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Jan-Mar 99 Guestbook Entries

Date:31 Mar 99
Rank:SSG (RET)
Name:Robert G. Shepherd
Call Sign:SHEP
Unit:374th Med Det
Time Frame:1983-1991, 1996-1998
E-mail: rgshepherd75@hotmail.com
Message:CW Chuck Clapp, Maj Darrell Bright, Maj Mark Tolliver, CW RED Max Hall, CW Gary Blanchard, CW Pappy LASS.

Date:31 Mar 99
Name:Larry Schafer
Call Sign:
Unit:377th Medical Co. (AA) S. Korea
Time Frame:Jan. 1981-Aug. 1983
E-mail: Still328@hotmail.com
Message:Flew in S. Korea. Supported several Team Spirit exercises. Early 80s.

Date:31 Mar 99
Rank:Sgt. (Ret)
Name:RH Bob Wilson
Call Sign:
Unit:Recon 1st/14th Inf
Time Frame:1966
E-mail: robr@ite.net
Message:DUSTOFF medevaced me from Dragon Crater, Plei Trap area by LZ Lane, 19 Nov 66. Golden Dragon to one and all concerned. Looking for William Short, medevaced same day and went back in early 70s as medic and physicians assistant. Bill where are you?

Date:29 Mar 99
Name:Toma Grubb
Call Sign:DUSTOFF159
Unit:159th Med Det
Time Frame:May69- May 70
E-mail: Dustoff159@earthlink.net
Message:The 159th Med Det Web site at http://home.earthlink.net/~dustoff159/dustoff159.html now has two history pages, one for the 159th and one for DUSTOFF in Nam. The history will not be complete 'till it tells a more complete story of DUSTOFF. I need your stories and other information to make this a complete history.

Keep em in the greem bros!!!

Date:29 Mar 99
Name:Jack Hastings
Call Sign:82nd Med Det, 377th Med Co, 236th Med Co
Time Frame:82nd 80-85; 377th 85-86; 82nd 86-92; 236th 92-95
E-mail: Dustoff16y@aol.com
Message:Flew many missions with many great people in many places. We "won the war" through training, training, training.

Date:28 Mar 99
Name:Ed Carnes
Call Sign:P.J.
Unit:326Med Bn. 101st
Time Frame:7/70-11/70
E-mail: edandcheri@earthlink.net 
Message:I flew with the 101st Eagle DUSTOFF out of Camp Eagle and Camp Evans. I was a medic on the flight crew.

Date:28 Mar 99
Name:Steve Martin
Call Sign:Primadonna
Unit:498th Med Co.
Time Frame:73-76
E-mail: steve690@webtv.net
Message:I was a medic for the 498th Med Co.  I got lucky and flew the 1000th MAST mission.

Date:21 Mar 99
Rank:SSgt E5
Name:George L. La Valley
Call Sign:Dustoff
Unit:75th Med Evac/283d Med Evac
Time Frame:Jan 1966-Aug 1966
E-mail: Vegunner@worldnet.att.net
Message:I was a U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant volunteer doorgunner, U.S. Army 75th/283d Med Evac Units, Tan Son Nhut Air Base Heliport, Saigon. I flew with Major Cook and Warrant Officer Two Soper. On 6 April 1966 (I believe) Warrant Office Soper received his AC orders. We crashed, on that day, going into extract an SI soldier. We supported the Big Red 1, 173d Airborne and 25 Division units (Cu Chi). Anyone knowing either of the officers, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thank you. George L. La Valley, SFC, U.S. Army Retired Civic Action/Civil Affairs liaision, back up gun for S-2 Special Forces Major, Can Tho, 1966

Date:17 Mar 99
Name:Armond Orr
Call Sign:Rebels
Unit:Co B, 1st Avn Bn, 1st Inf Div.
Time Frame:Oct 69/Feb 70
E-mail: rebelce@juno.com
Message:Flew with the Rebel Gunships out of Phu Loi as CE on one of their Charlie models. We spent much of our time on standby flying support for you fine DUSTOFF folks. My hats off to you, at least we got to fly around and shoot back!

Date:17 Mar 99
Name:Jon Sorensen
Call Sign:Cowboy
Unit:USAF Spec Ops (20th/551st)
Time Frame:'88 to present
E-mail: sorensenj@58sowgate.irk.aetc.af.mil
Message:Looking for Rob Howe (CPT ?) last saw him at Benning/Lawson. Used to be Ops Officer, 498th. Think I graduated high school with him.

Pavelow FE/crew chief Jon Sorensen

Date:15 Mar 99
Name:Mike Basler
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co.
Time Frame:4Jun69 - 30May71
E-mail: fr8dog@vbe.com
Message:I flew with the 498th out of Lane Army Heliport. We supported the RVN and Koreans, the 4th Infantry Division out of Pleiku, and the 173rd out of LZ English and LZ Uplift. I also flew into Cambodia in the spring of 1970 and into Laos during LOM SON 719 in early 1971.

Date:14 Mar 99
Name:Tom Agnew
Call Sign:Spiro
Unit:54 Med., 68th Med., 571st Med.
Time Frame:71-72
E-mail: Martinagnew@MSN.com
Message:Flew in Chu-Lai then went up to Da Nang. Anybody out there?!

Date:14 Mar 99
Name:Mike Schuster
Call Sign:Crewchief
Unit:45th Medical Co. (AA)
Time Frame:70-71
E-mail: mgs@cts.com

Date:14 Mar 99
Name:Woody Nesbitt
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 92
Unit:Eagle Dustoff
Time Frame:1968
E-mail: Dustof92@aol.com

Date:11 Mar 99
Name:Jim Stinson
Call Sign:
Time Frame:Still Serving
E-mail: jstinson@northnet.org
Message:Great page. For those of you who don't know the Vermont Army National Guard is getting a new air ambulance mission at its unit at the Burlington Intl Airport. What is now C Company is giving up its Hueys for Black Hawks and its mission is changing to air ambulance. This is exciting stuff for us, especially we 91B30s. The first Black Hawk arrived yesterday, 9 March 99, so transition has begun. Please welcome us into the DUSTOFF community and wish us well. Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated.

Date:11 Mar 99
Name:James Whitaker
Call Sign:
Unit:173rd the Herd
Time Frame:70
E-mail: jimishere1@aol.com
Message:Only there for three months; felt that I left my  friends behind...... Always wished I could have returned.  LZ UPLIFT is always with me.............. THE HERD FOREVER

Date:8 Mar 99
Name:Mark Miske
Call Sign:Pleiku Dustoff
Unit:498 Medical Co. (AA)
Time Frame:1970-1971

Date:5 Mar 99
Name:Delynn H. Gibson
Call Sign:
Unit:Det.11 OSA
Time Frame:Present
Message:I was stationed in Ft. Carson, Colorado in 1981-82 as a SP4 flight medic in the 571st Medical Detachment.

Date:5 Mar 99
Name:Gordy Burr
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Medical Company
Time Frame:Mar-70 Mar-71
Message:Made a lot of friends. Mike, Jeff, Scott, Dobie, Sad Sack. We did a helluva job for a bunch of young kids. Don't ever let the memories die. It's the only way our fallen buddies stay alive forever.

Date:5 Mar 99
Name:Eugene Csuti
Call Sign:Golf28
Unit:Golf Co. 2nd battalion 1st Marines 1st Marine Div.
Time Frame:68-69
Message:Howdy Army DUSTOFF....Was Marine RTO, ran Medevacs......my Web site http://www.diaac.com/~golf28/home.htm has memories of the 28 KIA Medevacs that I ran.

Welcome Home.....

Date:3 Mar 99
Name:Ken Humphrey
Call Sign:Nha Trang tower
Unit:1879 comm (USAF)
Time Frame:1967 thru TET 68
Message:A good looking page, but you folks always were first class.

Date:2 Mar 99
Name:Thomas Valley
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 3-1
Unit:498th Air Ambulance
Time Frame:7/68 - 7/69
E-mail: lmvalley@uswest.net
Message:I'm looking for Jeff Blaisdell. He was best man at my wedding in Odin, Minn in 1969. Has anyone heard from Jeff?

Date:27 Feb 99
Name:Marty Lilly
Call Sign:
Unit:498th AA Co. , An Son, RVN
Time Frame:11/66-11/6
E-mail: lillym45@hotmail.com
Message:Flew as DPP with so many crews out of Nha Trang, Camp Lane, Dalat, Ban Me Tuot, Chu Lai and others. I worked the tower at An SON (ATC). I have worked with others recently, to begin building a supplemental Website for 498th DUSTOFFers (all are welcome!) at http://www.angelfire/ny2/longbeach/index2.html Come check us out.

Date:27 Feb 99
Name:Lawrence Reyes
Call Sign:
Unit:USA Retired
Time Frame:1986-198
E-mail: reyeslsc@jobe.net
Message:Was stationed @ FT Lewis, 54th MED DET. Performed missions for MAST, Military TNG, Yellowstone Park, and the JRTC.

Date:27 Feb 99
Name:Terry Boese
Call Sign:Buzzard
Time Frame:July 69/Oct 71
E-mail: TBTEC@Sprintmail.com
Message:Looking for the family of Kenneth Lamborn, KIA June 9 1970. Also looking for Richard Hise (Doc Strange). It's been a long time since just yesterday.

Date:26 Feb 99
Name:Bill Tidwell
Call Sign:
Time Frame:Jun 68
E-mail: suzers@halcyon.com
Message:I was wounded in June of 68 and eventually sent back to the states. In my duffle bag when I got to Fort Lewis were a set of manila folders with photos taken by a crew member of a med-evac helicopter crew. These photos are not mine. I've been carrying these around for 31 years and I would like to reunite them with their rightful owner. There are references to a pilot named Shuster, a pilot named Hall, a medic named Sanders, and a door gunner named Wilson. There is a photo of the side of a chopper with the name " Tweed" and on the back it says "See dad it even has my name on it." He refers to his tail number as 663. The photos are dated June-July 68 and are labeled Duc Pho area, Tam Ky area, And Chu Lai. One of you chopper dudes must be able to help me solve this mystery. Any clues or other helpful web sites would appreciated.


Bill Tidwell
12 Alder Street
Everett, WA 98203
425 303 9019

Date:22 Feb 99
Name:Maureen Jones (friend of LTC)
Call Sign:
Unit:87th Division
Time Frame:
E-mail: mgjones@HiWAAY.net
Message:All I know is he flew with Medevac and loves to fly and I love to see the pictures and I must say I did enjoy looking at all these. Thanks.

Date:22 Feb 99
Rank:SP 4
Name:Clif Adams
Call Sign:Doctor Copter
Unit:45th Med. Co. AA
Time Frame:July 67 - July 68
E-mail: clifa@gulfcoast.net
Message:Would love to hear  from any one from the 45th.

Date:22 Feb 99
Name:Russell l wright
Call Sign:
Time Frame:67-68
E-mail: rwrightnamvet@yahoo.com
Message:I'm sure I was there but don't really remember us winning a lot. I was in a DUSTOFF unit.

Date:22 Feb 99
Name:Alan P Taylor
Call Sign:Dustoff
Unit:498th Medical Company
Time Frame:3-6-69 3-6-70
E-mail: Alanp@Atlantic.Net
Message:I flew with a bunch of great guys that I would love to hear from. Cunningham, Whittleton, Clements, Bailey, Breedlove, Coleman, Puis, Coogan, Lynde, Hise, Gilmore, Bailey, Maloy, Condon, Foxworthy, Hammel, Scott, Payton, Johnson, Moran, Basler, Boese, Thornton, Hill, Fagan, Woodward, Cooper, Angell, Haeusserman, Hamrick, Sjomeling, Pooser, Dunlap, Greenlaw, Cornelious, Edwards, Mitchell, Clay, Warren, Edwards. Did a lot of partying .

Date:22 Feb 99
Name:Patrick M Malone
Call Sign:Flashie 26
Unit:29th FA H Bty 2nd Plt
Time Frame:5-13-68
E-mail: email=poacherpat@continet.com
Message:Just wanted to say 'Thank You" to the crew that picked me up 5-13-68.   I was injured at a small camp called Rach Kien.  Not sure of the time, was admitted to 24th Evac at Long Binh approximately 5 a.m.  I'm sure you guys didn't think I would make it, but I'm still hanging around 31 years later.  That's in large part due to you.  Thanks again.

Date:17 Feb 99
Rank:SP 4
Name:Russell Purslow
Call Sign:
Unit:254th Med Det.
Time Frame:69-70
E-mail: CounAngel1@aol.com
Message:Crew chief , looking for other  members of unit.   Mike Morrison ,Westlake , Mollinar, Doc Dinsmore,Eblen, Davidson, Frank Gonzolles, or any of the old bunch.

Date:17 Feb 99
Name:Perry Barth
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 7
Unit:421st MED CO. Nellingen, FRG
Time Frame:81-84
E-mail: barthp@id-ngnet.army.mil OR pbarth@rmci.net
Message:Great Web Site! Hope to see some of you at the reunion.

Date:17 Feb 99
Name:Tyler Cascade
Call Sign:
Unit:57th Med Co./498th Med. Co.
Time Frame:
E-mail: Tyler0970@aol.com
Message:Flight Medic:

Flew with the 57th (Fort Bragg) from Jul 95-Aug 98 and the 498th (Fort Benning) in Bosnia from Mar 97-Aug 97. Now a Paramedic in Portland, Oregon. 

Date:17 Feb 99
Name:Larry N. Gravely
Unit:498th Med. Co./237th Med. Det.
Time Frame:SEP 70 - APR 72
E-mail: larryn@lycosmail.com
Message:Flew with most of the pilots with the 498th and 237th. Would like to hear from former members.

Date:15 Feb 99
Rank:CW4 (Ret.)
Name:Stan Snopkowski
Call Sign:DUSTOFF20
Unit:247 Med and 498 Med
Time Frame:1972-1977
E-mail: snoopcp@yahoo.com

Date:15 Feb 99
Name:Michele Modawell-Jakle
Call Sign:
Time Frame:1969-1974
E-mail: oci812@aol.com
Message:I would like to thank all the Vietnam Vets for their sacrifices and for providing me with a safe place to live and raise my children.  I also would like to know if anyone knew my father in Vietnam.  His name was BOBBY MACK MODAWELL.  He was a medic (MOS A 91C20) and according to my mother was in Vietnam from the fall of 1969 until 1974.  Apparently he volunteered for helicopter missions and at one point was at Long Binh.  If anyone has any information on my father, please email me.  I want to learn what kind of man he was while he was in Vietnam.   Thanks again to all our heroes.

Date:15 Feb 99
Name:Ken McClung
Call Sign:
Unit:57th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1966
E-mail: KenMc52@aol.com

Date:14 Feb 99
Name:Ron Schroeder
Call Sign:Stiffy Hungwell
Unit:24th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:1987-present
E-mail: ssgschroed@hotmail.com
Message:As you prepare for your reunion I thought you may like to hear the latest from the 24th Med. We will be continuing the rich tradition of DUSTOFF as we head to Bosnia around March 1.  We will be replacing the 126th Med. out of California, a unit many of us consider to be the best in the world.  We will be leaving Lincoln, NE and Topeka, KS on Feb. 20 for training at Ft. Bragg before we head out to Tuzla. Nine UH-60A Blackhawks are already on their way.

Date:13 Feb 99
Name:Dick Wettach
Call Sign:
Unit:307th cab(phantom)
Time Frame:1968-1969
E-mail: rwettach@frontiernet.net
Message:I had to drop in and thank you guys for the job you did at getting me home! Many thanks to all of the DUSTOFF units. You had a hard and busy time. I was pulled out and sent to the field hospital in Quang Tri, thanks. YOU GOT ME HOME!

Date:10 Feb 99
Name:Brian Prahl Bozeman, MT
Call Sign:Dustoff 23
Unit:45th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:4/70-4/71
E-mail: Dstoff23@aol.com

Date:9 Feb 99
Name:Bob Black
Call Sign:Dustoff 93
Unit:326th Med Eagle Dustoff
Time Frame:1969
E-mail: booboo4@swbell.net
Message:Just wanted to update my E-mail address and let someone know that it is Feb 8 and my check is in the mail. Would like to be teamed up with anyone from the 326th for the Chuck Mateer golf tournament. My E-mail at work is martin21@airmail.net

Date:8 Feb 99
Name:Caya Snethen ( was Russell for a period of time) & CW2 Mark Snethen
Call Sign:
Time Frame:FEB 94 THRU AUG 95
E-mail: socrrgby@snowhill.com
Message:Mark and I would like to say "Hi" to anyone from 82nd Med who comes across this message. I was a flight medic. Mark was a pilot. We both got out of the military in Aug of 95. We decided to get back active duty in Jul of 98 and are now stationed at Ft. Rucker. Mark is an IP on the 58's. If you are ever here e-mail us. We'd like to hear from you.

Date:8 Feb 99
Rank:CW3 (Ret)
Name:Rick Schwartzberg
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 68
Unit:507th Med/63rd Med (GE)/236 Med (GE)
Time Frame:1982-1990
E-mail: rsch@wans.net
Message:507th Med. Co. Ft. Sam Houston- UH-1 DUSTOFF- 1982-1986

63rd Med. / 236th Med. Landstuhl, GE.- 1986-1990. Blackhawk DUSTOFF!

I "never" won the war!

Date:30 Jan 99
Call Sign:
Time Frame:

Date:30 Jan 99
Rank:BU 1
Name:Kent M. Whitney
Call Sign:Juliet 5, just one of many
Unit:SeaBee Team 0516
Time Frame:1964, 1968, 1969, 1970
E-mail: cucm@ixpres.com
Message:Dear Men and Women of all DUSTOFF Units

I want to thank all of you for being our Angels in the sky. Every one of you are a blessing sent from our LORD. HE placed us in your hands and you cared for us, alive and dead. Your total sacrifice to and for us will not be without its reward. All our words fall short but our hearts are swollen with love and gratitude for you all. We can face the enemy knowing you're out there for us, "Hell bent to recover at any cost". BRAVO-ZULU

GOD BLESS YOU ALL, (Then and Now )

Date:30 Jan 99
Name:Donald F. Brasier
Call Sign:carrot top
Unit:159th Med., 45th Med.
Time Frame:Oct 69 - Oct 70
E-mail: Naturespth@aol.com
Message:Avionics/CC/PP. Was with the 159th (HA) until Feb 70. Was sent to the 45th (AA) for the remainder of my tour.

Date:30 Jan 99
Name:Bradley ROCKY Burns
Call Sign:45th. Surgical Hospital, Tay Ninh
Time Frame:Jul 69 to Sep 70
E-mail: rockytop@bright.net
Message:GREAT JOB GUYS!!! I'm looking for other members of the 45th. If you know of any please put them in touch with me!

Date:30 Jan 99
Name:Dale O. Partrick
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 6 alpha
Unit:54th dustoff
Time Frame:1968 - 1969
E-mail: dustof54@pcisys.net
Message:I'd have to hunt up an old roster. I could name many, but don't want to slight any, either. 54th was in Chu Lai, and I-corp.

PS: my email address shown on the Association email roster is incorrect. I don't know how to change it, other than this way. Should be: dustof54@pcisys.net

Thanks for the links and news.

Date:30 Jan 99
Name:Scott Cunningham
Call Sign:
Unit:498th & 571st
Time Frame:Apr 70- Sep 71
E-mail: sjcunham@bellsouth.net
Message:CPT Glen Melton, CPT Ed Bradshaw, CPT Bob Bash, WO Howard Mojeski, An San, Ahn Khe, Plieku, Tuy Hoa, Na Trang, Da Nang, Quang Tri.

Good site, well done, and to those who do all the volunteering to the Association, thanks.

Date:26 Jan 99
Name:Tom Hall
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 296 (Magnet Ass)
Unit:45th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:1970-71
Message:I was a crewchief with the 45th DUSTOFF out of Long Binh in 1970-71.

Date:25 Jan 99
Name:Pete Edgette
Call Sign:DUSTOFF54
Time Frame:68/69,71
Message:The best time of my life, the best people in the world.

Date:25 Jan 99
Name:Richard Dinsmore
Call Sign:Doc. Dinsmore
Unit:254th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1968-1970
E-mail: jrem@molalla.net

Date:25 Jan 99
Rank:W O 1
Name:Jimmy W (Hayatack) Bynum
Call Sign:Dustoff 102 & Dustoff 13
Unit:254 th Med Det (Hel Amb) & 45th Med Co
Time Frame:Dec 1966- Nov 1967
E-mail: banjolane@hillsboro.net
Message:Lot of fond & serious memories for a young man of 19. Often think of men like Jim (Short-Round) Williamson, Bob Brower, Bob (Bull) Phillips, Flood Codington, Robert Valdes, all of the 254th that I learned so much from, whose skills and techniques in the cockpit I adapted and made my own, that helped me to survive that year and others that I through my flying might have taught so they too survived.

Date:25 Jan 99
Name:Larry N. Gravely
Call Sign:Boots
Unit:498th Med. Co (AA)/237th MED Det
Time Frame:Sep 70- Apr 72
E-mail: larryn@lycosmail.com
Message:It's great to find old DUSTOFFers. Your page is great.

Date:25 Jan 99
Name:Frank Aponte
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 50
Unit:498th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:Aug 90 - Mar 96
Message:I'm currently assigned to the 507th Med. Co. (AA). 8 1/2 years as a flight medic working along with extraordinary people that perform extraordinary deed day in and day out.  Thanks for your contribution to the Medevac community.  Have a DUSTOFF day.I

Date:18 Jan 99
Call Sign:Onekil
Unit:68TH Med Com.,  Alaska
Time Frame:01 Sep 97-UTC
E-mail: Onekil@aol.com
Message:Currently flying will the 68th Medical Company, Alaska. About one year of service driving hard and keeping these Alaskans safe up here. Wars won? Well let us just say that with every MAST mission is another headache. There have been times when we have had to ride snowmobiles, four wheelers, trucks, and of course the hoist to perform our missions. They say house calls are no longer, well there has been several times when we have landed in front of a cabin where the medical care is needed.

Sorry for blowing our own horn but I have nothing else to report.

Date:18 Jan 99
Name:Michael F. Warner
Call Sign:
Unit:159th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1970 Vietnam
E-mail: Jspellburg@aol.com

Date:18 Jan 99
Name:Larry N. Gravely
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:Sep 69 - Apr 72
E-mail: larryn@lycosmail.com
Message:I flew with 498th Med Co and 237th Med Det.

Date:16 Jan 99
Name:Janine Long
Call Sign:
Time Frame:
E-mail: sjlong@sunet.net
Message:Hi, I am the daughter of retired Col. John Temperilli. I am helping my son Bobby find information on DUSTOFF for a social studies project he is doing. I have had a good time browsing around in here. My dad is very special to me and reading about what he did makes us all very proud. Thanks for all of the information and pictures etc... God Bless

Date:12 Jan 99
Name:Tim Martin
Call Sign:Flight Medic
Unit:377Med Co (AA), 283rd Med Det. (HA), FLATIRON
Time Frame:1-7-99
E-mail: panthers@salibury.net
Message:Hello to all that flew with me in Alaska 80-82. Korea 84-87 and Rucker 87-89. Does anyone know the location of John (Jack) Hastings? Served with me in the 377th(Korea) 84-86. I am now a Paramedic Supervisor here in N.C.

Date:12 Jan 99
Name:Calvin Guthrie
Call Sign:
Unit:236 MED DET AA
Time Frame:Jan 71-Jan72
E-mail: drift52@aol.com
Message:I flew with Da Nang DUSTOFF my 2nd tour in Vietnam.  I volunteered because of being with the 173rd Airborne  and watching DUSTOFF work. I was a medic, and got to work closely with them. So on my 2nd tour I asked to go DUSTOFF.

Date:8 Jan 99
Name:Mike Brown
Call Sign:BLACK CAT 021T
Unit:213th Aslt. Hel. Co.
Time Frame:1966-67
E-mail: MkBrown4@aol.com
Message:Looking for 213th BLACK CAT folks from PHU-LOI. Trying to have a reunion in 99. If you are, or know, a 213th man please get back to me. Thank you.

Date:7 Jan 99
Name:Jim Brunotte
Call Sign:
Unit:720th MP, Co. "B"
Time Frame:Oct, 1, 68
E-mail: jrbruno@gte.net
Message:On Oct.1, 1968 my jeep went over a land mine at 5:55 pm in the area of An Xuan, near Long Binh. At 6:25 pm the DUSTOFF arrived and at 6:35 I was admitted to the 24th Evac Hosp. I sustained the lose of both legs, left arm and right eye.

To each and everyone of you, thanks for being there. But to my DUSTOFF pilot and crew, I can't thank you enough. You guys all super.

God Bless you all.

In His Service

Date:4 Jan 99
Name:Larry N. Gravely
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 596
Unit:498th Med Co (AA) & 237th MED Det (HA)
Time Frame:Sep 70 - Apr 72
E-mail: larryn@lycosmail.com
Message:I flew with many pilots; 1LT Quincy Sittingdown, CW2 Robert Taylor, MAJ Calvin Sandifer, and CPT Melton just to name a few.

Date:3 Jan 99
Call Sign:
Unit:MEDDAC Ft Campbell, KY
Time Frame:March 1996 - current
E-mail: AprylE21@aol.com
Message:I am a civilian paramedic at Ft. Campbell and I, on occasion, get the privelage of flying with the 50th Med. air ambulance.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I really have enjoyed looking at this site and I enjoy working with the guys on the air ambulance. I envy you. Keep up the awesome work.

Date:3 Jan 99
Name:Robert Jackson
Call Sign:
Unit:1st Infantry Division
Time Frame:77-80
E-mail: steelpot@swbell.net
Message:You folks have done a wonderful job on your Web page. I would like to remember a hometown boy from Oklahoma who lost his life near Tay Ninh, Republic of Vietnam. During a Medevac mission SP/4 Leslie Don Moses, serving with the 71st Assault Helicopter Company, volunteered for this mission knowing full well the site was surrounded by hostile forces. For his actions that day he was awarded the DFC. I have created a web page to remember his service. God bless Leslie and God bless all of you who flew in harms way in Vietnam.