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Apr-Jun 02 Guestbook Entries

Date:27Jun 02
Name:Brian G Harvey
Call Sign: 
Unit:Det 1. 24th Med A/A
Time Frame:Dec 01 to present
E-mail: tiggntazz@earthlink.net
Message:No message sent.

Date:26 Jun 02
Name:Lance McCune
Call Sign: 
Unit:FlatIron AAD, Fort Rucker, AL
Time Frame:1991-1993
E-mail: Lance.Mccune@usarc-emh2.army.mil
Message:Flew as a Helicopter Rescue Specialist (Fire Fighter) with Flatiron for about three years. Had a great team back then and have missed it ever since. If anyone reads this that remembers a fellow named Joe Jack Hudgins, he was medically retired as a DAC last May as a result of injuries incurred during a crash. A person couldn't ask for a better friend and mentor. God bless and good luck Joe!!!

Date:21 Jun 02
Name:Bernadette Palya
Call Sign: 
Unit:8th Field Hospital, An Khe
Time Frame:Apr-Nov1970
E-mail: namnurse2@mchsi.com
Message:I was a green 2LT when I arrived at the 17th Field Hospital which was later re-designated 8th Field Hospital. Have great memories of off duty unauthorized flights with DUSTOFF. More importantly remember the professionalism of our DUSTOFF crews. Thanks for doing a great job. Bernie

Date:17 Jun 02
Name:Andrew Lovy, D.O.
Call Sign: 
Unit:Bttn Surgeon 3/506 101 ABN Vietnam
Time Frame:1967-68
E-mail: src1935@juno.com
Message:Great site. I guess I qualify as an adjunct member. I was involved in over 60 hours of Medevac flight time, picking up wounded and working on them while in transit to Surg Hospital in Long Binh, or other sites. I have never met a more dedicated and brave bunch of men in my life. You were the difference in so many lives. Still looking for the medic/door gunner who pulled me back on a chopper Aug 1968, when I was shot out of it during a Medevac. He threw me inside and laid over me and took 3 rounds in his flak vest.

Date:17 Jun 02
Name:David Bugg
Call Sign: 
Unit:2/421st Med Co. (AA)
Time Frame:1972 - 9/74
E-mail: dbugg@crcwnet.com
Message:No message sent.

Date:14 Jun 02
Name:Marvin E Danzy
Call Sign: 
Unit:421st Med. Co.
Time Frame: 
E-mail: Marvin.Danzy@CEN.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL
Message:I was with the 421st at Nelligen. I was also the unit mail clerk and later became the medical section SGT there. I also served in the 3/377. In Teague from April 87 thru May 88 and the 431st at Fort Knox from 91 to 92. DUSTOFF is away of life.

Date:10 Jun 02
Name:Richard Long
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st. Med.
Time Frame:68- apr 70
E-mail: birdiedoodoo@yahoo.com
Message:I made contact with a few of my old buddies through this Web site. Thank you for that. Does any one know how I find out about the DUSTOFF reunion in Texas I think? Couldn't find anything on this Web site . Thanks......Dick Long

Webmeister Note: Reunions are historically held the 3rd weekend of Feb each year in San Antonio, TX. As the reunion date gets closer information will be posted on this site about dates, hotel, events, etc.

Date:3 Jun 02
Name:Marshall Barrentine
Call Sign:Bear
Unit:159th Med Det
Time Frame:1973-1976
E-mail: pawpawbear@gulf.net
Message:No message sent.

Date:25 May 02
Name:Thomas Hoffman
Call Sign: 
Unit:498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:1967-Dec 1969
E-mail: blackhawk33@earthlink.net
Message:Was avionics for the 2nd platoon in Plieku. Then move to Lane AF. Start 2nd tour in Jan 69 and left in Dec 69.

Date:24 May 02
Name:Joseph "Doc" Redman
Call Sign: 
Unit:254th Med. Det.
Time Frame:Jan 68-Aug 69
E-mail: jredman@hot1.net
Message:Flew with the 254th and would appreciate any contact from former crewmembers!

Date:21 May 02
Name:Gil Jones
Call Sign:Comancheros
Time Frame:6/70-4/71
E-mail: draftek@gte.net
Message:I flew as a crewchief & door gunner on a slick. Do you remember Lam Son 719? I'm trying to locate James Hodges, Art Anderson, Jim Stewart, Ben Ewing, John Plankers, John Johnston, Jim McNeese & Jim Ramey. Does anyone know how to contact these guys?

Date:11 May 02
Name:James Heady
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 159
Unit:159th Med. Det.
Time Frame:7/69 - 7/70
E-mail: dustoff159@yahoo.com
Message:No message sent.

Date:2 May 02
Name:Ray Deyo
Call Sign: 
Time Frame:1968/1970
E-mail: rajooyor@msn.com
Message:Looking for medic SP5 Gordy Gaskin. We were in the 45TH DUSTOFF in 1969.

Date:23 Apr 02
Name:Scott Hampton
Call Sign: 
Unit:Dept. of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, US Military Academy, West Point, NY
Time Frame: 
E-mail: LS0425@usma.edu
Message:I had the honor to visit with and listen to Hugh Thompson at the United States Military Academy. He is a true hero, leader, and great American who inspired over a 1000 future leaders for our Army in his 2 day visit.

Date:21 Apr 02
Name:Chester C. Crump
Call Sign: 
Unit:247th Med Det and 45th Med Co
Time Frame:1969-1970
E-mail: CCRN1993@aol.com
Message:I would like to contact other members of my units from VN.

Date:21 Apr 02
Name:Tommy Bailey
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 66
Unit:498th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:May 68-Jun 69
E-mail: TommyBaileyHomes@pdq.net
Message:None sent.

Date:8 Apr 02
Rank:LT/MAJ. (Ret)
Name:Jerry W. Kinsey
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 17
Unit:45th Med. Co.
Time Frame:7/69-7/70
E-mail: moonpie@prodigy.net
Message:None sent.