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Jan-May 05 Guestbook Entries

Date: 11 Jun 05
Name:Eric J. Steward
Call Sign: 
Unit:45th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 2002-2005
E-mail: lightninges71@yahoo.com
Message:My father flew with Major Brady on the day he earned his Medal of Honor. His name was Gene Edward Steward and he was an E-5 at the time. He was put in for the Medal of Honor but was down graded to a Silver Star. I believe on that day when one of the helicopters went down, Major Brady and my father were the only ones that survived. I remember my father telling me stories of Major Brady and how he was regarded as a hero in our family. I am a crew member now in a medevac unit (45th med. co (AA)) and have my own stories for my kids of missions I was on in Iraq (OIF II). I received two Air Medals, but the thing I am most proud of is the fact that I can share, with my father, stories of our combat medevac days. I would like to get in touch with Mr. Brady so I could reunite him and my father. I would hope that he would remember my father because my father sure remembers him.

Date: 8 Jun 05
Name: Johnny Jameson
Call Sign: 
Unit:283rd Med Det
Time Frame: 1971-1974
E-mail: jjameson@lanl.gov
Message: Flew with Long Bin DUSTOFF 71-72, and 283rd MAST @ Ft Bliss until ETS.

Date: 7 Jun 05
Rank: Lumberjack
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: nurstumpf@freenet.de
Message: Thanks to all of you out there! It was the best time ever spending more than 24 years with you ! Field training, BBQ, EIB, EFMB,...!
Thanks Ralf

Date:3 Jun 05
Name:Dean Muehlberg
Call Sign: 
Unit:HHC 17th CAG
Time Frame: 1969
E-mail: bearmakker@rap.midco.net
Message:I didn't fly though I probably processed some of your records at some time. I just published a book on my year in Nha Trang in 1969. It is titled 'REMF "War Stories" 17th CAG - Nha Trang, Vietnam - 1969.' You can preview or purchase the book by "googling" my name and taking a link to the site. You guys were all the best!

Date:3 Jun 05
Rank:SGT Now
Name: Timothy Godwin
Call Sign: 
Unit:D Co 1/111 Av Reg
Time Frame: Current
E-mail: heloflight4me@yahoo.com
Message:My unit is just becoming a GSAB unit. We will have med UH-60As and CH-47s. We just picked up our first medical helo and are expecting 2 more in less than a month. I am excited about this. I started my flying crewchief training about a month ago with some borrowed birds. I am looking forward to joining your association and will be a proud member knowing that what I do will save lives on the battle field. Thank you. Timothy Godwin

Date:3 Jun 05
Name:John Gilder
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med. Det.
Time Frame: 1968-1969
E-mail: john_gilder@yahoo.com
Message: Looking for Dusty Broad who was a crewchief with the 571st 1968-1969. If any one knows his address, phone number or e-mail, let me know please.

Date:3 Jun 05
Rank:SSG now, SP4 then
Name:James A. (Jay) Clark
Call Sign: 
Unit:507th Med. Co.
Time Frame: 1970-1971
E-mail: james.a.clark2@us.army.mil
Message:I was a Huey crewchief with the 507th at Ft. Sam at the end of 1970 till I went to Vietnam in July of 1971. It would be great to get a patch when the 507th still had Huey's.

Date: 31 May 05
Rank:E-5 now MSG (Ret)
Name: Victor J Honeysette
Call Sign: 
Unit:82nd Med. Det.
Time Frame: Aug 69 - Apr 70
E-mail: vhoneysette@aol.com
Message:I did my part.

Date: 24 May 05
Name:"Doc" Dinsmore
Call Sign: 
Unit:254th Med Det
Time Frame: 10/68-4/70
E-mail: jrem@molalla.net
Message:I flew for 254th "DUSTOFF" 10/68-4/70.
Looking for others in that time frame and unit.

Date: 20 May 05
Rank:SSG Ret 92B3F
Name: George Anderson
Call Sign: 
Unit:832d Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1974-1998
Message:I severed as a Flight Medic with the 832d from 1992-1998. We were a light lift company with the Wisconsin Army Guard. Then in 1990 we were reassigned to the 841st and then changed to the 832d Med Co (AA).

Date: 20 May 05
Name:Mike Joes
Call Sign: jonesy
Unit:377th 3rd platoon
Time Frame: 83-84
E-mail: mikejones29@hotmail.com
Message:I had the time of my LIFE. Head out the window, rain hitting your face and looking out for trees and wires. Great pilots Keller, Harry, and others. Zoomie, Greer. I wish the would have let me stay!

Date: 16 May 05
Name:Jerry W Graff
Call Sign: Saint Jerry
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: graff_jl@yahoo.com
Message:We did not win the war, we served those who did and we served proudly. No matter who, when the call came we went to save those that needed us. North of Hue, just call DMZ DUSTOFF and we will be their. Doc Wayne Gordon worked next to me and we served proudly to all American and Vietnam forces. We even helped with down crews from other nations at times. Welcome home to all.

Date: 13 May 05
Name: Richard Riley
Call Sign: 
Unit:45th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: July 1967-July 1968
E-mail: RRILEY2@sw.rr.com
Message:No message received.

Date: 13 May 05
Name: Charles A
Call Sign: 
Unit:101st Abn Div
Time Frame: jan.1991
E-mail: 30724adside@comcast.net
Message:I witnessed a helicopter crash while in Saudi Arabia on 19 Jan 1991 during Desert Storm. I assisted with the rescue mission with these troops. There were several soldiers who were badly injured during the crash. I came across a pilot named Eric Schaberg who may have been in the helicopter that I witnessed. I am seeking information about anyone who may know anything about this particular crash. Please e-mail me.

Date: 5 May 05
Name:Kerry "Doc" Pardue
Call Sign: Bandaid 26
Unit: Recon, 2/47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division
Time Frame: 1968-1969
E-mail: kerrypardue247@yahoo.com
Message: Calling ALL medics, organization for you http://www.medics-corpsmen.org/  Just completed a book about being a medic in Vietnam. POEMS IN THE KEYS OF LIFE: Reflections of a combat medic, http://www.freewebs.com/kerrypardue

Date:30 Apr 05
Name:Jason Whitmore
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:Feb 93-Apr 95
Message:I am very proud of being a part of the 571st when I first came into the Army.  It is one of the best units I've been with to this day.

Date:23 Apr 05
Name:Bruce Fleck
Call Sign: 
Unit:71st AHC
Time Frame:March68/March69
Message:Non flight ground support UH-1D&H repair. Now in Cleveland, Ohio area. If info of others, from Ratterls please contact@ www.theoldbuffalo@aol.com

Date:22 Apr 05
Name:Jeremy Conn
Call Sign: 
Unit:36 Medevac
Time Frame: 
Message:I am not a flight medic yet but I am a medic currently in Iraq. I came to this site because I am very interested in becoming a flight medic and am currently putting together a flight packet. But I want to thank all those flight medics out there, especially the ones in Vietnam. My uncle owes his life to a flight medic.

Date:2 Apr 05
Rank:CW3 (Ret)
Name:Chad Dahlgren ('Old Chief')
Unit: 377th, 542nd, 54th, 377th
Time Frame: MAR 1995 - MAR 2000
E-mail: cdahlgren@cox.net
Message: "All I can say with complete certainty - is that I'm not really sure" (1LT Thomas Hood, Ft. Riley, KS, 1986 - "Scouts Out!")

Words to live by, and nowhere is this more true than DUSTOFF. Constant uncertainty of when and where the call will come, yet never a doubt about the outcome. God bless DUSTOFF, then and now, and all who have had, and ever will have, the honor to serve.


Date: 26 Mar 05
Rank: SP4
Name: Linda Napieracz
Call Sign: 
Unit: 159th Medical Company
Time Frame: 1985-1989
E-mail: Lindalou51@insight.rr.net
Message:I was flight operations from 1985-1989. I got to fly frequently, we had Blackhawks. I loved every minute of it and without my MOS of 93P the missions would not have been so smooth and accurate. I flew with COL Emil Meis, WO Mike Anderson, Marty Martinez, WO Tripodi; basically I flew with every pilot in the unit. On REFORGER in 1988, I had 3 crews and we flew our asses off. I had all their paperwork ready for them to sign when they came in exhausted. I loved my crews and did every thing for them possible and I loved to fly.

Date: 26 Mar 05
Rank: CW3
Name: Stan Shafer
Call Sign: Dustoff 0ne- nine
Unit: 45th Med
Time Frame: 1970-1971
Message:45th Med Co in Long Binh, RVN 1970-71 82nd Med Det at Ft Riley, KS 1974-78
377 Med Co in Taegu, ROK 1978-1979
507th Med Co at Ft Sam houston, TX 1979-1982

Date: 21 Mar 05
Rank: SP5
Name: Richard G. Villa
Call Sign: 
Unit: 237th Medical Det.
Time Frame: Nov 68 to Nov 69
E-mail: richard_villa@fd.org
Message:Crewchief, 237th DUSTOFF, Camp Evans, RVN Nov 68 to Nov 69. I was the CE for 67-17673. Spent about a month in Chu Lai, don't remember which unit I was detached to. Good friend was Ted Issacson who went to the 54th DUSTOFF. Good friend KIA was David Ewing. We didn't win we lost.

Date: 1 Mar 05
Rank: E-8
Name: Milton Rockafeller
Call Sign: whiskey tango foxtrot
Unit: COBATUN Macon
Time Frame: 
E-mail: Mrockafeller@gmail.com
Message:I was a ground rat.

Date: 1 Mar 05
Rank: SP5
Name: Don Jackson
Call Sign: 
Unit: 15th Medical Det
Time Frame: 1971
E-mail: snakedoctor6@dtccom.net

Date: 20 Feb 05
Rank: PFC
Name: Dustin Wegner
Call Sign: 
Unit: 542nd MED CO (AA)
Time Frame: DEC 03-FEB 05
E-mail: thetrashman1@yahoo.com
Message:I'm a crewchief here at the 542nd and I love it. We pulled 1st ups at a few places and had some good missions. But they are nothing compared to where we are going in August. The whole unit is moving to Ft. Campbell then we are going to Iraq. I'm looking forward to going and will hopefully have better stories than stories of suicide attempts and stupid drunk people falling out of busses when I get back. When I get back from Iraq I will do another one of these and tell you guys how it went.

Date: 15 Feb 05
Rank: CW2
Name: Michael L Morrison
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 45 and DUSTOFF 109
Unit: 498th and 254th Med
Time Frame: Nov 68 to May 69
E-mail: dustoff109@msn.com
Message:I flew with the 498th from Nov 68 to Mar 69 when I was transferred to the 254th in Na Trang. I spent a lot of time in Duc Pho and at LZ English. I was wounded May 16, 69 not far from Na Trang. We were on a hoist mission supporting the Koreans. I was sent back to the states and medically retired in Sep 69.

Date: 10 Feb 05
Name: Michael Poole
Call Sign: Havoc
Time Frame: 
E-mail: mpoole@bops.us
Message: Hello and Greetings,

Please first accept my thanks and eternal gratitude for your service. I am a simple citizen but I owe my life and freedom to the members of the armed services.

I am an avid flight simulation fan and former flight medic. I fly with a group of friends in the online simulation "Aces High". The squadron I founded with them is called DUSTOFF Squad and is dedicated to the memory of the men and women of DUSTOFF who saved so many lives.

Even though we are recreational simulation pilots, we value and honor your service.

Pay us a visit at www.dustoffsquad.com and thank you again.

Date: 4 Feb 05
Rank: PFC
Name: Bill Keiter
Call Sign: 
Unit: 15th Med. Det. [RA]
Time Frame: 1972-1973
Message:CPT now LTC Charles Champion, all officers and crewmembers of the 15th Med. were the best.

Date: 4 Feb 05
Rank: E-5
Name: Johnny Cotrone
Call Sign: 
Unit: 23rd Medical Battalian. LZ baldy VN
Time Frame: 69-70
E-mail: johnny.cotrone@aautomation.com
Message:I knew a WO named Mr. Statt. Don't know the exact spelling. Does anyone know him? If so let me know. We had a reunion last year in Indiana. Our Web site is http://www.lzbaldymedic.homestead.com/ .

Date: 31 Jan 05
Rank: CW2
Name: Bruce A Terry
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 83
Unit: 571st/82nd Med Det (HA)
Time Frame: Nov67-Oct68
E-mail: Brute2@comcast.net
Message:No message received.

Date: 9 Jan 05
Rank: MSG
Name: John D. Barber
Call Sign: 
Unit: 507th Medical Company (AA) Fort Sam Houston
Time Frame: 1982-1984
E-mail: JDBarber95B@military.com
Message:At the beginning of my military career I was a member of the 1st Flight Platoon, 507th Medical Company (AA) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, where I served as a crewchief. I lost all contact with anyone I served with and was referred to this site through another member. Since then I've been an MP, an NBC OPS SGT, and a Coast Guardsman, as well as my fulltime job as a State Trooper.
Of all the things I have done in the military, nothing matches the time I had as a DUSTOFF crewchief. It set my life on the course it took.

Thank you all, past, present, and future, DUSTOFF Veterans...

Date: 19 Jan 05
Rank: LT (USNR)
Name: Bob Shirley
Call Sign: "Axlerod"
Unit: 16 (Swift Boats)
Time Frame: 1967
E-mail: rbshirley@pcf45.com
Message: Swift Boat sailors, and Naval personnel in Vietnam in general, have a special place in their hearts for the magnificent DUSTOFF pilots, crews and medical personnel.

The following three Web pages tell the stories of how and why this is so.
The first two detail in images and audio how much it meant to have the angels of mercy so near when needed. Although the last Web page is strictly narrative, the word pictures painted by a naval advisor located in an isolated, dangerous location and in need of assistance for his VNN charges speaks volumes for the great work you guys accomplished.

http://pcf45.com/rules/rules.html (Listen to the audio)

Thank you so much. Bob S. OinC, PCF45, Chu Lai

Date: 19 Jan 05
Rank: SP5
Name: Al Helminski "Ski"
Call Sign: 
Unit: 498th Med Co
Time Frame: Jan '68--------Jan '69
E-mail: ahelminski@hotmail.com
Message:Flew with the 498th out of Lane Field just outside of Qui Nhon. We also spent time in the field at different LZ's and other locations assisting the other DUSTOFF units, 283rd...the other ones I don't remember their names but places up and down the coast like, Duc Pho, Phu Bai, Quang Tri, Chu Lai, Pleiku, An Khe, An Son Pass, LZ English, LZ Nancy. I give all my thanks and praise to the very gutsy and talented pilots I crewchiefed for and of course the brave medics I assisted. I especially give my warmest thanks to the "Doughnut Dollies" for their warm "round eye" touch of home. They were brave soldiers too and showed a lot of class. I've never been to the Wall but keep trying to schedule it. I have helped with the traveling wall at my VFW post #10046 of Soldotna, Alaska. Later....

Date: 9 Jan 05
Rank: SGT
Name: Derek Gapol
Call Sign: 
Unit: 507th Med Co, Ft Sam Houston
Time Frame: 87-89
E-mail: Dagap321@hotmail.com
Message: Stationed at Ft Sam with the 507th Med, had a good time!

Date: 8 Jan 05
Rank: SP5
Name: Larry L. Nutkins
Call Sign: Medic
Unit: 3/507th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 06/75 08/78
E-mail: LarNutki@aol.com
Message:Flew with: PT Merle J. Snyder, CO, LT Sutton, CPT "Mad-Dog" Madden,
CW4 Ray Chech, CPT Joseph Costello, CO, CW2 Knight, SGT Hollis Cate or Kate, SP4 Butch Shinnery, and SP4 Raymond Unsworth, the best friend a person could have found.

I can't really say I did much for the war effort, but I surely found myself learning more than I thought I would have learned in the Army. Much of what I learned was the skill and abilities of the members of the 3/507th, and the memories they have given me. May your Rotor Blades spin, and your skids always touch Terra Firma.

Date: 8 Jan 05
Rank: SP4
Name: Mike Fitzwilliam
Call Sign: 
Unit: 91st Evac Hospital, Chu Lai
Time Frame: 1971
E-mail: fitzenterp@aol.com
Message: Every war needs a Radar O'Reilly and that was all I was asked to do. I served at the 91st Evac in Chu Lai and both the 14th Medical Detachment and 67th Evac in Pleiku.

Date: 6 Jan 05
Rank: SSGT
Name: John Flores
Call Sign: 
Unit:  68th Medical Detachement/24th Medical Company
Time Frame: 1976-1977:1978-1992
E-mail: jflores71@cox.net
Message: Served with 68th Medical Detachment (RA) at Wheeler AFB, HI. Main achievement was supporting the nuclear cleanup of the Enewetok atoll in 1976 to allow the original inhabitants return to their homes.

Served with the 24th Medical Company in Desert Shield/Storm. Main achievement was mission that recovered Company Commander, First Sergeant and 3 man crew of UH-1 crash site. All 5 members survived and were medevaced to reserve hospital for treatment.

Date: 2 Jan 05
Rank: WO1
Name: Jerry Ewen
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 43
Unit: 498th Med
Time Frame: 4/68-11/68
E-mail: dustoff@tctwest.net
Message:I am in contact with the nephew of WO1 William Cheney, KIA 12/31/67, 498th Med. He is looking for information about his uncle's time in Vietnam, and for information about the mission on which his uncle lost his life. Scott, the nephew, wants to insure that Cheney is not lost to his family's history. Please contact me at "dustoff@tctwest.net" if you have information you are willing to share.
Thank you,
Jerry Ewen

Date: 2 Jan 05
Rank: LTC Retired
Name: Lee T. Smith
Call Sign: 
Unit: 283rd, 159th, Flatiron, Aeromed Cen
Time Frame: 1971-1993
E-mail: leesmith6@cox.net
Message: Didn't win any wars but flew MAST missions, helicopter and fixed wing, "Saving lives, what greater peacetime mission can there be for the military" Picked up a lot of student pilots that declared precautionary landings at Fort Rucker, and taught a lot of pilots Aviation Physiology at Mother Rucker!!! Flying EMS (Earn Money Sleeping) now and kinda doing the DUSTOFF thing in the civilian sector. Carpe Diem!!!