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DUSTOFF Awards Program Ballot

Please read each of the nomination narratives. Then vote for which one you believe is the best in each category.

Remember - the Rescue of the Year is for missions flown between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013.

Aviator of the Year, Medic of the Year, and Crew Chief of the Year narratives can be for a single mission/event or for a demonstrated career of excellence and service - not just for events during the last year. This is an "annual" award but the award is to recognize excellence in service - be that service for one mission or a career.

Thanks for your help and service on the Executive Council - please return the ballots to me via e-mail NLT 17 January 2014 so I may get the TDY orders started and the trophies procured in time for the reunion.

Dan Gower
Exec Director
DUSTOFF Association

Step 1:

The annual DUSTOFF Awards Nominations are available for your review by CLICKING HERE. The nominations will open in a separate window in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.

Step 2:

After reviewing the nominations, return to this page and submit your vote by completing the form below. Thanks in advance for your participation in the review and voting.

Please vote for only one in each category.

Name of Person Voting:
Your E-mail Address:
Rescue of the Year:
DUSTOFF Aviator of the Year:
DUSTOFF Medic of the Year:
DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year: