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Jan-Mar 00 Guestbook Entries

Date:24 Mar 00
Name:Morne Wiid
Call Sign:
Unit:5 Aviation Regiment, Australia
Time Frame:
E-mail: mornewiid@bigpond.com
Message:Hi there,

Would like to get in contact with ex-Black Hawk drivers out there!!!

Best wishes for 2000.


Date:24 Mar 00
Name:Bill Nelson
Call Sign:
Unit:283rd Med Det
Time Frame:Aug 65 - July66
E-mail: bnbnelson@yahoo.com
Message:Served as crew chief in 65 & 66. Any other 283rd members out there? Contact me by E-Mail.

Date:13 Mar 00
Name:Donald Cicuzza
Call Sign:
Unit:431st Med Det, 15th Med Det, 57th Med Det
Time Frame:Mar 79 thru Jan 85
E-mail: cicuzza@penn.com
Message:In MEDEVAC you do the job every day, not just train for the day when you may be called on.

Date:11 Mar 00
Name:Hank Morrow 
Call Sign:Spartan (126th )
Unit:498th Med Co. / 126th Med.Co.
Time Frame:498th 74-76, 126th 80-88
E-mail: Pcakes_HoseB@msn.com
Message:I'm not a participant in anything noteworthy to speak of. I did, however, work with some truly great people and at this stage of my life, I have nothing but fond memories of my Medevac days.

Date:10 Mar 00
Name:Chuck Welden
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co.
Time Frame:09-01-67 thru 04-01-69
E-mail: k910@att.com
Message:I was a crewchief assigned to second platoon 498th med from 67 to 69 I will have to go to my old foot locker and look at my pictures and write down the names of the men I served with and get back to you.

Date:10 Mar 00
Name:Richard Mosher
Call Sign:Chargers
Unit:196 Light Inf. Brigade
Time Frame:July 1967-July 1968
E-mail: RPM196@hotmail.com
Message:When I first arrived in Vietnam, I was a medic assigned to the aid station in Chu Lai. About a month later we were sent to the field to start a field aid station north of Tam Ky. Most of the wounded came by Huey - DUSTOFF and gunships. Frequently the only way to get a medic out to the wounded was by gunship (I prefer the protection offered by the M-60 over the DUSTOFFs 45 cal. pistol!). And we became so proficient at this that shortly after arriving at LZ Baldy, we scrounged up 4 Hueys, painted the 196 patch w/red cross on them and became "Charger Dustoff". Totally unauthorized - but the wounded didn't complain! With this operation, we became the "E.R." of I-Corps. We had a sign made from splints which read: We Can: Cure - Frequently . . .Heal - Often. . .Comfort - Always. I don't know whatever happened to our "squadron".

Date:10 Mar 00
Rank:1 Lt
Name:Mike Crawford
Call Sign:MOONSHINE 25
Unit:9th Air Commando Sqdn
Time Frame:June 68-June 69
E-mail: gmike@gateway.net
Message:I flew C-47s dropping flares for a lot of DUSTOFF ops around Pleiku, Dak To, Ben Het, Plei Djarang... Lots of romance! Would love to hear from some of the guys I used to drink and fly with from the Pleiku DUSTOFF group.

Date:10 Mar 00
Name:John R. Sabanosh
Call Sign:
Unit:45th Air Ambulance
Time Frame:Sep 1969-Sep 1970
E-mail: ntds@erols.com
Message:I flew aboard the "Hover Lover" 431 as Crew Chief out of Long Binh Dustoff.

Date:5 Mar 00
Name:Kent Garrett
Call Sign:Paddy Control 24
Unit:Det. 3 619h TCS
Time Frame:Apr65-Apr66
E-mail: kcg5455@webtv.net
Message:Didn’t fly except hops between Can Tho, Soc Trang and Saigon, but spent many hours watching, vectoring and talking to those who did.

Date:4 Mar 00
Rank:CW4 (Ret)
Name:John Dowdy
Call Sign:Dustoff 100
Unit:254th Med Det
Time Frame:1969
E-mail: dowdy@iname.com
Message:With my ribbon of longevity!

Date:2 Mar 00
Name:Michael Burk
Call Sign:
Unit:57th Med. Det. (H.A)
Time Frame:'70-'72
E-mail: mburk@lrbcg.com

Date:2 Mar 00
Name:Gary Hagen
Call Sign:
Unit:236th Med Det.
Time Frame:
E-mail: garyhag@co.clackamas.or.us
Message:I spent two years with the 236th Med Det. as a crew chief and maintenance supervisor.

I was shot down on one occasion for which I received a Silver Star. Mr. DeLaverne and Mr. Yost were the pilots on that mission in Hep Duc Valley and the medic was "Harris." I can't say we won the war but we definitely saved some lives, which was most important.

I have very fond memories of my two years with this exemplary unit and the men that served with me. I would like to be contacted by anyone that served during this time.

Date:2 Mar 00
Name:Elden Adkins
Call Sign:Big A
Unit:236th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1971-72
E-mail: eldenfromDE@webtv.net

Date:2 Mar 00
Rank:CW 4
Name:Art Laguna
Call Sign:Dustoff 27
Unit:126th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:
E-mail: aluh60dr@earthlink.net

Date:25 Feb 00
Name:Jerry Jones
Call Sign:247th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1970-71
E-mail: jjones@houston.quik.com
Message:I was a crewchief for the 247th from 1970-71 at Phan Rhang. We were blessed with being one the few DUSTOFF units that didn't loose any of its members in Vietnam. I would like to here from anyone that served with the 247th.

Date:25 Feb 00
Name:Fred m. Duncan
Call Sign:Code word: Ivory Soap
Unit:Aircraft Repair Unit
Time Frame:1944 - 1945
E-mail: duncanfm@msn.com
Message:I am the historian for 5000 WWII veteran's who were part of a US ARMY AIR CORP Floating Aircraft Repair Ship in the Pacific during 1944-1945. I didn't fly helicopters, but I know of one of the first Sikorsky R-4B helicopter pilots who did. He was involved, probably, in the first large-scale helicopter rescues during WW2. His helicopter was not a medical craft, it was part of a floating aircraft depot repair ship project known as "IVORY SOAP", and it was used to fly airplane parts shore to ship for repair. One of the Army field commanders heard there were helicopters on a ship in Manila Bay and called for their help. Thirty four(34)wounded soldiers were rescued from 16-18 Jun 1945 and airlifted out of the Philippine jungles, one by one, under Japanese ground fire. Here is a web-site reference to check: http://www.af.mil/news/airman/0398/ship.htm Need a DUSTOFF Public Relations official for further guidance in getting long, long, long, overdue recognition due him. This acknowledgement would contribute to both he and the DUSTOFFer's Pride and Honor just to invite him to be an honorary DUSTOFF member. I am working with Dr. James W. Williams, Historian at the ARMY AVIATION MUSEUM at Fort Rucker Alabama. He has photographs of the first R4-B pilot's class, which Mr. COWGILL graduated, and has official documentation to verify this information. I thought this may be of great interest to the DUSTOFF since this really pre-dates the DUSTOFFers. Because of the age of the pilot, ROBERT COWGILL, it is essential he be given any recognition soon. Also, I am in contact with one of the soldiers who was part of that rescue. Any suggestions you might have please contact me. My address: Fred M. Duncan, 6630 Greenlee Ct, Huber Heights, OH 45424-2735; Tel: (937) 236-5229; DSN 785-6491 Ext 365.

Would appreciate your reply soonest...regardless of your decision.

Date:13 Feb 00
Name:Patrick M Kratzer
Call Sign:
Unit:B Co. 1st Med. Bn., 1st Inf. Div.
Time Frame:
E-mail: Krnan1@cs.com
Message:I was with B co. first med. Bn. First Inf. Div. as a radio operator. we were also dustoff control for 3rd. Brigade. I sometimes flew with them. I was on a hoist mission with Mike Novosel once, we pulled up 3 KIA and I think 2 W. I. A. Mike showed me what autorotation was like, and forgot to tell me it was going to happen. It was a long time ago but it seems like the crewchief told me that he found out how fast a Huey could go backwards. I was mostly at Lai Khi from June 1966 to June 1967

Date:13 Feb 00
Name:Rick Osterlund
Call Sign:
Unit:HHC 4th BDE APO AE 09165
Time Frame:
E-mail: kif@surf1.de
Message:82nd Med. Fort Riley KS.

Date:7 Feb 00
Name:Carl R. Prince
Call Sign:68th Med. Det. Chu Lai
Time Frame:1970-71
E-mail: uh1hcc@hotmail.com
Message:I was a crew chief with 68th Med Det. Chu Lai from march 70 to Feb. 71., bird number 629 better known as the GREAT SPECKLED BIRD. I have heard from several guys I was there with but would like to hear from anyone else that was there about that time frame. Especially a crew chief that trained me by the name Don Willdsmith. Last known to be in Navy, but enjoy hearing from all crewchiefs, medics, and pilots.

Date:3 Feb 00
Name:Geoffrey Morris
Call Sign:
Unit:237th Med. Det. (DMZ DUSTOFF)
Time Frame:Jan70-Feb71
E-mail: geoffm@morrisandwidman.com
Message:Medic for 131/2 months. No R and R. Think about it often. Never hurt; scared all the time though I didn't tell anyone. Became senior medic in 4 months by default.

Date:2 Feb 00
Name:Alan H. Sibley
Call Sign:
Unit:254th Med Det
Time Frame:sep 1967-aug 1968
E-mail: msgalan@sonet.net
Message:I was a crew chief with the 254th Med Det in Nha Trang from Sep 67 to Aug 68. I flew on aircraft 66-16016.

Date:27 Jan 00
Name:Wayne Mutza
Call Sign:
Unit:240th AHC and F Trp/4th Cav
Time Frame:1971-72
Message:As an aviation writer, I'm doing books on the history of the UH-1 and OH-6. I'm seeking personal experiences, along with data and photo material on units, aircraft and operations. Material is carefully handled, copied, credited and returned. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Date:27 Jan 00
Rank:2LT - MAJ
Name:Dominic F. Volesky
Call Sign:703/706/707
Time Frame:70 - 80
Message:Just came unto this web site and need more time to peruse. Will write again. Last DUSTOFF pilot to leave Lane in 1973. Second to last American to leave there.

Date:25 Jan 00
Name:Greg Combs
Call Sign:
Unit:3rd Rgr, 377, 159, 44, & WCAP
Time Frame:1987-1996
Message:I met some great people in DUSTOFF. Too many to individually recognize. I was non-select to 0-4 in 1996 and pursued my doctoral degree in sport management. I now reside in San Antonio, TX as a program evaluation and fund development consultant for nonprofit organizations, teach at UTSA, and continue to fly in the civilian sector. I hope to cross paths with long-lost friends of DUSTOFF. Call Sign "N-70X."

Date:20 Jan 00
Rank:SGT/MAJ (retired)
Name:Vidal Garza
Call Sign:
Unit:36th MED DET (HA)
Time Frame:81-82
E-mail: 007.vgarza@imail.saisd.net
Message:I was CE with the 36th Med out of Fort Polk LA. One cold dark night we were transporting a patient to New Orleans but were running low on gas, we knew we could not make it to New Orleans with the available gas so the pilots landed in (I think) Lafayette, LA in a Shell station. And, me being the CE, was in charge of filling the ol Huey up (HOT GAS). Within minutes we were surrounded by flashing lights of police cars, sheriff cars. The gas hose did not reach the helicopter so I had to carry a gas can that the gas attendant loaned me and fill up the aircraft so we could be on our way, with our patient. (I think he died enroute, the medic kept bagging him though). I paid with the Army ID Plate credit card and we took off. The next day, we were all over the papers, I wish I had saved a copy of the story but I did not. If anybody has heard of this story or happens across a copy, please let me know.

Date:20 Jan 00
Name:Sue Sullivan
Call Sign:
Time Frame:
E-mail: kelly4@journey.com
Message:I am secretary of the Bay County Vietnam Veterans Monument Committee, and we are erecting a three-fold monument. We are located in Bay City, Mi. Our planned monument consists of a granite wall with the names of the 29 men from Bay County that were KIA, on the back of that wall will be the names of the 77 still unaccounted for from Michigan, and Dustoff Helicopter mounted on a 20 ft. stanchion to honor the Dustoff pilots and their crews. We are holding fundraisers and have some commitments for in-kind or donated services, we are getting a lot of support locally, but what we would like to have are some Dustoff stories, to put into print along with our displays to show how crucial a part these pilots and crews played. If you have a Dustoff story and would like to share it, please e-mail me at kelly4@journey.com or mail it to Bay County Vietnam Veterans Monument Committee, P.O. Box 31, Bay City, Michigan 48707-0031. Or if you have done a similar project, maybe you have some fundraising suggestions for us. Thanks.

Date:18 Jan 00
Name:Mike Carroll
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 30 and 49
Unit:283rd Med Det / 45th Air Amb
Time Frame:66,67 and 69
E-mail: mikec56@attglobal.net
Message:It's been a long time, but is there anyone out there from this time period? My wife (former 93rd EVAC Nurse) and I would love to hear from you.

Date:18 Jan 00
Name:Ryan Brayton
Call Sign:
Time Frame:99-Present
E-mail: rbrayton@snowhill.com
Message:Hey, I didn't even know there was a DUSTOFF Web site. It's amazing what you'll discover searching the Internet while working the RTO desk!

Date:18 Jan 00
Name:John C. Montgomery II
Call Sign:Checkmate
Unit:C 1/171st Aviation Regt.
Time Frame:1987-present
E-mail: charlesculpepper@yahoo.com
Message:I'm not a pilot but when I work on it, I'm doing what I love. I've been in now for 13 years and am a Desert Storm Vet as a Screaming Eagle of the 1/101st Aviation Regt., 1987-1991. Keep 'em flying.

Date:18 Jan 00
Name:William E. McKee
Call Sign:55-3214
Unit:47 Med. Det .Hel. Amb.
Time Frame:Nov 59 to Apr 62
E-mail: bettyemckee@gateway.net
Message:Would like to hear from any of the old bunch from Ft. Eustis On. Don Butcher, Wyman Schell,John Lucore, Al Cassady, Felix Ledkins, Glenn Payne, CPT Jack snipes, CPT Campbell, CPT Kenneth Armstrong, Lt Dean, & Acosta. What has happened to you guys? Only one I have been able to keep track of was SGT Harman through the Golden Knights and he has made the big jump in 1998 I'm told. Also ran into Lt then Major Dean in Chu Lai 1968. Last time I saw any of the old bunch.

Date:13 Jan 00
Name:David Mitan
Call Sign:1st Cav.
Time Frame:Feb 10 Feb 14 67
E-mail: themitans@webtv.net
Message:I was wounded twice on Feb. 10th, 67 and Feb. 14th 67. 10th 10am, the 14th was 8 at night in Anlo Valley. Both LZs were hot and they still came in to get us out. Feb 14 the crew chief, I guess, because there were so many of us, hung to the door exposing himself to fire. We flew to 67th Evac. All I want to say is thank you, thank you.

Date:10 Jan 00
Name:Gary Brouillette
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co. Qui Nhon
Time Frame:1966-1967
Message:Looking for guys that were there at that time. Also David Meyer. I keep sending e-mail but it comes back.

Date:10 Jan 00
Name:Andre G. Jacelon
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co.
Time Frame:65 - 66 & 69 - 70
E-mail: triniandre@gateway.net
Message:To my recollection we were the first crew to perform a hoist mission (Army DUSTOFF). The pilot was CPT Donald Retzlaff, I was the crew chief, medic?, CP?.  An Son area 66, 1st Flt Plt, Nha Trang. If incorrect please correct me.

Date:10 Jan 00
Name:Darril Clark
Call Sign:
Unit:57th Med. Det.
Time Frame:12/68-6/70
E-mail: DARRILJENNIFER@webtv.net
Message:I flew with the 57th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance).  I was the crew chief on 66464 until we crashed on Feb. 28, l970. AC was Tom Hall.  Pilot was Jeffrey Myers. Medic was Michael Cutlip.  I'd really like to hear from any of the crew or anyone who served with the 57th.  (The Originals)

Date:6 Jan 00
Name:Javier R. Antonsanti
Call Sign:Chewy
Unit:36th Med Det (AA)
Time Frame:1994-1996
E-mail: ranger1@coqui.net
Message:I would like to to hear from any of the medics that served during that time frame, or anybody who knows SSG William Embrey.

Date:3 Jan 00
Name:Doris Philip Knuckles
Call Sign:
Unit:57th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1964
E-mail: diane@tcia.net
Message:Was stationed in MACV Vietnam with the 57th Medical Detachment in 1964. Would really like to hear from my brothers. I've been "alone" for a long time! You can e-mail me at diane@tcia.net .