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 Apr-Jun 01 Guestbook Entries

Date:29 Jun 01
Name:John Gilder
Call Sign:
Unit:571st Med. Det. at Phu bai
Time Frame:1968-1969
E-mail: john_gilder@yahoo.com
Message:Served with 571st from July 68 to July 69 as a crewchief. Hoist missions the worst part of it. Went TDY with 54th in Chi Lai off on during 1969. Flew with a great medic - Steven Cogliano and great pilots in the 571st and 54th.

Date:28 Jun 01
Name:Howard Deihl
Call Sign:
Unit:54th Medical Detachment
Time Frame:1985-1989
E-mail: howard@thegeneralagency.com

Date:27 Jun 01
Name:Harry Newman
Call Sign:
Unit:2/421st. Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:1972-1976
E-mail: hnewman@ij.net
Message:2/421st. Med. Co. (AA) crewchief from 1972 to 1976, got Medical retirement. Would like to chat with anybody who was in the unit at the same time I was.

Date:24 Jun 01
Name:Bob Carter
Call Sign:DMZ 702
Unit:237th Med Det
Time Frame:1970
E-mail: bpcarter@qwest.net
Message:Thanks for the memories. Thanks for putting in the effort to keep dusty up and running.

Date:18 Jun 01
Rank:COL Ret
Name:Vard Freeman
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 43
Unit:4th Plt, 498th Med Co Air Ambulance
Time Frame:Jul 66 - Jul 67
E-mail: vard@nomafreeman.com
Message:I was with the 498th in Qui Nhon before it moved out to Lane Field.

Date:7 Jun 01
Rank:SFC ,CSM-E9
Name:Roland R. Petty
Call Sign:
Unit:53rd Med Det. Helicopter Amb.
Time Frame:July 1953 June 1956
E-mail: rrpetty@wt.net
Message:We did not win any wars but we kept an eye on the wall in Germany. After completing Helicopters Maintenance School at Fort Sill, Ok in 1953 I received orders to proceed to San Antonio, TX to pick up a Helicopter Amb. Med. Det. as the First Sgt. line chief and maintenance chief, and take it to Darmstadt, Germany. That I did ,with 22 EM, 5 H-13E, and Seven MSC Pilots We were assigned to the 31st Med Group, I believe. The 53rd was the first Helicopter Amb. Det to be assign to Germany, and I think the 54th went to Salzburg Austria. I did have hell trying to keep the maintenance up on the helicopter because the Med Officer did not know the first thing about helicopter maintenance. But I did make my three years and had the best crew chiefs and pilots Petty trained. If anyone knows anything about what happen to the 53rd, please let me know, OK?  Would really appreciate it. I came out of the Engineers into Aviation and ran the air demo team at Fort Sill under Col Haliton (RED DOG) for a long time as a SFC in 1952 and stayed with FW/RW until 1971 and retired as a CSM. At that time I was CSM of the 1st WOC Bn at Fort Wolters, TX. Now living in Fort Worth, TX.

Date:3 Jun 01
Name:Peter Vives
Call Sign:
Unit:54th Med Det, 377th Med Co, 236th Med Co 
Time Frame:86-87(54th), 87-88(377th), 92-94(236th)
E-mail: psvives@earthlink.net
Message:Too many to name, but all were great folks. Thanks for all the memories and missions. Tail is clear!

Date:20 May 01
Name:Doug Zehr
Call Sign:
Unit:24th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:'80-'86
E-mail: doug.zehr@pfizer.com
Message:Surfing the Web...came across your website by accident. I was a Flight Medic, crewed the old UH-1Hs. Understand the 24th has now gone to UH-60s. Lots of good memories. Great group of people.

Date:20 May 01
Name:Rusty Rexrode
Call Sign:Rusty Nail
Unit:498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame:1981-85
E-mail: rustyfrommd@webtv.net
Message:Attached to 498 Med Co. (AA) Ft. Benning, Georgia USA. Mission was post support and evac of military and civilian to area hospitals, local and Atlanta mostly. Supported post jump school (Airborne School, School of Americas, OCS Ranger Bn and other missions on post or off. The friends I made there will always be locked in my heart forever. For God and country. Hooah!!

Date:12 May 01
Name:Ron Leonard
Call Sign:Diamondhead
Unit:B co 25th Aviation
Time Frame:68-69
E-mail: rollayo@earthlink.net
Message:I am the webmaster for 25th Aviation Battalion. We were located in Cu Chi Vietnam. We are located at http://members.tripod.com/ronleonard/index.htm .  We won the war by keeping you guys alive, while you tried to save the lives of our grunt buddies. I am looking for some DUSTOFF pilots from Cu Chi we had to dust off after a shoot down of the DUSTOFF. Gunships make poor DUSTOFFs....but the DUSTOFF crew didn't mind one bit :)

Date:21 Apr 01
Call Sign:
Time Frame:67-68
E-mail: StevKitcarson@aol.com
Message:I was at An Khe. My nickname was Baby Face, my best friend was Pat Swain. I was wounded at LZ English near Bonsan River in 67. I am looking for anyone who was in 15th Med between 67 and 68 at An Khe.
   This is a great Web site.

Date:18 Apr 01
Name:Bob Clewell
Call Sign:Aloft 1, 16, 5 Comanchero 6
Time Frame:Aloft (Mar67-Dec68) A-101(Oct70-May71)
E-mail: rclewell@valunet.com
Message:During the early years I was a passenger on just about anything that flew in III and IV Corps, having spent about equal time as a advisor in both and having artillery platoons scattered all over the place. From March 67 until Dec 68, I was stationed at Phu Loi, spent twelve months as the maintenance officer, then extended to support the 5th ARVN division with a platoon of four aircraft (O-1's). Got shot down in flames on the 4th of July 1968 in Bo Loi/ Ho Bo woods and was "rescued" by a passing UH-1 flown by Milo Overstreet and Jim Morgan from A-101st Aviation Battalion (callsign then Eagle) and their crewmen. Served a third tour from May 70 to Jul 71 with 101st Airborne Division, commanding A-101 "Comancheros" from Oct70-May71 (eight months) and participating in Lam Son 719. Led successive assaults to LoLo (March 3), Liz (March 4) and Sophia II (March 5) during Lam Son 719 and participated in the assault to LZ Hope on March 6 as leader of the second element of 60 aircraft in the 120 ship assault. Executed several key extractions of ARVN forces from Laos in the late stages of Lam Son 719. RE-Visited Vietnam in Feb 1992 including A Shau Valley and Vietnam/Laos in Mar 1998 including a hike to the top of LoLo (thanks in good measure to fellow travelers). All my time in Vietnam then and since was mostly at battalion or company level and below. It was a difficult war, but it was easier for me to serve in Vietnam during the war than elsewhere in peacetime, which I also did, back in the States and overseas so my hat is off to all who served, and especially to the men and women in Service today. You are the greatest! I mean that sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. At the same time, I want to express an old appreciation, looking back at DUSTOFF, and especially for DUSTOFF in the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam, and to my good friend Fred Behrens and others less heralded, to every common soldier and crewman of courage and compassion who served both honorably and well, just a simple word of "Thanks". "Thanks for your service and for keeping the Faith." Webmasters, too. Bob

Date:18 Apr 01
Name:David Johnson
Call Sign:Gonad of the desert
Unit:45th Med
Time Frame:84 - 91 (Desert Shield / Storm)
E-mail: johnsonus67@qwest.net
Message:Flew with the 45th Med in Germany. Was in Desert Shield and Storm. Looking for Bobby Bright (Boogerman), who I met in Saudi, and 2 guys I was stationed with: Jeff Hewitt and Eli Haddock, both may still be on active duty.