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Aug-Dec 04 Guestbook Entries

Date: 21 Dec 04
Rank: Ssgt
Name: Gerald Flint
Call Sign: GMAN
Unit: 791st EAES USAF
Time Frame: Baldad Iraq 2004
E-mail: volmedics@aol.com
Message:Most recently I served with the 791st Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron flying missions from Balad Air base, Iraq to Ramstein Airbase, Germany Enduring/Iraqi Freedom 2004. Injuries sustained at Balad sent me back stateside in September for surgery. I consider it a great honor to fly out and bring back our wounded to a safe place where they can be cared for and allowed to heal. It is the most noble mission I can think of. I salute all medics, medevac and aerovac members worldwide and would love any e-mails from anybody out there who wants to write.
God Bless, Ssgt Gerald S. Flint

Date: 20 Dec 04
Rank: SP5
Name: Ernie Rose
Call Sign: 
Unit: 68th Med Det
Time Frame: Nov 68 Nov 69
E-mail: erose8@frontiernet.net
Message: Comments: Just wanted to post my new email address

Date: 15 Dec 04
Rank: CW2
Name: Dorcey Wingo
Call Sign: Blackjack 491
Unit: 4th Avn Bn 4th Inf Div
Time Frame: March 69 to March 70
E-mail: Dorceyw1@aol.com
Message: Recommended by member Steve Owen, we are old high school buddies from New Mexico. After induction I found my way to helicopter flight training and to Vietnam by March of '69. I flew with Gambler Guns ("B" CO) and Blackjack slicks ("A" CO) and was an "Elephant Brander" for a while, too.

Performed at least one medevac in Nam with two soldiers on a sweep who were wounded by friendly fire. Was not a part of a regular "Dust Off" unit, though.

Here's to all my Vietnam buddies and all you soldiers out there in harm's way - God bless you all! Welcome home!

I also write short stories these days, have been published in three magazines and have a couple of Vietnam tales you might enjoy. DW

Date: 14 Dec 04
Rank: SSG
Name: Juan Reyes
Call Sign: 
Unit: 717 Med Co AA
Time Frame: 1992-2002
E-mail: juanreyes301@hotmail.com
Message:To the boys from New Mexico Nat'l Guard 717th. Have not forgotten you guys, I miss the crewing and the fun. Good luck, stay safe. JR

Date: 5 Dec 04
Rank: SSG/CPT(ret)/GS12
Name: Larry Couture
Call Sign: 
Unit: 164th/421st/159th/236th/326th
Time Frame: 1972-1980
E-mail: lawrence.couture@us.army.mil
Message:Hi great to see so many familiar names.

Date: 3 Dec 04
Rank: CW4
Name: David Guffy
Call Sign: 
Unit: 717th Med AA
Time Frame: 
E-mail: david.d.guffy@us.army.mil
Message:OEF IV Aug 03-April 04 flew with 717th Med (New Mexico/Oklahoma National Guard) and 45th Med (active duty from Germany).

Date: 2 Dec 04
Rank: E4
Name: Roy D. Johnson
Call Sign: 
Unit: 237th MED DET
Time Frame: 1972-1973
E-mail: milehigh51@yahoo.com
Message:Dave Heaton

Date: 24 Nov 04
Rank: MAJ
Name: Bruce Balzano
Call Sign: 
Unit: 126th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: Current
E-mail: bruce.balzano@us.army.mil
Message: Current CDR of the 126th Med Co, California Army National Guard.

Date: 24 Nov 04
Rank: SGT
Name: David "Hoppy" Hopkins
Call Sign: 
Unit: 148th Medical Co (AA)
Time Frame: Jan 03 - Feb 04
E-mail: hoppymedic@yahoo.com
Message:No message received.

Date: 22 Nov 04
Rank: SP5
Name: Jerry W Graff
Call Sign: CE216 or Saint Jerry
Unit: 237th Med Det (DMZ DUSTOFF)
Time Frame: May 70-71
E-mail: jyj2l2@aol.com
Message:I flew with a lot of great guys and not all returned walking. My medic Wayne was the greatest and was glad to see him leave after his time in country. We supported the ARVN forces, the Fifth Mech. and anyone else that would call us. The main fact we stand by is we never left anyone behind no matter what. We worked in LOM Som 719 or the last Laos operation. I hope to meet a lot of these crewmembers someday.

Date: 22 Nov 04
Rank: SGT/ SFC (RET)
Name: Vic Rafiner
Call Sign: 
Unit: 3/16 Arty, 1/1 Cav Americal
Time Frame: May 68 thru Oct 71
E-mail: vrafiner@yahoo.com
Message:Just wanted to say thank you to all of you guys, past present and future. I never needed your services but I had buddies who did. I saw Medevac fly into places that slicks wouldn't dare go and gun ships think twice about. Thank you guys. It eased our minds to know you were there.

Date: 12 Nov 04
Name: Kathleen "Ciddie" Mentzer
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: CIDDIE1@aol.com
Message:I was sent this link from a friend on Veterans Day, I wanted to Thank All of you for your contribution to bringing home our troops. GOD Bless each and every one of you! Great Site!

Date: 11 Nov 04
Rank: PSG / SFC
Name: George "Bones" Small
Call Sign: "Panama-Red" "Go-Go" & "Bones"
Unit: 247th (twice), 377th (thrice), and 507th
Time Frame: 1973 to 1995
E-mail: Bones1340@aol.com
Message:Just wanted to say hello, as I was thinking about everyone I crewed alongside many many times, and what seems like many many years ago. Never a News Report about the present time goes by, that I don't wonder how the crews are doing. I know everyone has new faces, and are getting along just as we did before, but I still feel a connection deep within to those I've never met flying the DUSTOFF mission today and tomorrow. God Bless - God Speed - God Keep You Safe - God Grant Mission Success

Date: 11 Nov 04
Rank: E-5 ( Acting )
Name: Terry Johnson
Call Sign: 13Papa Whiskey
Unit: F.O. 2nd Plt. C-Trp. 3/5 Cav
Time Frame: 8-70 8-71
E-mail: tjjbighap@yahoo.com
Message:I won the war by adjusting arty on the DMZ, and on at least two occasions I want to thank God for DMZ DUSTOFF. There was one pilot who carried a Thompson loaded with tracers who would come in and "Clear" his area before landing. Being wounded twice in Feb. and Mar. 1971 during Lom-Son 719 by the Rock Pile and outside Ka-Sanh. You Guys Were Always There When We Needed You and I wanted to Thank All Of You. Terry J. Johnson

Date: 9 Nov 04
Name: Kenneth Bottomley
Call Sign: Southside
Unit: 507th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 1984-1988
E-mail: huey1962man@aol.com
Message: Numerous missions in San Antonio to include a large rescue mission in comfort Texas 1987.  Too many missions to mention.  But, have some stories to exchange if any old 507th DUSTOFFers care to get together and have a few cold ones by the BBQ pit.

Date: 3 Nov 04
Rank: SFC
Name: Gene E. Steward
Call Sign: 
Unit: 54th Medical Detachment
Time Frame: Nov 1967-Oct 1968
E-mail: genes@fp1.fmc.sc.edu
Message:Flew with Patrick Brady in Vietnam, November 1967 thru October 1968.

Date: 31 Oct 04
Rank: SPC
Name: Shaun Garcia
Call Sign: PCL
Unit: 507th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 
E-mail: shaun.k.garcia@us.army.mil
Message:Flew as a Blackhawk crewchief in OIF 1 and currently OIF 2. My crew in OIF was, "Mr. T.", "Chi-Chi", and "Sunshine".

Date: 31 Oct 04
Rank: Col-retired
Name: Jacob h. Megehee
Call Sign: DUSTOFF five
Unit: 45th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 8/67 to 8/68
E-mail: jmegehee@toast.net
Message:I just want to tell everyone that God has blessed me immensely.  I live on a ranch (cattle) in Macon, Mississippi.  My wife of 40 years and I have three children - two doctors and a nurse. My telephone number is (662) 726-5664.  I often wonder what has happened with all of the fine folks that I encountered in Long Bihn.  I continue to talk to a few of them on Christmas.

Date: 31 Oct 04
Rank: PFC then GS 11 Reted
Name: Dan Aiken
Call Sign: my bird was the wild thing
Unit: HHC 11 th LIB
Time Frame: 5-70 to4-71
E-mail: danaiken7@msn.com
Message:I can not tell you I won the war, I was in a war, and it was not farming. I was a scout/gunner for HHC 11th Light Infantry Brigade, Primo Avn out of Duc Pho. The reason I am sending this e-mail is that I want to thank all you evac DUSTOFF pilots and crewchief for getting me to the hospital. On July 8 1970 while on a return to site hot fire zone my aircraft was hit with a RPG killing the CO, destroying the aircraft, severely wounding me, and wounding the Aircraft Commander. After being transported to Duc Pho by our own aircraft to the aid station the DUSTOFF took me to Chu Lia in high winds so bad that the aircraft went vertical nose down, and vertical nose up in about 30 sec, knocking the cargo door wide open, and me sliding out half way, before the crewchief caught me. In the process the the crewchief got his arm crushed, but held on to me, and pulled me back into safety. I know GOD used all of you guys to help, or try to save so many wounded. I want to THANK ALL THE DUSTOFF for putting those wounded ahead of themselves. GOD says there is no greater gift. Thank You Dan Aiken, Primo Chie.

Date: 28 Oct 04
Rank: LTC
Name: Andrea Crunkhorn
Call Sign: 
Unit: Air War College
Time Frame: 
E-mail: andrea.crunkhorn@maxwell.af.mil
Message: Working on a research project on medevac at AWC; checking your site out for good scoops. Great work.

Date: 25 Oct 04
Rank: E5
Name: JJ Smith
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 6
Unit: 45th Med. Co.
Time Frame: 1967 1968/ 1969 1970
E-mail: jsmith4343@aol.com
Message:Did not win the war, just did our job and saved lives. DUSTOFF ALWAYS.

Date: 22 Oct 04
Rank: Major
Name: Robert Valdez
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 107
Unit: 254th Med. Det
Time Frame: Oct 66-Oct 67
E-mail: vvaldezbob@aol.com
Message:Was with the 254th for one year. Flew with James Williamson, John Colvin, Charlie Webb and several others during my tour. My standbys were usually at Chu Chi, Phuch Vinh and Tay Ninh. Would like to hear from friends and about the re-union. Thanks.

Date: 22 Oct 04
Rank: SP4 Flight Medic/EMT
Name: Joe Crehan
Call Sign: "Doc"
Unit: 68th Med Co
Time Frame: '87-'90
E-mail: iexamin@yahoo.com
Message:The names I remember the best in no particular order are Juan Cephas, Rob Cashin, Fred Payne, Deanne Myers (or Miles, sorry), CPT Darnhauer, Mr. Godby. Had a great time in Hawaii. The unit was still down at Hickam at that time. On one particular day I had eight patients, boy was that a lot of paperwork. I've got a lot of pictures of the unit at that time. Mostly of Oahu, and PTA. Also have a few picture of the unit on deployment in Japan and Thailand.

Date: 19 Oct 04
Rank: WO1
Name: Joseph Dolton
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 2001-Present
Message:In the 24th Med (AA) and I truly enjoy the mission and the sort of guys we fly with. Just wanted to comment on how nice it was to have a community for DUSTOFF. Everyone else has one so why not us. It's great. Thanks so much.

Date: 18 Oct 04
Name: Bennetts
Call Sign: 
Unit: 245th A.A.
Time Frame: 
E-mail: pbennetts1@comcast.net
Message:Dear Friends of Kent and Mary Bennetts:

My folks asked if I would e-mail some of their friends to let them know that my dad, Kent, would be off line for awhile do to some recent health problems. Last Tuesday afternoon he was taken by Mary to a local hospital in Leavenworth with some heart trouble and diagnosed with a significant disturbance in the rhythm of his heart. He was sent from there by ambulance to a regional cardiac hospital in Kansas City for further treatment. To make a long story short, on Thursday he went in for open heart surgery to replace a badly narrowed valve in his heart as well as bypass one of his coronary arteries. He did well through the operation and spent less than 24 hours in ICU. He is now continuing his recovery in a surgical step down unit and will probably be in the hospital for several more days while his medications are being adjusted to ensure that it is safe for him to return home. All in all, things have gone about as well as can be expected considering the magnitude of this ordeal.

Because Kent's computer is in the basement of their home, and he will not be climbing stairs for awhile once he returns home (hopefully in a couple days), he won't be able to be in touch by e-mail for awhile. In the meantime, cards and letters would be great or if you would like to send greetings back though me at my e-mail address, I will print them off and see that he gets them.

I know both he and mom would appreciate your support and prayers for the next several weeks as he continues his recovery. They were concerned that all their friends and family would not think he was ignoring you in case you tried to e-mail him for any reason in the past few days. Thanks

Paul Bennetts

Date: 17 Oct 04
Rank: LTC (Ret.)
Name: Ralph McBride
Call Sign: Dustoff46
Time Frame: 54-68
E-mail: rmcbride@satx.rr.com
Message:This is about our reliability to the DUSTOFF Organization, as members we have the opportunity to VOTE for those that have been nominated for the Hall of Fame, as of the 15th Oct, only 170 votes have been received, that is out of 935 members, PLEASE if you are a member and received BALLOT VOTE, or go to the DUSTOFF Web site and vote on the HOF page.

Date: 11 Oct 04
Rank: SP4
Name: Guy Lamar Mears, Jr
Call Sign: 
Unit: 254th...45 Med...44 Med
Time Frame: 6/70-10/70
E-mail: susandwiseman@yahoo.com
Message:I am seeking any info & anyone who may have known, or, served with my cousin Guy Lamar Mears, Jr., killed in the crash on Oct. 17, 1970 in Vietnam.
Helicopter UH-1H 69-15466 incident on Oct. 17, 1970

I would really love to have all the information you could provide me with. I was only 16 when Guy died, and, of course it had a profound influence on my life.
I wish I knew more, all about Guy's last moments. Was he the medic alive. What were his injuries? Any insight would help me, personally.

My name is Susan D. Wiseman, just a housewife, with a music ministry I'd like to share with you, if, you'd like. I'm an extremely patriotic person. ALL downloads are FREE - nothing is sold!


I have a page there, dedicated to the memory of my cousin Guy and, now also my youngest son, David now 3 weeks, a U.S. Army Soldier, of whom I am SO proud!

There's a new song up now, "It Is The Soldier" in David's honor and, Guy's memory. My humble attempt to share my thoughts & prayers and, Patriotism in song, from a mom's perspective. There are also links to some fine tributes to Vietnam veterans.

I just wanted you to know there are many of us, who SO greatly appreciate your service to our country, and, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Susan D. Wiseman

Date: 8 Oct 04
Rank: SP5
Name: Gale L. Davis
Call Sign: 
Unit: 377th Med. Co. Korea
Time Frame: July 1969 - August 1970
E-mail: Defeo1@aol.com
Message:Just by being there during the transition from OH-23's to the A, B, and D model Hueys and doing my job as crewchief during many hours of flight time anytime day or night under conditions no one else was allowed to fly in to accomplish the most important task, "TO SAVE LIVES" without any consideration of my own or all the other fine crewmembers in which I had the honor to fly with! I also served with the 326 Med. Co., 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell, KY and the 159th Med. Evac. in Nuremburg, Germany until I separated from service in 1975. I would do it all over again! Thanks to everyone out there in those units that worked with me, I shall never forget you! More to come later. What a great Web site.

Date: 5 Oct 04
Rank: SP4
Name: Greg Carson
Call Sign: "Doc" Carson
Unit: 54th Med Det (MAST)
Time Frame: 79-81
E-mail: carson@post.harvard.edu
Message:With all the renewed interest in Mt St Helens, I started thinking about the rescue/recovery mission of May 1980. I'd like to hear from anyone in the 54th around that time. Does the 54th ever have reunions?

I would also like to learn more regarding the effort to establish a CMB for flight medics. I have some access/influence with members of both houses of congress, including members of the Veterans Affairs Committee.

Honorable Gregory G. Carson
R-Londonderry NH

Date: 30 Sep 04
Rank: SFC
Name: Nathan E Cayton
Call Sign: 
Unit: 283rd Med Det (HA) / 36th Med Det (HA)
Time Frame: 76 - 80 / 80 - 84
E-mail: Blughst622@cox-internet.com
Message:I was with the 283rd Med Det based at Ft. Bliss, Texas from 1976 - 1978. At that time I think it was nine of us that PCS'd with the unit to Ft Wainwright Alaska. CPT Charles Davis was the OIC and SSG Luke Allmond was the NCOIC. Assigned to the 283rd for two years in Alaska.

From 1980 - 1984, assigned to the 36th Med Det (HA) at Ft Polk, Louisiana. I was the Detachment Sergeant for one of those years.

Date: 22 Sep 04
Rank: CW2
Name: Don Schellhammer
Call Sign: 
Unit: 377th Air Ambulance
Time Frame: 1977
E-mail: don-schellhammer@comcast.net
Message:I flew with the 377th. out of Seoul in 77. Usually on station at Osan AFB. Anybody remember the Cookie Monster out of Manglisan?

Date: 21 Sep 04
Rank: E-5/1LT
Name: George McDonough
Call Sign: Mouse
Unit: 3/507th, 54th, AAEV Camp Zama, and a few other homes for wayward children.
Time Frame: 69-82
E-mail: Dustof@aol.com
Message: Great site, daughter found it for me. I am looking for a pilot with handle "Candman". First name was Earl, flew a few missions with him, and the site brought back memories.

Date: 13 Sep 04
Rank: E-5
Name: Rick Martin
Call Sign: 
Unit: 571st and the 377th
Time Frame: 74,and 679,80 with 571, 77 thru 79 with 377th
E-mail: richjets2002@yahoo.com
Message: Great times flying DUSTOFF or MAST missions. Really miss those times. Many of lives where saved by these brave crews. Flying in the mountains of Colorado is something everybody should get a chance to do, even when some of those times were pretty hairy!!! Talking to some of the old gang [Jim Keates, Larry Whalon, Steve Hanks] just to name a few, nothing has made us feel so connected to our old units then their operations in Iraq. Not a day goes by without some thoughts of those brave individuals. I feel honored to have had the chance to belong to these outstanding units.

Looking for Tommy Miller from the state of NY, fellow medic from the 377th along with Brother Main Vein who cooked the best barbecue chicken you have ever tasted. Kevin was the master of the grill. Would like to hear from you boys!!!!

I will never forget those cold ass nigits, hot refueling in Korea up north. I remember how happy we were to get back to Camp Casey and our warm hut. But always ready to respond on a moments notice no matter what the weather was at the time. I remember delivering a baby half way to 121 Hospital in Seoul, even though the MD at Camp Casey said no sweat down and back. Boy was he wrong. So many stories, so many ups along with so many downs always plays with your mind, but with the caliber of people you would serve with kept everything on a even keel.

To those who have served and to those who may serve, it is by far the most challenging experience to fly DUSTOFF and to support our troops. May you never be forgotten. In this old soldier's mind your spirit will live on so others may live. That will never change.

Date: 5 Sep 04
Name: C.T. Asbury
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: coandso@yahoo.com
Message:One of my biggest regrets is not having served in the armed forces. I am a full time firefighter and paramedic in the Phoenix Fire Dept. Be assured your people have my greatest respect and admiration. The members of our armed forces are my heroes.

Date: 5 Sep 04
Rank: SP4
Name: Scott Taylor
Call Sign: 
Unit: 377th Med. Co.
Time Frame: 86-88
E-mail: crazyrider44805@yahoo.com
Message:I am looking for anyone that was in 377th during 86-88, I was the engine mechanic and I worked for SFC Trapp. And to show how much I miss this unit I have the 377th DUSTOFF patch tattoo on my right shoulder. This unit was the best that I was ever in and we all were like a big family. I miss you all and to name a few; Toole, Eley, Hana, Terry you all are my family and just like all of the other letters that are in this site we all have a bound. Even though, from what I can tell, the 377th was reorganized to a different unit. There will always be a 377th that we all are there working to keep them flying and taking care of each other.


Date: 2 Sep 04
Rank: RD3
Name: Mark Roberts
Call Sign: North-SAR ( PIRAZ )
Unit: U.S.S. Chicago CG11
Time Frame: 1968-1972
E-mail: Mark_R_Roberts@dot.ca.gov
Message:Just wanted those that were there to know they will never be forgotten.

Date: 31 August 04
Rank: CW2
Name: John S Farrance
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 61
Unit: 283rd Med Detachment
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: selah249@comcast.net
Message:I did not do anything extraordinary! Just did what I was suppose to do.

Date: 31 August 04
Rank: SPC
Name: Chris Malone
Call Sign: Chief
Unit: 498th Med. Co. (4th Platoon) Ft. Jackson, SC
Time Frame: Jan 90 - Oct 93
E-mail: crewchief408@hotmail.com
Message:Some of the fondest memories I have of the Army include the time I spent in the 4/498th and flying its M.A.S.T. mission. I was honored to serve with the 498th in Desert Shield/Storm.. and was there when the unit (4th Platoon) de-activated and our Hueys were farmed out to other units.

I crewed UH-1V 69-15408. I'm really interested in knowing what happened to her after she left my care with the 4/498th.

I would also really love to hear from anyone I served with during that time period.

Date: 29 August 04
Rank: E5
Name: Lewis Ward
Call Sign: Lew
Unit: Bco 1/14th Inf/ Dco 4/54th Inf
Time Frame: 1984-1987
E-mail: lward35206@yahoo.com
Message:I won the war just being myself. Trying to contact a lot of friends from the Army who served time with at Bco 1/14th Inf during 1984 and then to good old Ft. Knox training, with buddies from Dco 4/54th Inf 1986. Looking for Migeul the supply clerk from Bco and Peterson from Dco. Can contact me back at my e-mail address lward35206@yahoo.com or any comrades wish to chat about good old times in the serve.

Date: 28 August 04
Rank: MSG E-8
Name: Waynard E Caldwell
Call Sign: Single Parent
Unit: 67th Medical Group
Time Frame: Sep 1968--Sep 1969
Message:Was a Medical Regulator for I Corps Area.

Date: 21 August 04
Rank: SP4
Name: Scott Flatt
Call Sign: yo head
Unit: 4/507 Med. Co.
Time Frame: 1987-1988
E-mail: ferriszilla@msn.com
Message: Commanders were MAJ Madden and CPT Gil Ortega. Was a crewchief on the UH-1. Thought I could hear from some of the gang from back then. Loemer, Becker, Nieman, Hartz, Mcbride, Donahue, Smith, Many faces I remember but can't find the names. Almost 20 years. We shared a hanger with 200th Aviation Co. Where are you guys?

Date: 16 August 04
Rank: SP4
Name: Bill " The Stack" Stackpole
Call Sign: 
Unit: Eagle DUSTOFF, 326 Med Battalion
Time Frame: 1971-1972
E-mail: w.stackpole@wavecable.com
Message:My medic was Joe Fenney - KIA in October 1971. My roommate was a medic named Johnny Smith. My best pilot buddy was Rick Kobe. My best NCO buddy was Staff Sergeant Ott. One hell of a poker player.

Date: 11 August 04
Rank: LTC, USAF, Ret.
Name: Edward S. Marek
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: edmarek@earthlink.net
Message:I operate a Web site called "Talking Proud, service and sacrifice," and am doing a story on the 45th Medical Company (AA) as a means to convey to my readers what medevac is all about. I was surprised to find no consolidated history of the 45th, and have been all over the Internet trying to piece one together. I think I have a reasonably good outline. In any event, this Web site and the photos in it not only helped me piece the puzzle together, but invigorated my great sense of pride in what the DUSTOFFs do and have done. I flew aboard the EC-47 in Vietnam in 1972-1973, and we Air Force guys, of course, always hoped the Jolly Greens would come to get us because we knew they had a seat at the end of the line. But I would have taken a DUSTOFF any day, though I was nervous about my capacity to hold on to the rope! Ha! God bless you all.

Date: 5 August 04
Rank: Sergeant
Name: Frank R Kerwin
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 01
Unit: 45th Medical Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1987-1992
E-mail: desertvet57@yahoo.com
Message:I was a flight medic with the 45th Medical Co (AA), Stuttgart, Germany from 1989 to 1992. The last 13 months, I flew with them during Desert Storm You ask how I won the war? I don't know if I did or not. I do know that the time spent over there was worth every moment, thru good and bad missions. The best thing that happened? I flew a mission involving a 12 year old girl who kicked a landmine. I took that mission but she lost one leg. When we transported her to a civilian hospital in Saudi, she woke up on the aircraft and started to cry. I took off my helmet and calmed her down as much as I was able to. She stopped crying, looked at me and smiled. She then took off 2 gold bracelets, and handed them to me. I told her parents no and that I can not take them. But they insisted, and told me it was Allah's will that I saved the life of their daughter, and please take the bracelets. I still have these bracelets today to remember that day forever.

Date: 5 August 04
Rank: SP4
Name: Charles Schopf
Call Sign: 
Unit: 2/421st Med Evac
Time Frame: '74 - '75
E-mail: CSchopf2@aol.com
Message: Medic non-combatant

Date: 4 August 04
Rank: MAJ
Name: Frederick A Feld III
Unit: HHC 1st INF BDE Alabama State Defense Force
Time Frame: NOV 02 - PRESENT
E-mail: ffeld3rd@yahoo.com
Message:In the Shadow of the Blade HUEY Huntsville, AL to Athens, AL with that BLACKHAWK DOWN guy from Madison, AL at the controls!! A VIRGIN NO MORE!! WOW!! NOT A BAD DEAL WITHOUT THE FLAK...LOL.

Date: 1 August 04
Rank: E-5
Name: Richard (Dick) Long
Call Sign: Was called a lot of things!
Unit: 571st Med Det
Time Frame: 1968-1969-1970
E-mail: birdiedoodoo@yahoo.com
Message:Drop a dime, if you remember. Looking for Bob Patterson, pilot. Thanks.