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Jan-Jul 03 Guestbook Entries

Date:30 Jul 03
Name:Nils Primgaard
Call Sign:Stixx
Unit:82nd Medical Detatchment
Time Frame:1981-1996
E-mail: primstix@netscape.net
Message:I flew first with the 82 Medical Detachment out of Ft Riley, KS from 1981 to 1983. At the time it was a MAST unit. Don't know if it still is. From there I went to South Korea for 2 years with 377th Medical Co; 1983 to 1985. Then a short stint with 55th Anv. Co {Dragon Flight}. After I returned to CONUS, I settled in to the 343rd Medical Det USAR at Hamilton Field, CA - 1985 to 1994. The 343 was deployed to Desert Shield in late 1990 and saw it all the way through the ground offensive in 1991 till we re-deployed back in April 1991 to Hamilton Field, Novato, CA. The unit was later de-activated in 1996. Our unit, as I was told, was the first Huey unit on Saudi soil. As far as I am concerned, Desert Storm 1 was not a war that was won. It as more of a live fire "exercise" for the most recent war back in March 20th 2003. Because the "U.N. security council" back in 90-91 was as dysfunctional as they are today. Praise G.W. for the cahones to tell them where to go!!!. God Bless America!.

Date:27 Jul 03
Name:Karl E. Neff
Call Sign:Gpabighair
Unit:82 Med. Det
Time Frame:1970
Message:I flew as a PP because then I had the feeling of helping. The unit didn't have a slot for my MOS. I would go again if I wasn't too old. God bless to all and WELCOME HOME!

Date:27 Jul 03
Call Sign:Caped Mofo
Unit:S.F. Roger Cogger 4141
Time Frame:1968
Message:You guys did one hell of a job when you lifted me out of FOB4. I know the pucker factor was at least 12+ . Thanks but do not know the unit. All I remember was whop, whop, whop. God bless you all.

Date:17 Jul 03
Name:Paul W. Ferguson
Call Sign:  
Unit:498th Med. Co.
Time Frame:Aug.69-Sept.70
E-mail: usaret@videotron.ca
Message:Just a word to say hello to all former members of the 498th DUSTOFF. Secondly, add my name for support of all former medics and CEs to retroactively receive the CMB for their extraordinary efforts in providing our sick and wounded with exemplary medical care.

A former medic, Paul W. Ferguson

Date:17 Jul 03
Name:George Cherry
Call Sign:  
Unit:498th Medical Company
Time Frame:Jan 28 1967 - Jan. 20 1968
E-mail: gec647@yahoo.com
Message:I didn't win the war but was a good part of it. I was trying to find out if there's anyone who was in the 498th and had one of the Company hats that was maroon in color and had 498th DUSTOFF around a flight wing. I lost mine and need a replacement. I flew as a door gunner and was located in Nha Trang, Pleiku, Quin Non and finally at ROK Valley outside of Quin Non HELP OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date:15 Jul 03
Name:Brian Prahl
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 23/Cowboy DUSTOFF
Unit:45th Med Co/1022nd Med Co
Time Frame:4/70-4/71 and 3/03-7/03
E-mail: dstoff23@aol.com
Message:Back home at last after 3.5 months active duty. It's great to be back in the real world...Bozeman, MT..."the last best place."

Date:13 Jul 03
Name:Carmen Ciampa - Champ
Call Sign:  
Unit:159th Med. Det.
Time Frame:7-68 TO 4-69
E-mail: VIETMAN159@aol.com
Message:I was a crewchief with the 159th Med. Det. (DUSTOFF) at Cu Chi, Tay Ninh, Dau Tieng, Kotum, French Fort, Hobo Woods, Michelin rubber plantation, Trang Bang, Nui Ba Dien to name a few places. I'm looking for Larry Grant from Newport News, VA. He to was a crewchief with the 159th. I am also looking for anyone who served in the 159th in Nam. Please contact me if you have any info no matter how small. I need to find these guys so we can have some closure. Thank you. Champ

Date:6 Jul 03
Rank:SSG (Ret.)
Name:William Moyano-Mojica
Call Sign:  
Unit:237th Medical Detachment (AA)
Time Frame:1982-1990
E-mail: willlimo@yahoo.com
Message:Wow!! It's been a long time. Where do I begin!...The 237th Med was my first, of three Medevac assignments in the 20 years I've spent in the Army. There are so many wonderful stories and moments full of tension and excitement that I cherish the espirit de corps that our unit had. The MAST mission over the most beautiful coast of California...the moments relaxing on a hot, sunny day by the pool in Ft. Hunter-Liggett then to rush to the van and to the aircraft for a vehicle roll over at range road. SPC Pulleali's mission there that earned her the soldier's medal made me proud to be her NCO. I must tell you, though, that I do have the copy of the "As the Rotor Wash" which was the journal of the crews on Hunter-Ligget from '82-86. Wonderful stories. Would love to have this copy be properly prepared for other people to enjoy the humor and the true stories of TDY at Ligget. God Bless you all.

Date:5 Jul 03
Name:Chares E. Davis
Call Sign:'Crazy Dave'
Unit:57th Medical Detachment (H.A.)
Time Frame:September 1969-September 1970
E-mail: 12cd12@gnbronline.com
Message:No message received.

Date:24 Jun 03
Name:Dan Chavre
Call Sign:  
Unit:57th Medical Detachment HA "The Originals"
Time Frame:1967-69
E-mail: c46pilot@gte.net
Message:What I would really like to ask is if anyone knows of any members of the 57th Medical Detachment from the 1967-69 time frame? We would like to get in touch with them. We are in the early stages of planning a reunion and we are just a few folks short. Please contact me and we will add you to the list.

Now, as to how we won the war. If the politicians had stayed out of it we had it won by the end on 1968. Just how many American boys could still be here reading my note had we done it right.

Date:24 Jun 03
Name:Dan Duffey
Call Sign:  
Unit:USAF Security Police
Time Frame:9/72-2/76
E-mail: Abbireen@hotmail.com
Message:Hello DUSTOFF,

Greetings from Dayton, Ohio! Wow, what a Web site; I just happen to stumble on this. When I was in the service, (USAF) I was in a couple of different job specialties. I was not a medic, but I have great respect for them. I am looking for some information, however. I have a hobby; I collect aeromedical lapel pins. I have one of the largest such collections in the state of Ohio. I have pins from every state that has aeromedical programs, and several from various countries around the world. The program, here in Dayton, is called "CareFlight". They operate out of Miami Valley Hospital, which is this area's level 1 trauma center. They use two Dauphine choppers, and a BK-117 as a back up. I don't, however, have any pins from any of our military medical folks. I would love be able to display military pins in my collection. If anyone, out there, knows where I might be able to get them, I would sure appreciate the info. Thanks a bunch folks, and God bless you all for what you do, or did.

Date:24 Jun 03
Call Sign:  
Unit:254th Med Det (HA) Long Binh
Time Frame:1966-1967
E-mail: chief77389@hotmail.com
Message:Flew with LTC James Fisher, CWO Donald Hanson, medic Karl Dankworth, flew DUSTOFF support for 173rd, Big Red One, Black Horse, Aussies, Tiger Division, 199th Light Inf. Americal Div and ARVN units. As crewchief I preformed one of the first hoist missions in Vietnam.

Date:24 Jun 03
Name:Joseph A. Gwizdak
Call Sign:  
Unit:HHC, 3rd BDE, 101ST ABN DIV
Time Frame:1968-1970
E-mail: gwizdakja@navair.navy.mil
Message:Hello, I just came across your Web site and I saw an interesting article in your Nov 96 newsletter. I was the crewchief on OH-6A 67-16254 and was on 30 days leave when she served as a DUSTOFF bird. I never did find out what happened to "my" ship. Is there any way that I can get a copy of your article? Thanks Joe Gwizdak

Date:7 Jun 03
Name:Jim Miller
Call Sign:  
Unit:254th DUSTOFF Medic
Time Frame:1970
E-mail: JDFM@EarthLink.Net
Message:No message received.

Date:5 Jun 03
Name:Terry Churchill
Call Sign:Eagle 16
Unit:1022nd Med Air Amb
Time Frame:Aeroscout, Ft. Riley, Kansas 82-87
1133 Med Co Montgomery, Al. 87-89
1022 Med Helena, Mt 89-Present
E-mail: terrychurchill@hotmail.com
Message:Flew lead ship in the memorial service fly-over for our brothers who lost their lives in Iraq with the wire strike. Flying EMS civilian with Benefis Hospital in Great Falls, Montana. Currently deployed on active duty for Noble Eagle in Ft. Carson, Co.

Date:5 Jun 03
Rank:SP5 (Now MAJ Ret)
Name:John H Gerken
Call Sign:  
Unit:57th Med Det (HA) Originals
Time Frame:68-69
E-mail: John_Gerken@beareospace.com
Message:Currently a DUSTOFF Association Life Member. Crewchief- acft 66-16584

Date:2 Jun 03
Name:David Adams, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:  
E-mail: adamsdav@mail.armstrong.edu
Message:Dear Officers and Men of the Medevacs:

I am writing on behalf of myself (an epidemiologist and historian) who has long had an interest in the work of the medevac units in Vietnam. I would be honored to interview any Medevac crewmen of the Vietnam era--confidentially, if he should wish. I would be pleased to send a tape with return postage for their first-hand comments on their experiences.

With greatest respect,

David P. Adams, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Date:1 Jun 03
Name:Bob Gbur (GRUB)
Call Sign:  
Unit:254 Med Det.
Time Frame:70-71
E-mail: tailwind@mtn-state.com
Message:No message received.

Date:28 May 03
Name:Keith Lindstrand
Call Sign:Single Parent
Unit:67th Med Grp - Med Regulating Ops
Time Frame:1970-71
E-mail: klind5511@msn.com
Message:I was in the MRO unit at Camp Baxter/LZ Walt, in Da Nang (across from MAG 16). We were a communications center for the radio triaging of Army DUSTOFF & Marine Medevac casualties, with disposition to available medical resources in Da Nang...95th Evac, 1st Med, USS Sanctuary, Duy Tan (everyone's favorite). I was especially soft on the DUSTOFF requests to take ARVN patients to the 95th due to "hostile ground fire coming up from around the hospital". At one point just prior to Lam Son 719 I had my "Go Bag" packed for assignment to Khe San to serve as a field medical regulator. Thank God wisdom prevailed (to some extent), and the commitment of large U.S. troops, previously planned to go into Laos, didn't happen. The 67th Med Group Headquarters was very much involved with planning for the medical support of the action. I do recall that a Hawaiian crewchief on one of the DUSTOFFs, assigned to the 61st Med Battalion/67th Med Grp, was stranded on a firebase in Laos for 2-3 days and played a big part in coordinating air strikes. I remember seeing him in the back of a jeep coming into Camp Baxter after being rescued. I was proud to have worked with the DUSTOFF Operations, and admire what you guys did in bringing the casualties back. KDL

Date:27 May 03
Name:Nelson E. Luce
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 46
Unit:4th Platoon, 45th Medical Company
Time Frame:67-68
E-mail: neluce@aol.com
Message:Searching for Thomas "Clyde" Murphy. He was my co-pilot the night of 18, March 1968 during the Tet Offensive. Rich Cunnare, one of my crewchiefs met up with "Clyde" in 1982 but no contact since.

Date:23 May 03
Name:David Hap Hodin
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 89
Unit:68th Med Det
Time Frame:Apr 70-Apr 71
E-mail: TheHappyCampers1@msn.com
Message:Looking for fellow pilots. Didn't win any war but did fly in Laos when other pilots refused to fly. I completed main mission, came home alive, and safe to family and friends. Best friend Terry Handley being honored by 68th Med in Hawaii. I flew at Kam Duc and in Laos during Nixon's last big withdrawal. Thanks to the crewchiefs and medics who did such a great job under the worst conditions.

Date:23 May 03
Name:Joe Harris
Call Sign:  
Unit:237th Med Det
Time Frame:1975-76
E-mail: dustoffmedicii@cs.com
Message:Tail-end of WW-V.No one in California liked anyone in a uniform. MAST was as much military P-R, but we got to fly some good missions and help some civilians that were in a world of hurt. Best job I EVER had. When the horn blew we didn't ask if they were wearing O.D. or tie-died. Took ground fire over someone's pot field once. They obviously found something worth fighting for. Great pilots; insane (good way) crewchief. Felt like we were doing something. Vietnam sucked a lot out of the whole country, and maybe MAST helped. It helped me by just being a part of it. PCSed to Germany, 501st Combat Aviation BN for a year; got out; and have wished ever since I could get back to FT Ord & Hunter Leggett days. (Your dy-in we're flyin)

Date:23 May 03
Name:Lee T. Smith
Call Sign:  
Unit:159th Med, 283rd Med, Flatiron
Time Frame:1975-1993
E-mail: LeeSmith1486@Yahoo.com
Message:Started my flying career with the 283rd at Fort Bliss, TX. Spent 4 years flying at the Aeromedical Center to include Flatiron and OIC of the hyperbaric chamber. Flew a lot with USAARL. Commanded the 159th Medical Detachment in Germany.

Date:21 May 03
Name:Peter G. Kelley
Call Sign:  
Unit:6th Trans. Lt. Helicopter Co.
Time Frame:9/1961to 11/1962
Message:Was Mechanic H-21s occasionally filled in as crew when short handed which was most of the time. Was there when CWO Humphreys and CPT Offlahaven crashed. It's as if the company never existed. Met several of guys in our support unit at Stockton Army Depot in 63, we were delivering 3 Birddogs from Ft. Monmouth, Monmouth County Airport to Stockton Army Depot. Found them having blowout party in Rec. Room there. They were to ship to Vietnam next morning; the same place the birddogs were headed. One of the guys was Peavy. The wife he had married, against Army's directives, was still in Korea, didn't know what he was gonna do to hook up with her again. Like to get some info on what happened to 6th Trans Lt. Helicopter and any of the guys. Peter G. Kelley, 2813 S. 2nd St., Ft. Pierce, FL 34981

Date:15 May 03
Name:Ronald Phillip Short
Call Sign:"Doc"
Unit:A. Co. 5/159 Aviation Regiment
Time Frame:Gulf War 1991
E-mail: RJShort22@cs.com
Message:For my exceptionally meritorious achievement during combat operations against a hostile force while serving as a crewmember (flight-medic) I was awarded the Air Medal. It is by far my most favorite award / decoration, even more so than my Expert Field Medical Badge. I want to salute everyone that has flown in the past, is flying currently, or will fly in the future for protecting this great nation we call home. In addition, a big thank you and hello goes out to my final duty station and Kentucky home hero's of the 101st Airborne Air Assault. In closing, God Bless America and Rangers lead the way!!!

Date:10 May 03
Name:Ken (Auggie) Aungs
Call Sign:  
Unit:57th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1959-1963
E-mail: Aungstke@yahoo.com
Message:Crewchief for John Temperelli, Don Naylor, Tom Jackson, Wild Bill Ballanger, Paul Bloomquest and more. 55 gal drum and 12gpm pump for aux fuel and lots C rations in rusty cans, (20yrs old). It was good training for my next two tours. 57th AHC, Kontum 67-68 and 330th Trans Co 70-71. SP5 Jim Szilagi and I had the 57th patch made at Ft. Meade MD. We were the Original DUSTOFF.

Date:24 Apr 03
Name:Hank D. Guthre
Call Sign:Medic of DUSTOFF 82,82 84 and 80
Unit:82 Med Det, Soc Trang
Time Frame:Jan 67 to Feb 68
E-mail: guthre@earthlink.net
Message:I flew with the 82d as a medic. I flew several combat missions over the U-Minh Forest with 1/Lt Jerry Roe, and Lt. Charlie Brown. I will always remember him as a fine officer and friend. There are but a paucity of days where thoughts of where he might be, do not cross my mind. As I write, I remember many of those with whom I flew and wonder if any of them are still around. When I returned from Soc Trang in 1968 I got out and became a police officer. Thus I lost touch; They are as follows: WO Dennis Davis [later CPT] - CPT Nichols - CPTGwinn - LT Brown - LT Harvey Heuter - MAJ Mcbride - WO Robbins - WO Baker - WO Lee Thornton - SSG Skaggs - PFC Joe Booth - PFC Robinson - SP5 Hook - SP5 Loren Kelly - SFC Chultz [1SG]. We lost several guys while I was there and quite a few the year after I left. May Ray Delgado and Michael Kelly rest forever in peace - H. Dave Guthre, 239 Edgewood Terrace, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 32459

Date:21 Apr 03
Name:Andrew Lovy, D.O.
Call Sign:  
Unit:3/506 101 ABN
Time Frame:1967-1968
E-mail: src1935@juno.com
Message:Great site. By the way, am I eligible to join? I was not assigned to DUSTOFF, but was the Battalion Surgeon of the 3/506 in 1967 and 1968, and as such flew over 50 missions with medevac units taking our wounded out of the battlefield to various medical facilities. My impression then was that the medevac pilots were the most skillful and bravest people on earth. They would take me in under heavy enemy fire, remain steady until the troops were on board, hover until I got my IV's started, bleeders under control, etc. and then take off. I am certain there were times when there was about 2 inches from the rotor blades to the trees, but they gave me a steady medical platform. Hats off to all of you. You men and women are more responsible for the lower rate of deaths than any other single factor. Would love to get a ride in the 12 million dollar medevac chopper out there now.

Date:21 Apr 03
Name:Brian Prahl
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 23
Unit:45th Med (then) 1022nd Med (now)
Time Frame:4/70-4/71(then) 3/03-?(now)
E-mail: dstoff23@aol.com
Message:Happy Easter to all from Ft. Carson, CO. I was activated on 3/22/03, but hope to make it to the 45th's reunion in Atlanta in June. Regards to all.

Date:17 Apr 03
Name:Sarah Rotheisler
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:  
E-mail: chickie_3sarie@hotmail.com
Message:Hello Egor! this is you great great neice Sarah!

Date:16 Apr 03
Name:Fitz Lee Kreutz
Call Sign:  
Unit:3/498 Med. Co.
Time Frame:1988-1992
E-mail: lee_kreutz@yahoo.com
Message:No message received.

Date:8 Apr 03
Name:Gordy Burr
Call Sign:  
Unit:498th Med Co
Time Frame:March 70-71
E-mail: gb54441@iwon.com
Message:We are having a mini reunion for the 498th in Oshkosh, WI. July 11,12, 13th. If you want info drop me a line. Last time there were about 15 guys there.

Date:2 Apr 03
Name:Joel Baylor
Call Sign:  
Unit:USAMEDDAC - YPG Arizona
Time Frame:1993-1995
E-mail: joel.baylor@us.army.mil
Message:Flew mostly in support of VIP (Golden Nights) and visitors at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona on UH-1 from 1993-1995.

Date:1 Apr 03
Name:Chet Crump
Call Sign:  
Unit:45th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:1969-1970
E-mail: ccrn1993@sbcglobal.net
Message:Assigned as SSG Plt Sgt, 1st Plt Medic. Flew with everybody I could. 1SG did not like for me to fly, wanted to make me smart I guess. He failed. Logged enough hours for 13 Air Medals of which 2 have V device. Also flew with 247th in Dong Tam and Phan Rang.

Just wanted to let those Viet Nam vets of the DUSTOFF units in 3 and 4 Corps, we are having a reunion this year in June. If you want more info send me an e-mail or call me. Kershaw we are looking for you. Sal Vargus we are looking for you also. Ray Alvarez we are looking for you also. E-mail ccrn1993@sbcglobal.net home phone 210-650-9380. Peace to all my brothers, Chet

Date:26 Mar 03
Name:Alan Elliott
Call Sign:  
Unit:45th AA and 551st TC
Time Frame:1970-71
E-mail: elliott@13floornetwork.com
Message:Looking to hear from those in the 45th AA in 1970-71. I was in the maintenance division (67N20) that was responsible for keeping the birds in the air. I also flew PP when I was not on the flight line. I started with the 551st TC which combined with the 45th AA. When the 45th de-activated and came home I came back with it in '71'. If anyone knows of any other Web sites about the 45th please let me know. I have quite a few photos of the 45th that I can share.

Date:23 Mar 03
Name:Larry Chamberlain
Call Sign:Shammer6
Unit:498th Med Co - 237th Med Det
Time Frame:Sep70 - Apr 72
E-mail: lmchamberlain@earthlink.net
Message:I just thought I'd post my name on the Board. I was a medic with the 498th. My first crewchief was "Gentle Ben" Harbour. I got my "call sign" from CW2 George Knight. Was transferred to DMZ DUSTOFF before the 498th went home and then my unit was assigned to take over the 498th AO. I stayed until the Easter Offensive in 1972. Had a great time, met greater people, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


Date:23 Mar 03
Name:Michael G. O'Brien
Call Sign:  
Unit:45th Med. Co. (A.A.)
Time Frame:28 Oct 69 to 12 Oct 70
E-mail: mgopilot@aaahawk.com
Message:Flew combat missions for the 45th DUSTOFF supporting all units in southern half of RVN Nov 69-Jun 70 as crewchief of "Quicksilver" and "Quicksilver 2". Air Medal with "V" for valor and 7 Oak Leaf Clusters. I flew about 35 real hot hoist missions and numerous other ones. I did not like them at all. I didn't like being unarmed and a sitting duck. I did my job and was willing to give my life in an effort to save others. I thank God every day that I am still alive. I'm proud to have helped so many. Glad to find out about this Web site. I still have a little ache in my heart for the Huey.

Date:22 Mar 03
Name:Jesse Willcox
Call Sign:  
Unit:159th Med. Det.
Time Frame:Mar 68 - Oct 68
E-mail: willcoxj@bellsouth.net
Message:Only did my part and hope it helped. Remember many nights sitting in the bunker with SFC ?(maint. type) watching "Combat" on TV and listening to mortars land on Cu Chi or trying to sleep in those hot conexs while waiting for the all clear, or being scared shitless while pulling duty in the Orderly Room and waiting out a rocket attack. Wally Moone and Marty Frable stand out and Baker and Jimmy Moore, was it Pastercheli? Then there was CWOs Mike Baker and Jim Ellsworth. The First Shirt and the OINC never understood me but I think I grew up some and I apologize. I later had guys like I was assigned to me. Now here we are doing it all again, Iraq, I mean. Will we ever learn. Hello to all who read this and feel free to e-mail me.

Date:22 Mar 03
Name:Jesse Willcox
Call Sign:  
Unit:57th Med. Det.
Time Frame:Oct 67 - Mar 68
E-mail: willcoxj@bellsouth.net
Message:I agree with the man that said, "I just made it home in one piece." I only tried to do my part and hope it helped others make it back as well. Where were you when the ammo dump went up? Would like to contact some others that were there when I was. My ex. got all the pictures I had and would like to get a couple to put in my book for the grandkids. There was Bill Aslin and Dave Alderson, better known as the "Cooth Control Officers," and Weasel and Wilson and the old supply SFC that told me to "Use Right Guard to get rid of the Crabs!" and many others that are lost in the cobwebs of time.

Date:22 Mar 03
Name:Bill Feeney
Call Sign:  
Unit:HQ&SPT Co. 326th MED BN. AA Plt.
Time Frame:70
E-mail: barnaclebill69@hotmail.com
Message:I found this site a couple months back, sent a check for membership but have not heard back yet. This site brings back some memories that have been long time buried. I recognize some names. Tom Murphy was our boss. I was 18, fresh out of Fort Sam and had come from Germany after 4 months as a an ambulance driver. So naturally I had experience when I checked in to Phu Bai personnel. I was trained by a super guy named Gary Runge. He and Murph set the standards. We worked hard and played hard. 123 up in the hangar, beers at 85th Evac round eyes! Landing on the hospital ship, spending the night at the 95thevac. I remember some great people. I retired in 89 living in FL. If any one's out this way give me a buzz on the internet. -ASSURGAM !

Date:20 Mar 03
Rank:Phil Reed
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:  
E-mail: preed@agapetel.com
Message:Lew Trask is my cousin. He was on DUSTOFF 43. I would like to know if anyone knew him. He grew up with me in Las Vegas.

Date:16 Mar 03
Name:Larry Bocksnick
Call Sign:  
Unit:57th DUSTOFF (The Originals) (Crew Chief) 
Time Frame:68-70 Vietnam
E-mail: lebvette@aol.com
Message:Flew with the 57th during most of my two tours of duty. Flew out of Lai Kai and later Bein Tuey, along with the 82nd. The 57th was a great unit to fly with. If I hadn't been assigned to them my outlook of the war would have been different. Would like to hear from some of my buddies. Thanks

Date:16 Mar 03
Name:Steve Rosco
Call Sign:  
Unit:82nd Med Det (Delta DUSTOFF)
Time Frame:May70 - May 71
E-mail: steve.rosco@us.army.mil
Message:No message received.

Date:14 Mar 03
Name:Steve Decouto
Call Sign:  
Unit:229th Med Det
Time Frame:86-87
E-mail: sdecouto@yahoo.com
Message:Looking for 229th personnel from around 86-87, go to www.229th.20m.com .

Date:13 Mar 03
Rank:SFC (RET)  
Name:John Goodwin
Call Sign:  
Unit:507th Med (AA)
Time Frame:84-89 and 92-94
E-mail: jjgoodwin3@hotmail.com
Message:No message received.

Date:12 Mar 03
Name:Larry Rafiner
Call Sign:  
Unit:82nd Med Det (HA) Soc Trange, VN
Time Frame:Oct 1964 - Nov 1965
E-mail: lrafiner@yahoo.com
Message:How I won the war. I was a crazy 20 year old that wanted nothing more than to go to Vietnam. I was the Company Clerk of a regular medical company, with the 82nd as our detachment. I had heard they (the 82nd) was going to VN as a unit in Oct of 1964. I went out to their HQ and talked to their Company Clerk. I can't remember his name, but he was married and had a family. He did not want to go to VN. I went in the the CO's office, MAJ Capossi. I told him I would like to transfer to his unit as Co. Clerk and that his Co Clerk had a family and did not want to go. He told me that he did not want anyone in his unit that did not want to go to VN. He made the transfer for me. I lost my 21st birthday on the 15th of Oct., 1964, we were on our way to VN and it was the 14th, we crossed the 'international dateline' and it was the 16th! We landed on Okinawa, where the pilots of the jet we were on decided there was something wrong with the plane and needed three days to get a part in.

We finally arrived in Saigon. I did not know that they had that many mosquitoes in VN, and big ones! We arrived in Soc Trange the next day.

I won't bore you with all the mortar attacks, mass casualties, missions, etc. But I will tell you a few of the more humorous things that happened there. I guess I call tell this after all these years and nobody will come after me.

We had a 1SG last name Salmon. That I did not like him is putting it mildly. He drank like a fish, but the worst thing he ever did was mark things in his green (supply issued) notebook about each one of us, i.e.; Rafiner, boots not shined, no shave, uniform dirty, etc.. Now that pissed me off. One night when he stumbled to the shower, I took his green notebook. Well, I heard the next day they were having a shake-down inspection to find the notebook. I ran to supply to see SP Sutton. I told him what was going on and he gave me 20 green notebooks. We all hid them under our pillows, in our foot lockers, rafters, etc.. When the officers were going through our hut, one yelled, "I found it" and he opened it up to find it blank inside. Then someone else yelled, "I found it", and the same thing. I remember Dave Dryden could not hold back from laughing and called off the inspection. I wonder if that book is still under that sandbag in the middle of the drainage ditch outside the hut?

Then there was another 1SG (Hearn) that had a monkey, but that is another story. I won the war by trying to do everything I could and still see some of the humor while we were there.

Date:12 Mar 03
Rank:1SG RET, ( SP6)
Name:Wesley Dunn
Call Sign:  
Unit:45th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:Dec 67-Nov 68

Date:12 Mar 03
Name:Dave Ghostley
Call Sign:GhostMan/Flatiron 69
Unit:283rd Med Det/USASAM
Time Frame:86-90/90-95
E-mail: ghostley@mindspring.com
Message:I flew with too many to remember, but to name a few. . . Don Berry, Mike Deets, Bruce Bates, Brent Overton, Mike Gavrilus, Joe Hudgins, Roger Geray, Ed Dail, Gary Gary, Chris Crandall, Vinny Carnazza, Joe Hauser, Jim Oatfield, Harold Toniazzo, Barry Carlander, Dave Counard, Greg Thompson, Kenny Loggins, John Mullins, Len Bowley, John Watson. . . I'd have to check my log book to find more, but don't know where it is.

My favorite war story was back in roughly '88 when we were camped-out in Alaska when the temperature was around 60 degrees below zero. JP4 gels when temps get that low. We wrapped electric battery blankets, powered by generators, around the Huey batteries to keep the batteries warm and ensure that the birds would crank! Anyway, Mike Deets came down with an upset stomach one night. He went just out of the command tent and blew diarrhea all over the side of a tree. His work froze instantly. Needless to say, he was proud of his work. We used it as a conversation piece for the remainder of the time we spent at that position. --GOOD TIMES!!!

Date:4 Mar 03
Name:Sweet, Dennis R.
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 49
Unit:542nd Medical Evacuation Company DMZ
Time Frame:SEP 97--NOV 98
E-mail: flugmann@hotmail.com
Message:236th Med in Landstuhl, Germany; 542nd Med in Camp Page, Korea

Date:4 Mar 03
Name:Jack Fillhart
Call Sign:  
Unit:283rd & 54th
Time Frame:65-66 69-70
E-mail: mr_hunter1991@aol.com
Message:No message received.

Date:3 Mar 03
Name:John Nemeth
Call Sign:  
Unit:57th Medical Detachment
Time Frame:1964-1965
E-mail: joniy58@yahoo.com
Message:No message received.

Date:28 Feb 03
Call Sign:Wolfpack
Unit:Det 1-126th Med Co. (AA)
Time Frame:Present
E-mail: BlackhawkMedic78@aol.com
Message:No message received.

Date:27 Feb 03
Name:Eric Waters
Call Sign:Doc
Unit:542 Korea
Time Frame:00-01
E-mail: ericwaters21@hotmail.com
Message:Flew standby missions in Korea. Have been SOCOM my whole career. Now becoming a physical therapist at Fort Sam. The ceremony for the Hall of Fame was awesome. Good luck to all of you in the future. Mr. Truscot, thank you again for delivering CPT Joe Waters from the grip of death. Gatordoc out!

Date:26 Feb 03
Name:Ruben Acosta
Call Sign:TACO
Unit:571 Med Det
Time Frame:Dec. 69 to Aug.70
E-mail: bubbabetsy1@aol.com
Message:Would like to know if Roy Latherm is still alive? Been a long time since Phu Bai RV! Flew with a bunch of great people, saved a lot of lives, drank a lot of beer! Will never forget what we did to help a fellow man in the field but then again we only did our job, sometimes good! Sometimes it was like flying into hell, but then again we were angels from the sky, we could walk on water, and fly where no sane man would go! But then again we were DUSTOFF!!! God Bless those who made it back !!!!!!!

Date:23 Feb 03
Name:Beale Josph L III
Call Sign:  
Unit:377th AA Korea
Time Frame:Oct 92 - Oct 93
E-mail: sjsbeale@earthlink.net
Message:I was a 1st platoon crewchief. Spent a lot of time at Casey on standby, where we became know as "Doggy DUSTOFF" after saving 3 military working dogs on different missions in the same day.

Date:23 Feb 03
Name:Dave Richardson
Call Sign:  
Unit:54th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1971 Ft. Lewis, WA
E-mail: dave@pe.net
Message:MAJ Paul Maykuth CO, CPT William Borders Ops Officer, WO Bill Bliss IP, WO Roger Santos my main pilot, also test pilot WO Ruhl, LT Mad Dog Madden (buzzing off to your left). These are the only names I can remember.

Date:15 Feb 03
Name:Rod Dama
Call Sign:  
Unit:159th Med Det
Time Frame:Mar68-Mar69
E-mail: rdama@belvoir.army.mil
Message:No message received.

Date:15 Feb 03
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:1969
E-mail: JWGFLASH2@aol.com
Message:Thanks for the medevac on June 9th 69 in the Duc Pho area, thanks for caring for others. It sure is nice to see you men come in to hot z to get us out. Forever grateful.

Date:14 Feb 03
Name:Andrew Conrad
Call Sign:  
Unit:507th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:86-88 and 91-94
E-mail: wiskeygolf@hotmail.com
Message:No message received.

Date:7 Feb 03
Rank:SP5 (Then)
Name:Joseph "Doc" Redman
Call Sign:  
Unit:254th Med Det
Time Frame:68-69
E-mail: jredman@hot1.net
Message:Looking for a way to contact then CPT Michael Herndon!

Date:31 Jan 03
Name:Charles T. Colley
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 84
Unit:82nd Med. Det.
Time Frame:1967-68-69
E-mail: consign@bellsouth.net
Message:No message received.

Date:28 Jan 03
Rank:LT/ MAJ (Ret.)
Name:Jerry Kinsey
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 17
Unit:45th Med. Co.
Time Frame:Jul 69 - Jul 70
E-mail: jwkinsey@earthlink.net
Message:I didn't win the war, but sure hope I saved some lives!

Date:27 Jan 03
Name:Marty Martin
Call Sign:  
Unit:377th Med, 36th Med, 50th Med
Time Frame:377th, (90-91); 36th (91-93); 50th (01-03)
E-mail: AirAssault151@aol.com
Message:I served as a crewchief both in the 377th and 36th. Now, I'm a 151A and the PC Officer with the 50th here at Campbell.

Date:26 Jan 03
Name:John J. Wilson
Call Sign:varied
Unit:Pleiku Mike Force
Time Frame:1968-69
E-mail: vachief90@cox.net
Message:I didn't fly with any of these superb pilots that risked their lives to get our guys out of some precarious situations and to a hospital. These pilots were the umbilical cord of life between the field and the hospital and I, as a Green Beret, want to thank them for their unquestioned dedication to duty and unending courage. I served with the B-20 Mike force at Pleiku. I am here today because of the dedication of these pilots. I praise God that they were there at the right time with the courage to do their job and more.

John Wilson

Date:19 Jan 03
Name:Richard Bruch
Call Sign:  
Unit:421 Med Co
Time Frame:76-79
E-mail: mrrtbsr@earthlink.net
Message:No message received.

Date:14 Jan 03
Rank:CW5 Retired
Name:Bobby Scott
Call Sign:DUSTOFF Europe: Dust10
Unit:507th 76-80, 421st/45th
Time Frame:80-94
E-mail: bobbys@att.net
Message:Spent 14 years in Germany, did Saudi, maintenance test pilot/test flight evaluator. Established graphics and painted the first 50 red crosses on the first UH60's, retired from Ft. Carson in 99, presently living on top of a mountain in Colorado, building Cobra sports cars, and drinking beer.

Date:14 Jan 03
Rank:CW4 (RET)
Name:Jerome (J. R.) Davis
Call Sign:  
Unit:68th Med Det
Time Frame:1978-1981
E-mail: davisj@soar.army.mil
Message:No message received.

Date:13 Jan 03
Name:Michael Campanelli
Call Sign:DUSTOFF (last 3 of tail #)
Unit:1st Cav and 237th
Time Frame:67 &71
E-mail: mcampanelli@ec.rr.com
Message:Trying to locate Ret. LTC. Rueben Pinkston.

Date:8 Jan 03
Name:Jim Finnegan
Call Sign:  
Unit:Capital Military Assistance Command
Time Frame:1969
E-mail: Finnegan@SaigonWarrior.com
Message:Great site, remember DUSTOFF well. Drop by www.saigonwarrior.com sometime. Regards, Jim Finnegan

Date:7 Jan 03
Name:Jesse Davis
Call Sign:  
Unit:236th Med Det
Time Frame:Sep 70-Sep 71
E-mail: CHARGERDO@aol.com
Message:I served in Nam with the 236th DUSTOFF in Da Nang, and Hawk Hill which is just north of Chu Lai. The guys in my detachment where great people to me, which I will never forget. With this new year here, my hopes are that Nam vets will find peace in their hearts and always be proud of everything they had do there in Vietnam.

Date:5 Jan 03
Name:Sam Stephens
Call Sign:Tex
Unit:159th Med Det
Time Frame:July 71-Jan 72
E-mail: okmoonshiner@hotmail.co
Message:Great site. This site has given back lots of forgotten memories (some w/cold chills, some without). Would like to find Chuck Patty, CW2's Larson & Allen, John Jamison, and many others time and age will not let me remember. Anyone that would remember Stubby & Fatass, Queen of the flight line, Patty & Burkhaulter's dogs. Sam Stephens Sherman, TX

Date:5 Jan 03
Name:Jon E. Brant
Call Sign:  
Unit:498th Medical Co.
Time Frame:1966-1967
E-mail: JEB317@neo.rr.com
Message:CPT Ken Trotter a/c commander, SGT Don Dorch medic.

Date:1 Jan 03
Name:Thomas Dardas
Call Sign:  
Unit:86th Med Co (Air Ambulance)
Time Frame:  
E-mail: the-big-gun@prodigy.net
Message:No message received.