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Fall/Winter DUSTOFFer Newsletter Added

The latest edition of the DUSTOFFer newsletter is now available for reading and/or download. The newsletter is our way of keeping the DUSTOFF Association members up-to-date on the events impacting DUSTOFF crewmembers. So stay informed by peeking into the latest edition.















Two DUSTOFFers in Georgia Hall of Fame

Two DUSTOFFers are being inducted or already inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame.




Justin Craig Honaman (VALOR)
First Lieutenant, Army, Atlanta. In 1967, as an Army Medical Service Corps “Dustoff” Helicopter Pilot and Aircraft Commander in Vietnam, he was decorated for heroism on three occasions. The theme in each of these citations was his focus, determination, and coolness while under constant enemy fire as he conducted continuous and multiple extractions of over 50 critically wounded Soldiers. Often, he had to steadily hover at tree-top level as the wounded were being slowly hoisted up through the jungle canopy. For his heroism, he was awarded the Combat Medical Badge, 16 Air Medals for combat flying, two Air Medals for Valor, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.




Richard Andrew Palmer, Jr. (VALOR)

Captain, Army, Macon. On 3 June 1970 while serving as a Dustoff Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam, he responded to a call to rescue five seriously wounded South Korean Army Soldiers whose unit was still receiving intense enemy fire. Three previous unsuccessful rescue attempts had been made by another Dustoff crew resulting in that aircraft being shot down. Despite poor weather conditions and a superior enemy force with heavy firepower, he was determined to attempt this lifesaving mission. Through a hail of enemy fire, he not only rescued the five soldiers but also the downed and vulnerable aircrew. His combat awards are: 19 Air Medals and the Silver Star.






Announcing the Annual Reunion
2-5 May 2019

Reunion #40 will take place in Colorado Springs, CO 2-5 May 2019 – with the Chuck Mateer Golf Tournament to be held at the Fort Carson golf course. Details to follow as they are made.  Room reservations are open NOW! See more information on the Reunion page.





Help Find Lost Association Members

We have an abnormally large number of Association members we can no longer communicate with. When postcards are sent out, for instance to announce voting for Hall Of Fame inductees, we've received cards as "Undeliverable." Please take a moment to scan the list of lost members and send us contact information if you find your name or you know the where-about of someone on the list. [See List]

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