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Apr-Jun00 Guestbook Entries

Date:28 Jun 00
Name:Timothy L. Law
Call Sign:
Unit:229th Med. Det., 507th Med. Co.
Time Frame:Feb87-Jun89/Aug92-Jan95
E-mail: helicopter@military.com

Date:26 Jun 00
Name:Tommy Johnson 
Call Sign:
Unit:237th Medical Detachment
Time Frame:Jan 1969 to Jun 1970
E-mail: kd@interconnect.net
Message:I was a Crew Chief with the 237th Medical Detachment from Jan.'69 to Jun.'70. First at Camp Evans and later moved to Quang Tri, supporting the 18th Surgical Hospital. I would like to hear from anyone with the DMZ DUSTOFF crew.

Date:22 Jun 00
Name:Dick Latour 
Call Sign:
Unit:611 Trans. Co. Element #1
Time Frame:Feb. 68 -Feb. 69
E-mail: dicklatour@pobox.com
Message:I was with the detachment of the 611th that supported the 82nd Med in Soc Trang. I took over the supply room from the SGT that left shortly after I arrived at the end of Feb., '68 (had to wait until he left to get a rifle and flak vest).

I saw a mention of LSI, the civilian company that replaced us when we were pulled back to Vinh Long and was wondering if anyone remembers the 611th.

Also wondering if any one remembers an 82d Dustoff that crashed (no survivors) sometime in 1968 with 3 crew members found on board. The fourth was found a few days later. There was a midday memorial at the chapel and we were supposed to have a 21 gun salute, but the Airfield Commander's Office was next door and he didn't want the noise disturbing him. I suggested having it anyway, but lowering the sights somewhat.

Date:22 Jun 00
Name:Eric Laney
Call Sign:
Unit:421st Med Co.
Time Frame:1984
E-mail: qc11@worldnet.att.net
Message:I was a crew chief on Blackhawk Medevac helicopters, stationed in Nellingen, Germany.

Date:20 Jun 00
Name:James Brian O'Keeffe
Call Sign:
Unit:237th Med. Det. (RA)
Time Frame:1971-72
E-mail: brianokeef@aol.com
Message:Served as a flight medic with the 237th, did a prior tour with the 25th Infantry Division (68-69), and retired from the Army in 1989 as a Medical 1SG. I recall only the names of a medic named Chamberlain aka "Shammer" and a WO1 Jose Barajas.

Date:14 Jun 00
Name:Nelson E. Luce
Call Sign:Dustoff 4 6
Unit:45th Air Amb Co
Time Frame:1967 to 1968
E-mail: nel@teleport.com
Message:I was the 4th Platoon Leader of the 45th Air Amb Co., stationed in direct support of the 1st Inf Div at Lai Khe. Shot down five times, watched 12 copilots get shot and killed, and took a machine gun round through the belly. Have survived to be grateful for every new sunrise. Just this past Memorial Day visited the new Nat'l Cemetery in Phoenix, AZ. I didn't like going to Vietnam. Really have a lot of disdain for the politicians who sent us over there; but, every time I got someone to the hospital who needed it, I felt a sense of personal gratification and a real sense of purpose. Looking back I won my own "WAR" against feelings of personal inadequacy. Have had a little difficulty dealing with guilt over surviving to come home when some of my dearest friends didn't. What you have done helps those of us who have returned feel like we were not forgotten. Thanks.

Date:14 Jun 00
Name:Fred Blanchard
Call Sign:
Unit:1022nd Med Det Cheyenne WY
Time Frame:1975-84
E-mail: blanchard@ckt.net
Message:I flew with the 1022nd Med Det out of Cheyenne Wyoming. Something I'm very proud of. I'm glad to find a web page for DUSTOFF units.

Date:13 Jun 00
Name:David C. DeHoog
Call Sign:
Unit:812th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame:November 99 - present
E-mail: ChopperP@aol.com

Date:12 Jun 00
Name:Al Flory
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 54 & 46
Unit:54th Med Det (HA), 48th Med Co 
Time Frame:Aug 67--Aug 68
E-mail: al.flory@stic.net

Date:8 Jun 00
Name:William S. Asselin
Call Sign:Dustoff 77
Unit:57th Med. Det (HA)
Time Frame:Feb 67 - Jan 68
E-mail: bbmarking@yahoo.com
Message:I flew with the 57th Med. Det. (Dustoff 77) out of Long Binh from Feb 67 - Sep 67. I was then transferred to the 159th Med. Det. (Dustoff 99)and was with them until Jan 68.

Date:7 Jun 00
Name:John Travers
Call Sign:Dustoff 87
Unit:82nd Med Det 
Time Frame:1970/71
E-mail: Traversjt@cs.com

Date:3 Jun 00
Name:Floyd Dickman
Call Sign:
Unit:54th Med Detachment "Chu Lai Dustoff"
Time Frame:March 1971 to November 1971
E-mail: fdickman@home.com
Message:I flew with CW4 Larry McQuay, who was the maintenance officer for both the 54th & 68th Med Detachments, that made up Chu Lai Dustoff. When the 54th returned to Fort Lewis, WA, I was transferred to the 7& 17th Air Cav. I left country the end of Feb. 1972.

Date:2 Jun 00
Name:Delmus E. Williams (Willie)
Call Sign:
Unit:4/45th Med. Co.
Time Frame:1969-1970
E-mail: bingdel@yahoo.com

Date:29 May 00
Call Sign:
Unit:571st Med Det
Time Frame:Aug 69 - Aug 70
E-mail: 571med@bellsouth.net
Message:Would like to know what happened to SP4 Thomas Weiss? KIA 1970

Date:27 May 00
Name:Carl Prince
Call Sign:
Unit:68th Med Det Chu Lai
Time Frame:70-71
E-mail: uh1hcc@hotmail.com
Message:Help trying to rebuild flight jacket. Need 68th Med Det patch Vietnam era. Also need SP5 Vietnam era. Any help in this matter greatly appreciated. Flew with some of the best while in Vietnam. Have lots of good memories. Would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Date:21 May 00
Name:Dave "Davo" Holdorf
Call Sign:Yo, Motorhead
Unit:7/15th FA "You Yell, We Shell Like Hell"
Time Frame:4/68-4/69 Upper Highlands
E-mail: hidavo@execpc.com
Message:As a former customer of one of your DUSTOFF assignments, I would like to inquire if someone out there knows what unit was covering Hwy.19 West on Nov. 16, 1968. At 1400 hrs on convoy to Duc Co, I and a few of my comrades were the causalities of a remote detonated mine or rocket. This occurred in the area I now believe to be called "Rocket Alley", 30-45 minutes west of LZ Oasis, working w/the 4th Inf. Div. My records indicate we were transferred to the 71st Evac. Hosp. from the 4th Med. Bn., ended up at Pleiku AF Base after a short visit to a "Tent" unit I believe was at LZ Oasis, then to 6th Convalescent Center in Cam Rahn Bay for three months. THANK YOU for helping us! Just found another and we're doing fine. 7/15thFA www.landscaper.net Please respond...I would like to wear the unit crest in remembrance of your fine work at our next reunion. Davo "Big Guns Rule" .

Date:21 May 00
Name:James C. Abram
Call Sign:
Unit:283 DUSTOFF
Time Frame:NOV 1968 - NOV 1969
E-mail: jimabram@midusa.net
Message:Flew with WO Snead, CPT Cavis, WO Mercandeti, WO Underwood, WO Angel. I had also flown with SP6 Wm Henderson, WO Davis, Who were KIA on Jan 23, 1969 on a mission. I of course, was not on that mission. I was the detachment clerk from Nov 68 to Nov 69. I flew as a volunteer patient protector, on several missions.

Date:21 May 00
Rank:SSG Ret.
Name:J.L. Lanham
Call Sign:
Unit:228th Avn 1st Cav
Time Frame:1965 -1966
E-mail: Lanham3@altavista.com
Message:Hey all, didn't know you had a web. Just a special note of THANKS! I am doing this in the memory of my father "SSG James L. Lanham" He got me interested in Army Aviation because he was in it 'till he retired in 1969. I tried but my eyesight and MOS wouldn't qualify. But the job done by DUSTOFF crews and pilots is amazing and, although all take chances in one way or another, you guys and gals have a set worthy of saluting. Although I too am retired (D.A.T.) and a veteran of the camel counting mission I still require a lot more armor plating. May all your skies be blue and your LZs clear.

Date:16 May 00
Rank:SP4, MSG
Name:Alan Sibley 
Call Sign:
Unit:254th Med Det. (DUST OFF)
Time Frame:Sept 1967- Aug 1968
E-mail: msgalan@sonet.net
Message:I was looking through the guest book and there are some pages missing. I submitted my name in Jan or Feb and I can not find that page.

Note from HUEY: Thanks, fixed it....I'm positive, I think.

Date:15 May 00
Name:Wade Schafer
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med Co. (AA)
Time Frame:1985-1988
E-mail: shapecharge@webtv.net
Message:CW4 Teeples, CPT Atkins , MAJ Elliot, CW Tindel, SP4 Mike West, SP4 Gordon, whole bunch of characters too many to list.

Date:15 May 00
Name:James C. Kearney
Call Sign:
Unit:15th Med, 1st Air Cav, Medevac
Time Frame:1970, 1971
E-mail: jkearney@wcnet.net
Message:I flew with with 1st Air Cav Medevac as a medic out of Phuoc Vihn, RVN, in 1970 and 1971. On February 14, 1971, I was wounded on a volunteer mission to rescue a downed bird. I had 14 days left in country. For this action I and my crewmates received the DFC. I have seen none of them since then, but look forward to a reunion this summer in San Antonio.

Note from HUEY: The Medevac Reunion will be held in San Antonio 9-11 Jun 00. For more information on that reunion, visit the Medevac Website at http://www.vabch.com/mssb/snore/INDEX.HTM

Date:15 May 00
Name:Larry Stidham
Call Sign:Dustoff 17, 617, 517
Time Frame:1970- 1979
E-mail: warthog@stic.net
Message: The 236th Med. Det. "Da Nang Dustoff" (Viet Nam) just had their 30 year reunion. It was great to see old friends but we are missing a few. If you know of ANY member, please e-mail with their address. Plans are in the works for the next one and we would like to have everyone attend. Thanks.

Date:11 May 00
Name:Mike Jackson
Call Sign:cowboys/superbee
Unit:335th ahc/oh-6a NETT
Time Frame:67/68-69
E-mail: vsr007@oz-online.net
Message:Tomorrow 5/11 is the anniversary of the death of Robert J. Williams. He was KIA on his 3rd tour. I think he flew DUSTOFF in II corps on his first tour. Just wondering if anyone could confirm or deny.

Date:8 May 00
Name:Mark Goldstein
Call Sign:Doogie Howser
Unit:354th Med Det (AA)
Time Frame:1985-1995
E-mail: markandlynng@dellnet.com
Message:I was the medical NCOIC of our unit. It was a six UH-1V Dustoff Reserve unit. Initially it resided at Selfridge ANG in Michigan and then in the late eighties it moved to Columbus, Ohio at Port Columbus airport. We flew many OCONUS medical missions in Central America.

Date:6 May 00
Name:Larry L. Nutkins
Call Sign:
Time Frame:
E-mail: LarryNutkins@aol.com
Message:Life with 3/507th was great. I am proud to have served with the officers and enlisted personnel. I served under CPT. Merle Snyder, and later CPT. Joseph Costello, CW4 Ray Cech, CW4 Bliss, My best friend and Al Unsworth, SGT Hollis Cate, and everyone else assigned to the unit. I was stationed there from 1975 to 1978. I'll see if I can dig up some photos from that period of time with the unit. 

794 Woodside Rd. Maitland, FL 32751

Date:28 Apr 00
Rank:MSG (Ret)
Name:Thomas McClurkin
Call Sign:
Time Frame:
E-mail: mcclurkin@computer-concepts.com
Message:Keep up the good work.

Date:18 Apr 00
Rank:BG (ret)
Name:John T (Jack) Quinn
Call Sign:
Time Frame:
E-mail: jacquin52@moe.fcol.com
Message:No, I did not "win the war," nor am I a pilot. However, after three VN tours (ARVN, Rangers '63, Ist Div, "'66, and 4th Div '70) I have the greatest admiration for you flyers and Dust Off pros. One of my favorite writings is "When I Have Your Wounded," by General Pat Brady. Can someone send me a copy? Thank you.  Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Date:15 Apr 00
Rank:Sp/5--1st Sgt
Name:John Ronkartz
Call Sign:
Unit:377th Med Co. (Korea
Time Frame:76-77
E-mail: ronkartz@starpower.net
Message:I would like to hear from some ole friends from 377th DUSTOFF (Korea). Maybe even have a little reunion in the future.

Date:15 Apr 00
Name:Bill [the rock] Nelson
Call Sign:
Unit:283rd Med Det
Time Frame:65-66
E-mail: bnbnelson@yahoo.com
Message: Was crew chief with the 283rd Med Det. in 65-66 when we flew out of Saigon. You can contact me by E-mail.

Date:15 Apr 00
Name:Bob McCowan
Call Sign:Mac
Unit:498th AA
Time Frame:
E-mail: snymtn@chaffee.net
Message:Great site!!

Date:7 Apr 00
Name:Mike Disario
Call Sign:
Time Frame:1981-92
E-mail: mcbt@gisco.net
Message:First active duty DUSTOFF unit at Ft. Irwin 1981 Dustoff Europe 421st during Blackhawk transition. First active duty DUSTOFF at Ft. Drum 1986 45th deployment during Desert Shield.

Date:7 Apr 00
Rank:W01, CW2, CW3
Name:Donald Cicuzza
Call Sign:
Unit:431st Med, 15th Med. Det., 57th Med. Det.
Time Frame:1979 thru 1985
E-mail: cicuzza@penn.com
Message:No message sent.

Date:6 Apr 00
Name:Jon Patnode
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:93-96
E-mail: cp1353@dellnet.com
Message:I was a crewchief with the 498th in Haitti and Kuwait in 94.

Date:3 Apr 00
Name:Jack L. Peebles
Call Sign:
Unit:341st EVAC Bn./ 807 MED BGE
Time Frame:1976-1994
E-mail: jandapeebles@alltel.net
Message:I started with the 1136th Med Det, then with the 273rd , 807th Med Bge, 341Med Gp, 341 Evac Bn.

Date:2 Apr 00
Name:Daniel Brezina
Call Sign:BREEZE
Unit:571ST, 283RD, 45TH MED
Time Frame:92-00
E-mail: shirleyg@cmtymail.98asg.army.mil
Message:No message posted.