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Stress Reliever

The DUSTOFF crewmember's stress reliever is loading at the bottom of this page. The DUSTOFF Association, its Board of Officers, and this Webmaster disavow any legal responsibility for problems incurred from missed days of work, divorce, or blurred vision from staying on this page too long.

This DUSTOFF crewmember's stress reliever is provided as a service to the air ambulance community. If you are not currently flying aeromedical evacuation aircraft, or have flown in them in the past, it is ILLEGAL to stay on this page. An automatic, encoded, cookie is being planted on your hard drive with the time, date, and your non-DUSTOFF job description. Start walking toward your front door now, so when the police arrive you will not keep them waiting. [HINT] Standing at the front door with arms extended and thumbs touching facilitates ease in applying handcuffs and will make the law enforcement officials go easy on you. Good luck.

Or if you're in the killing mood, play Tail Gunner.