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Apr-Jun 99 Guestbook Entries

Date:30 Jun 99
Name:Carl R. Prince
Call Sign:
Unit:68th Med. Det. (Chu Lai)
Time Frame:70-71
E-mail: uh1hcc@hotmail.com
Message:Hey guys, over the past year I have found (and been in contact with) a few people that served with the 68th and 54th. I would really like to find more. Some of the names I am looking for are; Wildsmith, Morgan, and Barnes. I am sorry I can't remember all of them. Thanks. P.S. Fergurson was another wounded Jul 70 at Kham Duc.

Date:30 Jun 99
Name:Johnny Bradley
Call Sign:
Unit:172nd Med. Co.
Time Frame:1992-Present
E-mail: jwbrad@flash.net
Message:Enjoyed the site and good flying to all.

Date:30 Jun 99
Name:Allan Parkhurst
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 32
Unit:45th Med. Co.
Time Frame:Jul 67-Jul68
E-mail: arp4801@aol.com

Date:22 Jun 99
Name:Dave Bennett
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 61
Unit:283rd Med Det.
Time Frame:69 & 70
E-mail: Swaerial@aol.com
Message:Flew in Eldon Ideas first command-when he was a Captain. When my dad wrote me a buck-up-and-persevere letter - I wrote him back and told him the Army gave me this big toy to play with, all the booze I thought I wanted (a 19 yr. old Texas kid who looked 14), and put me on a hospital compound with nurses ( I didn't tell him I was still afraid of girls). I did tell him I did not want to come home- he understood. Flew with Jerry Spruill, Nick Lynch, Chuck Cavis, Don Underwood, Smitty, Mike Rhinehart, Steve Byers, John O'Connel, Sammy Sneed, Allen Willet, Wayne Johnson, Jerry Dulak, Larry Peterson, Bob Traub, Denny Harrel, was covered by the Falcons, Panthers, Avengers, and many others including a stagecoach in the most rewarding adventure any one could hope to have. If you have to go to war, there are more civilized ways than the Cav.- go DUSTOFF. Many thanks to medics, crew chiefs, and all of our adult supervision.

Date:19 Jun 99
Name:Mike Kelley
Call Sign:
Unit:D Co, 1st/502d Inf., 101st Abn
Time Frame:16 Sep 70
E-mail: kelleyc@ix.netcom.com

Would dearly love to find the 101st Abn Dustoff crew that saved my life when I was severely wounded 16 Sep 70, appx 2 km NE of FSB Blitz and about 25 km S of Hue.

Our Platoon medic, Stephen T. Smith, stepped on a mine next to me at appx 5:30 in the evening that day and the first Medevac arrived about 1740 to take Doc Smitty (Stephen T. Smith) to the 85th Evac at Phu Bai.

Smitty lost both legs and died of his wounds on 21Sep70. I had sucking chest wounds in both lungs, and was also hit in the stomach, forehead and left arm and shoulder. On the flight in, Smitty got most of the attention as he needed it much more than me.

I owe you guys my life and I often think of that day and reflect on your skills and heroics. I salute you all.

Mike "M-60" Kelley, Sacramento, CA

Regards, M-60 Mike Kelley

Date:16 Jun 99
Rank:SP5 Then
Name:William E. Brown, Jr.
Call Sign:Plieku DUSTOFF
Unit:498th Med Co. (AA)
Time Frame:29 June-65-27sept 67
E-mail: webrown@webtv.net
Message:I joined the unit at Fort Sam Houston, and was assigned to the 2d Platoon, with MAJ Kash, as the Flight Leader. As a Flight Medic.  Upon arrival in Vietnam, we were assigned to Plieku until our move to Lane Field. During this time I was Medevaced to 7th Field Hospital in Japan and upon my return to the 498th Med Co (AA).  Later that year I was reassigned (PCS) to 31st Field Hospital, Korat, Thailand as a Combat Flight Medic (91B4F). I'm happy the 498th Med Co (AA) now has three Web pages.  All DUSTOFF members keep up the good work and keeps those rotors turning.

Date:16 Jun 99
Name:Tim Coogan
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:1969-1970
E-mail: tcoogan@bop.gov
Message:Best job I ever had solely because of the quality of the men I served with. Paul Coleman (Pigpen), Mac, Foxworthy, Jones (Bones), Butch, Knight, Jeter, Tuttle, Lenny Constance...etc., etc. We never turned down a mission...cruised the Highlands & did our job. Hope to hear from some of you guys.

Date:12 Jun 99
Rank:SFC (Ret)
Name:John Goodwin
Call Sign:
Unit:507th Med. Co.
Time Frame:84-89, 93-94
E-mail: JJGoodwin3@aol.com
Message:1st Flt Plt 507th crew chief section sergeant (84-89) and maintenance section sergeant (92-94).  I had the privilege of working with some of the  most motivated, selfless guys in the world who happened to be Army flight medics, crew chiefs, and mechanics.  Thanks for the memories and...Have a Nice Day.

Date:10 Jun 99
Rank:SSG (Ret)
Name:John Wypyszinski
Call Sign:
Unit:237th MAST
Time Frame:1980-81
E-mail: Medic275@Hotmail.com
Message:Excellent site, guys. Brings back a lot of memories for me. Thanks!!!

Date:7 Jun 99
Rank:RD3 USN
Name:Steve Renfro
Call Sign:
Unit:CosRon 1
Time Frame:'67 to '69
E-mail: sunrock@southwind.net
Message:Welcome home people! I'm doing research for a book being written about the exploits of the Brownwater Navy in Nam. I've undertaken a gigantic task and hope that you, here, can help me. I know that I'm assuming a lot, since CRS Syndrome (that's can't remember shit) is almost epidemic after 30 years. It's off the coast of the Batangan Peninsula, near Quang Ngai City, Dec. 6th, 1967. The 2nd in charge of a Navy Swift Boat, an E-6 Boatswain's Mate is mortally wounded in the head. A Dustoff is called, but can't load the wounded off the Swift, because the Swift's whip antennae are in the way. The Swift transfers the wounded to a Destroyer size ship and the Dustoff loads the wounded off the ship's helo-deck. The wounded dies in flight or just after arrival at the hospital. The author was a crewmate of the wounded and is the person who called for the Dustoff. He is hoping for the near impossible, that of locating the crew of that Dustoff mission. He'd very much like to fill in the blanks of that event, since in his case, CRS is working overtime. Any help in this effort will have our heart felt appreciation.

Date:31 May 99
Name:Albert [Bert] Elie
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med Evac [AA]
Time Frame:8/65 - 8/66
E-mail: bertsbs@ez2.net
Message:Home based in Na Trang under Major Rogers. I was the operation guy. Sure love hearing from the guys.

Date:31 May 99
Name:"Doc" Dinsmore
Call Sign:
Unit:254th Med. Det.
Time Frame:
E-mail: jrem@molalla.net
Message:Looking for officers and crew from 254th Med. Det., Vietnam 1968-1970  

Date:31 May 99
Name:Peter Schuster
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 57
Unit:54th Med. Det.
Time Frame:
E-mail: PSCH57@cs.com
Message:I was Dustoff 57 with 54th Med. Det. that came from Ft. Benning to Chu Lai under command of MAJ Mcwilliam, MAJ Brady, CPT Flory, LT Foust, WOs Scott, Shadrick, Schwartz, Sewell, Hall, Schenck, and me (Schuster) and 28 crew and service members.

Date:22 May 99
Name:Donald Jones "Bones"
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co
Time Frame:Mar/69 to Feb/71
E-mail: sledjones@wilkshire.net
Message:Crewchief in the second platoon, flew with the best in Nam, including Tuttle, Knight, Geter, Parlaska, Rauen, Levulis, Foxworthy, Malon, Pius, Breedlove, Coogan, to name a few. I was dumb and naive when I got there, but sure as hell wasn't when I left. BALLS TO THE WALLS, MELVIN DICKWEED!

Date:14 May 99
Rank:LTC (Ret)
Name:Alfred G. Nichols III
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 85
Unit:45th, 82nd, 112th, 159th, 571st
Time Frame:1967 to 1979, RVN 1967/68
E-mail: NICHOLAG@prodigy.net
Message:I was with the 5th SFG RVN in 1964/65, and graduated from flight school in 1967. I went with the 159th to RVN in 1967. Was reassigned to the 82nd in 1967 to 1968. I was advisor to the Maine ARNG (112th) 1973/78, and commanded the 571st from 1977/79. I send my regards to all of my fellow RVN pilots, crew members, comrades in arms, and MFSS associates. I frequently think of the good and bad times that bind us together and of our departed DUSTOFF friends and comrades. God bless you all.

Date:9 May 99
Name:Harry Miller
Call Sign:
Unit:Eagle Dustoff 101ST
Time Frame:1970
E-mail: hjakmiler@aol.com
Message:As a platoon medic in the mountains in I-Corps, I got tired of sleeping on the ground.  So I became a volunteer.  I had the  pleasure of flying with William Malifant (KIA  1970).  We had the experience of a life time.  Night time hoist.  Inching our way through the mountains in
the monsoons with each of us standing on a skid as lookout to prevent a crash. We packed a lot of experience in to a very short time.....   You know all branches of the service have their heroes and their stories.  But the  pilots and crews of Eagle Dustoff were the original "can do" outfit.  We saw the loss of  some of the GREATEST.  What a pleasure. Anyway I have a patch I haven't seen on your site I will try and find a way to send a copy to you.    

Date:9 May 99
Name:BG (ret) John T Quinn
Call Sign:
Unit:20th Rangers (ARVN)'62-'63; 2-28th Inf., 1st Div, '66-'67;CO 1-14 Inf., 4th Div, 1970
Time Frame:see above
E-mail: jacquin52@moe.fcol.com
Message:To the members of the greatest organization ever assembled by our great Army: Will someone please send me a copy of Gen. Pat Brady's "When I Have Your Wounded." I read it years ago in Army Magazine? Thank you.

Date:8 May 99
Name:Chad A. Peltier
Call Sign:
Unit:50th Med Co (AA) "Eagle Dustoff"
Time Frame:
Message:On going battle!!!

Visit site at http://members.xoom.com/Chopper_Sqd

(It is case sensitive)

Date:6 May 99
Name:Donald B. Fugitt
Call Sign:
Unit:45 Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:68-70
Message:I was reading the DUSTOFF Association page the other night and sent out this message to a few who looked like they were at, or had visited the 93rd while I was at the 45th Med. Co. Have a great day!

Enjoyed your post on the DUSTOFF Association page. I was @ the 45th Med., 93rd Evac, in 68, 69 & 70. Senior tower operator.

"Enter and call right downwind. Clear to land."

Date:3 May 99
Name:Don Berry
Call Sign:
Time Frame:


Was a life member and Secretary with Gerry Nolan.  I was the one that originally converted the paper files to the database for the Society (with the help of Neal Lankford).  I seemed to have dropped off the roster for some reason.

Date:3 May 99
Rank:E-4 (then)
Name:Daniel Biesen
Call Sign:421st Air Amb
Time Frame:1977-1978
Message:Crewchief aircraft 67-17547. Looking for Tom Shields and Robert Stogner. Looking for more but just can't remember names.

Date:3 May 99
Name:Jon Blickenstaff
Call Sign:
Unit:159th Med. Det.
Time Frame:70-71

Date:27 Apr 99
Call Sign:
Time Frame:

Date:26 Apr 99
Name:Thomas Kearns
Call Sign:
Unit:145th Med Det. (AA)
Time Frame:88-96
Message:Served as an OH-58 CE with A Co, 1st Avn, 1st ID, Ft. Riley from 83-85, then with 145th Med Det., Dobbins AFB, Marietta, Ga. Completed WOEC '89. UH-1 track. When Desert Shield started, volunteered to go to Ft. Bragg and fly DUSTOFF while the 57th Med Det. stood down to deploy to Saudi. Hello to the guys that painted the bottom of our Hueys. After 4 weeks we were sent home to get activated. Then we were activated and served for 12 months at Ft. Benning, Ga., Mountain Ranger Camp, Florida Ranger Camp. Hello to all that I served with, whether at Riley, Rucker, Bragg, Benning, or Dobbins. Look forward to hearing from you all. Currently a police officer/ pilot near Atlanta flying a Bell LongRanger III and an OH-58C. Hello to Muklebust, Huffman, Franklin, Mattson, Maurice, Mims, Latuszek, Paco, Nickle Nose,Wetzstein, Thomas, Towe, Stefanski, Brazil, Churchill, and others.

Date:26 Apr 99
Name:Murberg, Inge Andrč
Call Sign:
Unit:Normedcoy / Nordpol bde / SFOR
Time Frame:March 1998 - Sept 1998
Message:I wish to thank every soldier and officer of the DUSTOFF unit at "Blue Factory" in Bosnia. Special thanks to CPT Baxter for the night flight over northern Bosnia in april 1998. I believe it was the 159th air ambulance unit.

See you guys next time on another mission.

Date:26 Apr 99
Name:J Homan
Call Sign:
Unit:283rd Med. Det.
Time Frame:1993-1995
Message:This is the only DUSTOFF in the state of Alaska.

Date:25 Apr 99
Name:J Homan
Call Sign:
Unit:Flatiron,Ft. Rucker, AL
Time Frame:1991-1993
Message:Flew with SGT V St. Germain.

Date:23 Apr 99
Name:Nick Grogan
Call Sign:
Unit:45th AA and 247th
Time Frame:8/68-7/70
Message:Started with 45th in December 68 transferred to 247th at Dong Tam. Left Dong Tam spent some time in Vung Tow, than was part of the first party to set up the area at Phang Rang.

Date:21 Apr 99
Name:August (Augie) Mantia
Call Sign:
Unit:254th Hel Amb-Nha Trang; 68t Med. Det.-Chu Lai
Time Frame:254th;5/69-8/69 ;68th:8/69-5/70
Message:I was crewchief 68th 8/69-5/70 Hiep Duc Valley, Tra Bong River area.

Date:21 Apr 99
Rank:1SG (RET)
Name:Paul Lowthian
Call Sign:
Unit:68th Med
Time Frame:74-7, 77- 81
Message:68th Med in Hawaii 74-77, 247th Med at F t. Meade, Cmd 77-81. Those were the best dammed years I spent in Army Aviation.  For those six years, I really felt I was contributing to the betterment of the human race.  As a friend of ours used to say-"Thanks for the memories."

Date:21 Apr 99
Rank:MSG (Ret.)
Name:Allen M. "HiTech" Mytyk
Call Sign:
Unit:316th Med. Det. (AA)
Time Frame:November 1979 - March 1985
Message:Joined 316th Med. Det. (HA) Cleveland, OH in November, 79 under the command of MAJ. Chuck Boaeff as a 67N30. Transferred from the unit in March, 85 (Elyria, OH) as aircraft "TI" under the command of MAJ. William B. Spittler.

"The Legend Lives On..."

Date:14 Apr 99
Name:Fred Stauffer
Call Sign:Dustoff 16
Unit:57th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame:Aug 97- present
Message:Just checking the site.....would like to get in touch.

Date:5 Apr 99
Name:Clifton H Tucker Jr.
Call Sign:
Unit:TIKI MAST 326TH Med Ft Campbell 101ST
Time Frame:81-83
Message:Huey mechanic/crew chief 81-83. TIKI MAST Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic. Officer in charge of maintenance was CW4 Yates. Fond memories I'll never forget. Proud to have served.

Date:4 Apr 99
Name:Robert Dodson (BOB)
Call Sign:
Unit:377th MEDEVAC
Time Frame:84-85
Message:Assigned to Maintenance Platoon as a crewchief and a Maintenance Team Leader. I was FIRED for insubordination.