date: 30 Apr 07
Rank: CW3
Name: Armando M. "Marty" Martinez
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 99
Unit(s): 2/421st Med/159th Med Co
Time Frame:  85-89
E-mail: austexpilot1@aol.com
Message: Some of the folks I flew with -

Schweinfurt - Analou Eisner, Bill Yancey, Woody Shook, Dan Snook, John Babicz, Doug Roller, Dick Edginton, Tim Moore (he will always be a lieutenant to me. hahaha)

Darmstadt - Mickey Meis, John Kokoski, Tom Dittman, Jeff Hall, Tony Shultz,...

Date: 17 Apr 07
Rank: SFC
Name: William (Bill) Pruyne
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377 Med. Co. AA
Time Frame: 06/75 to 08/76
E-mail: dustoffefmb@aol.com
Message: Maxie, Paul, Jim, Montie

Date: 16 Apr 07
Rank: CW2
Name: Rick Haines
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 25
Unit(s): D/326th Med/ 101st
Time Frame: 79-81
E-mail: rshaines@comcast.net
Message: I am trying to locate a MAJ Hammett (or his family) that flew OH-13's as a DUSTOFF in Korea 1953. I have a slide of him standing next to a Medevac OH-13 that I would like to return to his family.

Date: 14 Apr 07
Rank: SSG
Name: Fitz Dickson
Call Sign: Dicker455
Unit(s): 68th Medical Company
Time Frame: AUG 99- AUG 2002
E-mail: dicker455_50@yahoo.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 14 Apr 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Clyde B Pooser
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 498th Med Co
Time Frame: 1968-1969
E-mail: poosers@juno.com
Message: Open call to any of the pilots and/or crewchiefs I had the honor to fly with in the Nam. Want to know how you are doing after all the years. Sincerely Clyde Pooser ex SP5, ex combat medic and 498er

Date: 14 Apr 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Rebecca Adams
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 571ST Helicopter Ambulance
Time Frame: 1981-1983
E-mail: rebeccav@tampabay.rr.com
Message: I had the honor of serving with MAJ Richard C. Bulliner, CPT Stephen Inklebarger, SGT Gregg Penn and PVT Mark Welch, four men who dedicated and gave their lives to save others. Not a Labor Day weekend has gone by in these past 20-plus years that I have forgotten to say a prayer for them and their families.

In particular, MAJ Bulliner and the NCOIC of the medics,  SGT Ray Rodriguez, who believed that I had the "right stuff" to be a Flight Medic. They made a lasting impact upon my life, as did all of the men and women I served with. TO SAVE A LIFE !

Date: 14 Apr 07
Rank: CPT
Name: Christopher Mackin
Call Sign: Cowboy DUSTOFF
Unit(s): 1022nd Med
Time Frame: 2003-2006
E-mail: dustoff500@yahoo.com
Message: I flew with the best Company any pilot could ever ask for.

Date: 7 Apr 07
Rank: 2LT
Name: Brenda Looper-jansons
Call Sign: Southern Belle
Unit(s): 36th Evac Hospital
Time Frame:  
E-mail: gardeniao27@aol.com
Message: Just wanted to say hi and a special God bless to each and all. I still remember the DUSTOFF Dollie hats you gave us as we came in new. I was there Tet 68 at the Villa Dubois. Brenda Army nurse.

Date: 5 Apr 07
Rank: SPC
Name: Shaun "Kekoa" Garcia
Call Sign: "Flyin' Hawaiian"
Unit(s): 507th Med Co(AA)/ C. Co. 2-4 Avn Regt. (AA)
Time Frame: June 2001- December 2006
E-mail: crewchief771@hotmail.com
Message: Lonestar DUSTOFF 62- CPT Ryan "Sunshine" Tickell, CW2 Leroy "Mr. T." Thompson, SGT Omar "Chichi" Ruiz

Date: 24 Mar 07
Name: Michael J. Disario
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 159, 229, 45, 247, 421, etc.
Time Frame: 1982-92
E-mail: mdisario@twcny.rr.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 18 Mar 07
Rank: CMSgt (E-9) Retired
Name: Greg Kieliszek
Call Sign:  
Time Frame: 1967
E-mail: kieliszek@skybest.com
Message: I was an Air Force medic stationed at Nha Trang AB, Vietnam. Flew Air Rescue with the Air Force prior to Vietnam, but since there was no USAF Air Rescue Detachment at Nha Trang, volunteered to fly DUSTOFF with the local Army DUSTOFF unit. Don't remember the actual unit name of this group, but would appreciate it if one of your members could provide it.

Date: 17 Mar 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Jim Kramer
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 93rd Evac Hospital
Time Frame: Feb 69- Feb 70
E-mail: remark@bis.midco.net
Message: I scrubbed with 3 oral surgeons at the 93rd Evac. Just wanted to tell you guys, how great it was that you safely brought so many patients to us. Thanks for having the guts to climb in and fly those Hueys.


Date: 10 Mar 07
Rank: CW2
Name: Allan Parkhurst
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 32
Unit(s): 45th Med Co
Time Frame: July 67 to July 68
E-mail: arp4801@aol.com
Message: I would like to hear from any medic or crewchief from the 45 Air Amb Co.

Date: 10 Mar 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Dwight Hall
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Med
Time Frame: 1965
E-mail: dfhall@lycos.com
Message: I as the admin specialist for the 57th in 1965. I would fly with anyone that would let me join them at the time. I transferred to the 5th SFG Liaison Office in April 1966.

Date: 3 Mar 07
Name: Al Rack
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 571st Med Det
Time Frame: 1975-1978/1980-1982
E-mail: al@jwpfireinc.com
Message: Comments: Too many to name.

Date: 3 Mar 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Terry McGregor
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 147TH AND 45TH AA
Time Frame: 1969-1970
E-mail: geeceebee@netzero.com
Message: Looking for Spec 5 Gary Harp

Date: 24 Feb 07
Rank: CPL
Name: Jay Rosene
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 46
Unit(s): 57th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame: 10/94 - 7/97
E-mail:  jrosene403@aol.com
Message:  I just wanted to say that I was deeply saddened to see the 57th de-activated. I hope to see it back in action someday. I forged some strong bonds and have some great memories (a few bad ones too) from my time in the unit.

Date: 24 Feb 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Gary Kesti
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 218th Med, Ft Hood Texas
Time Frame:  
E-mail: gary.kesti1@us.army.mil
Message: Flew with the 218th Med at Ft Hood as a crewchief. 1973

Date: 24 Feb 07
Rank: E5
Name: Daniel Addair
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 71st
Time Frame:  
E-mail: woodstove@adelphia.net
Message: To Our Soldier's,
Time has been good to me, and time has been bad I've rode with the best, and I've cried with the sad I've seen the morning dew, slowly lift off of the ground Shoveled snow off the sidewalk's, in a far away town I've rode ship's on the ocean, with no land to see Played card's with best, out in East Tennessee I've tasted blood, from a fight I had lost Seen picture's of jesus, hanging high on the cross I've seen the green grass, turn back to brown But I guess I'll never see you, back in our hometown The coldness will fall, and come back again Some people will curse you, for the places you've been I know I'm not right, but I know I'm not wrong For telling the truth, in an old country song Iraq and Iran, are killing our men We watch it on TV, then watch it again Each channell you turn to, show's nothing but pain For the boy's we have raised, that have nothing to gain I've seen the tower's, standing so tall And then on TV I seen them both fall Freedom's been threatened in the U.S. of A And all of our young men, are dieing today So each night when you sit down to eat your last meal Think of the young men, that are dieing at will To keep the old, freedom, of the red, white and blue And least of all, don't forget about you Son, I don't think I'll ever see you back in this town again.
God Bless, Love dad
Daniel Addair.

Date: 20 Feb 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Ted Lysiak
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 63rd Med Det Helicopter ambulance
Time Frame: 1959 to 1961
E-mail: TLysiak@msn.com
Message: Leland Arends, James Watt, Chou, CPT Lusk, Royal B. Washington, Richard Frye, James Vertrees, CPT Dixon

Date: 20 Feb 07
Rank: CWO
Name: Gene Harper
Call Sign: Dust Off 155
Unit(s): 45th Med Co
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: gharper@gtcom.net
Message: Retired.

Date: 20 Feb 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Scott Taylor
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377th Med.Co. (DUSTOFF)
Time Frame: 1986-1988
E-mail: crazyrider44805@yahoo.com
Message: Would like to hear from anyone that was with me during this time frame. I was the Engine Man. I worked for SFC Trapp.

Date: 20 Feb 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Richard Davis
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Med. Det.
Time Frame: 1978-79
E-mail: richard.davis@durhamnc.gov
Message: Still flying the skies of NC, living in Chape Hill Proud to have served as a medic with the Originals....

Date: 13 Feb 07
Rank: CW2
Name: Tom Hall
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 75
Unit(s): 57th Med Det
Time Frame: 1969 through Oct 1970
E-mail: tom-hall@ouhsc.edu
Message: I am looking for a 1LT T.C. Green, at least that is what my old memory recalls his name was. He flew with the 45th in late 1969 out of Long Binh. He was from Georgia, or again, that is what I remember. Does anyone remember him? Please e-mail me.

Date: 10 Feb 07
Rank: SPC
Name: Samuel Klucker
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 68th Med
Time Frame: 89-96
E-mail: sklucker@brick.net
Message: Just talked to John Walker the president of a Huey restoration group American Huey 369. They are restoring 70-16369 to flight condition to take it to various reunions. They are a non-profit group please check out there Web site http://www.americanhuey369.com/  70-16369 will be restored to the original DUSTOFF paint job. If any of you were crew members that flew this particular aircraft PLEASE go to there sight or give John a call.

Date: 10 Feb 07
Rank: SGT
Name: Robert Clancy
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377th Med Korea
Time Frame: 81 - 83
E-mail: robert.a.clancy@lmco.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 10 Feb 07
Rank: E5
Name: William A White
Call Sign:  medic 91c20
Unit(s): 3Surgical Hosiptal
Time Frame: 10/71-72
E-mail: billaw555@aol.com
Message: Hospital corpsman Vietnam 1971-1972

Date: 1 Feb 07
Rank: COL
Name: John Kelly
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 3/498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1983-1986
E-mail: john.kelly4@us.army.mil
Message: No message received.

Date: 1 Feb 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Michael C. Hines
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Med. Det
Time Frame: 1973-1976
E-mail: nnovator@earthlink.net
Message: No message received.

Date: 1 Feb 07
Rank: SFC
Name: Auces, Chiquita A.
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 50th Med and 507th Med Co
Time Frame: Jan 00-Jan 03 Jan and Jan 03-05 May
E-mail: chiquita.a.auces@us.army.mil
Message: 507th Crewb CW4 Bottger, LTC Harp, WO1 McKiver, CPL Granados OIF I and CW3 Grinstaff, CW2 Peterson, SGT Mangrum and CW3 Wuensche, Cpt. Knight, 1LT. Waldhauser, SGT Buttram OIF II.

Date: 1 Feb 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Robin Brimhall
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 237th Med Det
Time Frame: 72-73
E-mail: robinb@networld.com
Message: I was a crewchief at Lane AHP, An Son, Vietnam.

Date: 1 Feb 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Gregory Wilmot
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 247th Med Det
Time Frame: 1972-1973
E-mail: jwilmot@tampabay.rr.com
Message: T. L. Weaver

Date: 14 Jan 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Stanley Porter
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377th Air Ambulance
Time Frame: 8'73-8'76
E-mail: StananSun@zoominternet.com
Message: I was a crewchief at Camp Mosier, Korea and at Osan Air Base, Korea. I flew with MAJ John Kreiner, CPT Otha Miles, CW2 John Edmunson, CW2 Daniel (Dangerous Dan) Sullivan, CW2 Max Owens, plus many more pilots and medics.

Date: 11 Jan 07
Rank: SSG
Name: William R. Conder
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377th Air Ambulance
Time Frame: 1988-1989
E-mail: william.r.conder@us.army.mil
Message: Stationed at Camp Humphries, Korea. Headquarters was at K-16.

Date: 11 Jan 07
Name: Russell Purslow
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 254th Med Det (HA)
Time Frame: 69-70
Message: PO Box 614 Hoquiam WA 98550

Date: 7 Jan 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Calvin B. Garrett
Call Sign: Woody Allen
Unit(s): 54th Med. Det.
Time Frame: 1977-1979
E-mail: woody4045@hotmail.com
Message: SCW3 Bill Rigers/MAJ Woffer, FT. Louis, WA. Attached to 423rd MASH.

Date: 6 Jan 07
Rank: CWO
Name: Mike Huckins
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 2/507th
Time Frame: 1981-1984-Ft Bliss
E-mail: mlhuckins@msn.com
Message: Greetings, I stumbled onto this Web site when i was surfing on Yahoo. I recall Jim Wingate being my CO at the time. Would like more info if possible, Thanks, Mike

Date: 6 Jan 07
Rank: CPL
Name: Gorris , Roy
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 82nd MED (AA)
Time Frame:  
Message: I just want to say hi to everybody within 82nd MED (AA) after serving with them for well over 3 yrs in support of OEF/OIF I,II and III. I miss being around 82nd MED (AA) my friends and colleagues. You guys have done a great and tremendous job; let it never be forgotten. DUSTOFF