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 Jan - Mar 01 Guestbook Entries

Date:29 Mar 01
Name:David Root
Call Sign:
Unit:45th Air Ambulance
Time Frame:May 68 -Aug 69
E-mail: droot@qwest.net
Message:Flew 1100 hours with the 45th and then 500 hours in the 134th Assault Hel. Co on a gunship. Stottlemyer? Where are you?

Date:20 Mar 01
Name:John Foster
Call Sign:
Unit:45th Med Co.
Time Frame:1970
E-mail: melodye@poncacity.net
Message:None sent.

Date:20 Mar 01
Name:Mike Rinehart
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 37
Unit:283rd DUSTOFF
Time Frame:68-69
E-mail: rineham@doacs.state.fl.us
Message:Still looking anyone with the 283rd DUSTOFF, or from 498th DUSTOFF, who flew with us or from the 71st Evac who knew us in Pleiku. Patrick "Flash" Flanagan, Jim "Abe" Abrams, Jim Pruss, Dave Bennett, Amos Davis, we found each other. We're looking for the rest of you guys and gals. Drop me a note at rineham@doacs.state.fl.us or dustoff37@earthlink.ne

Date:20 Mar 01
Name:Sandy Peterson
Call Sign:Moonlight x-ray
Unit:18th Surg. Hospital
Time Frame:70-71
E-mail: damsandyp@mediaone.net
Message:Was a nurse with the 18th Surg. Would fly any chance I could get with the 237 and 571 DUSTOFF. Chief nurse didn't like it, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I would love to hear from any of you guys.

Date:15 Mar 01
Name:Kirk Pickering
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 15
Unit:54th Medical Detachment
Time Frame:1984-1986
E-mail: kpickering@astraversecity.uscg.mil
Message:Flew with the 431st Med Det as a Helo Crew Chief from 1981-1982 (serving under MAJ Jim Ritchie, and then MAJ Fox) before attending WOC/Flight School. Sent to Ft Lewis after graduating Flight School in spring of 1983 and served a brief stint with 9th CAB. Assigned to the 54th Med Det as DUSTOFF 15 (serving under MAJ Boyer and MAJ Skip Geiger) from 1984-1986 before moving on to Ft Drum and the 10th CAB as an Instructor Pilot. Left the Army and received a direct commission in the Coast Guard in 1988. Presently a Lieutenant Commander serving at Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City flying the HH-65. Previous tours include CGAS Astoria OR, CGAS Detroit MI, and CGAS Kodiak AK. Interested in communicating with anyone who I may have served with in either the 431st or 54th.

Date:15 Mar 01
Name:Bob Davis
Call Sign:
Unit:201st AVN co/58th AVN Det
Time Frame:Oct '67-Oct '68
E-mail: cbldavis1@msn.com
Message:One of, or probably "the best" site I've seen. With pleasure, I say I was at Que Nhon flying with Gordon Merritt and Rollo Devore, so we got to see first hand all the incredible feats of the 498th Med Co in association with the docs and nurses at the 67th Evac Hosp. Two pilots I'll never forget are Jim Chassell and Chris Lucci. They were somethin' else. Later on in '74, I was lucky enough to be part of the 498th at FT Bragg as a "DUSTOFF pilot" supporting the Ranger training. It was a far cry from Vietnam, but I can still say I was part of the program. Just wanted to add my thanks to all DUSTOFF crews, no matter what unit they're in.

Date:13 Mar 01
Name:William E. Pearson
Call Sign:37
Unit:MAT37 Advisory TEAM 36
Time Frame:1969-1970
Message:Well, here it goes: I had 20/10 vision, always wanted to be a pilot. I pumped weights: Too big, played football, Infantry, Ranger, CIB, Air Observer Wings, Soldier's Medal, Bronze Star, Air medal, Cross of Gallantry, Staff Service Medal. I flew mostly Ghostrider, and OV-10 Broncos FAC with the Air Force out of PAB. When a chopper flies over me I want to pop smoke. Ha. Thanks for the information Tom. Bill Pearson Pleiku Pals

Date:8 Mar 01
Name:Ed Garrett
Call Sign:Doc Garrett
Unit:63th Med Det (HA)
Time Frame:Feb 77 to Aug 79
E-mail: garrett_ew@netos.com
Message:I served with the 63rd International DUSTOFF under CPT John Bull and later CPT to MAJ R. Huey Huether (Hi Huey!) as Senior Flight Medic and Training NCO. My crew chief was SP4 Paul Bynum. Other members at that time were MSGT Jose Jimenez, Sgt Theodore Crabbe, Sp4 Kirby Craig, WO Bill Stovall and several others I cannot remember. Our little pflugplatz in Landstuhl was nicknamed Toadstool International. It had only 6 UH1Vs then and we kept busy with the threat of the Fulda Gap looming over us. I was sorry to hear the 63rd was deactivated and turned into the 236th. Hope to hear from others that were in the 63rd. and get an update from those in the 236th.

Date:8 Mar 01
Name:Ed Garrett
Call Sign:Doc Garrett
Unit:54th Med Det (HA)
Time Frame:Mar 75 to July 76
E-mail: garrett_ew@netos.com
Message:Just surfed in. Great site. I served in the 54th MAST under MAJ Charles Lewis as a flight medic and EMT. My crew chief was SP5 Wayne Engle. Other members at that time were SP4 Dave Duley, WO Jack Schaffer, SSG Ernie Silva, CWO Rick Melenbacher, WO Dennis Patterson, WO ? Webb, and WO Mike Strickland to name a few. Reading previous postings really brings back the memories. Memories of not only Ft Lewis, but those boring weeks of standby at Yakima Firing Center. MAST was hot then in Washington state and Gov. Dan Evans gave us great support and we flew to Olympia often to land at the capitol for photo ops with the Washington State Police and Jean Enderson of Ch 5 news. She is still on the air 26 years later but we don't hear much about the 54th. What a shame...but the memories live on. I left to join up with the 63rd in Germany. I served there until discharge in 79 where I returned to Washington state and reside in Snohomish. I am glad to have served and would like to hear from my 54th comrades (then or now).

Date:28 Feb 01
Name:Jerry Ewen
Unit:498th Med. Co. & 54th Med Det. 
Time Frame:April, 1968-April, 1969
E-mail: jerrye@trib.com
Message:1123 missions, 2669 patients, 1 Purple Heart. I am proud to have served with and in support of the finest.

Date:24 Feb 01
Rank:1LT (ex-)
Name:Mike Shea
Call Sign:
Unit:54th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1989-1992
E-mail: startup@halcyon.com
Message:Flew with: Ray Callaway, Paul Loeffler, Brian Haselett, JJ Kauza, Jeanmarie Lerner, Teresa Burgess, Dave Ast, Rob Waycott, Joe Lankford, Eric Heilema, Joe Renn, Kim Baker, Joel Bachmann and MANY more than I can list here (though I remember all)...

Found these days in Change Management at Boeing Commercial Airplanes (747/767/777). Going to school (NMSU- MS Industrial Engineering), raising a family (1 boy). Still flying civilian fixed-wing (CFI/II/MEI) when I get around to it...

Good luck!

Date:19 Feb 01
Name:Todd Schiess
Call Sign:
Unit:68th Med Det
Time Frame:Sep83-July86
E-mail: Epikureansx4@hotmail.com
Message:Flew with: CW4 Ray Slemer, MAJ Rueben Pinkson, CPT Barnard, CWO Wheeler, CW0 Boissoneault, WO Bob Brockington, WO Laura Dore, SSG Norton, Gene Minger, Mark Thomas, Sean Fawell, Mike Reed, Mike Tunno, Charles Love.

Date:19 Feb 01
Name:Kevin P. Smith
Call Sign:
Unit:45th Med Co and 498th Med Co
Time Frame:1991-1996 (Somalia 1993)
E-mail: kps92@wildmail.com
Message:None sent.

Date:19 Feb 01
Name:Eugene J. Minger
Call Sign:The Kopter Doctor
Unit:36th Med. Det., 68th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1980-1984, 1984-1988
E-mail:Drone 7771@aol.com
Message:I crewed for many colorful members of the ORIGINALS from the 57th Med. such as Nick Johnson, John Porterfield, Reuben Pinkston, and Buck Thompson, to name a few. I learned a lot from those guys. Like the song says "Man, I've been Everywhere.." I think I would have to say that the 8 yrs. spent in the Med. were the most enjoyable of all the years spent in service and I was greatly impressed by most all of whom I came in contact with.

Date:11 Feb 01
Call Sign:Red Earth
Unit:8th Field Amb
Time Frame:68 - 69
E-mail: maurie1@ozemail.com.au
Message:None sent.

Date:10 Feb 01
Name:Mark Byrd
Call Sign:Scarface 47
Unit:HML 367
Time Frame:1969-70
E-mail: markbyrd@swbell.net
Message:I am looking for a phone number of e-mail for Steve Huffman who is heading up a Huey restoration project in Florida. Need to contact him urgently about information that will be helpful to his organization.

Date:31 Jan 01
Rank:SGT Name= unit= callsign= Time_frame= email=
Name:Robert Arbaugh
Call Sign:
Unit:126th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)
Time Frame:Then active... Now Guard...
E-mail:a rbaugh@dgweb.com
Message:No message sent.

Date:28 Jan 01
Name:Raymond Drew
Call Sign:
Unit:377th 3rd/50th Med/68th med
Time Frame:92-93/93-95/95-96
E-mail: rdrew@lni.net
Message:I started at 377th 3rd Platoon 92-93 that's when I fell in love with Medevac. I then went to 50th Med at Campbell in 93, after 2 months I found myself leaving to go to Honduras for 6 months after returning about a year later I fell on to something I didn't see. To make a short story short. I went to Hawaii and that is were I had my medical discharge. It could not fixed without surgery, so I had to leave the service. That was in Nov 96. So you would like to know what I am doing. Well I am working for a company called Grand Aire out of Toledo Airport. That is were I am an afternoon supervisor. I repair CF7002D-2 Jet Engines. I also balance all the compressors Turbines and fans. I also work as a medic on the side as a volunteer for the past 3 years. Thanks Raymond Drew

Date:14 Jan 01
Name:A. Terry Hoffman
Call Sign:Dustoff 57 & 54
Unit:54th Medical Detachment, HA
Time Frame:1970-1971
E-mail: terryhoffman@mindspring.com
Message:My crews and I dusted off over 700 people in Vietnam with the 54th & 68th Med Det., and because of that the world is a different place.

Date:10 Jan 01
Name:Mark A. Byrd
Call Sign:Scarface 47
Unit:HML 367 (USMC)
Time Frame:Sep69-Sep70
E-mail: markbyrd@swbell.net
Message:I am looking for DUSTOFF crewmembers - pilots, flight crew or medics who operated in UH1Cs or other model Hueys in RVN who have good pictures of the aircraft they flew and who would be willing to allow a model manufacturer to use their photos to detail a fine quality metal model to be marketed world wide. Pictures of the crew and their personal military history would be included in the packaging of the model. If you are interested contact me: Mark Byrd, 972-233-7677

Date:1 Jan 01
Name:Doug Wilson
Call Sign:
Unit:326 Med
Time Frame:1970-71
E-mail: junglecruiser335@hotmail.com
Message:Happy New Year all DUSTOFF.