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Killed In Action Database

The Association maintains a database with information about the air ambulance crewmembers killed in action. If you desire to search the database, enter your query below.

The DUSTOFF Association has placed a memorial brick paver engraved with the name, unit, and date of death for each of the crewmembers listed on our memorial boards. The pavers are placed at the foot of our Hall of Fame wall at the Army Medical Department Museum. The wall and memorial were dedicated at the Annual Reunion on 22 February 2003.

The Memorials are dedicated to those crewmembers who are killed in the line of duty while performing a TOE-related mission. That translates to those that are killed on a mission flying the sick or wounded/injured, transporting critical medical supplies or moving essential medical personnel to perform a medical mission.

You may search by Rank, Last Name, First Name, or Unit. Enter data in only ONE block per search. Or click HERE to see the whole database.

Rank (i.e. PFC, SP4, SGT, WO1, CW2, 2LT, CPT, MAJ)
Last Name
First Name
Unit Number (i.e. 571, 101, 421, 159, 45)

Search Tips:
    1.    When not sure of the spelling of the person's last name, just enter the first two or three letters of the last name and search for that.
    2.    When searching for a unit, just use the unit's number. The 421st Medical Company would be searched by entering 421. 1st Cav Div crewmembers may be searched by entering either 1 or 15. Eagle DUSTOFF crewmembers may be searched by entering either 326 or 101.

Clicking the Submit Query button will cause this page to refresh with your results at the BOTTOM of the page.


RankFirst NameMiddleLast NameUnitDayMonthYearTownStateMIA
No records returned.

Click the last name to see additional information.


If this database stops functioning please send e-mail to notify the webmeister by clicking HERE.