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Latest DUSTOFF News

If it's been a couple of weeks since your last visit to our site, you may want to visit our Old New Page (or any of the past years located in the left buttons) and get caught up on what you may have missed.


Spring-Summer DUSTOFFer Newsletter

The spring-summer 2015 issue of our informative newsletter is now available for reading online or as a download. Visit the DUSTOFFer newsletter section of this site for your copy.














Congressional Gold Medal

Congressional Gold Medal Montford Point Marines.jpgMG Brady is spearheading efforts to obtain the Congressional Gold Medal for DUSTOFF Crews. He noticed in the last issue off the VFW magazine that not only individuals but units as well, mostly WWII, have been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. The article questioned why units from other wars, Vietnam for example, had not been so honored. No units in any war are more deserving than the DUSTOFF crews. The procedure for submission requires an act of Congress. To that end, he has been successful in getting Senator Cornyn’s office on board assisting in an effort to get the CGM for the DUSTOFF crews. Senator Cornyn told MG Brady he would personally sponsor the bill. Members of the DUSTOFF Association all should be aware of this effort and when the time comes you may be helpful by soliciting your Members of Congress to cosponsor the Bill. More to follow!

Vietnam DUSTOFF Association Reunion

The Vietnam DUSTOFF Association's reunion is 23-28 Sep 15. Their guest speaker is Meg Prior. Meg was embedded with American forces in Afghanistan over a four year period filming a wide variety of units and capturing war from the soldiers perspective. I have viewed her movie trailers and found them to be awesome.

She has also been given the opportunity through the Mike Novosel Foundation to create a documentary film on Mike Novosel's life. Part of her visit with us at the reunion is to capture 'what is was like to fly DUSTOFF in Vietnam?' These insights will aide her in capturing the essence of the DUSTOFF role and missions flown so that she can capture this perspective when applying it to Mike's life in DUSTOFF.

If you have time to make the journey, we encourage you to make the journey to San Diego, CA not only for this aspect of the reunion but also for the other activities that they have planned.

Ben Knisely To Fly
Veterans Airlift Command Mission

On Wednesday 24 Jun 15, two veterans will participate in a Veterans Airlift Command mission to get a sick veteran and his new service dog home.


Veterans Airlift Command is a national nonprofit that provides free air transportation to post 9/11 combat wounded and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots.

Army Corporal Thomas Cannon, who was deployed to Iraq in 2011, was diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and pulmonary fibrosis. He was in remission but now is in stage 4. He was accepted to receive a medical service dog from Guardian Angels in Ocala, Fla., where the pair is currently undergoing training together. But he needs to get home from Ocala to Allentown, Pa. The VAC folks found him and his service dog a ride from Macon, Ga. to Allentown, but they needed help in Florida.

COL Ben Knisely (Ret), who serves as the military-veterans liaison officer for the Sarasota Sheriff's Department and also is a member of Goodwill Manasota's Veterans Task Force, is a volunteer with the VAC. He was an Army Medevac helicopter pilot who was shot down in Vietnam, survived four days on the ground and was one of only two found alive through a special rescue effort. He feels fortunate to be alive today and is happy to give back through flying wounded/sick vets in his Cirrus 22 single engine plane. His last mission was flying a young soldier who had lost a leg and was visiting family on Longboat Key home to South Carolina.

Serving as co-pilot and mission assistant will be Goodwill Manasota's director of veterans services, Staff Sergeant C.J. Bannister. She is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force who now helps to provide services to returning veterans, who face heightened risks of unemployment, personal problems, and homelessness.

Bannister and Knisely will depart from Sarasota early Wednesday morning, 24 Jun, from Dolphin Aviation. COL Knisely expects them to be wheels up by 0730. They will arrive in Ocala at approximately 0830 to pick up CPL Cannon and his service dog.

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 DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year

On June 8th, Major Trent Short relinquished command of C/3-82 GSAB after a successful combat tour in Afghanistan. Traveling to Fort Bragg to help honor their service in combat and make a delayed presentation of the DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year Award were COL (Retired) Bob Mitchell, former President of the DUSTOFF Association, MAJ (Retired) Graham Bundy, former commander of C/3-82, and Christine Hawk, representing Breeze Eastern the corporate sponsor of the Crew Chief of the Year award.

Bob and Christine presented SGT Joshua Soter with the trophy honoring his selection as the 2014 DUSTOFF Crew Chief of the Year. He and his fellow DUSTOFF Warriors were downrange during the 2015 DUSTOFF Reunion and unable to be present for the presentation at that time. Also honored during the brief ceremony preceding the change of command were 1SG Poole and leader of the Family Readiness Group, Christine Short, wife of Major Trent Short.

COL (R) Mitchell’s son, Zach is a Medical Service Corps aviator serving with C/3-82. He was a freshman at Harker Heights High School when MAJ Bundy was the Maintenance Officer in the 507th during Bob Mitchell’s command there at Fort Hood. Zach deployed on his first combat tour with MAJ Bundy in 2011. It’s a family thing this DUSTOFF Career!



Our thanks to Christine Hawk and the Breeze Eastern Corporation for their continued support of the DUSTOFF Association and our Crew Chief of the Year Award.

Inactivation of C 5-158 Avn Regt.

As part of the aviation restructuring initiative, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade will begin deactivating its formations starting with 5th Battalion 158th Aviation Regiment. 5-158 is currently headquartered in Katterbach, Germany. The deactivation ceremony will take place on 18 Jun 15 at 1000.

The MEDEVAC that is now C Co 5-158 traces its lineage back to the original 45th Medical Company.


Heroism and Valor

A recent invitation to give thoughts and reflections of the Heroism and Valor of those in Vietnam saving lives offered the opportunity it tell the stories of DUSTOFF. The group, the District office of the Social Security Administration, had an program for Memorial Day with about 200 in attendance. As their keynote speaker, I had a short time to say a lot and with a few "war stories" was able to get the perspective across of the slice of war to save lives. It was also noted the high risk, the dangers unique to DUSTOFF, and the ratios of casualties among DUSTOFF pilots.

Everyone in the combat theater has a unique role, but when boiled down of how the soldier is coming off the battle field, they are either "walking" off or carried out as WIA or KIA.

The program also had a POW/MIA ceremony, with the single place setting, single candle, red rose, with china and silverware. Presenting the explanation of all the symbolism was especially significant remembering my close friendship with Jerry Roe.

J. Craig Honaman
DUSTOFF 70, 57th Med Det, 67 - 68

Hall Of Fame Submission Extension


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Help Find Lost Association Members

We have an abnormally large number of Association members we can no longer communicate with. When postcards are sent out, for instance to announce voting for Hall Of Fame inductees, we've received cards as "Undeliverable." Please take a moment to scan the list of lost members and send us contact information if you find your name or you know the where-about of someone on the list. [See List]

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