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Jan-Mar 02 Guestbook Entries

Date:30 Mar 02
Name:Ernie Rose
Call Sign: 
Unit:68th Med Det
Time Frame:1968-1969
E-mail:erose @stargate.net
Message:No message sent

Date:19 Mar 02
Name:Ron Gulbranson
Call Sign: 
Unit:498 Med Co.
Time Frame:Oct. 69 - Oct 70
E-mail: Pat_Ron_Gulbranson@msn.com
Message:Worked in Operations and flew as door gunner. Worked with a lot of great people over there. Hope your all doing great. Would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time.

Date:19 Mar 02
Name:Leslie Drew
Call Sign: 
Unit:254th Med Det HA
Time Frame:Aug 66 to Jan 67
E-mail: lpd@gwi.net
Message:No message sent.

Date:9 Mar 02
Name:Terry Woolmer
Call Sign:Vampire
Unit:2nd Field Ambulance (Aussie Army)
Time Frame:1966/67
E-mail: TwoFdAmbulance@bigpond.com
Message:G'day Guys,

A great website, very informative. I served with the 2nd Field Ambulance (Australian Army) at Vung Tau and Nui Dat from 1966/67 and had the pleasure of serving with some fantastic guys including Bill Hooks who came from Tacoma Washington, he wrote to my sister for quite some time. With the arrival of 9 Squadron (Huey's) Royal Australian Air Force late in 1966, I lost contact with Bill. I recall the US Army chopper had a "Red Cross" with "82" on the nose, I am not sure what unit he was with, although it could have been "36 Evac Hospital" based at Vung Tau. I met some US Army nurses who attended the opening of the Australian National Veteran Veterans' Memorial in 1992 in our National Capital (Canberra) and asked them, if they could investigate the whereabouts of Bill. One of them did write to me, saying that Bill may have been KIA, if this is the case I am very saddened. I look forward to hearing from anyone who may have been attached to the 2nd Field Ambulance, or had contact with our unit.

On behalf of the "2nd Field Ambulance Past Members Association" please accept our deepest sympathies for the September 11th terrorist attacks, they are f...... snakes.

In fact snakes are a more acceptable creature. "God Bless America"

Best Wishes,

Terry Woolmer Honourary Secretary

Date:1 Mar 02
Name:Jerry Ham
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 31
Unit:45th MED CO (AA)
Time Frame:70-71
E-mail: Jerry.Ham@med.va.gov
Message:Flew with Al Walsh, Tom Sthiliare, Ron Wells, Doug Peterson, Brian Prahl, Tom Lacy, Ron Sidel, Chris Warnock, Doug Beeler, Jim Goodman, and others I can't recall now. CO was Major Goodman. We did our job!!!!

Date:26 Feb 02
Rank:1ST (Ret)
Name:Wesley A Dunn
Call Sign: 
Unit:45th Med. Co.
Time Frame:Dec 67-Nov 68
E-mail: tetris51@cs.com
Message:I flew with CPT Jake and all of our test pilots. I flew with my uncle CWO Billy H. Dunn and many others including the Dirty Dozen. I was senior technical inspector in the 45th. I was at Vung Tau completing inspections on two birds during Tet, but I am mighty proud of what our unit accomplished and the lives that were saved because of us.

Date:26 Feb 02
Name:Ken Waller
Call Sign: 
Unit:159th DUSTOFF / Long Binh
Time Frame:April '71 to April '72
E-mail: kwallerjr1@qwest.net
Message:None sent.

Date:18 Feb 02
Name:Pedro Martinez
Call Sign: 
Unit:54th, 421st
Time Frame:1980, 1983
E-mail: pmart56@aol.com
Message:I was station in Ft. Lewis with 54th Med., and in Germany with 421st. Med.

Date:6 Feb 02
Name:Leslie G. Smith
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 50
Time Frame:Nov 68-Nov 69
E-mail: lsmith91@houston.rr.com
Message: Fresh out of flight school I was assigned to the 236th Medical Detachment, Air Ambulance when it formed at Ft Polk July 68. We deployed to Da Nang in Nov 68. Our assigned base was Red Beach on the north side of Da Nang. About half way through my tour I was transferred to the 54th Medical Detachment, Air Ambulance in Chu Lai, where I finished my tour.

Date:24 Jan 02
Name:Fabricio Gonzalez
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med Col Ft. Carson
Time Frame:JUL94-MAR96
E-mail: gonz777@hotmail.com
Message:There we were, on a mission to a small farm town on the outskirts of El Paso Texas. We received a call of an elderly man with a stroke. Very hot day in a UH1V and trying to land on a hospital near the mountains of El Paso. Once on the ground the medical personnel were nowhere to be seen. I told the other pilot to take the controls to help get the patient indoors. With the engines running and my helmet on I could not hear what the patient was saying. As I reached down to grab the litter handle, he grabbed my hand and gave me a handshake and a smile. No words needed to be said. This memory will stay with me forever!

Four years later I am UH-60 qualified and doing the VIP tour in Seoul Korea sitting in the snack bar having lunch. One of my fellow Warrants walks in with a brand new 2LT. Hearing his accent, I immediately asked where he was from in Texas. He said El Paso and I told him I was from Alamogordo, NM. One story led to another and in the end finding out that the LT was the son of this kind elderly man we picked up on that hot summer day! He reached out to me and said THANK YOU for saving my father! Life doesn't get any better and the world doesn't get any smaller. God Bless

Date:17 Jan 02
Name:Dominic Wiebersch
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 39
Unit:283rd Med Det (Hel Amb)
Time Frame:Feb '67 - Feb '68
E-mail: spily_ay@hotmail.com
Message:I flew with "Hoss" Hosley, Calvin Sandifer , MAJ Briot, Doug Knapton, Bob Baird, Ted Riendeau, Charles k. Pennington , Bill Henderson, Ed Lynch, Jim Long, (Those two caught up with me between tours while I was assigned to the airfield at Graffenwohr Germany where they flew my wife to Nuremberg Army Hospital for the delivery of my son Robin). I flew with Jon Dienlin a couple of times. There were several, many others, whose names do not come to me right now. I was shot down several times, demonstrating how NOT to do it in Viet Nam. Strange, now I am writing about it the only one of the four co-pilots with me that I can remember is Charles Pennington. Probably because he was with me the last time, over Kontum in the beginning of what was to become "TET of "68. Or it may be because in his mayday call he gave the coordinates of the river bend south west of town while I was landing in the MACV compound downtown. I think Bob Baird was with me one time during an emergency landing, I am not certain.

Anybody who remembers getting shot down over the ridge just south of Dak To with the A/C wounded in the leg, landing on the C-130 resupply pad at the Forces compound, I would like to hear from them. I do not recall thanking him for landing the aircraft.

Who was with me while coming back from Song Be to Lai Khe under the artillery fire and through the rain storm when that one round came in through the door step on the engine cowling and broke the transmission oil cooler return line? We landed about 5km north of Lai Khe in a rice paddy. Had a full load of walking wounded and it took the folks at Lai Khe over an hour to get to us. VNAF was committed elsewhere.

I think I got the biggest DUSTOFF in one trip. While on my second tour assigned to A/159th Pachyderms in Hue Phu Bai we got a call early one morning that a new firebase had been over run the night before, was still in the clouds and could we help by picking up as many as we could in one stop. I called and said I would try. I hovered up one ridge line watching the trees, like when we did the night hoist missions, found the top of the ridge line, no firebase so we slid west a little and had them pop a trip flare near their position. That helped a lot, the cloud was still pretty thick and restricted visibility some. We got in and picked up twenty four wounded in one shot. Made an ITO out to 2500 feet , broke out and made an instrument approach to Phu Bai airfield and landed near the hospital. That one was ' one for the books ' .

Date:11 Jan 02
Name:Jim Tuohey
Call Sign: 
Unit:159th Med Det (Long Binh)
Time Frame:Feb1971-May1971
E-mail: jtuohey@hotmail.com
Message:No message sent.

Date:11 Jan 02
Name:Brennan Michael E.
Call Sign:WD-7
Unit:571st Med Co.
Time Frame:1985-1989, 1990-1995, 2000 still in position
E-mail: 5711SG@carson-cav3.army.mil
Message:The war is not over!

Date:11 Jan 02
Name:Ahmet Denizler
Call Sign: 
Unit:Turkish Aŭr Force Air Ambulance Service
Time Frame:Since 1992
E-mail: adenizler@mynet.com
Message:I'm Flight Medical Technician in Turkish Air Force. I have flown 2000 hours in MEDEVAC Flight since 1992. Nice to meet you.