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U.S. Army Medical Department Museum
Foundation Speaker Series

The Board of Directors of the United States Army Medical Department Museum Foundation are excited to kick-off our Speaker Series with Colonel James G. Van Straten, United States Army Retired presenting his recently published book, “A Different Face of War Memories of a Medical Service Corps Officer in Vietnam.” The series will begin on Thursday 10 Dec 15 at 1700. The museum is located on Fort Sam Houston at 2310 Stanley Road, Building 1046.


A reception will follow the presentation and dress is informal. R.S.V.P are requested at 210 226-0265 or amedd.foundation@att.net (Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, 0800-1200)

Documentary About John Travers' Life

Several years ago, John Travers (known to his friends as JT) helped launch a campaign to get the Combat Medical Badge Awarded for all DUSTOFF Crew Members. JT also fought for the introduction of the Combat Aeromedical Badge specifically designed for DUSTOFF Crew Members.


For those of you who know JT we are asking for your help in the production of a documentary about JT's life, his passion for the mission, and his perseverance under fire and adversity.

If you know JT, and are willing to share your stories about JT, we are asking you contact his wife, Kathleen, so you can be do just that. She can be reached at 916-944-2149 or his e-mail torchia03@gmail.com .

DMZ Dustoff 2016 Reunion

The 2016 reunion will be April 4 thru April 7, 2016 at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas.

Medic Geoffrey Morris has done a great job of finding us the best deal for our get-together. $52.00 a night (plus taxes) is almost unheard of. For those that attended in 2006 and 2008, it's the same Hotel. A couple blocks from the Strip, these folks have given us a super deal.

Call into The Orleans Hotel Reservations at 800-675-3267 or go online and use group code: A6DMC06. To avoid long hold times they encourage making your reservations online.

Reservations must be made on or before Saturday, March 5, 2016 to ensure availability and group rate.

More details later, such as a fee to cover reunion expenses, but for now, it is important that you make your reservations at the Hotel AND let Geoffrey know if you will be attending so we can get a head count. Geoffrey's e-mail address is DELETETHISPARTgeoffm1946@gmail.com.

Please let Geoffrey know for a head count!

Dust Off Crews of Vietnam War
Congressional Gold Medal Act

“Sen. Cornyn is hosting a press conference at Ft. Sam Houston U.S. Army Medical Department Museum on Veterans Day (11 Nov) at 1100. He will be joined by members of the Dustoff Association, Vietnam Veterans of America, and the American GI Forum to highlight the heroism of the Vietnam War’s Dust Off crews.

Who: Sen. Cornyn and Major General Patrick Brady
When: Veterans Day -- Nov. 11th at 11 am.
Where: U.S. Army Medical Dept. Museum -- Ft. Sam Houston, 3898 Stanley Rd. Bldg 1046, San Antonio, TX 78234
Ft Sam Gate: Harry Wurzbach Gate -- Museum is just to the right of the gate as you enter on base.

The members of Army Dust Off units in Vietnam were some of the most heroic and talented service members in the history of American aviation warfare. “Dust Off” was the tactical call-sign for helicopter ambulances operated by crews who performed aeromedical evacuation for United States, Vietnamese, and allied forces that were wounded on the perilous battlefields of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War imposed an extraordinary cost of life and limb suffered by so many of our service members who fought there. Dust Off’s mission in Vietnam was to expedite the relief and remedy of pain and injury by transporting the wounded to a waiting US medical facility as fast as human and machine would allow. These intrepid American warriors boldly executed this humanitarian mission by rescuing nearly 900,000 souls in the process. At great risk to their own safety, they often innovated new procedures and techniques that allowed our wounded on the battlefield to be rescued in the face of insurmountable odds and unrelenting conditions. These crews were an inspiration to so many and attracted praise from some of the highest leaders in the U.S. military for their common displays of courage and bravery while under fire.”

DUSTOFF Pilot That Paints

CW4 David Eckerson is a DUSTOFF pilot with a painting hobby. He deployed with the Originals in 2003 and 2005 and also with the Montana National Guard in 2011. The paintings are from pictures he took, or others took of his crew while in Iraq. He may be contacted at ogdustoff@live.com .

Definition of a Long Mission

SP5 Dennis M. Fujii distinguished himself in February 1971 in Laos while serving as a crew chief aboard a helicopter ambulance of the 237th Medical Detachment.

The team's mission was to evacuate seriously wounded Vietnamese military personnel from a battlefield. While approaching the heavily defended landing zone Fujii's helicopter was shot down. Another American helicopter extracted all the downed crewmen except for Fujii, who was unable to board due to intense enemy fire directed at him. Rather than further endanger the lives of his comrades aboard the second helicopter, Fujii waved the craft out of the combat area and remained behind as the only American on the battlefield in Laos.

During the night of Feb. 19 and all through the next day, Fujii disregarded his own wounds as he administered first aid to the South Vietnamese casualties. When his position was attacked by a reinforced enemy regiment supported by heavy artillery, Fujii called in American helicopter gunships to assist the small unit in repelling the attack. For more than 17 hours, Fujii repeatedly exposed himself to hostile fire as he left the security of his entrenchment to better observe enemy troop positions and to direct air strikes against them. On Feb. 20 he was evacuated, but the helicopter was shot down. Two days passed before Fujii finally was rescued.

For this and other contributions, Fujii was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Purple Heart, two Air Medals, and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm.


Dennis Fujii was inducted into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame in 2004.

Congressional Gold Medal

Congressional Gold Medal Montford Point Marines.jpgMG Brady is spearheading efforts to obtain the Congressional Gold Medal for DUSTOFF Crews. He noticed in the last issue off the VFW magazine that not only individuals but units as well, mostly WWII, have been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. The article questioned why units from other wars, Vietnam for example, had not been so honored. No units in any war are more deserving than the DUSTOFF crews. The procedure for submission requires an act of Congress. To that end, he has been successful in getting Senator Cornyn’s office on board assisting in an effort to get the CGM for the DUSTOFF crews. Senator Cornyn told MG Brady he would personally sponsor the bill. Members of the DUSTOFF Association all should be aware of this effort and when the time comes you may be helpful by soliciting your Members of Congress to cosponsor the Bill. More to follow!

Spring-Summer DUSTOFFer Newsletter

The spring-summer 2015 issue of our informative newsletter is now available for reading online or as a download. Visit the DUSTOFFer newsletter section of this site for your copy.









Vietnam DUSTOFF Association Reunion

The Vietnam DUSTOFF Association's reunion is 23-28 Sep 15. Their guest speaker is Meg Prior. Meg was embedded with American forces in Afghanistan over a four year period filming a wide variety of units and capturing war from the soldiers perspective. I have viewed her movie trailers and found them to be awesome.

She has also been given the opportunity through the Mike Novosel Foundation to create a documentary film on Mike Novosel's life. Part of her visit with us at the reunion is to capture 'what is was like to fly DUSTOFF in Vietnam?' These insights will aide her in capturing the essence of the DUSTOFF role and missions flown so that she can capture this perspective when applying it to Mike's life in DUSTOFF.

If you have time to make the journey, we encourage you to make the journey to San Diego, CA not only for this aspect of the reunion but also for the other activities that they have planned.

Ernie Sylvester

It is with deep sadness we announce that COL(R) Ernie Sylvester, 74 of Tampa, passed away on the morning of 14 Aug 15. Born in New Orleans, LA, growing up in Gulfport, MS., Ernie served his country in the US Army in his early career as a air ambulance pilot, and later as a Hospital Administrator. Ernie was a Past President of the Dustoff Association (2004-05) and a member of the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame.

In 1964, as a 2LT, he was assigned to the famed 57th Medical Detachment (AA) in Soc Trang, Vietnam. He often flew as MAJ Kelly's co-pilot, flying in all conditions, and directly into the teeth of the enemy to save the wounded under the most dangerous conditions. Ernie was the first Army helicopter pilot to exceed 1000 hours of flight time in a 12-month period, and was the Pilot-in-Command of the helicopter that recovered MAJ Kelly's body when he was killed on 1 July 1964. He carried the lessons learned from Kelly forward to the newly arrived 82nd Medical Detachment (AA) in the fall of 1964, and commanded both the 54th and 68th Medical Detachments in Vietnam in 1970. During his two tours in Vietnam, he earned three DFCs, 47 Air Medals (multiple with V/device), the Bronze Star with V, and the Purple Heart.

The DUSTOFF Association strives to both honor and follow in the huge footsteps left by those who paved the way. Ernie was one of those who left a lasting legacy through his humility, his gregarious personality, and his selfless service as a leader and mentor in the DUSTOFF community. He was also a dedicated leader within his church and a highly respected individual within his community. A memorial is being planned on 30 Aug 15 in Tampa, FL.


Ben Knisely To Fly
Veterans Airlift Command Mission

On Wednesday 24 Jun 15, two veterans will participate in a Veterans Airlift Command mission to get a sick veteran and his new service dog home.


Veterans Airlift Command is a national nonprofit that provides free air transportation to post 9/11 combat wounded and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots.

Army Corporal Thomas Cannon, who was deployed to Iraq in 2011, was diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and pulmonary fibrosis. He was in remission but now is in stage 4. He was accepted to receive a medical service dog from Guardian Angels in Ocala, Fla., where the pair is currently undergoing training together. But he needs to get home from Ocala to Allentown, Pa. The VAC folks found him and his service dog a ride from Macon, Ga. to Allentown, but they needed help in Florida.

COL Ben Knisely (Ret), who serves as the military-veterans liaison officer for the Sarasota Sheriff's Department and also is a member of Goodwill Manasota's Veterans Task Force, is a volunteer with the VAC. He was an Army Medevac helicopter pilot who was shot down in Vietnam, survived four days on the ground and was one of only two found alive through a special rescue effort. He feels fortunate to be alive today and is happy to give back through flying wounded/sick vets in his Cirrus 22 single engine plane. His last mission was flying a young soldier who had lost a leg and was visiting family on Longboat Key home to South Carolina.

Serving as co-pilot and mission assistant will be Goodwill Manasota's director of veterans services, Staff Sergeant C.J. Bannister. She is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who now helps to provide services to returning veterans, who face heightened risks of unemployment, personal problems, and homelessness.

Bannister and Knisely will depart from Sarasota early Wednesday morning, 24 Jun, from Dolphin Aviation. COL Knisely expects them to be wheels up by 0730. They will arrive in Ocala at approximately 0830 to pick up CPL Cannon and his service dog.

 DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year

On June 8th, Major Trent Short relinquished command of C/3-82 GSAB after a successful combat tour in Afghanistan. Traveling to Fort Bragg to help honor their service in combat and make a delayed presentation of the DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year Award were COL (Retired) Bob Mitchell, former President of the DUSTOFF Association, MAJ (Retired) Graham Bundy, former commander of C/3-82, and Christine Hawk, representing Breeze Eastern the corporate sponsor of the Crew Chief of the Year award.

Bob and Christine presented SGT Joshua Soter with the trophy honoring his selection as the 2014 DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year. He and his fellow DUSTOFF Warriors were downrange during the 2015 DUSTOFF Reunion and unable to be present for the presentation at that time. Also honored during the brief ceremony preceding the change of command were 1SG Poole and leader of the Family Readiness Group, Christine Short, wife of Major Trent Short.

COL (R) Mitchell’s son, Zach is a Medical Service Corps aviator serving with C/3-82. He was a freshman at Harker Heights High School when MAJ Bundy was the Maintenance Officer in the 507th during Bob Mitchell’s command there at Fort Hood. Zach deployed on his first combat tour with MAJ Bundy in 2011. It’s a family thing this DUSTOFF Career!



Our thanks to Christine Hawk and the Breeze Eastern Corporation for their continued support of the DUSTOFF Association and our Crew Chief of the Year Award.

Inactivation of C 5-158 Avn Regt.

As part of the aviation restructuring initiative, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade will begin deactivating its formations starting with 5th Battalion 158th Aviation Regiment. 5-158 is currently headquartered in Katterbach, Germany. The deactivation ceremony will take place on 18 Jun 15 at 1000.

The MEDEVAC that is now C Co 5-158 traces its lineage back to the original 45th Medical Company.


Hall Of Fame Submission Extension


Heroism and Valor

A recent invitation to give thoughts and reflections of the Heroism and Valor of those in Vietnam saving lives offered the opportunity it tell the stories of DUSTOFF. The group, the District office of the Social Security Administration, had an program for Memorial Day with about 200 in attendance. As their keynote speaker, I had a short time to say a lot and with a few "war stories" was able to get the perspective across of the slice of war to save lives. It was also noted the high risk, the dangers unique to DUSTOFF, and the ratios of casualties among DUSTOFF pilots.

Everyone in the combat theater has a unique role, but when boiled down of how the soldier is coming off the battle field, they are either "walking" off or carried out as WIA or KIA.

The program also had a POW/MIA ceremony, with the single place setting, single candle, red rose, with china and silverware. Presenting the explanation of all the symbolism was especially significant remembering my close friendship with Jerry Roe.

J. Craig Honaman
DUSTOFF 70, 57th Med Det, 67 - 68

PetSmart Launches 2nd Annual
Special Patriotic Services

For the second year, PetSmart has launched a new line of services aimed at honoring the service and sacrifice made by the nation’s men and women in the military. From today through July 5, 2015, $1 from Top Dog and other select Patriotic Grooming packages and PetsHotel� Patriotic Treats will go to Canine Companions for Independence. PetSmart for Patriots is a joint endeavor between PetSmart and Canine Companions for Independence, in support of Canine Companions’ Wounded Veterans Initiative to help partner assistance dogs with the military veterans who need them.

$1 from the sale of each patriotic package will go toward the Canine Companions for Independence Wounded Veterans Initiative. Patriotic products and services will be available in-store through July 5, 2015 and include:

Patriotic Top Dog and Select Services Grooming: Choose from select PetSmart Grooming packages that include the option of an assortment of patriotic add-ons, including patriotic bandanas and collar charms, as well as a red (cherry), white (coconut), and blue (blueberry) signature scent.

Yellow Ribbon Stencil: A fun way to show support with a washable temporary pet stencil. *Not available in SC, Boulder, CO & select cities in CA. Colors may vary by salon. Available to puppies 12 wks. & older.

PetsHotel Patriotic Treats: Pet parents will have the opportunity to purchase a patriotic cookie; toy, combo, and/or summer treat time while their pet is staying in a PetSmart PetsHotel.

Happy 4th of July

The members of the DUSTOFF Association want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe 4th of July.


The picture was sent by Wanda Glitz, CPT, USAF. Her daughter, 1LT Amberly Weber, was born on the Fourth of July and has always been an enthusiastic American patriot. In recognition of the holiday and her 26th birthday, 1LT Weber sent the following photo from one of her flights in Afghanistan. She is stationed at Bagram and just recently spent 3 weeks in Kandahar.


The Legacy of Eagle DUSTOFF

With the recent inactivation of the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade - the storied Eagle DUSTOFF air ambulance company (Legacy 50th Medical Company) also was inactivated. A group of former members of the unit put together this short legacy to share with DUSTOFFers. [Download the story in Adobe Reader (PDF) format (610Kb)]




159th CAB, C7-101 (50th Med)
Deactivation Ceremony

the 159th CAB (including C/7-101st - the old 50th Med Co AA) Inactivation ceremony will take place Thursday, 7 May 15, at 1030 on the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Parade Field at Fort Campbell.

2015 Reunion Pictures

Some of the pictures from the 2015 Association reunion in Nashville have been  posted. There are lots more to go, but take a look at what's there now and be amazed at how good looking we all are!

A Vietnam Patient Reunion

Bob Barrett (L) and Mike DeFazio (R)

During the Vietnam War, Bob Barrett, like all of our Vietnam War DUSTOFFers, evacuated hundreds each month. Sometimes a small business card was dropped in the pocket of the wounded letting them know who had pulled them from the battlefield to life-saving care. Many went un-noticed. One such card surfaced last summer when, after over forty years, Mike DeFazio unpacked a duffel bag and donated the artifacts to a local museum. In the shirt pocket of his fatigues was a card that was discovered. It was from Bob Barrett indicating that Bob had evacuated him.

Mike Reading Card

At our reunion this April, Mike and Bob were reunited. It was quite an emotional time for Bob to see the results of just one mission flown so long ago. Mike returned from his injuries - he was within four minutes of bleeding out according to his surgeon. Mike married. Mike and his wife have three children, all of whom are now working in the service of our great Nation. In the words of MG Pat Brady "It's not just one man he saves, it's generations of children he saves." Welcome Home Mike and Bob!



Seeking Help For Dates Of 50th Med. Co. Patches

With the inactivation of the 50th Med Co. (7/101) Eagle DUSTOFFers wrote an article for publication but we need help finding the to-from dates for the patches shown below. If you can help us establish the dates of wear for any of the patches, please contact us at patches@dustoff.org and reference the patch by its number.









Paul A. Bloomquist Inducted
Into AA Hall Of Fame

LTC Paul A. BloomquistLTC Bloomquist was inducted into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN on 30 Mar 15.


Throughout his short, but brilliant career, LTC Paul A. Bloomquist represented the very highest traditions of Army Aviation and strongly promoted the DUSTOFF spirit. Graduating from the Helicopter Officer’s Course in 1954, his initial assignment was with the 54th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) in South Korea.

After he returned to the U.S., his keen aviator skills were called on during a massive snowstorm that blanketed much of the northeast, in the winter of 1958. Flying a UH-19 helicopter in extremely hazardous conditions, Lieutenant Bloomquist logged 55 rescue missions and made 62 drops of food, medicine, and emergency supplies to travelers, farmers, and villagers cut off by the heavy snow and earned his first DFC.

It was during his initial tour in Vietnam that CPT Bloomquist distinguished himself as one of the Army’s finest military officers and premier aviators. He kept extending his stay in-country, and during 21 months of daily combat flying, was cited for heroism several times. Among his four Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star, three Purple Hearts, thirty-six Air Medal citations, one of his DFC actions exemplifies the kind of courageous and dedicated pilot he had become. [Read Full Citation]  [See Video]

James C. Wingate Inducted
Into DUSTOFF Hall of Fame

Jim Wingate was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 28 Mar 15 during the 2015 DUSTOFF Association reunion at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. Congratulations to Jim for his life-long dedication to serving our Army and DUSTOFF. [Read Citation]








Former Medic Award Recipient
In Need Of Your Help

Heather (Springer) Wunderlich received the Medic Of the Year award in 2008. But upon her return from her second deployment in 2010-2011, she became quite ill and needs all the help the DUSTOFF community can afford.


A fund has been established by her friends and family and will be used specifically for the purpose of taking care of ordinary living expenses and outstanding medical bills. If possible and appropriate, please forward this link to anyone you would like to share with.


Military Order of the Purple Heart Observes George Washington's Birthday

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is proud to observe the 283rd anniversary of the birth of the nation's first elected President, General George Washington. As the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, it was General Washington who created the Badge of Merit on August 7, 1782 to recognize the bravery and meritorious service of the common soldier on the battlefield.

This year, patriot members of the MOPH will gather at the statue of George Washington on the steps of Federal Hall in New York City, the first Capitol Building of the United States of America, which marks the spot where George Washington was inaugurated as the nation's first President. On this occasion, the City of New York will present the MOPH with a proclamation designating the city as a "Purple Heart City," as an expression of its support and appreciation for its native sons and daughters who were wounded or killed in combat by the enemies of the United States of America, defending the very freedoms that make this nation so great. For their service and sacrifice they received the Purple Heart Medal.

Mike Novosel Article In
Army Aviation Magazine

The Army Aviation Association of America's (Quad A) December 2014 Army Aviation Magazine dedicated the inside back cover to Army Aviation Hall of Fame inductee Michael J. Novosel.

"Chief Warrant Officer Three (later CW4), Michael J Novosel was a 'man for all seasons.' As a DUSTOFF pilot - that almost legendary breed of helicopter flier whose record in rescuing wounded men during battle is one of the proudest chapters in the Vietnam War - he was on of the best.

A lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve when the Vietnam conflict began to broaden in the early 1960's, Novosel lived comfortably, but felt that he could be of help to his country in some capacity. Finding the USAF over-strength in its senior grades, he obtained four years' military leave from his employer, Southern Airways, and joined the Army Aviation Program in June 1960 as a warrant officer.

His desire to help was quickly answered when, as a member of the Special Forces in 1965, he evacuated wounded civilians to hospitals when the U.S. intervened in the Dominican Republic civil crisis. He was credited with evacuating more than 2,200 wounded persons and "extracting" some 5,500 wounded soldiers and Vietnamese in all. His 60 Oak Leaf Clusters to his Air Medal, his three Distinguished Flying Crosses, and his Purple Heart denote a remarkable man.

At age 48, he became the oldest member of the Army to win the Medal of Honor, the award being made for his repeated bravery in the face of heavy Viet Cong gunfire while he extracted 29 wounded South Vietnamese soldiers during 2 1/2 desperate hours of flying on 2 October 1969.

Always displaying the technical competence of the true professional, Novosel was a life-long member of AAAA who dedicated his life to aviation, to the military services, and to his country. He died April 2, 2006 at age 83."

MAJ Chris Wingate Assumes Command

At Fort Hood on 15 December 2014 history repeated itself. MAJ Chris Wingate, son of Vietnam DUSTOFF Veteran, LTC(R) Jim Wingate, assumed command of C/2-227 GSAB (legacy 571st Medical Co). They are known as the Witch Doctors and are in good hands with MAJ Chris Wingate. He and his new bride, Danielle, will be a fabulous command team. The unit is also lead by CPT Jason West, son of COL Retired Johnny West, himself a combat veteran DUSTOFF commander. One of the medics assigned to the unit is SFC Matthew Kinney who was awarded the Silver Star for his actions in Afghanistan. The legacy lives on in today’s DUSTOFF Warriors.

Egor Takes His Last Flight

Our Founder, Thomas “Egor” Johnson filed his final flight plan – it was closed out this morning at 0640 hours.

One of our finest has made his final flight – he used up all of his nine lives and a few loaned to him by others. Were it not for his actions and drive and “bull-headedness” we might not have a DUSTOFF Association! [Read More]



DUSTOFF Reunion Hotel Rooms Getting Scarce

The next DUSTOFF Association Annual Reunion is scheduled for 26-29 Mar 15 in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. This year’s reunion immediately precedes the Army Aviation Association Quad-A Summit making available rooms scarce.

Hotel rooms in the Gaylord are almost sold out. When the Quad-A Summit registration opens 5 Jan 15 it is anticipated the remaining rooms will go fast. If you are planning to attend our reunion in Nashville, it is imperative you make room reservations promptly. Better to have the room reserved and later cancel than to decide later to attend and not find a room.

Fall/Winter DUSTOFFer Newsletter
Now Available Online

The Fall/Winter DUSTOFFer is now available for download in Adobe Reader format (PDF) in the newsletter section of this site. It's another "must read" for those who want to stay abreast of what's going on in the Association, updates on programmed events and programs, and how Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) is being influenced and is influencing Army aviation doctrine.






36th Annual Reunion Registration OPEN!

Registration for the 36th DUSTOFF Reunion is now available in the Reunion section of this site. You may register using a credit card with our secure form or print the registration form and mail it along with a check.

The next DUSTOFF Association Annual Reunion is scheduled for 26-29 Mar 15 in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. We are deeply supported by and embedded with the Army Aviation Association Quad-A Summit. This year’s reunion immediately precedes this major event.

Your Executive Council has worked hard to prepare this year’s reunion. They recognize costs are about 25% higher than last year; that’s the price of admission in larger venues. Quad-A has assisted with their leverage in terms of helping us get great meeting venues and keeping costs as low as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all in Nashville!