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New Maps for Reunion Posted

Check out the reunion page for the latest changes in the events schedule as well as a series of maps to help you navigate to the different events.

Fall/Winter DUSTOFFer Newsletter Added

The latest edition of the DUSTOFFer newsletter is now available for reading and/or download. The newsletter is our way of keeping the DUSTOFF Association members up-to-date on the events impacting DUSTOFF crewmembers. So stay informed by peeking into the latest edition.















Two DUSTOFFers in Georgia Hall of Fame

Two DUSTOFFers are being inducted or already inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame.




Justin Craig Honaman (VALOR)
First Lieutenant, Army, Atlanta. In 1967, as an Army Medical Service Corps “Dustoff” Helicopter Pilot and Aircraft Commander in Vietnam, he was decorated for heroism on three occasions. The theme in each of these citations was his focus, determination, and coolness while under constant enemy fire as he conducted continuous and multiple extractions of over 50 critically wounded Soldiers. Often, he had to steadily hover at tree-top level as the wounded were being slowly hoisted up through the jungle canopy. For his heroism, he was awarded the Combat Medical Badge, 16 Air Medals for combat flying, two Air Medals for Valor, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.




Richard Andrew Palmer, Jr. (VALOR)

Captain, Army, Macon. On 3 June 1970 while serving as a Dustoff Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam, he responded to a call to rescue five seriously wounded South Korean Army Soldiers whose unit was still receiving intense enemy fire. Three previous unsuccessful rescue attempts had been made by another Dustoff crew resulting in that aircraft being shot down. Despite poor weather conditions and a superior enemy force with heavy firepower, he was determined to attempt this lifesaving mission. Through a hail of enemy fire, he not only rescued the five soldiers but also the downed and vulnerable aircrew. His combat awards are: 19 Air Medals and the Silver Star.






Announcing the Annual Reunion
2-5 May 2019

Reunion #40 will take place in Colorado Springs, CO 2-5 May 2019 – with the Chuck Mateer Golf Tournament to be held at the Fort Carson golf course. Details to follow as they are made.  Room reservations are open NOW! See more information on the Reunion page.





Spring/Summer DUSTOFFer Newsletter

The latest copy of our award-winning newsletter has hit the newsstands and has great pictures and articles - there's something for everyone. But if your local newsstand has already sold out of our newsletter, don't be dismayed. We've published the complete newsletter in two different formats right here on this site. There's an interactive copy and another copy of the newsletter in Adobe Reader (PDF) format. If you don't have time to read the whole newsletter on this site, you may download the newsletter to your mobile device and read it at your leisure.





 MEDCOM Best Warrior Competition

SGT Joshua Meyers and SGT Beatrice Clark, NCO and Soldier 2018 MEDCOM Best Warrior Competition were named winners during an awards presentation 28 June 2018, on Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The BWC is an annual week-long event testing Soldiers on their physical and mental capabilities.


The top NCO and Soldier will move on to compete in the Army-wide BWC at Fort A.P. Hill, Va. COL (Retired) Dan Gower and MSG (Retired) Derek Kubacki, the Vice President of the DUSTOFF Association, presented both awardees with Combat Medic Statues in honor of their achievements on behalf of the DUSTOFF Association. Photos courtesy of Army Medicine and Courtney Dock, MEDCOM PAO.

See all the photos at:

Army Avn DUSTOFF Flight Medic
Of The Year Award

SGT Vitaly A. Tsaregorodtsev, Company C, 6th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment Task Force Shadow serves as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic in support of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. He participated in all of the major events executed by his unit transporting and providing medical care to 35 critically injured patients on 54 separate medical evacuation missions (MEDEVAC), with over 140 combat flight hours, between March and August 2015. He excels at his duties providing appropriate medical treatment to many U.S. and coalition service members. His most notable achievement was on 7 August 2015, when he transported and expertly treated 6 critically injured patients in a high profile mass casualty in Northern Kabul. His timely and appropriate emergency medical treatment ensured the patients’ survival and eased long term care for them. Although all MEDEVAC crews flew patients that night, SGT Tsaregorodtsev provided care for the most. He took control of the situation and guided his crew chief who was helping him treating casualties. His professionalism, dedication and willingness to do whatever necessary to preserve life serve as a heroic example of the ongoing Dedicated Unhesitating Service To Our Fighting Forces (DUSTOFF) legacy.


Awards Recipients Selected

Another tough selection year. We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that our DUSTOFF Warriors exhibit on a daily basis. It is on their shoulders that our legacy lives and breathes and continues to save lives on both the battlefields of our turbulent world and the peacetime locations where we serve.

I am proud to announce the following named to receive the DUSTOFF Association Awards at the 2018 DUSTOFF Association Reunion in San Antonio, TX at the Holiday Inn-Riverwalk on the 5 May 2018:

DUSTOFF Aviator of the Year – CW2 Brandon Mathis, C/2-1 GSAB

DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year – SGT Edward Keene II – C/3-82 GSAB

DUSTOFF Medic of the Year – SGT Alyssa Benford – C/2-1 GSAB

DUSTOFF Recue of the Year – C/2-1, DUSTOFF 62

It goes without saying that ALL of those nominated displayed great courage, dedication, and skill resulting in their nomination by their commanders. We salute them all.

We hope that each command will make every effort to gain approval for TDY order for travel to San Antonio for the purpose of participating in our Professional Meeting on Saturday morning as well as the Awards Banquet that evening. Both events will be held at the Holiday inn – Riverwalk location in San Antonio. If there is anything that I can do to facilitate or assist with those orders please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please also extend a great debt of gratitude to our Corporate Sponsors – Lockheed-Martin/Sikorsky Helicopters, AirMethods, Breeze Eastern, and Eurocopter USA/AirBus.

ALL awardees and attendees MUST register with the DUSTOFF Association for reunion attendance – you may do so on this site – hotel rooms are going fast at the Holiday Inn – Riverwalk so please book early – the room block is already sold out on the “shoulder dates” – however, the main dates of the reunion 4 May check in and 6 May check out should be available. If you run into issues please contact me and I’ll work with the sales staff at the hotel to get you in our room block (code is “MUY”)

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and Crewmember Monument

The Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and Crewmember Monument will be dedicated in a formal ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, Wednesday, 18 Apr 18 at 1600.


The monument will honor the nearly 5,000 helicopter pilots and crewmembers killed during the Vietnam War, and is the only monument established to honor all who died operating rotary-wing aircraft in what is frequently called, “the Helicopter War.”


During the Vietnam War the helicopter became the mainstay for joint operational mobility.


 Approximately 12,000 helicopters operated in the combat zone and were used by all military services: Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. Of this number, 5,086 were destroyed.


Arlington National Cemetery holds the greatest cluster of helicopter casualties from the Vietnam War made up of immediate casualties, Medal of Honor recipients, and the remains of MIAs recovered in the decades after the war ended in 1975.


The dedication ceremony will see Vietnam Veterans, Gold Star Families, and helicopter combat crewmembers rejoin to honor friends lost in combat. “With more than 40 years having passed since the end of the Vietnam War,


Graig Honaman Inducted

Craig Honaman was inducted into the 2017 Class of the Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame for his heroism and numerous acts of selfless bravery as an Army Medical Service Corps Dustoff helicopter pilot and aircraft commander in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. As a Dustoff pilot, he provided life-saving medical extractions for wounded or killed-in-action American Soldiers, wounded allied soldiers, wounded Vietnamese civilians, and wounded Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army Prisoners of War.

Graig Honaman

[Read Full Citation]

Hurricane Harvey Support

SGT Joseph Shelley deployed with a National Guard/Reserve Component DUSTOFF Unit in support of the flooding after Hurricane Harvey. He sent us these pictures of hoist missions performed in support of Texas Residents. Great shots and Thank you and your DUSTOFF Warriors for all you did.


Joseph Shelley flight medic


2018 Membership Survey

Please take the survey titled "DUSTOFF Association Membership Survey 2018". Your feedback is important!


Pair Retire

Two great DUSTOFFers complete their career and enter into a well-deserved retirement. COL Scooter Drennon served as President of the DUSTOFF Association as well as commanding at the Brigade level. Jason Didonato was our first DUSTOFF Aviator of the Year. Congratulations on a job-well done!


DUSTOFF Scholarship

The DUSTOFF Association Scholarship is administered for the DUSTOFF Association by the AAAA (Army Aviation Association of America). The DUSTOFF Association Memorial Scholarship is open to DUSTOFF Association members, spouses, children and grandchildren of DUSTOFF Association members.


  • One of the greatest benefits of being an DUSTOFF Association and AAAA member is you and your family members are eligible to apply for a Scholarship!
  • Scholarship applications must be submitted by 1 May 2018.
  • Before you can apply you must submit the Pre-Qualifying Form .
  • You may apply for a scholarship every year you attend college as long as you are not already receiving an AAAA Scholarship.

Combat Medical Badge Update

CMBThe CMB was created as a "companion" badge to the CIB with criteria for its award intended to parallel that of the CIB. It was designed to provide recognition to the field medic who accompanies the infantryman into battle and shares with the experiences unique to the infantry in combat. There was never any intention to award the CMB to all medical personnel who serve in a combat zone or imminent danger area, that is, a division-level medical company supporting a maneuver brigade. As with the CIB, the infantry unit to which the medical personnel are assigned or attached must engage the enemy in active ground combat. Since inception, the intent of the Department of the Army regarding this requirement has been that medical personnel must be personally present and under fire in order to be eligible for the awarding of the badge. So stringent was this requirement during the Vietnam era that recommending officials were required to document the place (in six digit coordinates), time, type, and intensity of fire to which the proposed recipient was exposed. This fact naturally precludes the awarding of the badge to those medical personnel who accompany infantry units into a potential engagement area but do not come under enemy fire. Over the years, there has been some confusion concerning the phrase "...in direct support of an infantry unit...". The CMB is intended for, and awarded to, those medical personnel who accompany the infantryman into combat. The Army has never approved of deviations from this purpose and its restrictive criteria.

On or after 18 September 2001: medical personnel assigned or attached to or under operational control of any combat arms or combat aviation unit of brigade or smaller size, who has satisfactorily performed medical duties while the unit is engaged in active ground combat, provided they are personally present and under fire. Retroactive awards under these criteria are not authorized for service prior to 18 September 2001.

2018 DUSTOFF Reunion Dates Set

Mark the dates NOW for DUSTOFF Reunion 2018. We will be meeting at the Holiday Inn - Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX the first week of May. Early check in will be Wednesday, 2 May 2018, for a possible repeat of the wine tour to Fredericksburg, TX with a stop specifically planned for Luckenbach, TX will be on Thursday, 3 May 2018. The Golf Tournament will be on Friday, May 4, 2018. The General Membership Meeting and Spouses' Luncheon will be Saturday Morning, 5 May 2018, followed by the Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Banquet that evening. We'll close out the 39th Annual Reunion with our Memorial Service on Sunday, 6 May 2018.

Block the dates now - and let's have a really large turnout!

SCUBA Diving Trips

DUSTOFF SCUBA diving trips.Are there any SCUBA divers out there looking for a fun group to connect with, for exciting dive adventures around the globe? We have a couple of Lifetime DUSTOFFers that travel and dive, and we're always looking for other fun people to travel with. Contact Andy Skuntz, askuntz@yahoo.com , or Analou Eisner, pilotae1955@gmail.com , if you want to get some upcoming dive trip information. Andy runs 6 trips every year, to the most exciting dive destinations in the world. And, if we get enough interest, we could even promote a DUSTOFF Dive Trip.

Andy Skuntz's mailing address is: Andy Skuntz, 4634 Vireos View, Colorado Springs, CO 80922 and phone number is 719-322-6941.