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Latest DUSTOFF News

If it's been a couple of weeks since your last visit to our site, you may want to visit our Old New Page (or any of the past years located in the left buttons) and get caught up on what you may have missed.


Spring/Summer 2016 DUSTOFFer Published

The latest issue of our interesting Association newsletter has "hit the streets." As always, Jim Truscott and Suzie Gower have teamed up and prepared a super informative and professionally prepared newsletter.


The full-color issue may be seen by visiting the newsletter section of this site.


In this issue there are articles ranging from "Readiness Today", to "Carry On Medical Equipment" to the status of the Congressional Gold Medal Bill.


While you're on your way to this issue of the DUSTOFFer don't forget that you may catch up on past DUSTOFFers by visiting the buttons at the bottom of the newsletter introductory page.


DUSTOFF Hall of Fame Voting Open

DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame wall.It's that time of year where members of the Association get to vote on the nominee(s) for possible induction into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame. The deadline for having your vote counted is 31 Oct 16.

Please vote yes or no for Cephus "Lee" Roupe, this year's nominee. We would like you to consider his narrative and the following criteria in making your decision:

  • An outstanding contribution to DUSTOFF Aviation over an extended period,

  • A doctrinal or technical contribution,

  • An innovation with an identifiable impact on DUSTOFF Aviation,

  • Efforts that were an inspiration to others, or

  • Any combination of the foregoing.

 CPT William P. Brake
Army Aviation Hall of Fame 1992 Induction

For every new item of equipment that is proven on the field of battle, there are usually a few individuals who stand out as dedicated advocates - applying heroic energies and skills to promote its success. So it was with the helicopter as it made its debut on the battlefield of the Korean War. Aviators quickly proved the worth of the Bell H-13 as a key lifesaving factor in battlefield casualty evacuation.


But it remained for CPT William P. Brake to prove the true workhorse dimensions of one aviator and one helicopter. Brakes incredible record of 900 casualty evacuations in the span of 14 months in Korea has remained unchallenged. He was on combat assignment with the 49th Medical Helicopter Ambulance Detachment from March 1952 to May 1953.


A man of uncommon skill and enormous energies, he flew missions along the entire chain of casualty evacuation. Alternately, he could be seen lifting patients from field hospitals to evacuation hospitals for shipment to Japan or the United States. In his 14 months of service in Korea, Brake flew 567 missions of which 311 were combat missions, lifting 415 casualties from the front lines to field hospitals. He lifted an additional 485 patients from the field hospitals to facilities for evacuation
out of Korea.


Before leaving the Army, Brake was also an instructor pilot and member of the U.S. Army's helicopter demonstration team. His pioneering spirit, dedication and energetic efforts to prove the productivity and worth of the helicopter in medical evacuation roles profoundly influenced the post-war vision of the role of the helicopter in the Army of the future.

Are You On the Roll of Honor?

National Purple Heart Hall of HonorThe National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, located in New Windsor, NY is the only facility in the nation dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing the stories of our nation's service men and women who have been killed or wounded by enemy action while serving in the United States military.

They rely on family, friends, and Purple Heart recipients to share their stories with us. They need your help to build the Roll of Honor database containing these stories.

To learn more about the Hall of Honor, sharing your story and FREE enrollment, please visit their Web site or call the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor at 845-561-1765.





Wyoming Army NG Receives Additions

Wyoming Army aviation, which is highly used across the state, nation and abroad, is growing. The Wyoming Army National Guard is standing up a second helicopter unit.


A command aviation company will reside alongside the C Company, 5th Battalion 159th Aviation Regiment medical evacuation unit at the Army Aviation Support Facility and will execute missions that were previously impossible due to legal or operational limitations.


“Wyoming has always been a medevac-only unit and there are restrictions on medevac aircraft imposed by the Army, so (there have been) many missions we have been unable to do or must ask special permission to do,” Roth said. “Since we are picking up a CAC unit, none of those intricacies will apply which will better enable us to support domestic operations missions.”


Charlie Med also known as Cowboy Dustoff, is the most deployed unit in the Wyoming Army National Guard. Its missions include aeromedical evacuation, movement of patients, medical personnel, equipment and supplies to include blood products, combat search and rescue, and air crash rescue support.

When in Wyoming Charlie Med’s missions include assisting with Domestic Support to Civil Authorities taskers. Those missions may be firefighting or, like one of its more recent tasks, search and rescue of lost snowmobilers.

DUSTOFF Huey Hoisted Above Veterans Memorial Park In Las Cruces, NM

A Vietnam War-era Huey Helicopter is installed at the new Vietnam War Memorial at Veterans Memorial Park on 1 March 016. The New Mexico Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Project in Las Cruces, NM, is a memorial paying tribute the 398 New Mexico Vietnam veterans killed in action (1955-1975).

The memorial, titled “Heroes Never Thanked,” also honors all Vietnam veterans who served in Southeast Asia and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives during the Vietnam War.  Each KIA Vietnam Veteran from New Mexico have their photo metal engraved and set in a semi-circular stone wall as part of the memorial.



[Watch the Hoisting]







Do We Have Your Current E-mail Address?

With the Army Knowledge Online move away from local e-mail servers to the new “mail.mil” e-mail, we are experiencing lost e-mail traffic with some of our members. If you have an e-mail address registered with the DUSTOFF Association that is either a “us.army.mil” or “amedd.army.mil” domain – please take time to send us your new “mail.mil” domain based e-mail address. [Read More]

Help Find Lost Association Members

We have an abnormally large number of Association members we can no longer communicate with. When postcards are sent out, for instance to announce voting for Hall Of Fame inductees, we've received cards as "Undeliverable." Please take a moment to scan the list of lost members and send us contact information if you find your name or you know the where-about of someone on the list. [See List]

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