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Aug-Dec 03 Guestbook Entries

Date:31 Dec 03
Name:John Gilder
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med Det
Time Frame:1968-1969
Message:If any of you 571st guys want to get in touch with me, try john_gilder@yahoo.com or jgilder@uniden.com

Date:27 Dec 03
Name:Dave Bristol
Call Sign:Romeo 5
Unit:K C0 75th Inf (Ranger)
Time Frame:69-70
Message:I just found the site. Thank God I never had to use a DUSTOFF, but I know many who did. Your courage and skill were beyond anything that we could imagine. It made LRRP missions more productive knowing that we could get out if we had to and that you guys would do what ever it took to get us out. That was true of all of the pilots we flew with! Thanks to all of you. There is at least one old Ranger who will not forget.

Date:27 Dec 03
Rank:SP5 (SFC ret)
Name:JT Spruill
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 664
Unit:57th Med Det, 82nd Med Det
Time Frame:1964 1965
Message:I served with the 57th for a short time transferred to 82nd at Soc Trang, Mekong Delta. 17 Air Medals,  1 Bronze Star, 2 com mc vua puc, Cross of Gallantry, gal air gal w sw , no combat badge? WIA and sent to MAH Soc Trang. No Purple Heart. Proud to have been DUSTOFF medic.

Date:27 Dec 03
Name:Charles Gallipeau (Jim)
Call Sign:ball team
Unit:498th Med. Co.
Time Frame:66/69
Message:To all my fellow DUSTOFFers and fellow GIs, merry and a safe Christmas and new year.

Date:27 Dec 03
Rank:W4 (ret) then a SP5
Call Sign: 
Unit:326th Med Co (Eagle DUSTOFF)
Time Frame:1969-1970
Message:Flew with Eagle DUSTOFF in Nam. Wanted to wish all my brothers (the ones that made it back and the ones that gave all) a Merry Christmas and a better new years. For all the Eagle DUSTOFFers I knew at Ft Campbell, Best wishes.

Date:27 Dec 03
Name:Randy Albach Sr.
Call Sign: 
Unit:1133rd Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:1991-2000
Message:I flew with all of the great pilots of the 1133rd as both combat medic and a crewchief and wouldn't trade it for anything! I remember them all along with all the good times and bad times we shared!!! To any of the Guys, I would like to hear from you or if you know anyone from the 1133rd tell them I said hello! Right now I'm serving in OIF with some of the old buds and have a short time left here and will be returning back to South Alabama ! I sure do miss the medevac days and wish they had not disbanded our unit; we were great together.

To all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Date:27 Dec 03
Name:Hamblin, Alex
Call Sign:Wildman
Unit:377th Med Co
Time Frame:Sep 89 to Dec 91
Message:I am new to this site. Just looking for old buddies from the 377th. I am now in Kuwait with the Alabama National Guard on the test flight crew for Eco 131st Aviation out of Birmingham, Alabama. Hope to leave here for home in March 2004.

Date:27 Dec 03
Name:Richard Oulton
Call Sign: 
Unit:"The Walking Dead Marines" (1st Batt. 9th Marines) "Pottsville 1-6"
Time Frame:DMZ 66-67
Message:Found you form reading about Major General Patrick Brady in current American Legion magazine.

Purple Heart on the DMZ in Operation Buffalo 2 July 67 of 800 men we had 99 KIA and 300 WIA in 2 days by 1-9. One nine had KIA in 48 of 51 months form June 65 to Aug 69 making us longest sustained combat batt. in USMC history. Also with 605 names on wall we are the highest casualty rate to unit strength in USMC at 76% KIA.

Had very few choppers in Nam, our "dust-offs" were on the back of what we called a "duce and a 1/2" AKA two and half ton rated truck. Great respect for you guys.

Do keyword search on "google" or what ever to see of my recent fine of $176,660 for flying my American Flag in the face a of a judge's order to take it down. My Memorial Day American Flag was declared to be a "Visual Nuisance" and my Purple Heart Flag was said to be no better than a Purple Barney statute that had been banned from another yard.

Keep in touch and thanks for what you are doing with your great site and organization. Wish the USMC Corpsman had such support.

"Doc Oulton"

If it is still up "AmericanFlagTrail.com"

Date:17 Dec 03
Name:Deborah (Pope) Beck
Call Sign: 
Unit:54th Med Det & 377th Med Co
Time Frame:1979-1983
Message:Was the crewchief on duty with the 54th Med Det when Mt St Helens erupted. Spent about 3 years with that unit at Ft. Lewis, WA. 2 years with the 377th in Korea. Lots of flight hours with that unit, mostly "up north". Loved both units & would have stayed in for 20 if the Army would have left me in DUSTOFF/MAST.

Date:15 Dec 03
Name:Larry Pickering
Call Sign: 
Unit:54th MED Co (AA)
Time Frame:2001-Present
Message:No message received

Date:15 Dec 03
Call Sign: 
Unit:45th Med Co
Time Frame:JULY 67- JULY 68

Date:15 Dec 03
Rank:Hospital Corpsmen 1st cl
Name:Robert (doc) Miller
Call Sign:Work horse 6
Unit:Naval Adv. Gr. Rung Sat Special Zone
Time Frame:68-69
E-mail:docmpar3 @aol.com
Message:Just a great thank you to the DUSTOFF crews that flew into the RSSZ. You were the greatest and most daring men I met while in Vietnam. Many nights you flew into my village to pick me up and flew into a village with no American on ground to rescue a wounded or sick civilian and transported them for medical treatment. Again, thank you. Doc Miller

Date:9 Dec 03
Rank:CPT, CW2 then
Name:William S. Hall (SGT Rock)
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 52
Unit:54th Med. Det. (HA) Chu Lai
Time Frame:late '67 - - - late '68
Message:I won the war by rescuing as many sick and wounded as I possibly could. I never had a crewmember killed or wounded in more than 1800 missions. I got back home alive. I WIN!!!! SGT Rock

Date:7 Dec 03
Name:Robert H. "Bob" Fletcher
Call Sign: 
Time Frame:1987-1989
Message:Flew many missions with MAJ Larry Horen, CPT Joe Price, CPT Tom Fox, CPT Moon Mullins, CPT Max Easter, CW4 Robert J. "Buck" Buchanan, CPT John Berthy, CPT Ron Landers, CPT Wayne Miller, MAJ Al Vannoy, CPT Steve Acklin, CPT Mike Bobbitt, CPT Rick Kohl, CW2 Mike Coker, CPT Phil Pemberton, CPT Lawrence "Larry Bud" Connell, CPT Joe Fontenot, CPT Deborah Knickabocker, SFC Clyde Hale, SFC Larry Woolen, SSG Matt Spencer, SFC Jesse Watson, SFC Mark Wolfe, SPC Eric Grunwald. I know that FLATIRON was TDA but we still got our share of interesting missions. I would like to hear from anyone who might know these people. All these people were great Americans who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.

I'm looking for one MSC Aviator named Jeff Long. He was stationed at Ft. Ord, CA 1987-1989. Am also looking for an aviation branch Aviator named Donald J. "Don" Davis. He later transitioned to Military Intelligence and flew RC-12's and was an IP/UT at Ft. Huachuca. He's originally from Griffin, Georgia.

Date:4 Dec 03
Name:Michael Dingman
Call Sign: 
Unit:57th Med Co., Ft. Bragg
Time Frame:1992-1995
Message:No message received.

Date:4 Dec 03
Name:Harold "BUD" Schmidt Sr.
Call Sign: 
Unit:U.S.Merchant Marine
Time Frame:Oct.1944-Dec.1949
Message:I would like to urge all you guys who may have had a relative who served during WW 2 to look up a special Web site, explaining the now being constructed WW 2 Memorial Monument in Wash. D.C. If you know of anyone either military or civilian of the 16 1/2 million who helped to win that war, PLEASE urge them as well to look up this Web site and enter their names into the Registry at; http://www.wwiimemorial.com/  This includes all who worked at ship yards, airplane factories, or any other types of factories building all the things it took, as we all together won that war and they all, each and everyone person should be entered their.

THANKS for all you can do to help in this cause.
"BUD" Schmidt of Sequim, WA. A Proud member of the U.S. Merchant Marine back then, and a good friend of Bob Cowgill, one of the 1st Helicopter pilots, who just passed away this past June 13, 2003.

Date:4 Dec 03
Rank:WO1/CWO2 (Later LT USCG)
Name:Harry ("Terk") Williams
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 11 was may last
Unit:498th Med. Co., An San RVN
Time Frame:Sep '68-Sep '69
Message:I worked all of II corps. My collateral duty was mess 'O' and had an excellent group working for me. My collateral duty was asst supply after we came back from Phu Cat AFB short one .38 cal S&W but with two 48K BTU air conditioners in the back :-)). I went on to have a very interesting 'stash' of ummm....'spare' weapons under the bunk I made out of 2.75 rocket crates. I remember that my shortest mission was 6 minutes from a late night call to landing back on the pad with a young soldier. He was blown away mid thigh on both legs but laughing his ass off because he was going to LIVE! It seems he'd been in country about a week and was obsessed with getting killed. He now knew how his tour was going to end. He was going to LIVE.

I sort of remember the longest 'flight' was just about 36 hrs. I believe it must have been during Tet of '69. Not as bloody as Tet '68 but in my head is stuck the recollection that we ate, slept and flew without shutting down...or shutting down for any length of time...for 36 hrs.

I remember another statistic. One had a tendency to count one's collection of bullet holes. It was a bad idea because you started getting nervous about the odds. I reached roughly 90 holes in my first 90 days. That was a good round, memorable number so I quit counting right there.

There is more in here if anyone is particularly interested. There was a Web site a few years ago. I found this site looking for that one...Through it I'm in touch with some of my umm..classmates. In my year there I remember losing Terry Zinger and crew . They flew into a rock in the fog trying to get to Pleiku. I remember the stories of trying to get Mike Devorak back after they got shot down. Col. Scott was our CO and Tom Osborne was Eng. As I remember it was Tom got shot in the 'pencil'. A round shattered a mechanical pencil in his left shirt sleeve. He was in a sling for awhile. Fred Becker took a round in the butt of the .45 he wore between his legs (as we all did when we managed to get a .45 instead of the .38) and Fred was up and around before his friend and nurse was. She saw him peppered and bleeding in the groin and passed out ( or so the story has been told) sure that their plans to wed and have a family were gone astray. It's told that he recovered from his relatively minor...messy but minor...before she did. I did a month in Quin Nhon for appendicitis. I couldn't figure out why it was taking so long to get released back to my unit. It seems the medical 'O' corps had plans of a gourmet dinner and they hoped if they kept me around, being as I was the 498th mess 'O' I could get some sauerkraut and particularly a #10 can of fruit cocktail. And we tried to get a purple heart for Mike Smith (Smitty). I've been in touch with him in the last couple years. He didn't get it even though we rubbed on the graze where a piece of deck plate got under his 'chicken plate' and almost made blood. We rubbed until blood DID come off on my finger so I could put him in. Sorry Smitty...

So much for a quick foray into a previously unknown site :-)).

I'm "Terk" Williams, flight school class 68-507 , blue hats from Rucker. I taught at 'Mother' Rucker, the Huey traans. phase as 'Ramrod 8' under Capt Kockendurfer (sorry about all the random spelling) Oct '69 until I got out in Dec. '70 to go back to Conn. College. I later spent '80-'92 flying for the USCG. I can be reached at iterk@aol.com. I'm remarried and living in Hampton Falls, NH and teaching folks to be aircraft mechanics (A&P) at East Coast Areo Tech at Hanscom Field outside of Boston.

"Bring 'Em Back Alive"...We had yellow bumper strips (c/o AAA) on our helmets that said so...

Date:25 Nov 03
Name:Del "Willie" Williams
Call Sign: 
Unit:3/45th Med Co. (AA)
Time Frame:Oct 69 to Oct 70
Message:I am a crewchief and served with the 3rd Flt Plt 45th Med Co. (AA) DUSTOFF 69/70 Long Bing. 66-17101. Thanks for the support and efforts.

For the support of the Combat Medic Badge Resolve for past, present and all future combat flight medics. The support of the IN The Shadow Of The Blade film. Its story of the Vietnam Huey, the men who served, their families and friends and all who will come to know the meaning of the truth of that war and times. It lives with all of us Viet vets and only can be told by us. In honor to all those who fought and died. We must assure our story has a place in our nation's history books and archives so the truth of our legacy will be known to all and forever more.

Thank You. Dan

Date:24 Nov 03
Name:Craig Berre
Call Sign:Forrest
Unit:1256th Med Co. (A.A.)
Time Frame: 
Message:No message received.

Date:21 Nov 03
Name:James Ashmore
Call Sign: 
Unit:498th Med Co
Time Frame:Dec 69- May71
Message:Just found this site and wanted to say hello to former members of 498th. Would like to hear from some of the guys. I live in Mount Dora, FL.

Date:21 Nov 03
Name:John Snyder
Call Sign:Little Man
Unit:237th Med Det
Time Frame:1979 - September 1981
Message:I spent almost two years as a flight medic with the 237th. MAJ Wayne C. Aoki was our commanding officer. I cannot even begin to describe what it was like in "those" days. I would like to hear from anyone I served with.

Date:20 Nov 03
Name:Tim Boyd
Call Sign:whiteowl
Unit:237th/DMZ DUSTOFF
Time Frame:70-71
Message:Looking to hear from any of the staff (Jackie, Sandy, Pam) of the 18th Surg. Hosp. or crew (Eddie Hopper, Ed Lacobacci, Jim Smith) from the 237th/571 DUSTOFF. Take care and thanks for being my friend.

Date:18 Nov 03
Name:George R Payton, Jr.
Call Sign:Tail Number 68-15575
Unit:498th Med Co( AA)
Time Frame:68to 70
Message:Flew with the 498th Med Co stationed outside Qui Nhon An Son Valley. As far as I am concerned we didn't win the WAR. If you remember it was a conflict. I know a lot of the people in the war stories I have read tonight. Thanks for giving us this site. It has made my day. Thanks again.

Date:17 Nov 03
Name:Samuel Klucker
Call Sign: 
Unit:68th Med. Det.
Time Frame:89-95
Message:Hello all. My only question is why can't many people from the 68th use computers yet?? Not may of us here signing the guestbook. Hello Mr. Spindler, how are ya?

Date:16 Nov 03
Name:Mel Ruiz
Call Sign:Dustoff 31
Unit:283rd Med Det
Time Frame:66-67
Message:After all these years, I move into my, hopefully final, home only to learn my next door neighbor was a nurse in Vietnam at the same time and place as me. Small world.

Date:16 Nov 03
Rank:1SG Ret (SGT then)
Name:Felix Montanez
Call Sign: 
Unit:247th Med Det
Time Frame:1975-1982
Message:Flew as flight medic with the 247th while in Ft Meade MD. Later made the unit move to Ft Irwin CA. Now retired in San Antonio area. Will very likely make the reunion in February.

Date:16 Nov 03
Name:Carl Prince
Call Sign: 
Time Frame:70/71
Message:This is a message to Rmurray. I tried to e-mail you but it keeps getting returned. I was crewchief on "THE GREAT SPECKLED BIRD" tail #629. Medics I crewed with were: Dalbeck, Ferguson, Carlos Solis. Some of the pilots were: Morgan, Ohlosson, Barnes and others. Sorry I don't recall your name but we had to know one another.

Date:14 Nov 03
Call Sign: 
Unit:45th Med Co.
Time Frame:69-70
Message:Aloha to Dan Gower. Just want to thank you for your job as the emcee over in Austin, Texas. You did a great job!!!! I am also, as part of the LZ Liberty County contingent, grateful that at the end of the film you mentioned we would be accepting donations for ITSOTB. You gave us a chance to help again, in a small way, towards this spectacular documentary. We did manage to put a dent in their expenses, thanks to you. Again ,big Mahalo's. Jake

Date:12 Nov 03
Name:Michael L. Dingley
Call Sign: 
Unit:842nd Signal Company
Time Frame:NOW
Message:I was only a child. This is a tribute to my parents, Both still with us. I am so proud of both CPT Robert T Dingley and CW4 JoAnn N Dingley. They have both left the service but the service lives on! I am coming on my own 20-year mark and am reflecting on my service. I always come back to the fact that when I was afraid, uncertain, unsure, and unwilling, that my parents, both Veterans, spurred me on! I Love and cherish you both more than I can EVER put in words! I am proud to say that my DAD is DUSTOFF 100!!!

Date:8 Nov 03
Name:Dick Long
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med Det
Time Frame:Aug-68-- Apr-70
Message:No message received.

Date:6 Nov 03
Name:Dwight E Ellis
Call Sign: 
Unit:431st Med Det, Flatiron
Time Frame:1980-1982
E-mail: jmeana2000@yahoo.com
Message:I flew with COL Collins, CPT Smith, Mr. Ratliff.

Date:3 Nov 03
Name:Rande Hall
Call Sign:triple niner
Unit:Eagle Dustoff ( 326 Med. Bn.)
Time Frame:2-70 thru7-70
E-mail: rokinrh@blackfoot.net
Message:Flew with Michael Smith, Bob Pascoe & Casey Paetznick. Nickname "Raisin"-- Flight helmet was painted like Cptn America. Anybody know what happened to Gary Runge?

Date:2 Nov 03
Name:Jassen C Travis
Call Sign: 
Unit:Det 1-149 Med-E-Vac
Time Frame: 
E-mail: fltmed553@aol.com
Message:No message received.

Date:1 Nov 03
Rank:Section Commander
Name:Bob Harbourd
Call Sign:2 -3 charlie
Unit:5 R.A.R Aussie
Time Frame:66 -67
E-mail: randmharbourd@bigpond.com
Message:Thanks for being there. I used you blokes a few times for my fellows will never forget FAIR DINKUM HEROES. THANKS MATES

Date:28 Oct 03
Name:Louise Bazile
Call Sign:BE
Unit:377th Med Co.
Time Frame:1982-1983
Message:I was with the 377th when they were located on Camp Corner at the back gate of the village. Those sure was some great days and the people I worked with were OUTSTANDING. I really did miss them when I left. My tour after that was at Fort Bragg, I stayed with them from 1983 to 1989. That was also a fantastic tour, good people, great command -- could not have asked for anything better.

God Bless you all.
SFC (Ret)

Date:28 Oct 03
Name:J. Olaf Holm
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 38
Unit:512 Rescue Squadron
Time Frame:90-96
E-mail: john.holm@kirtland.af.mil
Message:I flew 60s with the 377th Med Co AA in Korea 91-93, the 45th Med at Katterbach 93-95, and attached to the 236th Med at the Blue Factory in Bosnia. Currently I am an HH-60 instructor pilot with the 512th Rescue Squadron USAF, at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico. Deployed to Afghanistan Jan - Apr 03

Date:26 Oct 03
Rank:SP4 Then; CSM, Ret.
Name:Murray, Ralph L.
Call Sign: 
Unit:68th Med. Det. (HA)
Time Frame:Aug. 70 - Aug. 71
E-mail: Rmurray678@aol.com
Message:My first assignment in a 26 year career, was serving as a crewchief with the 68th Med. Det. Chu Lai, Vietnam. I crewed acft 68-16674, known as the "Grim Reaper". I thought the name was inappropriate for our mission, but was reluctant to change it, seeing how it had survived so much. It got me through over 800 CA hours, saving numerous lives. I remained in the Army until 1996, retiring as the Command Sergeant Major of 8th Bn, 101st ABN Div. My heart was always with medevac, and was able to serve one other assignment with the 431st Med Det, Ft Knox KY. With them for five years, but mostly training younger men. In the 70's and 80's assignments, FTX's, and schools would reunite a few of us Vietnam DUSTOFF guys. I watched my former commander CPT Bradshaw become a General, and many of the young pilots would become COLs.

Date:24 Oct 03
Name:William (Marty) Bauer
Call Sign: 
Time Frame:79-82/82-85
E-mail: niteswim@adelphia.net
Message:CE 421st Med Co. (AA), 79-82, UH-1's back then. 237th Med Det (RA )MAST 82-85, T.I.

Date:23 Oct 03
Name:Wayne Frederick
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 924
Unit:4/507th Med. Co. (AA) M.A.S.T.
Time Frame:2/77--6/78
E-mail: wayno77@juno.com
Message:What a great site. Saw it a few days ago and had to come back. It's bringing back lots of memories from FT. Sill. I have to dig around, but I should be able to find some patches, cards, and pictures from Oklahoma. I was the crewchief on Army 69-15924. My CO was CPT Johnny Walker. The only person I'm still in touch with from the unit is Rainer Kilburn, the avionics guy. I also was in the 68th Med. Det. in Hawaii but didn't crew a bird there. I flew on close to 80 Medevac and M.A.S.T. missions. Will check back to this site often just to read the guest book! Some good reading... Mike Novesell's book and Richard Kirkland's book (War Pilot).

Date:21 Oct 03
Name:Christopher Kent
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 41
Unit:45th Med Co (Europe)
Time Frame:Dec 95 to Present
E-mail: flightdoc13@yahoo.com
Message:Just wanted to say outstanding site!!!! Keep up the good work. Its nice to be able to look at everyone's present and past experiences while serving in DUSTOFF!!!!!! I have been a flight medic since DEC 95. Have been with 82nd Med, 377th Med, USAAAD Ft. Drum, and currently with the 45th Med Co. It has been a true experience.

Out, SSG Kent

Date:19 Oct 03
Name:Wayne M. Frederick
Call Sign: 
Unit:4/507 Medical Co. AA -- 68th Med. Det.
Time Frame:3-77 to 6-78 and 10-78 to 8-79
E-mail: wayno77@juno.com
Message:No message received.

Date:17 Oct 03
Name:Jerry R. Gingrich
Call Sign: 
Unit:236th MED DET Augsburg
Time Frame:1977-1979
E-mail: Jerry.Gingrich@60MDG.Travis.AF.Mil
Message:I was a SP4 Medic back then. I flew with MAJ Ed Bradshaw and CPT R. (HUEY) Huether both were detachment commanders.

Date:15 Oct 03
Name:Steve Cogliano
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med. Det.
Time Frame:1968-1970
E-mail: jenbag@aol.com
Message:Flew with John Gilder. Looking for Danny Haldago (spelling ?).

Date:6 Oct 03
Rank:US Army E7 Retired
Name: Harold Hardwick
Call Sign:Defiant 4
Unit:1/28th Inf Big Red One
Time Frame:Jan 68 Dec 68
E-mail:HHrhard19 @aol.com
Message:Subject Heroes: As a holder of the Bronze Star , CIB, Vietnam Cross Of Gallantry, and other awards to see a side show like we saw with this female hero makes one want to really wonder what we have been through. I just want to say that from first hand exp. the troops of the 1st Infantry Division, and I speak for many of them, will tell you the when we needed the DUSTOFFs and the LZs where hot and the blood was flowing the real heroes (Or as we called them the angels of mercy) were there. I know that those men never got the credit they deserved and that many of them died and no one back here actually knew just how brave they were nor did they get a Bronze Star for driving a truck in a supply convoy. I salute the real heroes; the DUSTOFF pilots and crews.

Date:4 Oct 03
Name:George Cherry
Call Sign:Cherry
Unit:498th Medical Company
Time Frame:Jan. 1967-Jan.1968
Message:I flew with the 1st Platoon in Nha Trang, then the 2nd platoon Pleiku at Camp Holloway, the 3rd and 4th platoons at Quin Hnon and finally at Lane Field in ROK Valley when all the platoons were consolidated. At Nha Trang, Pleiku and Quin Hnon I was a door gunner when not helping as CQ and finally at Lane Field I was put in charge of airfield services (made up only of me). Went home Jan 20th, 1968 just 8 days before the TET Offensive. I would not trade the experience for anything. If there's any other members of the 498th, past and present, I am trying to put together a list of all surviving members. I may be reached at my work e-mail george.cherry@fairfaxcounty.gov or home gec1947@msn.com or gec647@yahoo.com . I would like to hear from you all. I have a roster of the other members that was sent to me. Nad, if your hat is gone I can get you another. Hope to hear from you soon.

Date:2 Oct 03
Call Sign: 
Unit:159th Med. Det.
Time Frame:July 68 to April 69
Message:I flew with the 159th Med Det (DUSTOFF) in Cu Chi, Tay Ninh, and Dau Tieng. I am very proud of my unit and the men in it. We were the best of the best. We covered a large area northwest of Saigon, from Cu Chi, Tay Ninh, Dau Tieng and Kotum along the Cambodian border. We flew to places such as the Parrot's Beak, Go Da Hau, French Fort, Hobo Woods, Michellen Rubber Plantation, Boi Loi woods near Tay Ninh, Junction City, Mole City, Nui Bau Dien, along the Saigon River, Trang Bang and many more places that the VC or the NVA were. This was a busy area to fly in. The fourth quarter of 1968 the 159th picked up over 20,000 patients of which over half were Americans. This can be verified by reading the 159th quarterly reports. The men of this unit were very dedicated and proud to the last man. This also can be said for all DUSTOFF units in Vietnam. The most dedicated pilot I knew was Doug McNeil. He didn't know the meaning of fear. He flew his missions with such accuracy and saved many many lives. Mr. McNeil was KIA doing what he did best. I for one have missed him very much and others in my unit feel the same way. Champ

Date:29 Sep 03
Name:Bob Madore
Call Sign:69r
Unit:498th Med. Co.
Time Frame:Jul 1968-Jul 1969
E-mail: dustoff69@dustoff.net
Message:Thanks to all those medics and crewchiefs who had the courage to fly with me. I had an excellent crew every time I went into the field and I owe a lot to you guys. You stayed calm under fire and treated the wounded and did your jobs way beyond expectation. I had some very dangerous missions and yet every crewchief and medic in the 498th volunteered to fly with me, knowing that it was more dangerous than normal. Most of my flights were at night in the mountains, I had a great crew always and I could trust them to keep their cool and perform extraordinarily to save the lives of the wounded that we picked up. Sometimes I overloaded the ship with wounded, yet my crew always performed extraordinarily regardless of the stress and bullets coming their way. Thank God I never got any of my crew killed or wounded. Thank you, the medics and crewchiefs of the 498th.

Date:27 Sep 03
Name:Doug Zehr
Call Sign: 
Unit:24th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:1980-1986
E-mail: kchskrs@kc.rr.com
Message:Flight medic.

Date:19 Sep 03
Name:William Langston
Call Sign: 
Unit:Then 63rd Med Det, now 101 Avn Bd
Time Frame:74-76
E-mail: blangs4864@aol.com
Message:No message received.

Date:19 Sep 03
Name:Peter A. Weiss
Call Sign: 
Unit:82d Med Det
Time Frame:August 67/November 67
E-mail: santagene@comcast.net
Message:Was a Medical Specialist with the 2/19th Inf, 24th Mech. Inf Div from 1964 through 1966, 24th Artillery Group (Nike Missiles). Med NCO in Coventry Rhode Island from 1966 to 1967, DUSTOFF Medic 82d Med Det. August 67 to November 67 in Soc Trang, Vietnam. Wounded 7 November 67 during DUSTOFF mission, medically discharged December 68 from Fort Knox, Kentucky. Spent some time in the 9th Evac Hosp in Dong Tam, 25th Evac Hosp in Cu Chi, some hospital in Japan, and almost 12 months in Ireland Army Hospital Fort Knox.

Date:19 Sep 03
Name:Mike Casper
Call Sign: 
Unit:4/45th Med Co
Time Frame:68-69
E-mail: rvrgide@yahoo.com
Message:I was crewchief of FLOWER POWER 66-16429.  I had a great time in Atlanta with all of the DUSTOFFers that were there.  Hope to see more of you at the next one.  Especially the guy who named FLOWER POWER.

Date:18 Sep 03
Name:Jim Brooks  
Call Sign:Groundhog
Unit:316th Med.
Time Frame:6/81-9/93
E-mail: pntman25@hotmail.com
Message:No message received

Date:10 Sep 03
Name:Thomas Salat
Call Sign: 
Unit:57th Med Det
Time Frame:73-76
E-mail: Tsalat@aol.com
Message:flew with Freddie Long, Dave Freeman, Ken Curl, Joe MacDonald, and a host of terrific pilots, who taught me things that I'm still using today as a corporate helicopter pilot.

Date:5 Sep 03
Name:Wendel T. (Toby) Chaffin
Call Sign: 
Unit:5th Battalion 60th Infantry 9th ID
Time Frame:April 1970- April 1971
E-mail: tchaffin@sc.rr.com
Message:I served as a platoon leader with the 9th ID in Vietnam. I have always had the greatest admiration for all DUSTOFF crewmembers. Without you, many men never would have come home. Only through your courage are many men here today. You have this "Grunt's" thanks and gratitude.

Date:5 Sep 03
Name:Rick Von Vogel
Call Sign: 
Unit:227th (Chickenman) &57th Gladiator's Gladiator 715
Time Frame:71-72
E-mail: rickvogel@midmo.net
Message:I flew DUSTOFF a lot when you guy's were not available.  I did not mind it; I had my 60's for protection! I don't know how you brave soul's flew in hot LZ's with No Guns. I thought you guy's were Nuts or God's own Lunatic's? Glad so many of you made it home! Shakey (Rick V. Vogel)

Date:5 Sep 03
Name:David Franz
Call Sign: 
Unit:498th Medical Co (AA)
Time Frame:Sept '67-Nov '68
E-mail: majdavefranz@aol.com
Message:Haven't checked out this page as often as I used to. I certainly support the CMB for our flight medics. It is a no-brainer!

Date:24 Aug 03
Name:George Lehner
Call Sign: 
Unit:254 Medical Detachment (HA)
Time Frame:March/Dec 1969
E-mail: George@kdisplay.com
Message:No message received.

Date:9 Aug 03
Name:Bruce W. Blake
Call Sign: 
Unit:57th Med. Det.
Time Frame: 
E-mail: southernrain@cablone.net
Message:I am SP 4 Bruce W. Blake's wife. He is unable to type so I am typing this for him. My CO's were Major Lloyd Spencer and Major Charles Kelly. The pilots were CPT Carr, CPT James Patrick Brady, 1LT Lynch, 2LT Garfield C. Schecliter and a Warrant Officer. I was a medic in one of first units coming into Vietnam under Major Lloyd Spencer and then Major Charles Kelly along with SP5 McCloud, SP5 MacDonald, and crewchiefs Tom Dorman and Byrd. The insignia patch that you use of the Red Cross was designed by me. I helped transfer the A Unit to Soc Trang where we received a round thru the fuel cell of our copter and had to land there until crewchief Strout replaced or repaired it and we were the ones carrying the ammo when the observer plane was shot down. We responded to the call while we were returning to home base. Both pilots were killed. We did the right thing by dumping the ammo and returning the pilot's bodies. Enlisted men deserve as much honor and glory as the officers. That was the way MAJ Kelly was. He was a decent person and treated everyone equal. It was a great loss the day he was killed. It was nice the officers got all the awards and the enlisted men got nothing for without the enlisted men there would be no officers alive. CPTBrady was also one of the greatest men I knew. Bruce W. Blake

Date:9 Aug 03
Name:Allen Rummel
Call Sign: 
Unit:82nd Med. Det, 44 Med Co.
Time Frame:Jan.69-Jan70
E-mail: AR63@aol.com
Message:Mike Novosell was one of the pilots, Greg Randall (medic), Joe Horvath (crewchief), Herbert Heinold (medic).

Date:9 Aug 03
Name:Philip Swaney
Call Sign: 
Unit:82d Med Det (HA)
Time Frame:July 1967- Jan 1969
E-mail: haggus3@msn.com
Message:No message received.

Date:7 Aug 03
Rank:U.S. Merchant Mariner WW2
Name:Harold "BUD" Schmidt Sr.
Call Sign: 
Unit:U.S. Merchant Marine
Time Frame: 
E-mail: bud@tenforward.com
Message:Hello guys, I am a friend of Fred Duncan a fellow Mariner who served on merchant ships during WW 2 during Operation "IVORY SOAP". I'm the guy who, after receiving info from Fred about that operation, put it onto the Internet for all to see. I also helped Fred in his efforts to get to visit personally with Bob Cowgill while some of you were getting him his well-earned medals for what he did back then. Bob was very appreciative of what all you fellows did for him, he told me he never thought he'd ever see them, but in May when he did, he openly cried while I visited him and said he was so grateful in getting them before he would pass on. THANKS GUYS for making one guy very happy. "BUD" Schmidt Sr. Sequim, WA. http://my.tenforward.com/bud/

Date:2 Aug 03
Name:Gary (Mick) Beale
Call Sign: 
Unit:498th Med. Co., 3rd Plt, Quinhon
Time Frame:65/66
E-mail: olblucat@netscape.net
Message:We supported anyone in 2nd Corp, the Ist Cav at An Khe, the marines up north, the RVNs, MAC-V and SF camps, the ROK's and the LRRPs. We were the only aviation co. fulltime at Quin Hon. At various times other units would come in and cover us. We enjoyed hassling the marines who tried to put medics on fence patrol with our authorized Colt 45 autos in shoulder holsters. They had not received the AR16s so when they tried to make us stand inspection with them, the AR would snap shut when the LT would snatch it from our hands. Of course, he couldn't hand it back shut and he didn't know how to lock the breech open. Not to knock the marines, but they just never listened to experience. They had to learn everything the hard way. The other was the gun ship landing on our pad and blowing a rocket down our flight line and wiping out one of our birds and one crewchief's ass. He was bending over and didn't see it coming. Don't know if they gave him a purple heart or not. We Lost three men in November of 65. Martinez, Allred and Esposito. Ist and 2nd walls. They are not on your KIA list. Martinez was the medic, Allred the doorgunner and Esposito was the crewchief. The pilots got out hurt but alive.

We did fly with two M-60's on bungee cords and dared any one to try and take them from us. No water, so we lived on hot beer and coffee. Bad enough there, but not as bad as when Nixon surrendered our blood and honor.

Date:1 Aug 03
Name:William R Burke
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 11
Unit:498th Med Co.
Time Frame:1967 to1968
E-mail: Billdustoff11@aol.com
Message:LTC Paul Bloomquest, Frank Heffernan, Jimmy Dillon, Grauling, Bill Cheney, Tom Adams, Nash, Jenkins, and many others, also served with the 5th Special Forces before coming an aviator. Graduated Class 66-19. In war are there really any winners? Too many give the supreme sacrifice, and then there are the lucky ones who make it back. Nobody really wins but we go and do our Duty for God and Country to the best of our ability and pray that nobody else has to make the supreme sacrifice.