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Jan-Jul 04 Guestbook Entries

Date: 31 Jul 04
Rank: PFC
Name: Paul McGrath
Call Sign: 
Unit: 498th Med Co
Time Frame: 69-70
E-mail: idapaul@yahoo.com
Message:Worked in motor pool/ supply for about 5 months at Lane, then went back to Battalion Hq.

Date: 29 Jul 04
Rank: WO
Name: Johnnie D. Wooley
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 69
Unit: 498th Med.
Time Frame: Feb.66-Feb.67
E-mail: johnnie.wooley@web.de
Message: Message to Huey Lang: Dear Sir, I tried to reach you at the e-mail address listed in the e-mail list but it came back. We flew together with the 498th in 66 and I would like to get in touch with you. I think you do the monitoring for the Guestbook so maybe you will get my message. Let me hear from you.

Date: 27 Jul 04
Rank: E-5
Name: Bill Talley
Call Sign: 
Unit: 498th, 45th and 54th
Time Frame: 1966-1968, 70-71
E-mail: billy.talley@us.army.mil
Message: *Crewchief, 498th, from Dec, 66 thru Aug, 68 (Lane Field, Qui Nhon, Vietnam).
*Crewchief, 45th. Jan, 70 thru Jan, 71 (Long Bihn, Vietnam).
*SFC. Technical Inspector (TI), 54th, Feb, 71 thru Nov, 77 (Fort Lewis, WA)

Date: 25 Jul 04
Rank: Cadet
Name: Dee Dee Rich
Call Sign: 
Unit: USMA (50th Med attachment)
Time Frame: NOW
E-mail: x59412@usma.edu
Message:I am requesting aide from former and current members of Eagle DUSTOFF (50th Med) and all other members that are currently in contact with the 50th...my comrades and I have been tasked to write the CG of the 101st a memorandum explaining our intent to retain the name 50th Medical Company (AA) instead of being renamed Charlie Company, 7th Battalion. Our intent is to share with the CG the tradition and pride in the unit from it's history and anything else we can get our hands on. If you have any information or ideas that may be helpful please contact me at the given e-mail address by NLT 231600Jul04. Thank you.
v/r Cadet Dee Dee Rich

Date: 23 Jul 04
Rank: SGT
Name: Gary McKee
Call Sign: 
Unit: 57th Med Det and 542 Med
Time Frame: 1998-2001
E-mail: mckeemurray5@wmconnect.com
Message:I am actually looking for a crewchief that is in a couple photos, SPC Dienhart. I was stationed at Fort Bragg with him in 2000.  I just wanted to see if he is doing okay, and made it back from Iraq okay. Thank you.

Date: 21 Jul 04
Rank: Then CW2
Name: Ron Blagg
Call Sign: Medevac 18
Unit: 15th Med Bn (1st Cav. Medevac)
Time Frame: 1969
E-mail: rblagg@allcapcorp.com
Message:Just surfed in.

Date: 17 Jul 04
Rank: WO
Name: Johnnie D. Wooley
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 69
Unit: 498th Med.
Time Frame: 1966
E-mail: johnnie.wooley@web.de
Message:I was with the 498th in Qui Nhon and Na Thrang from Feb.66 till Feb. 67. and would love to have any contact with old Buddies from those times. If possible contact me at my E-mail address.

Date: 8 Jul 04
Rank: CW2
Name: Michael W. Rinehart
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 37
Unit: 83rd DUSTOFF
Time Frame: June 68-69
E-mail: rineham@doacs.state.fl.us
Message:We of the 283rd DUSTOFF are looking for other former members who served at ANYTIME with the unit in Vietnam. We're putting together a mini-reunion, that we hope will be huge, of all members, regardless of rank, service, time served, even if you were someone who knew us, lived on our compound, or were with the Evac hospitals we hauled to, or flew us, we'd welcome you. You're almost guaranteed to meet someone you knew/know because we already have folks listed who served from 1966 to 1971.

Please let me hear from you. All we need is your name, rank then, how served, dates served, e-mail address, home address and phone numbers (home and business). We'll share what information we have already gathered with you. This is not going to be shared with ANYONE. It's purely an effort to gather those of us who remain to honor those we left behind.

Mike Rinehart
283rd DUSTOFF Pleiku/Dak To/Kontum/Dak Pek/Mang Yang/Bmt DUSTOFF 37

Date: 6 Jul 04
Rank: SP4 then
Name: Mike FLASH Lowry
Call Sign: 
Unit: 247th Med Det
Time Frame: Jul-71-Jul 72
E-mail: risa@gtcom.net
Message: Vietnam crewchief in 71-72, "best bartender in company". Flew with Perz, Jones, LT Crank (motor pool). Where are all you guys, B Richey, Martinez, John Martin, etc.? It's been too long to name a few! Remember our dog "Roach" and our bubble gum chewing pig?

Date: 3 Jul 04
Rank: SP4
Name: Leroy Vigil
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 177
Unit: 82nd Medical Detachment
Time Frame: 1981-85
Message:No message received

Date: 1 Jul 04
Rank: SSG/CW3
Name: Kevin Jordan
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 33
Unit: 45th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame: 87-94 99-current
E-mail: kevin.w.jordan@us.army.mil
Message: I currently fly with the 45th Medical Company (AA) in IRAQ. I started my career in DUSTOFF in 87, and really enjoyed the mission, I feel that flying this mission is the best in the Army. I applied for flight school prior to departing the 45h in 94, and was picked up, and after a short assignment to Redstone Arsenal AL, I requested to fly Medevac and was granted and was assigned in 99, and have been here ever since and currently will retire from this unit. Flying DUSTOFF was, is, and will be the best decision I have ever made of my career. I will tell anyone if they want a really fullfilling career, Fly Medevac.

Date: 28 Jun 04
Rank: E-6/E-7
Name: Pedro Gonzalez
Call Sign: 
Unit: 327 Medical Det.
Time Frame: 1970/71
E-mail: gonzalez3674@aol.com
Message: I also flew with 571st Medical Det. (Phu Bai-DUSTOFF) .

Date: 24 Jun 04
Rank: LTC (now) CPT (then)
Name: John Kelly
Call Sign: 
Unit: 498th Med Co (3rd Plt)
Time Frame: 1983-1986
E-mail: pokerplayer@prodigy.net
Message: Served as the Ops and Maintenance Officer at Ft. Stewart, GA. (24th ID). Presently a mobilized reservist serving at Ft. Detrick, MD.

Date: 22 Jun 04
Rank: E5
Name: David M. Cooper
Call Sign: 
Unit: 15th Med Bn, Air Ambulance Plt, 1st Cav
Time Frame: 1970-71
E-mail: dcooper533@aol.com
Message: I flew with Medevac 15th, Med 1st Cav. I was a medic but when I came into Medevac there was a shortage of gunners and the Plt. Sgt. asked me if I would fly as a door gunner for a while.  I flew as a door gunner for a few months and then took over a medic’s slot. I flew out of Phouc Vinh, Song Be, LZ Mace, Tay Ninh mostly.

The crewmembers I remember flying with the most are: Ron Huether, John Goldsmith, Randy Burkhart, (Festus) Jim Victor, (Doc Nose) Ken Flowers, (Fergie) Jim Ferguson, Pa Pa Son, Okie, Mr. Elliott, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Morris.  There are others that I don’t recall today.

A great bunch of guys who would risk it all "so that others may live". I remember on many occasions called out on hot Medevacs and the pilot would ask the crew if anyone objected in going in and giving it a try. It was always 100% lets go! We got shot up a lot but we made a lot of Medevacs.

Date: 21 Jun 04
Rank: MAJ
Name: Ed O'Neal
Call Sign: Flatiron 55, DUSTOFF 6
Unit: Flatiron, 283rd Med Det (Alaska)
Time Frame: Flatiron 87-90, 283rd 90-92
E-mail: edoneal@aol.com
Message: Want to reconnect with Flatiron aviators and crewmembers late 80's, early 90's. Also want to reconnect with anyone who served with the 283rd Med Det (RA) in Alaska from 1990-1992. I'm also looking for photographs of aircraft from either unit. In particular, I'd like to see if anyone has pictures of 283rd Hueys flying with Denali in the background. Mike Deets? John Ludwig? Jeff Haun?

Date: 18 Jun 04
Rank: E-5
Name: Henry Adams (Hank)
Call Sign: 
Unit: 571st Med Det
Time Frame: 5-68- 7-69
Message: No message received.

Date: 14 Jun 04
Rank: SP5
Name: Dean W. Charron
Call Sign: 
Unit: 1059th Med Det
Time Frame: 1978-1981
E-mail: dean.charron@comcast.net
Message: Flight medic.

Date: 13 Jun 04
Rank: CW4 Retired
Name: Kevin Tendall
Call Sign: 
Unit: 2d Plt 498th
Time Frame: 1983-1986
E-mail: ktendall@comcast.net
Message: I am looking for any of the old crew that were stationed at Ft Benning with me. CPT Sue Jones, CPT Warlaw, CPT L Hughes, CPT Garnett-Dale, CPT Scott, CPT Garry Adkins, MAJ Tommy Mayes. By the way, Howard Elliott is living in Agusta Georgia. Please give me a call via e-mail.

Date: 9 Jun 04
Rank: CW2
Name: Perez, David l.
Call Sign: 
Unit: 247th Med. Det.
Time Frame: Dec '71 to Dec '72
E-mail: DavidPerez13@comcast.com
Message: Flew with the 247th Med. as both mission pilot and maintenance officer.

Date: 4 Jun 04
Rank: SSG (Ret)
Name: David Humphrey
Call Sign: "The Chef" / Deal'n Dave
Unit: 421st / 377th
Time Frame: 82-86 / 92-93
E-mail: humphreyde@hotmail.com
Message: I was with the 421st stationed at Nelligen Barracks (82-86) and the 377th Med at K-16, Korea from 92-93. With the 421st I served in the AVUM and 1st Flt Plt's (Crewchief). I was with this unit during the initial transition from the UH-1V to the UH-60As. I was part of the team that installed every carousel in the Hawks. I was also part of the team that replaced every main rotor spindle in all of our UH-60s in '85. LTC Knisley, Commanding. With the 377th, I was the Quality Control Inspector and also The Flight Platoon Sergeant (Crewchiefs) on K-16, MAJ Moore, Commanding.

Date: 4 Jun 04
Rank: SGT
Name: David Humphrey
Call Sign: The Chef
Unit: 421st Med
Time Frame: 1982-1986
E-mail: humphreyde@hotmail.com
Message: I was assigned to the AVUM and 1st Flt Plt's. I was stationed at Nelligen Barracks. While assigned I saw the unit transition from the UH-1Vs to the UH-60As. I was a member of the carousel installment team as well as on CW4 Bobby Scott's paint squad. Flew missions as a crewchief for 2 years of my assignment, LTC Knisley, Commanding. I remember all the Geiger Counters and lock down the week Cernobal burnt to the ground.

Date: 2 Jun 04
Rank: SP5
Name: Ken Sippel
Call Sign: 
Unit: 247th Med Detachment
Time Frame: 1973-198
E-mail: ksippel@arsc.uscg.mil
Message: No message received.

Date: 2 Jun 04
Rank: SFC
Name: Jim Calibro
Call Sign: Medevac 1st Cav.
Time Frame: 67-68
E-mail: jimcc4@aol.com
Message: Medevac gunner 1st Cav. Met a few of the DUSTOFF guys at our last reunion in Portland. Your mission basically was the same as ours, and that was to save lives. Great job done by all. Thanks

Date: 1 Jun 04
Rank: E-5
Name: Joseph Klass
Call Sign: 
Unit: 101st, 326th Med Co
Time Frame: Jan 71 - Jul 72
Message: None received.

Date: 1 Jun 04
Rank: CW3
Name: Keith Junas
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 22
Unit: 326 Med Bn, 101st Airborne
Time Frame: 1977-1981
E-mail: kjmobile@comcast.net
Message: I was first with the 507th Med Co. at Ft. Sam Houston in 1972 to 1973 as a crewchief then went to flight school. After flight school I went to the AMEDD Course in 1974. After returning from Germany, I was assigned to ? Med Co. Air Ambulance at Ft. Campbell KY from 1977 to 1981.

Date: 1 Jun 04
Rank: SP4
Name: Doug Wilson
Call Sign: 
Unit: Eagle DUSTOFF Vietnam
Time Frame: Sep70-Apr71
E-mail: junglecruise@surfbest.net
Message: I am hoping to see some of my friends from 50th Med Det and 326 Med Bn Camp Eagle Vietnam at the 101st Abn reunion in Hampton, Virginia this September. Doug Wilson C/E

Date:12 Jan 04
Name:Andy Garland
Call Sign: 
Unit:D Co. 326 Med (EAGLE DUSTOFF)
Time Frame:81-84 AND 85-87
Message:Used to fly with Cliff McGee (aka Santa Claus on IFE checkrides) Johnny Smith, Kevin Buckrucker, Hugh Stouffer and many more. Remember the Red Carpet???? Many fond memories of Ft McCoy. No matter how tired we got, when the bell went off adrenaline took over and everything went into automatic overdrive. Absolutely the best time of my life.

Date:10 Jan 04
Name:John L Babicz
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 20
Unit:2/421st Medical Company (Air Ambulance)
Time Frame:1983 to 1986
Message:Assigned to Schweinfurt Medevac in West Germany, before the "Wall" came down. Bill Yancey, Doug Roller, Marty Martinez, Fred Kirby, Analou Eisner were some of the other Medevac pilots I flew with. We assisted in the placement of injured US Marines that were injured in the Beirut Barracks explosion among different medical facilities in Germany.

Date:9 Jan 04
Name:Dennis Davis
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 81, 71, 1
Unit:82d and 57th Med Det, 45 Med Co
Time Frame:Dec 66-67 & May 69-70
Message:I flew for the 82d Med Det (HA) (DUSTOFF 81)in 1967, (at which time I held the record for pulling out 18 Americans plus the 4 crewmembers in a UH-1D). I flew for the 57th Med Det (HA) (DUSTOFF 71) from May 69 until April 1, 70 (last member of the unit to leave Lai Khe, RVN, when it was disbanded). I flew for the 45th Med Co (DUSTOFF 1) from April until May, when I DEROSed.

Date:7 Jan 04
Rank:SP4 (SFC) RET
Name:Jack Blundell
Call Sign: 
Unit:82nd Med Det (HA)
Time Frame:1964-1965
Message:I was in the 82nd with JT SPRUILL in 64 & 65. Would like to hear from him.

Date:3 Jan 04
Name:Gary Harris
Call Sign: 
Unit:247th Med Det
Time Frame:'79 -early '82
Message:I was with the 247th at Ft. Irwin when the base first opened up. The unit was commanded by MAJ Pete Dorland. For those of us that were there, can we ever forget Gallant Eagle '82? I know I can't. WO1 Thompson and I flew 4.8 hours with 21 landings, transporting 12, out of only God knows how many hurt paratroopers, on that 29th day of March. Only those of us who were there know the full story. The only good thing about that day was routing the flight pattern from the drop zone to the 93rd EVAC directly over the Commanding General's quarters.

Date:3 Jan 04
Rank:CW4 RET.
Name:Wayne Baenziger
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 107
Unit:254th. Med. Det. .93rd. Evac.
Time Frame:1965-1966
Message:Hoping some of you are still out there. Thinking of all the fine fellows I served with and hoping life has been good to all you since those war years.