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2011 Guestbook Entries

Date: 31 Dec 11
Rank: 1LT
Name: John B Givhan
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 120th AVN Co, 145th AVN Bn
Time Frame: 19 September 1963 to 12 April 1964
E-mail: ol_copter_pilot120@yahoo.com
Message:  Major Charles L. Kelly medevaced me on 12 April 1964 from the Ca Mau/Kien Long area, Vietnam, to STATION HOSPITAL SAIGON. I was flying a CH-21-C "Shawnee" helicopter at 400 ft when a missile from the ground came through the cockpit taking off my right leg below the knee. In 2002, I met Major Kelly's son and grandson and thanked them for his saving my life. I am a life member of the Dustoff Association.

Date: 31 Dec 11
Rank: SP5
Name: William "Joe" Klass
Call Sign:  
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: jklass52@yahoo.com
Message:  Eagle Dustoff 1/326th Medical 101st Airborne Div.

Date: 25 Dec 11
Rank: SPC
Name: Celinda
Call Sign: Lassie
Unit(s): 507th AA Ft. Sam Houston, 45th Trans Korea
Time Frame: 84-90
E-mail: theshitis1@yahoo.com
Message: Yikes, 45th Trans Camp Humphrey Korea.. 9th Aviation, Ft. Lewis, Tower In Yakima.. Gieblestadt, Germany..507th AA, Ft. Sam Houston, TX.

Want to say our Aircraft n ppl we lost in Desert Storm with the 507th I still think of u often. My roommate in Yellowstone female Chinook Pilot also lost in Desert Storm, U were wonderful n always laughing.

Date: 17 Dec 11
Rank: SGT
Name: Terry Allen "Allen T"
Call Sign: Nasty Pope
Unit(s): 54th Medical Co.
Time Frame: 1-96 thru 12-97
E-mail: mallen2_9@hotmail.com
Message: Was a crewchief with the 54th after coming back from Camp Stanley Korea outta Bravo co. 2-2 Avn "Renegades"! My first day on First Up we got a Dual Hoist Hoist Mission but thank god I had an experienced flight medic SPC. Bill Woodside with us because myself and the two pilots were all outta Air Assault units and didn't have a lick of Medevac experience. I have to say the 2 yrs I spent with that unit flying around those beautiful mountains and helping people were the best time I ever had in the army. Good luck and miss all you guys. If someone from that time period wants to contact me please feel free to do so.

Date: 10 Dec 11
Rank: MAJ
Name: Ernest G. Banasau, Jr.
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 1st Bn 12th Inf, 4th Infantry Division
Time Frame: Feb 1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTebanasau@austin.rr.com
Message: I was rescued on 7 Feb 1968 (Tet '68) by DUSTOFF 30. He and I met each other in Dec 2004 here in Texas. Lost touch with Jon/DUSTOFF 30. He pulled me out of battle just outside Kontum city late that evening. He later went back and rescued three air force crew members when their helo was shot down in an earlier DUSTOFF attempt. He flew out of Pleiku with the 4th ID. Is there anyone in DUSTOFF Assn. that may know Jon/DUSTOFF 30? E-mail me at: ebanasau@austin.rr.com, cell # 512-658-0973.

Date: 3 Dec 11
Rank: SP4
Name: Daniel D Simoes
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 4/507th -47th Field Hospital Ft. Sill, OK
Time Frame: 1978-1980
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTcombatmedic911x@hotmail.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 3 Dec 11
Rank: SP5
Name: Marlon Bristol
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 4th Platoon 507th Medical Company (Air Ambulance), Fort Sill, OK
Time Frame: 1979-1981
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmbristol@cox.net
Message:  I served under two company commanders, CPT Johnny Walker & CPT Bill Thresher. Wow! What a great tour of service. I was assigned to UH-1 #398 and believe until this day (even though it was in Oklahoma), it was the best training and experience I have ever been part of. There are too many great memories to bore you with here, but I do recall interestingly enough that the 507th was chosen to participate in the Cuban refugee resettlement program at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas between 11 May - 11 July, 1980. I was honored to have been chosen twice to participate in this operation and was subsequently awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal. The following names are just 1/2 of the guys that I remember and served with: CPT J. Jernigan, CPT R. McCarthy Jr., 2LT Broostrom, CW4 R. Kolvig, CW3 L. Ross, CW3 D. Hill, CW2 M. Williams, SSG D Krebbs, SSG T. Paul, SP5 D. Echard, SGT J. Fry, SP5 M. Perez, SP4 F. Obrien, SP4 D. Schwartz, SP4 W. Stewart, PFC K. Williamson.

Date: 19 Nov 11
Rank: SGT then
Name: Everett P. Miller
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377th Med Co.
Time Frame: 1978 to 1979
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmiller_tech_1024@yahoo.com
Message: 377th Air Ambulance Teague S. Korea

Date: 12 Nov 11
Rank: E-5
Name: Richard Jimenez
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 571st Med Det.(HA) Ft. Carson, CO
Time Frame: 1978-1981
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjric55@yahoo.com
Message: SSG Larry Whalon was our senior paramedic. I was there when we lost our crew on a high altitude recovery of a hiker/climber. All 4 pilots/crew members perished, along with the injured patient.

Date: 12 Nov 11
Rank: SSG
Name: Terry Hansome
Call Sign: Doc Lightning
Unit(s): Co c 2-238th Medevac
Time Frame: 1997-present
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTterry.hansome@us.army.mil
Message: I currently fly with the 2-238th Medevac.

Date: 29 Oct 11
Name: Jesse Knight
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 254th Med Det
Time Frame: 67-68
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjkn7092304@verizon.net
Message: No message received.

Date: 21 Oct 11
Rank: SGT
Name: Robert Daumiller
Call Sign: El Lobo
Unit(s): D Co, 227th. AHB, 1st Cav.
Time Frame: 67-68
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtnlawguy@gmail.com
Message: Door gunner with D Co. from Chu Lai through the A Shau Valley. Escorted a lot of medevac. Great site for a great bunch of guys.

Date: 21 Oct 11
Name: Harry Chubbuck
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 45 Med Co and 159th Med Det.
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdustoff1944@gmail.com
Message: Company clerk 45th Air Amb. Departed Ft Bragg June 67 to Long Binh, after orientation we splintered out to Cu Chi Vietnam as the 159 AA Dustoff to support the 25th Inf Div attached to the 12th EVAC Hospital covering Tay Ninh, Phuc Vin, Old French Fort, Hobo woods, and any where else Dustoff was needed. Departed June 1968. Anyone that fits that parameter... would like to hear from as my PTSD has not allowed name recognition.

Date: 8 Oct 11
Name: Chris Hasiotis
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): Sikorsky Aircraft
Time Frame: 9/27/11
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTchasiotis@sikorsky.com
Message: Just thought I'd leave a little greeting from Sikorsky factory floor (HH-60M line). God bless the people that flew and those who were passengers.

Date: 8 Oct 11
Rank: SP5
Name: Gary Stevens
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377th Med Co Uijongbu
Time Frame: 1972-74
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTgarystevens@flhsa.org
Message: Avionics, Camp Mosher, South Korea.

Date: 8 Oct 11
Rank: Retired
Name: George Lambert
Call Sign: Dustoff 77
Unit(s): 498th AA and 542nd AA
Time Frame: 2003/2004 2004/2006
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTflightmedic231@earthlink.net
Message: 542nd AA 2003/2004
498th 2004/2006
USASAM/Flatiron 2000/2003

Date: 21 Sep 11
Rank: SP4
Name: Wm. (Bill) Alguire
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 571st Med. Det. (HA)
Time Frame: 1977-1978
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbalguire@sheridanfd.org
Message: Jim Keates was my mentor, I still use the lesson he taught me as a working paramedic and pass the lessons on the the new kids like Jim asked me to do. The medical section was made up of SP5 Larry Walon, SP5 Doyle Cannon, SP4 Dennis Harmon, and a new guy with the name of Pettygrew. CO MAJ Nicholes, RTO Rodriquez, others; pilots CPT Moddler, CW2 Alvrez, CW2 Wittium, and others. Our UH-1 (Life Guard / MAST #286?) lost its power and went down near Lake George CO on 8-1978 while attempting a medevac a collapsed soldier during an exercise in the Rocky Mtn. WOW...what an experience!

Date: 21 Sep 11
Rank: SGT
Name: Charles "Chip" Drayton
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): F Co 1-126th AVN
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTgadgettr1@yahoo.com
Message: Chaos Dustoff OEF 2011

Date: 11 Sep 11
Rank: E-4
Name: James Harp
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): Eagle Dustoff
Time Frame: Sep 71 to Dec 71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTharp_james@hotmail.com
Message: I was a mechanic for 101 DUSTOFF at Camp Eagle, VN. Worked for WO Daniel Ziemba. Then we carried colors back to Ft. Campbell, KY. Stayed with unit until discharge in 1973.

Date: 10 Sep 11
Rank: E5 / CPT (RET)
Name: Fred Hairston
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 498th - 236th
Time Frame: 71-72
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTrafter3lovics@gmail.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 10 Sep 11
Rank: SP4
Name: Thomas L. Owen
Call Sign: 15339
Unit(s): 4/507th Med Co., Ft. Sill, OK
Time Frame: 1976-May 1978
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTcbrfyx@aol.com
Message: Several people. CPT Fox, LT Baxter, Raymond Mestas, Hagadorn, Troy Flott, Larry Eastman, Mr. Hayworth, Mr.Weir, CPT Johnny Walker, Benny Sweet, Cindy Mayer, Steve Willy, Dicky Welch, Mr. White. Sorry, too many to think of at this time.

Date: 10 Sep 11
Rank: SGT
Name: George White Jr.
Call Sign: 2 Romeo
Unit(s): 74th Medical Battalion
Time Frame: Aug 1967 to Aug 1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbishopgwhitejr@sbcglobal.net
Message: 54th Dustoff 1967 to 1968, Americal Division, 2nd Surgical Hospital, Vietnam

Date: 26 Aug 11
Rank: E-5
Name: Thomas M Adkins
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 254th Hel Amb (Long Binh)
Time Frame: 1967
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtmla57@gmail.com
Message: Dustoff 103, MAJ Mc Gee, Out of Long Binh, 93rd Hospital, 1967 May to Oct.

Date: 26 Aug 11
Rank: CW4
Name: Michael Goff
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 348th Med Det
Time Frame: 1981-2003
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmichaeldgoff@hotmail.com
Message: Flew scouts with the 2/17th Cav, 101st in RVN (can you sing Garry Owen?). Came home and flew medevac with the 348th Med Det (the Mickey Mouse unit) out of Orlando until the unit was demobilized after Desert Storm. Now retired.

Scouts are the most fun you can have with your clothes on, Medevac is the most fun you can have with your clothes off (*thanks to the nurses).

Date: 12 Aug 11
Rank: CW2--PFC
Name: Robert Traub
Call Sign:  "69er"
Unit(s):  283rd Med Det
Time Frame: 69/70
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbjtraub@att.net
Message: Dave Bennet--Wayne Johnson--Jerry Dulack--Larry Peterson & Zin--Denny Harrel--Ed Wurtzburg--Eldon Ideas--Ross Fay-- Ed Stone--Dan Floyde--Bruce Sublette--Loran Sweat. Remember "Sweet Alice"???--Last four months of 69 and all of 1970.

Date: 30 Jul 11
Rank: E-6
Name: Charles G Montz
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 236th Med. Co. AA
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmontz@Verizon.net
Message: No message received.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: CW3
Name: Mike Turnbow
Call Sign: Dustoff 32
Unit(s): 57th Med Det
Time Frame: 1979-84
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTyboadir@aol.com
Message: 57th Med Det, Ft. Bragg, Commanders were MAJ Pete Edgette and CPT Robert Kornegay.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SGT
Name: Ralph Foley
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 237th MAST, 377TH Dustoff, DUSAA, 2/22 25 INF DIV
Time Frame: 1968 1978
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTvnvet68-222@hughes.net
Message: Served with 2/22 25th Inf. Div. 1968/1969
237 M.A.S.T. Fort Ord Ca. 1974/1976
377th DUSTOFF Korea 1976
DUSAA Fort Belvoir Va. 1977/1978

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SP5
Name: Daniel M. Palmer
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 311th Field Hosp, 7th Med. Det. & TDY as Medic Ahn Khe thru Plieku
Time Frame: April '69--May '70
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTpalm2454@hotmail.com
Message: I was a ground-pounder and was told by one of your own to post up and ask for help in finding info for my unit location, 7th Med. Det. outside of Qui Nhon somewhere.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SGT
Name: Heather J Lore
Unit(s): Changed from 507th (AA) to C Co 2/4 MEDEVAC
Time Frame: 2005-2007
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTamlovinthesun@yahoo.com
Message: I flew with so many guys who don't consider themselves HEROES, but really are. Dido (the pilot that got shot through the chest by a round = to a .50 cal and lived), Toby, Billy (my dumpster lander), Grumpy (Magnum PI), T (sexy MF), McKiver, Waldhauser, Geddie, K12, Petik, SFC Miller, SFC Greg Givings, SSG J Jones, SSG Pollock, all the medics and all my maintenance buddies (Brown, Plona, Hill, Fosdick, Downey, Webb, Garibay, etc.) and of course MAJ Ortiz. There were about 85 of us and I loved everyone except Lt Wingate. We had great ACFT, proficient medics, a great bunch of maintenance guys and awesome pilots that allowed us to accomplish unthinkable things. We flew over 5k patients. That is a lot for a year. Love and miss you guys!!

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SP4
Name: W. W. LOVE
Call Sign: CHARLY
Unit(s): C troop 7th Armored Squadron 1st. Air Cav. Vihn-Long RVN
Time Frame: Jan.1969 -Jan.1970
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTwwlove@bellsouth.net
Message: I flew as a door gunner with, C troop 7th.Armored Squadron 1st. Air Cav. Div. stationed at Vihn-Long in IV Corps Jan.1969-Jan.1970. I have a Question??? Which Evac. Hospital was located in Bear-Cat, which was north northeast of Saigon in 1969.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SFC
Name: Chiquita A. Auces
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 50th & 507th MED Co.
Time Frame: 50th (2000-2003): 507th (2003-2005)
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTchiquita.a.auces@us.army.mil
Message: No message received.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SP5
Name: John Vandenberghe
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Med Det (Hel Amb)
Time Frame: 1966-1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjvandenberghe@tampabay.rr.com
Message: Looking for any members during the timeframe of 1967.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SSG
Name: David Mussack
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 571st Medevac, Ft. Carson, CO
Time Frame: 1994-1998
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdavidmussack@yahoo.com
Message: I flew CW4 Timmermeyer, CW2 Williams, CPT Garvens, LT Aldrich, CPT Eckrich, SPC Burns, SGT Christensen, SGT Winchell, SSG Hudson, SFC Vigus, SFC Brooks, SSG Arrington.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SSG
Name: Rick Martin Medic
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 571st and 377th
Time Frame: 1974 thru 1981
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTrichjets2002@yahoo.com
Message: How I miss the days of flying in the mountains of Colorado and the long weeks spent near the DMZ in South Korea. Many of good friends who worked long and hard in the Dustoff tradition. Now it is the turn of another generation to carry on SO OTHERS MAY LIVE. I will never forget the fellow aviators Tom Miller, Jim Keates, Rodreguiz, Jeff Hall, Whalon, Stokes, Krautkramer to name a few. Memories that will never die.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SFC
Name: Juan C. Lemos
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 236th, 237th, FlatIron
Time Frame: 1991-2001
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjuan.lemos@us.army.mil
Message: 237th Medical Detachment, Fort Ord CA 1990-1991 236th Medical Company, Landstuhl, Germany 1992-1994 FlatIron, Fort Rucker, AL while serving at the U. S. Army School of Aviation Medicine 1997-2001.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: CPT, USA, Ret
Name: Rance Jurevwicz
Call Sign:  
Time Frame: 1965-1967
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTveteranprograms@aol.com
Message: INCREDIBLE WEB SITE! This site is an invaluable tool to all veterans. We have added a link to our monthly newsletter and magazine so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden government benefits you (all veterans) are eligible for and how to significantly increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension. http://www.veteranprograms.com

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SFC
Call Sign:  
Time Frame: 84-86
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjb23360@aol.com

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SP5
Name: Rudy Guzman
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 54th Medical Detachment
Time Frame: 1968-1969
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTrudyg11@aol.com
Message: Never had a chance to say farewell because I was wounded 12 Aug 1969. Would like to reconnect with former crewmembers and buddies.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: SP5
Name: Dona Rita Zino (Czerwinski)
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 507th Medical Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1974-1978
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdzino@cullenanddykman.com
Message: I was a crew member with the 507th Med Co (AA) in San Antonio TX during the years 1974-1978. It was a privilege to have served with this unit. It was also, it seems now, a long time ago ... and yet, at the same time, it was just yesterday. Once trained to be a crewmember at the 507th .... you are trained forever .... if that Huey were to ever land behind my residence .... I would jump at the chance to put on that flight suit, boots, helmet and do it all over again.

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: COL
Name: John Kelly
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 3/498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1983 - 1986
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjohn.kelly4@us.army.mil
Message: Flew with Gary Newman, Eddie White, Don Smith, Don White, Mark Hatter, Pete Goedders, Dave Wiggins, Larry Proctor, Bob Miller, Gene Hutchinson (Hutch), Dave Coberly, Ron Hibbard, Bob Brantner. Anyone know the whereabouts of these guys?

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: CW2
Name: Greg James Karolak
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 45th Air Ambulance Co
Time Frame: 1970
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTgregwjusa@yahoo.com
Message: Bill Yancey, Alan Walsh, Atex ?

Date: 23 Jul 11
Rank: CWO-2 Navy
Name:  Terry D. Owens
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): FASU Binh Thuy
Time Frame: 1968-1970
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTteredith@earthlink.net
Message: I was the airframes/power plant officer at FASU Binh Thuy. About once every week or two when my work was a bit slack I rode shotgun for the 82nd. I usually flew with Mike Novosel and was going to go with him the day he got his MOH for but something came up and I didn't go. I did go on some very hairy missions with him and damn near wet my pants a few times when he pulled us out of a jam that we shouldn't have gotten out of. What a driver he was. Boy could I tell some stories about some of those missions.
Lt. Terry D. Owens US Navy Retired.

Date: 17 Jul 11
Rank: CPL
Name: Phil Young
Call Sign: Blue Spruce Alpha
Unit(s): Alpha 1/7 USMC
Time Frame: 1969
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmountainview4@hotmail.com
Message: I recently attended my first ever reunion and learned I was medevaced out by an Army Huey because the trees were too close for the Chinook to land. I entered your site in hopes of possibly finding the pilot and crew that got me out. This incident occurred in the early morning hours of March 19, 1969 and I believe the pilot was attached to the 196th LIB who were located near us.

If anyone can help me find this brave pilot and crew I'd appreciate sharing more info about that night so I might properly thank them for saving my life.

In the chance I cannot find him, let me thank every one of you for the fine work and daring deeds. Like our Corpsmen and Medics, I have nothing but total respect for what you did for those of us on the ground.

I hope to hear from someone of you real soon....CPL Phil Young, Shaftsbury, Vermont.

Date: 17 Jul 11
Rank: 1LT
Name: Andrew Nicoletti
Call Sign: BUZZ
Unit(s): C Co (AA) 1-111th AVN, FLANG
Time Frame: 2011
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTandrew.Nicoletti@gmail.com
Message: TEAM GATOR of the Florida Army National Guard flying HH-60M BlackHawks, covering the 3rd ACR and 1st CAV across USD-South, DIWO DUSTOFF.

Date: 17 Jul 11
Rank: SP5
Name: Terry "Jesus" Boese
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 498th, 237th
Time Frame: July 69-Oct 71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTterryboese@cableone.net
Message: Crew Chief with the 498th and 237th (briefly with the 54th) July 69-Oct 71. Medics included Maloy, R."Doc Strange" Hise, Rick Breedlove (with whom I crashed at LZ Lonely) and numerous others.

Best Friend-Ken Lamborn-He was shot down and killed June 9 1970.

Date: 11 Jul 11
Rank: LTC Retired
Name:  Lee T. Smith
Call Sign: Cdr
Unit(s): 159th Med Det/Flatiron
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTleesmithpilot@yahoo.com
Message: Flatiron/159th/421st/Aeromedical Center Sorry to read about the retirement of the UH-1 Huey. I was so blessed to continue to fly the Huey as a Test Pilot for Overseas Aircraft Services located in Lakeside, AZ. These Hueys are completely rebuilt as "Super Hueys" and being shipped to Afghanistan for Dyncorp. The thrill of flying them 38 years after learning to fly them at Fort Rucker is still exhilarating. These Hueys will continue to carry on the same missions in Afghanistan.

Date: 9 Jul 11
Rank: SFC (then)
Name: James Aldridge
Call Sign: Smuggler
Unit(s): 1159th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame: 2004-2005
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjames.aldridge@us.army.mil
Message:  Round 1: I was the AVUM Platoon SGT for the 1159th Med Co (AA) and flew as a crewchief during our tour (OIF 04-06). Was OPCON to 36th Evac Battalion with Company HQ at Camp Speicher covering Northern Iraq from 4 forward sites in Kirkuk, Mosul, Tal Afar and Q-West. We were incredibly fortunate not to have lost either Soldiers or aircraft (1 helo shot up, 1 hard landing, no unit casualties).

Round 2: I was the 1SG for C/3-238AVN (formerly the 1159th) during OIF 10-12. OPCON to 28th CAB then 12th CAB with Company HQ at COB Adder covering Southern Iraq from 3 forward sites in Al Kut, Diwaniyah and Gary Owen. Very quiet this time around (relatively speaking). Numerous non-combat injury transports versus the 1st round.

Date: 2 Jul 11
Rank: COL/CW2
Name: Ken Bach
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 54th MED DET
Time Frame:  68-69
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTkenbach@juno.com
Message: I flew with the 54th Med Det in Vietnam, then with the US Army Hospital at Ft Stewart, GA, in support of the Fixed Wing training program, following my discharge from the hospital in Japan.

Date: 2 Jul 11
Rank: SSG
Call Sign: 159TH DUSTOFF
Unit(s): 45TH AIR AMB
Time Frame: 1967 1968

Date: 2 Jul 11
Rank: CW5
Name: Thomas Rigney
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 164th Theater Airfield Operations Group
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTthomrigney@msn.com
Message:  No message received.

Date: 25 Jun 11
Rank: E-4
Name: Dan Halliday
Call Sign: DUSTOFF805
Unit(s): 237th Med Det
Time Frame: 71-72
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdochalliday8051@verizon.net
Message: A/C and peter pilots changed intermittently.

Date: 22 Jun 11
Rank: SP6
Name: Gary McJimsey
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): HHC/1st/28th/1st Inf Division
Time Frame: 02/1968-02-1969
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTglm.army@att.net
Message: Did not fly. Medical Corp, 91C20 Clinical Specialist with First Infantry Division, RVN 02/1968 - 02/1969. First Unit Assignment was with HHC/1st Battalion/28th Infantry Regiment (Black Lions)/1st Infantry Division out of Quan Loi from 02/1968 - 07/1968. I worked with one of the Battalion doctors in the field with the Battalion. Second Unit Assignment was with HHC & A Co/1st Medical Battalion/1st Infantry Division out of Di An from 08/1968 - 02/1969. I worked the Aid Station / Emergency Room at the Battalion HQ in Di An.

Date: 22 Jun 11
Rank: CW3
Call Sign: DUSTOFF "13"
Unit(s): 54th Med Det(M.A.S.T)
Time Frame: 1980-1985..1986-1990
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTaviatorathomebrokenwings@gmail.com
Message: John, Lee Borhwell, Mike Woodcroft, Tony Helbling, and many more!

Date: 18 Jun 11
Rank: SP5
Name: Ted W. Sosnowski
Call Sign: SKI
Unit(s): 377th Air Amb (DUSTOFF) UIJONGBU
Time Frame: 1973-1974

Date: 18 Jun 11
Rank: CW5
Name: Bob Bartlett
Call Sign: Dustoff 13
Unit(s): 283d
Time Frame: 1976-1981
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbobbarusky@yahoo.com
Message: Every career soldier looks back to the best years; best unit. That was the 283d. It started at Ft Bliss with the best officer I ever served with, MAJ Pete Langhorn, and the craziest collection of characters in Dustoff. Even the girls. Seven of us moved the unit to Alaska, and there, we were as close to a family as any unit could be. The weeks on remote at Ft Greely just made us closer. You had to have a lot of faith in Bell Lycoming and the crews to bust out of Fairbanks on a winters night with one engine. "We few, we Band of Brothers." Am still close to many of them.

Date: 18 Jun 11
Rank: SP5
Name: John Brennan
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 114 AHC
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjohnmailman@yahoo.com
Message: The long awaited publication, "U.S. Army Helicopter Names In Vietnam" has finally arrived. For information or to Order go to www.hellgatepress.com . I'll also be signing books ($28) at the VHCMA St. Louis reunion June 16-19. Weighs in at 2 pounds, measures 8.5x10, contains 408 pages, and 40 photographs. Enjoy, John Brennan

Date: 11 Jun 11
Rank: E-6
Name: Harold Ball
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 498th Med Co.
Time Frame: 1977-1979
E-mail: DELETETHISPARThballinga@yahoo.com
Message: B co 158th Avn Bn 101st Airborne Vietnam ~ 1969-1970 173rd Avn Bn Hanau, Germany ~ 498th Air Evac Ft Benning, GA 1974-1979

Date: 3 Jun 11
Rank: CWO
Name: Jackie L Jones
Call Sign: DUSTOFF
Unit(s): 326th Med Bn, 101st
Time Frame: Jul 70 - Jul 71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjjones5406@gmail.com
Message: None received.

Date: 3 Jun 11
Rank: SFC (Ret.)
Name: Robert S. Olson
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 45th Med Co and 3/507 Med Co
Time Frame:  1 yr. Nam-7 yrs Ft. Hood
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTrobert.s.olson@us.army.mil
Message: I was the first flight Platoon SGT for the 45th (AA) in Nam from 1968-69. Robert Romines was Dustoff 10, and I flew my first dustoff mission with him. I knew if he accepted the mission, we would all leave, or none of us would leave. Merle Snyder was with the Second Platoon. as Dustoff 22. He flew a couple of mission in my aircraft, but our history would be with the 3/507 Med Co. (AA), at Ft. Hood, when he was my Platoon Leader, and I was his maintenance supervisor. My true legacy was the 3/507th as the supervisor for over seven years - I outlasted some of the aircraft we had. I retired from the true mission in Army aviation - "If its not Dustoff, it's not!"

Date: 21 May 11
Rank: 2LT
Name: Scott Boeving
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 36th Inf Bde, TxARNG
Time Frame: 1967-1970
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTsboeving@aol.com
Message: I was in the TX Army Nat Guard, and am a civilian commercially-rated pilot ... am signing to bring to your attention WO1 Reinis (54th Medical Det., 67th Med Gp, 44th Med. Brigade) recipient of two Silver Stars earned in 6 days after 3 weeks in theater, awarded posthumously due to wounds received while on DUSTOFF mission. I have picture, and images of both awards along with letter to Reinis' parents from unit commander.

Reinis was best man in my wedding in San Antonio, TX on 9/6/1968, arrived in Vietnam 9/8/1968, shot down 10/1/1968, died 10/7/1968. Please see www.virtualwall.org/df/FoxRx01a.htm

Date: 21 May 11
Rank: CPT / SFC
Name: James E Barrineau
Call Sign: BEAR
Unit(s): 247th Medical Detachment (AA), 377th Medical Company 3rd Platoon Korea, USASAM
Time Frame: 1989 -1998
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTcpt.bear@yahoo.com
Message: 247th Crew SSG Molina, SGT Sanders, SGT Bundy, PFC Wyman, SSG Bundicho, SSG Thomas, SGT Albright, SGT Fleenor, SGT Wilson.

377th Crew CW5 Brent Driggers, CPT Paulino, SSG Thomas, MSG Yeager.

USASAM Crew SFC Wilson, 1SG Halpin, SFC Velarde, COL Hope, MAJ Campbell, LTC Toomey.

Date: 6 Apr 11
Rank: SP5
Name: John Philip Edwards
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1967-1969
E-mail: DELETETHISPART5150deb@ca.rr.com
Message: Flew with Dave Bennett, call sign Dustoff 66. At that time I was 283rd Dustoff. 1969

Date: 6 Apr 11
Rank: CW2
Name: Ron Bowers
Call Sign: Dustoff 27
Unit(s): 377th Med
Time Frame: Jan 1980-Dec 1980
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbowerstraveler@gmail.com
Message: I flew with Mike Novesel Jr and Mary Slaughter in Tague, Korea in 1980. Great assignment.

Date: 6 Nov 10
Rank: SP5
Name: John Brennan
Call Sign: Gold Knight
Unit(s): 114 AHC
Time Frame: 1970-71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjohnmailman@yahoo.com
Message: Just need to touch base with you all before I finalize this book project for publication. I'll be sending the results of this huge undertaking, U.S. ARMY HELICOPTER NAMES IN VIETNAM, to the publisher at the end of December 2010. It's taken six years to gather 2,900 copter "names" that crews & pilots painted on their rotor aircraft between 1962-73.
May I hit you up once again for crew names, chopper tail/serial #'s, nose/door/doghouse art images and copter "names" either verbally applied to a unit's helo or painted on the fuselage of that scout/slick/gun/cargo/dustoff/medevac ship.

Please inform everyone you know that the time to contribute is now. This compilation of "names" can only be termed a success when ALL the names get recorded. I believe that what I have collected to date represents the MAJORITY of those that were inscribed and painted on our in-country birds. Posterity will safeguard those that are saved for history. Those that go un-recorded will regrettably chip away & erode our collective in-country legacy. Thank you gentlemen and fellow veterans, let's also welcome home some of our long lost aviation history. John Brennan, former SP5, 114 AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta. My email address is johnmailman@yahoo.com.

Date: 11 Jul 10
Rank: SP5
Name: John Brennan
Call Sign: Gold Knight
Unit(s): 114 AHC
Time Frame: 1970-71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjohnmailman@yahoo.com
Message: Looking for individualized "names" that were painted on in-country Army copters 1962-73. I'm closing in on the 2,800 "name" count so far collected, documented and cataloged. Book is to be published and readied for Spring 2011. Hundreds of never-before-published pics and "name" database will be contained in a 2-vol set. Contributions and input welcomed. Respectfully yours, John Brennan, former SP5, 114 AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta.

Date: 5 Jun 10
Rank: CPT
Name: Pedro Fernandez
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 345th CSH
Time Frame: 2008-2009
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjupe0503@gmail.com
Message: I flew with the 57th Med. Co. Air Ambulance in Al-Asad as well as the C Cp. 3-10 G-SAB Mountain DUSTOFF in Mosul while I was deployed in Iraq during 2008-2009 as an Army Nurse.

Date: 15 May 10
Rank: CW-4 Retired
Name: Dwight Brown
Call Sign: Acft Maint
Unit(s): 377th Med Det Co
Time Frame: June 1974- Feb 1975
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTkaydees@embarqmail.com
Message: Would like to get in touch with maintenance personnel I worked with. Would also like to have pictures of Camp Mosier. I have a lot of good memories of Korea, my second home.

I was with the 377th Medical Company from June 1974, I replaced Dan (Dangerous Dan) Sullivan as the Maintenance Officer. I remember his flyover very well. I was then transferred to 3rd Aviation Detachment in February 1975. I gave the Army 20 yrs, 1 month, and 1 day (not that I was counting) and retired as a CW-4, out of Ft. Ord, CA. The 377th Medevac patch that hangs on the patch board in the USO lounge in San Francisco International Airport is mine. I still have my old pocket patch and unit crest. Would like to talk to some of my old flight buddies.

Date: 3 Apr 10
Rank: SP4
Name:  Deborah (Beck) Pope
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 54th Med Det Ft Lewis, WA
Time Frame: 1978-1981
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTpopde121254@yahoo.com
Message: CW3 Sonny Hendricks at MT St Helens. Best pilot I flew with in all my time in the Army. "Doc" Martin. Sure wish I remembered your real first name. Went on our first mission together. SSG Geoff Sharrard, showed me how to be a crewchief. CW4 Sam Woolery, maintenance officer, pilot & friend.

Date: 6 Mar 10
Rank: LTC (ret) Then CWO-2
Name: Bob Black
Call Sign: Dustoff 94
Unit(s): 326th Med
Time Frame: 68-69
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbblack311@tx.rr.com
Message: All of my fellow Vietnam vets and I are entering our twilight years and I for one have been reminiscing. I would like to THANK all of the medics and crewchiefs and maintenance folks who I probably took for granted back then. I just looked forward everyday to flying and I am sure I thanked them but not enough!!!. During my 10 months flying Dustoff with the 326th Med, we never had an aircraft go down or even have a precautionary due to mechanical problems. Incredible. I don't have a clue who the maintenance officer or his team were. I wish I could go back and thank them. And how about those crewchiefs and medics. When the day was over we went back to our hooch or the club and the crewchief's day wasn't over. They had to live with the carnage they saw every day. Soon after I got to Dustoff a pilot said "Don't look in the back". I rarely did. I was spared those visions. One picture I will never forget however was a soldier we evaced to the hospital. He had both of his legs severed and as the medics from the hospital brought him around the front of the aircraft on a stretcher he gave us a thumbs up!!! It was the only time I broke down. I pray he survived and wish I could thank him.

Date: 13 Feb 10
Rank: W-1
Name: Daniel Philipps
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 57th Med Det
Time Frame: 72-73
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjunkman70@hotmail.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 2 Jan 10
Rank: MSG (Ret)
Name: Michael A. Plyler
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): Air Ambulance Plt. Hqs Co. 326th Med Bn. 101st Abn/Air Assault
Time Frame: 1974 - 1977
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmike_Plyler@Yahoo.com
Message: I flew with then 1LT Johan Dunnavant, SGT Floyd Smith and CPT Woolover, among many others. At the time were flying a pilot project called "TIKI MAST" which was the forerunner and introduction of the now current civilian Medical Evacuation System. "TIKI" stood for Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois and "MAST" Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic. John was a good friend as well as an honorable man and father. He was our civilian liaison officer for the program. COL now GEN (Ret) Brady and Mr. Rocco were also assigned to the division or supporting units. Smitty was our crewchief and CPT Woolover a kind and gentle person. It was a great unit and I have many fond memories of those guys. Many were ex-Vietnam vets with many "Hot" flying hours. It was the best job and experience of my life. I was devastated when they died in the mountains there. As they say, the good die young, and these three were certainly three of the best who gave their lives doing what they loved best. We truly never turned down a mission. COL Brady and Mr. Rocco set the example for us all. "No Slack Medevac"

Date: 2 Jan 10
Rank: SP4
Name: James Harp
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 326th Med Bn
Time Frame: Sept71-Dec71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTharp_james@hotmail.com
Message: Mechanic for the 326th DUSTOFF at Camp Eagle in Vietnam.