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Aviation Digest Issue Dedicated
To Aeromedical Evacuation

A "must read" issue of Aviation Digest is waiting for you HERE. The whole issue is dedicated to Aeromedical Evacuation (AE). See the "teaser" below to get a feel for what's discussed in this issue.

[Read More]

James C. Wingate To Be Inducted Into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame

The DUSTOFF Executive Council is honored to announce the induction of LTC (retired) James C. Wingate into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame. After successful consideration by the DUSTOFF Executive Council and having more than 2/3rds of the votes cast in the election that ended 31 October 2014, Jim Wingate will be inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 28 March 2015 during the 2015 DUSTOFF Reunion. The induction ceremony will be held at 1430 hours that day at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN in the Governor’s Chambers Rooms D and E. Congratulations Jim and many thanks for your life-long dedication to serving DUSTOFF and our Army.




Aeromedical Evacuation Campaign Plan 2020

Aeromedical Evacuation Campaign Plan 2020

Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) is a strategic and complex DoD mission that provides a pivotal service to the success of every DoD operational endeavor. At its core, the AE system is comprised of two distinct components: Intra-Theater AE and Inter-Theater AE. Within this system, the Army remains the sole DoD component with dedicated aircraft and crews to perform AE. [Read the whole Plan]





Dedication Of the LTC Cephus Lee Roupe Memorial Bridge

On 19 Sep 14 a State Route 18 bridge over Fish Creek in New Freeport Township, Greene County in south western Pennsylvania was named in honor of the late LTC (R) Cephus Lee Roupe, MSC. LTC Roup's career spanned 36 years of enlisted, warrant, and MSC officer service and he leaves a legacy of passion and excellence that is the embodiment of our Army Values. 

C-7-101 Welcomed Home

Executive Director, Dan Gower, and his wife, Suzie, travelled to Ft. Campbell, KY to welcome home Eagle DUSTOFF (C/7-101) from their deployment to Afghanistan.

C/7-101 formation in Eagle DUSTOFF hangar.

Dan with MAJ Huggins and 1SG Scott – command team.

Dan Gower hugs and thanks Molly Huggins for her FRG leadership.

It was a momentous tour with many saved lives and many heroic actions on the part of these proud DUSTOFF Warriors. Dan and Suzie met with the unit on 27 August, at their hangar to welcome them home, honor two Difference Makers, and honor the leaders of the Family Readiness Group.

Dan coins CW2 Brewer 

Dan coins SGT Joe Campbell 

Dan coins SPC Polite 

MAJ Pete Huggins and his First Sergeant Randy Scott hosted Dan and Suzie for dinner that night and it was a reunion of sorts as Randy and Dan were in four other welcome home ceremonies (an indication of the number of deployments for 1SG Scott).

Dan, SFC Brandon Coughlin and 1LT Norris – Brandon saved CW2 Jason Didonato’s life when he was shot in the chest during a medevac in Iraq. 1LT Norris flew with MAJ (Now LTC) Pat Zenk’s unit as a Warrant Officer)

Molly Huggins talks about her ladies and the support they provided to the deployed unit. Members honored were Molly Huggins, Jenna McClung, Jennifer Alford, Stacey Scott, Charity Godles, and Tawny Campbell (not all were present)

Suzie Gower presents Proud DUSTOFF Wife Coin to Jennifer Alford.

Following the welcome home, Dan and Suzie spent time catching up with SGT Joe and Tawny Campbell. Dan flew missions with Joe in Afghanistan while filming the documentary “When I have your wounded” in 2011 (C/1-214th GSAB).

2015 Reunion Location Set
36th Annual Reunion

The next DUSTOFF Association Annual Reunion is scheduled for 26-29 Mar 15 in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. This date span will put our reunion the weekend prior to the Quad-A Convention. Check the Reunion page for more information.


Veterans Day Free Meals and Discounts

This Veterans day many retail places will be offering reduced or free meals or services for Veterans. The following web site provides information for the meals/services. There are duplications between the lists but we wanted to include all in case we forgot something. The links are http://www.military.com/veterans-day/veterans-day-military-discounts.html? and http://themilitarywallet.com/veterans-day-free-meals-and-discounts/ .

Kelly Memorial Stadium Rededicated Honoring 50 Year Anniversary

The community of Sylvania, Ga., Screven County High School, and Soldiers of 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade joined local Vietnam War veterans in a ceremony rededicating Kelly Memorial Stadium in honor of Maj. Charles Kelly Aug. 23 during a pregame ceremony before the Screven County Gamecocks' first regular season football game of 2014.

Before the ceremony, a memorial was unveiled for the Vietnam War hero. Kelly was honored not only for his bravery during wartime, but also for the standards he set for generations of MEDEVAC missions to come, and his legendary last words spoken during his last mission.


Kelly, a 1947 Sylvania High School graduate, died from a single bullet to the heart 50 years ago on July 1, 1964, when he attempted a MEDEVAC during an intense firefight in the Vinh Long province of South Vietnam. Kelly was told he would have a secure landing zone but immediately, upon arrival, took a barrage of enemy fire as he was told to withdraw repeatedly. His reply, "When I have your wounded," has become the battle cry for the DUSTOFF pilots of today.

Charles Kelly Jr. was on hand to honor his father's legacy. He also assisted in unveiling the memorial crafted to honor his father. Kelly also talked about why it was so important to rededicate the stadium in his father's honor.

"It's important, I think, to pass these things along so that the kids that attend this high school understand why it's named Charles Kelly Stadium," said Kelly Jr. "They probably don't know the story, but after today they will. There are so many things he did, and it's important to pass that along. I'm very proud of my father and I'm in awe of what he did."

Welcome Home, Fort Hood’s own, C/2-227 DUSTOFF from Afghanistan

Dan Gower, Executive Director, had a great day "in the motor pool" on Monday, 18 August - always fun to be back with DUSTOFF Warriors. He had the distinct honor of welcoming back off block leave the DUSTOFF Warriors of C/2-227 from their recent deployment to Afghanistan. The Battalion Commander allowed him to speak to the entire battalion and welcome home those who deployed from other units in the battalion as well. There is cohesion and support among our Aviation Units - they help us perform our mission of saving lives.

Dan and Major Geddie

CW4 Brandon Schmich, Unit Standardization IP, awarded Mike Novosel Hall of Fame coin as a “Difference Maker.”

SGT Tanya Foderingham, paramedic qualified Flight Medic and awesome admin clerk awarded Mike Novosel Hall of Fame coin as a “Difference Maker.”

We honored two "difference makers" and four of the FRG leaders plus gave a DUSTOFF Coin to all assembled. One, SFC Brown got his FOURTH coin from Dan – they go all the way back to a trip he made to Katterbach Germany to welcome home that unit a "long time" ago.

CW2 Hernandez gets DUSTOFF Coin – he was awarded his PIC orders in the Battalion Formation that day.
Dan and the FRG Leaders – From Right to Left – Angie Adams, Yvonne Telles, Savannah Bailey and Gaby Marulanda

Jake Almquist Awarded
DUSTOFF Association Scholarship

Jake Almquist is the winner for this year's DUSTOFF Association scholarship. He is the son of our Association Vice President Brian Almquist. Jake is heading to Texas Tech University as a Petroleum Engineering major.

Not aware our Association has a scholarship? Then head over to the DUSTOFF Association Scholarship page and read about the requirements. Then start getting the paperwork together for submission for next year's scholarship.





Open Invitation from the
Mayor of Sylvania GA

An invitation to the rededication of the Local Football Stadium in honor of Major Charles Kelly – Saturday 23 August 2014 – Screven High School – Address 110 Halcyondale Road, Sylvania, GA 30467 at 1800.

We will be so honored to have you come to Sylvania Saturday for the Rededication of Kelly Memorial Stadium, named in honor of our hero, Major Charles L Kelly who was killed in action on July 1, 1964! Saturday will be a day we will never forget!!!!! We have an awesome afternoon planned! We are also looking forward to having Captain Chad Ashe and Major Jason Jones along with Ron Elliott, Director of Public Affairs for Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield and hopefully many more! There has been great excitement amongst the planners and also all those who have assisted in this endeavor. We have decided after Saturday, there is no chance anyone will ever forget for whom our Football Stadium was named! You will just have to come to see for yourselves! I promise you will not be sorry you came! We are planning to have Vietnam Vets line the fence at the football stadium from goal post to goal post!! I promise it will be awesome and as I said, we will be most honored to have you come!

American Made
Songs for Unsung Heroes

American Made was created to raise funds for non-profit organizations that assist and support our troops and veterans. It is the maiden release of STONE SOUP RECORDS, a subsidiary of Imagine a Better World Productions, dedicated to addressing the needs of people by the people.

Spanning multiple genres - including country, pop, folk, hip-hop and rock - American Made is a heartfelt tribute to those who have served our country. One song is entitled "Dust Off" and is about DUSTOFF Association member Doug Moore's mission to rescue three POWs during the Vietnam War.

From the anthemic optimism of the title track to songs of gut-wrenching loss, this compilation evokes a range of emotions. Through it all, one fact remains true: in the face of adversity, we are a nation that always soldiers on. Listen to these stories... and hear what it truly means to be an American hero.

Listen to a sample of the music here and find out how to purchase the CD in our DUSTOFF Association Store.

VA ID Card Update

The new Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC) provides increased security for your personal information - no personally identifiable information is contained on the magnetic stripe or barcode. It is also a salute to your military service. The emblem of your latest branch of service is displayed on your card. Several special awards will also be listed. The VHIC replaces the Veteran Identification Card (VIC) and will be issued only to Veterans who are enrolled in the VA health care system. Its purpose is for identification and check-in at VA appointments. It cannot be used as a credit card or an insurance card, and it does not authorize or pay for care at non-VA facilities.

In February 2014, VA began issuing the VHIC to newly enrolled Veterans and enrolled Veterans who were not previously issued the old VIC but requested an identification card. Beginning in May 2014, VA started automatically mailing VHICs to enrolled Veterans who were issued the VIC. Because VA will be reissuing more than 6 million cards, they ask for your patience during this time. Veterans who were issued a VIC do not need to return to their VA medical center to have a photo taken for the VHIC. Enrolled Veterans who do not have the VIC can contact their local VA medical center Enrollment Coordinator to arrange to have their picture taken for the new VHIC, or they may request a new VHIC at their next VA health care appointment.

Spring-Summer DUSTOFFer Newsletter Published

The latest issue of the DUSTOFFer Newsletter is now available for reading online or for download to your mobile device to read at another time. Don't miss the article "When I Have Your Wounded" penned by BG Patrick Brady and the article "An Unusual DUSTOFF Mission" written by Doug Moore.

Lots more great articles you need to read so you can stay up-to-date with what's going on in the DUSTOFF world.





Bob Mitchell Retires

Dena Mitchell surprised her husband Bob Mitchell with the flag flown in his honor. The flag was flown by C/2-227 in Afghanistan in honor of Bob's service to the Army and to the DUSTOFF Mission. The flag was to have been presented at this year's DUSTOFF Reunion but Bob's work prevented him from traveling to the Reunion. So, at dinner with Mike Pouncey and Vincent Carnazza (both of whom are active in DUSTOFF proponency at the Medical Evacuation Proponency Directorate at Fort Rucker) and their wives, Dena surprised Bob with the flag. Thanks for a great career on active duty as both a Warrant Officer Aviator and Commissioned Officer and your service both in Combat and in peacetime.

9-Line for DUSTOFF Founder

Thomas “Egor” Johnson is in the hospital and has been for a little over a month. The picture is our official DUSTOFF HUGGER, Karen Hill visiting him recently.  He’s battling complications from diabetes and a broken leg/hip. He needs some encouraging a spirit lift. If you would, take a moment and send him a get-well/get-better and cheer up card to:

Thomas L. "Egor" Johnson
C/O R.D.  "Eagle" Johnson
317 W. 54th St S.
Wichita, KS 67217

You may also call his cell phone and speak directly to him – let him know you are a DUSTOFFer.  316-617-0261

Most Popular T-shirts Restocked

Thanks to "DUSTOFF Dan the Man", we've just received a new shipment of the most popular DUSTOFF T-shirts - The Ride Of Your Life and the Louder You Scream shirts. The last shipment went fast so trot over to the DUSTOFF Store and place your order before they're in limited supply again.

2013 Reunion Pictures Found

It took a while - over a year - but the pictures from the 2013 reunion have been found and added to the reunion section of this site. If you were at the reunion, check out the pictures and see just how great you looked...you good looking devil!! If you missed that reunion, check out the pictures and maybe you'll run across a long-lost buddy or two. [See More]

Association Membership Now Searchable

DUSTOFF Association members may now access information about other Association members. Information about members is ONLY available to current members of the DUSTOFF Association.

Before you may verify your information or search for other members you must register online at our Web site and obtain a user name and password. Once you've created a user name and password you will have the opportunity to make your information non-searchable (Opt-out) or search for members by name, state, or unit.

Being able to search by state or unit allows you to find members in your area or find members previously assigned to the same unit as you making it easier to visit members that are friends or set up mini-reunions.

Remember, this information is only available to Association members and you may opt-out at any time after you've registered.

Landstuhl DUSTOFF Deploys One Last Time

Soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment bow their heads during the chaplain’s prayer inside the aircraft hangar at the Landstuhl heliport.

A detachment from the helicopter medical evacuation unit, Company C, 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment, led by CPT Michael Chase, will spend the next few months in Kuwait, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

This is likely Company C’s last deployment from Landstuhl, as the unit is slated to move to Grafenwehr in the coming year, said the company commander, MAJ Jesse Delgado. Army medical evacuation helicopters have flown from the hilltop behind Landstuhl since 1952, Delgado said.

Company C’s lineage dates back to 1968 in Vietnam. In 1989, the unit moved to Landstuhl as the 236th Medical Company (Air Ambulance), deploying to Southwest Asia for Operation Desert Storm and Bosnia for Operation Joint Endeavor. They also supported disaster relief operations in Europe. In 2004 and 2007, the unit served in Iraq.

The 236th furled its colors, and the unit became Company C, 1-214th Aviation Regiment. Two years ago the unit’s Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan.

“In the European theater and this side of the world, this unit has been in every major operation,” Delgado said. “This is the culminating event.”

Association Elects New Officers At Reunion

This year's reunion is in the history books and the Association elected new offers and members at lodge at the business meeting held 12 Apr 14. You may see how to correspond with them, as well as all the past Association officers by visiting the Officers and Board Members page. The new officers for this year are:

President: Jon Fristoe
Executive Director: Dan Gower
Vice President: Brian Almquist
Treasurer: Dan Gower
Secretary: Dustin Elder

Members at Large:
Ben Knisely
Hank Tuell
Rand Shotton
Rob Howe
Joe Neve

2014 Reunion One For the Books

This year's reunion was an outstanding event with record breaking attendance held at the Holiday Inn Riverwalk on South St. Mary's Street. If you missed it you can catch up next year when we meet in Nashville, TN.

CPT Douglas Hill – Pilot in Command of the Rescue of the Year Crew – in his thank you remarks to the DUSTOFF Association audience – the quote of the weekend

“I have deployed 4 times, 3 times as aviation: I have 650 combat hours, I flew 150 MEDEVAC missions, and evacuated 175 patients, for you (Vietnam era pilots) that was February!”

Check out the photos taken during the 2014 reunion by going to the 2014 Reunion Photos page.

Screaming Eagle Aviation Association

In recognition of the many accomplishments and sacrifices made by past and present 101st Airborne Division Aviation Soldiers, the Screaming Eagle Aviation Association was formed in May 2012 to support the Screaming Eagle Aviation Soldiers, family members and to memorialize those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We are reaching out to ask you to join us in making the SEAA Memorial a reality. To date a Memorial exclusively dedicated to the Men and Women of the Army Aviation community who made the ultimate sacrifice, does not exist at Fort Campbell.

We NEED your help to raise the $600,000 to build and sustain this lasting tribute to our fallen Aviation Soldiers. Our first order of business is to secure funding necessary to build this memorial that will encompass every operation (Peace or War) that any 101st Aviation Soldier has ever participated.

Please help spread the word to all 101st Airborne Division Aviation Soldiers (past and present), and visit the SEAA Web site  today to learn more about our organization, and to make an on-line Individual, or Corporate donation to the Memorial Fund. Your tax exempt donation and your Corporate Matching document can also be sent to “Screaming Eagle Aviation Association” c/o Robert L. Huffman, 3925 Sango Road, Clarksville, TN 37043. [Read More]

KLRN Hosts Hall Of Fame Members

Julie Coan, COO of KLRN hosted an informal reception allowing DUSTOFF Hall of Fame members, and those who are featured in the documentary “When I Have Your Wounded – the DUSTOFF Legacy”, to mix and mingle with those who supported KLRN with a large donation during the fund raising airing of  documentary last month.

FLATIRON Air Ambulance/Crash-Rescue Reunion

Attention ALL former or current: pilots, firefighters, medics, crash guards and maintenance personnel. The 2nd Bi-Annual FLATIRON reunion will be held 25-27 April 2014 at Ft. Rucker, AL.

Warren R. Blake
P.O. Box 67
North Conway, NH 03869

Gene A. Bess
447 Marshall Drive
Saint Robert, MO 65584