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Jan-May 06 Guestbook Entries

Date: 14 May 06
Name:David R. Hurt
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 68th Medical Det
Time Frame: Nov 68 to Aug 69
E-mail: drhurt@bbtel.com
Message: The 68th Medical Det was put together at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1968. I was with the unit there while it was getting ready for shipping to Vietnam. We shipped out and arrived in Vietnam in November of 1968. Our equipment arrived Christmas Day of 68. I was over the motor pool but flew as patient protector every 6th day. We were at Tuy Hua for the first 3 months in country, then we moved to Chu Li. I left in Aug of 1969. I served with a lot of good men. Akin, Grose, Hunt, Sexton, Chisnhall, McIntyre, Weaver, Snodgrass, Julio, Surralt, Boykin, Winkler, Rose, Knight, McDonald to name a few. We had a few close calls at LZ's but no one was seriously injured when I left.

Date: 14 May 06
Rank:CW3 (retired)
Name:Jim Tuohey
Call Sign: Crusader Dustoff
Unit(s): 159th Med Det , 82nd Med Det
Time Frame: 1971 - 1976
E-mail: jim2ee@hotmail.com
Message:I began my DUSTOFF flying with the 159th Med Det (Long Binh DUSTOFF) in Feb 1971. That was interrupted by Lam Son 719 and I was transferred to the 187th AHC (Crusaders) at Tay Ninh. Once a DUSTOFF pilot, always a DUSTOFF pilot and my official call-sign was Crusader 17 but I was always referred to as "Crusader DUSTOFF". After Vietnam I flew for the 82nd Med Det (Ft Riley DUSTOFF) from Mar72-Nov76. Does anyone know if those DUSTOFF units are still around? I would like to know where and how I could contact anyone to get some history. DUSTOFF is the most rewarding mission any could ever fly and it was an honor and privilege to be part of those units.

Date: 30 Apr 06
Name:Randy J. Tooley
Call Sign: Toolman
Unit(s): 3/507th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 1986-1988
E-mail: rjtoolman@hotmail.com
Message:No message received.

Date: 30 Apr 06
Name:Jerry B. Paul
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 498th Med Co
Time Frame: 1970/71
E-mail: theiuguy@insightbb.com
Message:I did not win the war... I just saved it!! I was a crewchief on #063. My medic was Dennis Parker. I now live in Kokomo, IN.

Date: 30 Apr 06
Name:Jim Troutner
Call Sign: Dustoff 89
Unit(s): 68th Med Detachment
Time Frame: Oct. 69-Oct. 70
E-mail: jft1813@bellsouth.net
Message:No message received.

Date: 24 Apr 06
Name:Richard Clinch
Call Sign: 
Unit(s):326th Med. Bn., 101 Abn
Time Frame: Dec.69- Nov.70
Message:The patch from the 326th Med. Bn Eagle DUSTOFF was designed and first made in 1970, I saw the original sketch and received a patch which I will always honor. I don't remember exactly when in 1970 but it was not raining!
Please feel free to update the information about its history.

Date: 24 Apr 06
Call Sign:
Unit: 498TH
Time Frame:
Name: William T. Frye
Call Sign: HUEYDOC
Unit(s): 498th Med Co
Time Frame: NOV 83-DEC 88
Message:No message received.

Date: 20 Apr 06
Name:Jesse Davis
Call Sign: Dagwood
Unit(s): 236th Med Co
Time Frame: 70-71
Message:Just like all of us in DUSTOFF; striving to save lives. I was a crewchief with the 236th DUSTOFF at Da Nang Vietnam.

Date: 11 Apr 06
Name: Joseph C Bija
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 326th Med BN Air Amb. Plt.
Time Frame: 1976-1979
E-mail: jcbija@yahoo.com
Message:No message received.

Date: 6 Apr 06
Rank:COL (Ret)
Name:Jack Lane
Call Sign: Bravo Mike
Unit(s):B Co., 1st Med Bn, 3rd Bde, 1st Inf Div
Time Frame: Sep 65- Aug 66
E-mail: jtlane@midmaine.com
Message:I was a 2LT at Lai Ke in Sep 1965 when the 57th and I began the evacuation process. Later, we were also supported by the 254th. I have a Tongue Depressor on my desk to this day that reads "You have been evac'd by the 254th Med. Det. (HA) and it is signed by CWO C. W. Anderson, 26 Dec 1965. I called in all DUSTOFF missions and was known as Bravo Mike. In 10 months "we" had evacuated over 1000 direct battle casualties. The proficiency of this evacuation from the LZ to our Clearing Station and from us to the 3rd Field Hosp and 93rd Evac Hosp was remarkable. I will always hold those DUSTOFF crews in the highest esteem. They saved many lives.

Date: 30 Mar 06
Name: Dennis Sutton
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 54th Med, 542nd Med, USAAAD
Time Frame: 1995-2001
E-mail: dds03@aol.com
Message:No message received.

Date: 30 Mar 06
Name: Clifton Estes
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 237th Med Det
Time Frame: 71-72
E-mail: rjsfam2000@aol.com
Message:My crewchief was Namon Hart, also knew Ledyard, Leyman, Iacbacci, Barahas, Shultz, and O'keefe,

Date: 30 Mar 06
Name:Brett Rhen
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): USAAAD, Fort Drum
Time Frame: AUG 03-Present
E-mail: brett.rhen@us.army.mil
Message:I was medically grounded in about 1991 in Berlin and have since been ALSE/AOS almost everywhere. I have served with 507th, Fort Sam,(Jan 90-Oct 90), 571st Medical Co AA, Fort Carson, (Feb 03 -May 06), USAAAD FT Polk, (Jun 00-Aug 02) and USAAAD, Fort Drum Aug 03-Present. I have served some in Germany and 3 tours in Egypt but mostly in DUSTOFF units. They are an entity all their own.

Date: 28 Mar 06
Name:Scott Cochran
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 68th Med Det
Time Frame: 81-84
E-mail: tscochran@fs.fed.us
Message:No message received.

Date: 23 Mar 06
Rank:SGT (Ret)
Name: Manley Williams
Call Sign: Bones
Unit(s): 54th Med Det
Time Frame: 1979-1983
E-mail: docjanet@comcast.net
Message: The 54th Med Det has a long proud history and our missions in between wars time was second to none. We had a MAST mission that flew us from mountains to sea and volcanoes in-between. We are having a reunion soon for members from our period. All are welcomed.

Date: 23 Mar 06
Name:Ray Simmons
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 1970-1973
E-mail: Baldeaglebeak@hotmail.com
Message: Little further update. I flew with CPT Faust if anyone knows his whereabouts I would like to contact him and tell him thanks; he knows what I'm talking about.

Date: 19 Mar 06
Name:Karl R Buike
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 54th Med Det
Time Frame: 3/76 to 9/79
E-mail: sbuike9776@aol.com
Message: Flew as crewchief with the 54th Med Det. 01/78 to 09/79. Very active with MAST mission, 24/7 365 operation. I estimate I flew approximately 850 hours during that period, with 80+% mission time. It was not unusual to have two missions per a 12-hour shift. On my last day we had three missions totaling 6 1/2 hours.

Date: 18 Mar 06
Name:Ray Simmons
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 1970-1973
E-mail: Baldeaglebeak@hotmail.com
Message:I was one of the first NCO's in the MAST program at Ft Sam Houston, TX. I would go around to the sites and assist in sitting up LZ's at hospitals.

Date: 14 Mar 06
Name: Matthew O'Hara
Call Sign: HIV
Unit(s): 146th Med Co. (AA)
Time Frame: Current
E-mail: matthew.j.ohara@us.army.mil
Message: Served in Kosovo and Bosnia '04-'05.

Date: 3 Mar 06
Name: Walter Williams
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 507th Med Co
Time Frame: 1974-1978
E-mail: wwaltlaw@hotmail.com
Message:I was a pilot with the 507th Medical Company (AA) at San Antonio, Texas. I went on to fly with the Alabama National Guard.

Date: 27 Feb 06
Name:Tom Rose
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: APR-63-JUL-64
E-mail: miniracecar@aol.com
Message:Looking for Jerry Brown, friend from Rucker.

Date: 27 Feb 06
Name: Nelson Stanley
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 498th Med Co
Time Frame: 1970
E-mail: nstanley821@yahoo.com
Message:I am posting this for my uncle. He very much wants to get in contact with some of his buddies from Vietnam. I have set up an e-mail address (above) and he hopes to hear from someone or find out about a reunion. It has been a long time and he has not been in contact with anyone since the day he shipped out of Vietnam. I think it has taken him this long to be able to even talk about it. He showed me the patch he took off his uniform, before they burned all of his uniforms. He got that patch with the wing and little red crosses. This week he told me he was at An Son which is the first time I had ever known that. He is a great guy and he will have a computer at home in the next week or two, so if you know anyone or can drop him a line I know it would mean a lot. Thanks. Anne

Date: 25 Feb 06
Name: Timothy L. Gean
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 82nd Med. Co.
Time Frame: 
E-mail: tennyo1981@yahoo.de
Message: Who can help me find buddies or anybody who got to know my father? SPC ROBIN LESTER GEAN, passed away 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona? My father was a soldier in Fort Riley of the 82nd Med. Co or the 57th Medical Detachment (Hel Amb) probably. He was deployed to Korea around 1983-1986.
I have some pictures of his buddies but unfortunately on none of these pictures names can be read.

Can somebody help me find them? I would appreciate any help.
Sincerely Timothy L. Gean.

Date: 20 Feb 06
Name: William J. Cook
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 571st Med Det
Time Frame: 1968
E-mail: CookieAnMe2@yahoo.com
Message:I was a crewchief on a UH1-H model SN. 47 in 1968 from Feb. to July 1968. I was in the 571st DUSTOFF. I helped to save many lives. I was in the Army from 1966 to 1968. Now I'm an electrical contractor in the VA. If there is anyone out there that was in the 571st DUSTOFF in 1967 to 1968, I would like the hear from you.

Date: 10 Feb 06
Name:Kerry "Doc" Pardue
Call Sign: Band-aide 26
Unit(s): 2/47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division
Time Frame: 1968-1969
E-mail: kerrypardue247@yahoo.com
Message: DEAR GOD

The hardest words I'll ever write,
Are often composed in the darkness of night.
Alone with my thoughts, to God I will pray, Help me dear Lord to find the right words to say.

"Dear Precious Parents, these words are so tough, Will I say too little or barely enough?
I know you've been told your son has gone home, I want you to know that he wasn't alone.

The battle was fierce and thanks to your son, This war isn't over, but the battle was won.
Echoes of "Medic" as silence descended,
Dressings applied and wounds were tended.

Radios crackled as the choppers touched down, I saw your son lying, not making a sound.
Kneeling beside him, I looked in his eyes, "Tell me the truth Doc, don't paint it with lies."

What could I say to such a brave man?
"Son, it looks bad, I'll do all that I can."
"Just sit here beside me, let them tend to the rest, Let my men know that I gave it my best.

Sarge has a letter I'd like you to post, He said we must write one to send to our folks.
I know you write, too, I'm sorry to add, To your burden of talking to my Mom and my Dad."

Your son closed his eyes and asked for a prayer, "Dear God, send your Angels to help him get there."
Sounds all around me and yet I could feel, Soft Angel Wings on that scarred battlefield.

Along with his things, I'm sending your son's letter, In some ways I hope you'll understand better.
Your son was a Hero like so many of our men, Fought for our freedom, his death's not the end.

I pray for guidance as I write these last lines, "Dear God, help these parents find comfort with time.
Give them the strength to face another day."
More letters to write, "Dear God show the way."

Lynn Price January 2004
Dedicated to our Combat Medics, a Soldier's best friend.

Date: 10 Feb 06
Name:Jason Langley
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 283rd Med. Det.
Time Frame: 1988-1992
E-mail: dustoff@tds.net
Message:I spent several years in Fairbanks, Alaska as a UH-1V Crewchief/EMT. I'm looking for anyone who served with the 283rd Med Det or anyone who knows anyone who may have. I have photos and video to share. Thanks

Date: 6 Feb 06
Name:Gene I. Yax
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 45th and 283rd Med
Time Frame: 1971
E-mail: yaxgene1951@bellsouth.net
Message: Can't remember many names. I was a medic with the 12th Evac Hosp in Cu Chi in 1970. Went to Long Binh for my second (requested) tour, left Long Binh in August of 1971. Too many missions to count, too little sleep, too many night missions into Cambodia flying out of Tay Ninh. I don't remember losing any wounded brothers, and I came home in one piece.

Date:3 Feb 06
Name:Bob Elrod
Call Sign: Dust Off 17
Unit(s): 498th Dust Off 283rd Dust Off
Time Frame: July 69 July 70
E-mail: bobelrod@juno.com
Message: Didn't win the war. But I made it home alive. 1120 missions, 1562 patients, 800 hours and a DFC. Saw a picture of Bill Kruse at a reunion. How can I contact him? Went on to be a policeman in Anaheim CA for thirty years. Flew the police helicopter for 28 years. Retired in E. TN.

Date:3 Feb 06
Rank: Specialist
Name:Jeff Bartlett
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 15th Med. Ded.
Time Frame: Jun 81-Feb 83
E-mail: jakecrvis@aol.com
Message:Crewchief with 15th Med in Grafenwhor. Like to find out where everyone is, CPT Wakefield, CPT Williams, CPT Fox, CPT Adams, Mr. Kopp, SGT Rivera and SGT Kitchen. ETSed from US Army in Mar. 84. Got in an National Guard attack unit at RDU NC as a full time guy. Flew as a OH- 58 aeroscout until 96. Went with the 58s in Raid unit until Feb. 05. In Tai Iraq now working on AH-64s for l-3. Hope all my friends from 15th Med are doing well and enjoying life. Scouts out Jeff.

Date: 29 Jan 06
Rank:CW2 (then) CW3 (now)
Name: Franklin D. Taijeron
Call Sign: Dust-off 07
Unit(s): 82nd Medical Detachment (Ft Riley) KS
Time Frame: Nov 1990 - April 17, 1991
E-mail: kitamanglona_06@yahoo.com
Message: During Desert Shield my detachment was co-located in the same area with the 1st Medical Group and the 47th CSH.
Desert Storm, my detachment was assigned to 34th Medical Battalion (from Ft. Benning GA). who is assigned under the 82nd Airborne Division (Ft. Bragg NC). Our detachment medical air ambulance unit support for the 82nd Airborne division, was joined with French allied forces, supporting the air ambulance medical evacuation team.....as we continue to push forward from Saudi Arabia into Iraq....after the cease fire..my crew and I were sent to Support B company 307 medical Bn (in the vicinity of JALIBAH SOUTHEAST/115 AIRFIELD (PU540808), providing air medical support. (January 23 - March 20, 1991). I'm currently having Saudi Sydrome..unexplainable..cause by exposure.

Date: 22 Jan 06
Name: Gifford Hosler
Call Sign: Various
Unit(s): Advisory Team 73
Time Frame: Sep 69-70
E-mail: hosl@adelphia.net
Message:Hi all,

Trying to remember the name of the DUSTOFF pilot that had a white puppy that he named "Dusty". Dusty used to ride between the guys and we could see that big head when they came in. He gave me about 19 hours of some of the best flying skill I saw during the whole stay. Hope he is still with us and sees this message. Sorry I can not remember your name or call sign. I was 8 something; was out of Can Tho in the Delta. Great site keep up the great stuff.

Date: 21 Jan 06
Name: Michael Farinacci
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 377th Air Ambulance
Time Frame: 1973 - 1974
E-mail: MoodyBlueMikey@msn.com
Message: Stationed at Camp Mosier, near UiJongBu, Korea in the town of NamBangRi. I would like to hear from anyone who served with me. We shared quarters with the 43rd M*A*S*H. I'd like to hear from those folks too. Take care and God bless you all.

Date: 21 Jan 06
Rank:LTC (Ret)
Name: McBride "Mac" Ralph
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 46
Unit(s): 498th Med Co
Time Frame: 65-66
E-mail: rmcbride@satx.rr.com
Message: The 498th Air Ambulance is having a reunion the 3rd Feb 06 at the Holiday Inn Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX. All are invited, not necessary to have served with the 498th, come and see old friends, contact Al Flory: aflory@satx.rr.com or Tel: 210 599-9673 or me at rmcbrice@satx.rr.com, we expect 60 or so for a good time. Mac

Date: 21 Jan 06
Name:Heidi Lavka
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 214th Med Det & 50th Med
Time Frame: 
E-mail: lavkahb@earthlink.net
Message: This is a great site! It was wonderful to see SSG Harris in action again! We worked to together in the 50th back in the day! There are too many to mention, but you all know who you are! Being a flight medic was the best thing I have ever done. It was the hardest to give up when I got out in 2000. Here's to all of you still doing it!

Date: 3 Jan 06
Rank:CW3 (RET)
Call Sign:DUST OFF 473
Unit(s):498TH MED CO (AA)
Time Frame: '85-'92

Date: 1 Jan 06
Name: William S Greene
Call Sign: Medevac
Unit(s):15 Med Bn 1st Cav Div
Time Frame: 67-68
E-mail: fancyrooster@verizon.net
Message:No message received.