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April - December 2009

Date: 27 Dec 09
Rank: SP4
Name: Tom Cooper
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 498th Med Co.
Time Frame: 1971
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTcooper5@horizonview.net
Message: Pleiku 498th. Radio room, medic, door gunner 1971

Date: 27 Dec 09
Rank: LTC (Ret) Then CW2
Name: Bob Black
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 94
Unit(s): 326th Med 101st Abn Div
Time Frame: 1969
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbblack311@tx.rr.com
Message: First, I want to also morn the passing of Larry Waggoner. He was a super crewchief who I flew with many times. He also kept the history and spirit of the 326th ALIVE after the war. The 326th Med supported the entire 101st for some of its most difficult times and most of that time was spent in the Ashau Valley and beyond. What miffs me is the lack of Internet support, documentation and just reaching out to our former comrades like members of other DUSTOFF units in Vietnam do. We have no Web site!!! In 1998 I reached out to find others who I served with. Nothing. I haven't found one of my comrades, much less history of the brave men who served in the 326th from 1968 to 1970. I remember brave and bold pilots like Frank Hitchens and Jerry Torba, and Fat Albert who took over 30 rounds mostly thru the cockpit on his last mission in country. We lost many of our comrades. There would be no history that I know of if it weren't for Larry. He even sent me a picture of my helicopter on Hamburger Hill that I didn't even know existed. I don't know much about Web sites but my stepson is an IT expert so e-mail me. Let's get something started before it is too late. Where are you fat Albert, Torba, Hitchens, Whitaker, Shirley, and Roby and Olds my vote for best crewchief/medic team although EVERYONE was fantastic. As I recall we didn't have a very good commander or leadership and there was a lot of morale problems. May be wrong but don't remember the CO flying many missions, lots of dissent. If that was the case, forget it, let's get together and honor our service and the ones we lost. Let's leave some legacy of our service.

Small but Mighty

Date: 12 Dec 09
Rank: MAJ
Name: Joe Jablecki
Call Sign: Several
Unit(s): Several
Time Frame: 1976 - 1993
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjoe@jableckilp.com
Message: Very Nice Web Site!!! Great job guys!

Date: 20 Aug 09
Rank: E5
Name: Thomas C. Bryan (Shorty)
Call Sign: DOC
Unit(s): 283rd/2-507/168th
Time Frame: 77-86
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtcbryan56@yahoo.com
Message: I started with 283rd out of El Paso, TX, that changed to 2/507th. I was there in 78 until I left for Korea in 80. Come out of Korea and landed at Ft. Campbell 81-2? With the 326th Med Bn AA until 84. Then went on to Germany.

Date: 8 Aug 09
Rank: E-5
Name: Mike Oster
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 412th Med Det.
Time Frame: 85 'til final flight plan
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTctrout2catch@yahoo.com
Message:  Dave Davis, Pete Fast, Jack Hollowell, Mike Kingsbury, John Clemons and others.

Date: 11 Aug 09
Rank: SP5
Name: Randy Lee
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 22nd Surgical Hospital (MUST)
Time Frame: 1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTrandy@HighlandsStationLLC.com
Message: I have uploaded a number of photos of the 22nd Surg Hosp in Phu Bai in 1968. If you aren't on Facebook contact me, and I'll send you a link. This is the only album of mine that I don't require visitors to have a Friend status to view. I'm the bald headed, bearded Randy Lee from Denver, CO, with the great-looking lady hugging me in my avatar.

Date: 9 Aug 09
Rank: CW2
Name: Fred Thomas
Call Sign: Dust Off 18
Unit(s): 54th Medical Detachment
Time Frame: 1976 - 1979
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTf_thomas@mindspring.com
Message: I was proud to have served with the 54th Medical Detachment flying Military Assistant to Safety and Traffic out of Fort Lewis and Yakima Washington. Distinguished Honor Graduate of the AMEDD Course at Fort Sam Houston -1978.

Date: 8 Aug 09
Rank: SGT
Name: Matthew "Wally" Walters
Call Sign: 43M - Bosnia (DEC 95- OCT 96)
Unit(s): 159th (AA) / 507th (AA)
Time Frame: June 95 - Feb 01
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTcommercial_Pilot_1@yahoo.com
Message: Flight Medic: assigned Wiesbaden, GE 159 (AA) Jun 95- Jun 99 and toured (TCS'd) with 236(AA) and the 45(AA). Later assigned to 507(AA) Ft Hood Jun 99 - Feb 01.

Date: 1 Aug 09
Rank: SP4
Name: Bob Hamlin
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 283rd Med Det
Time Frame: 1/70-12/70
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbobhamlin@comcast.net
Message: I was a medic with the 283rd out of Pleiku. We had a field standby in An Khe and covered most of the East half of II Corps. From Dak Pek to Mang Buk in the North to another field standby in Dalat in the South. We relocated to Tuy Hoa (spelling?) in the fall.

Date: 25 Jul 09
Rank: SP4
Name: Aaron James Spikes
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Med. Det. (The Original DUSTOFF)
Time Frame: 1986-1988
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTsailorsson66@yahoo.com
Message: I was assigned to unit during peace time so I flew with every pilot in the unit. Some of them include....MAJ Stepehen Bailey/CO Cmdr, CPT Reuter/XO, CPT Jernigan, 2LT Suttles, CW4 Schneider, CW3 Schneider, CW3 Robert Beatty, and CW2 Combs. Our crewchiefs, at the time, were myself, SSG Michael Armstrong (SGT Strong), SGT David Adams, SGT Borzanski, SGT Cumo, SGT Hurley, SGT David Hiltner, SGT Todd Newman, And SP4 Rasmussen. If anyone should have any information regarding any of these individuals it would be greatly appreciated. Haven't spoken to any of them in 21 years.

Date: 10 Jul 09
Rank: CPT
Name: Chris Johnson  
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 68th Med Det (RA)
Time Frame: '87 - '92
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTchrisj06@hotmail.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 9 Jul 09
Rank: SP5
Name: Elvis "Lynn" Bray
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 247th Med Det
Time Frame: 1969-1970
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbray@mail.mc.maricopa.edu
Message: I was with the 7th/1st Air Cav in Ving Long in 68 and 69. Extended to the 247th Medical Detachment just as they were being moved from Dong Tam to Vung Tau in Sept. of 68. Went to "Red Earth" for a week with the Australians while I was there. We relocated to Phan Rang in 1970. I was a crewchief and one of my medics was Harvey Baker. Can't remember many names but I was on the chopper that took 11 AK47 rounds in the fuel cell while picking up a wounded "Rock" off a big boulder in the mountains just north of Phan Rang. We took another 3 three round on same rock after exchanging choppers getting another "Rock" off the mountain. I was also on the chopper that got hit by a motar at Van Thiet in April of 70 which destroyed the helicopter. Would like to join the association. 

Date: 27 Jun 09
Rank: SFC Retired
Name: Curtis H. Morning
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): HQ 1st/3rd Platoon 421st Med Co
Time Frame: 1977 -1979
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTcurtismorning@hotmail.com
Message:  I flew with LTC's Jim Truscott, Thomas Scofield. I was their crewchief.

Date: 27 Jun 09
Rank: E-5
Name: Ruckhaber, Frederick
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 82nd Med Det. (Delta DUSTOFF)
Time Frame: 68-70
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbigbuckruck@aol.com
Message:  Crew Chiefs: 1) Terry Mullins, 2) Keith Carpenter. Pilots: Hoopchuck, Duncan, Hilliard, Livingston, Novasal Jr. & Sr. etc....

Date: 21 Jun 09
Rank: WO1-CW3
Name: Billy Dunn
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 11
Unit(s): 45th Med Co
Time Frame: 67-68
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbillyinoklahoma@yahoo.com
Message: Wow.... I forget so many, except CPT Sam....

Date: 20 Jun 09
Rank: CPT
Name: Joseph J Maccari
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): Det 1, 121 Medical AA (UH-1)
Time Frame: 2002-present
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjoseph.maccari@us.army.mil
Message: Commanding

Date: 13 Jun 09
Rank: SGT
Name: Ryan Kohlman
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): DET 1 Co C 1-171 AVN (AA)
Time Frame: Present
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTryan.c.kohlman@us.army.mil
Message: UH-60A Air Ambulance Crewchief/Flight Instructor CE/FI for Kansas National Guard Medevac.

Date: 30 May 09
Rank: SPC
Name: H. Campbell
Call Sign: Money Maker
Unit(s): C co. 3-10 GSAB
Time Frame: Oct 2008-current
Message: I am currently a flight medic in northern Iraq flying with the 10th Mountain Division.

Date: 30 May 09
Rank: SP5
Name: Carl R. Prince
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 68th Med Det Chu Lai
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTcrprincewt@yahoo.com
Message: Flew with Ohloson, Barnes, Morgan, Harrover, Silvester and Hale to name a few. Had the best medic, Solis. The ship was "the Greatspeckledbird" number 629. Lost a good medic, Harold Gay. Salute to all on this memorial day.

Date: 30 May 09
Rank: COL (ret)
Name: Darrell L. Bright
Call Sign: "66"
Unit(s): 374th Medical Detachment (HELAMB)
Time Frame: 1988-1992
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdlb1948@live.com
Message:  Commanded one of the greatest RESERVE "DUST OFF" units ever assembled. An honor to be associated with a great assembly of people...who distinguished themselves in every area in "Desert Storm." The unit was ordered to fold their flag upon return; a sad ending to a great organization.

Date: 24 May 09
Rank: SFC (Ret)
Name: Ronald H Neely
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 82nd Med Det (HA)
Time Frame: 11/69- 11/70
E-mail: DELETETHISPART82dustoff@gmail.com
Message: CPT Ed Mott was commander. I flew with all the assigned pilots at one time or another. Robert Alabaugh was TI and Richard Smith was maintenance NCOIC. I was with the 82nd when the 57th was transferred in to make a provisional company. I was on the aircraft that picked Novicil Jr up after he hit some brush with his tail rotor in March of 70 . During the period I was assigned, we never lost an aircraft to enemy fire; we did loose two aircraft to accidents.

Date: 16 May 09
Name: James Schmidt
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): B Co 2/327 Inf 101st
Time Frame: Feb. 24 1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjeschmidt_ch@hotmail.com
Message: I was medevaced by a crew at about 13:00 from about 5 kilometers south of Hue. Any ideas as to who, what unit, what happened to the bird and the folks, as the a/c was well hit when it took off that day, so long ago. YD 711774 I think, but it has been a log time. Hello: Suspect the 498th DUSTOFF or the 571st, likely can locate via your units vets, some have the reports and such, Joe Doc cruisingyeti "at" yahoo.com A fellow 101ster!

Date: 9 May 09
Rank: SGT (then) BMC retired
Name: Sean P McDonald
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 431st MED DET (HEL AMB)
Time Frame: 1985-1991
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbjcp1050@bellsouth.net
Message:  Ft. Knox, KY, Col Clarence Collins CO and MAJ Peden both assisted by that motivating and big assed Alabamy redneck 1SGT Dwight Ellis! Dougy Cowart/Paul Key/George Ballas and of course-Bob "The Mule" Hesketh! Great bunch of guys, who really set me straight on the road of life!

Date: 9 May 09
Rank: Mcpl
Name: Mark Verrall
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 1 Field Ambulance
Time Frame: 1989-pres
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdoc_v72@hotmail.com
Message: Canadian Armed Forces 2003-2007

Date: 9 May 09
Rank: E3
Name: James Schmidt
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): B Co 2/327 Inf 101st
Time Frame: Feb. 24 1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjeschmidt_ch@hotmail.com
Message: I was medevaced by a crew at about 13:00 from about 5 kilometers south of Hue. Any ideas as to who, what unit, what happened to the bird and the folks, as the a/c was well hit when it took off that day, so long ago. YD 711774 I think, but it has been a log time.

Date: 9 May 09
Rank: CW4 Ret - WO-1
Name: Angus B. Desveaux
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 254th Hel Amb
Time Frame: Mar 66 - Oct 66
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdesveaux@aol.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 2 May 09
Rank: SSG
Name: Russell Rexrode Jr.
Call Sign: Dustyrusty ( doc REX )
Unit(s): 498 Med Co Ft. Benning, GA
Time Frame: 82 - 85
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdustyrusty8626@yahoo.com
Message: Performed all duties of flight medic while stationed at Ft. Benning, GA mostly covering any evac of military personnel from jump area Frier Drop Zone and/or Ranger Training Area, Camp Darby, etc. Enjoyed the friendships I made. You guys will always be in my heart forever. HOOOOOOOOO AHHHHHHH !!

Date: 25 Apr 09
Rank: SGT
Name: Ted Barnett
Call Sign: Beaver
Unit(s): 377th Med. Co.
Time Frame: 1987-1991
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTted.barnett67@gmail.com
Message: Stationed with the 3rd herd in Daegu. Spent 4 years and around 1000 hours flying medevac missions across the S. Korean peninsula with a lot of great guys. I hope they are all doing well today. 

Date: 25 Apr 09
Rank: SPC
Name: Jeff Stroud
Call Sign: Cowboy
Unit(s): 247TH MEDICAL DET.
Time Frame: 1994-1996
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTstroudjeff@rocketmail.com
Message: SGT Wondo, SGT Bundy, Spider, Iceman.

Date: 3 Apr 09


Name: Terry Kozlowski
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 498th Med Co
Time Frame: 1971-1974
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTt.koz@hotmail.com
Message: No message received.