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Time Remaining Until DUSTOFF Reunion In Atlanta, GA.









Latest DUSTOFF News
Registration for the 37th Annual Reunion, 27-30 Apr 16 is now open. Make your hotel and reunion reservations now.

If it's been a couple of weeks since your last visit to our site, you may want to visit our Old New Page (or any of the past years located in the left buttons) and get caught up on what you may have missed.


50 Years Ago

Vincent J. CedolaCPT Vincent J. Cedola, DUSTOFF pilot attached to the 82nd Med. Det. was presented with Honorary Vietnamese Air Force Pilot Wings, with a citation signed by Premier Nguyen Cao Ky. In Jun 65, CPT Cedola and his crew extracted the crew of a downed VNAF C-47 flareship, at night, and under intense Viet Cong ground fire.



2015 AAAA Army Aviation
Air/Sea Rescue Award


The crew members of DUSTOFF 1 from the U.S. Army Air Ambulance Det., Yakima Training Center, 2nd Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment, distinguished themselves by exceptionally valorous actions during the rescue of an injured hiker on 20 Jun 15. A climber on Mt. Adams, WA, who had sustained a broken arm and multiple leg injuries at an altitude approximately 8,000 above mean seal level could only be reached using a rescue hoist. SGT Jackson acted as the hoist operator and tactically hoisted SSG Pettus down into the narrow rock formation. The crew repositioned to a safe LZ in order to conserve fuel while Pettus set up for a tandem joist extraction. After approximately 30 minutes, the crew made a low and deliberate approach back into the pickup zone, terminating at a steady 25 foot hover above the highest point of the loose rock formation and subsequently hoisted Pettus and patient up to the aircraft. The outstanding mission accomplishment and teamwork of DUSTOFF 1's crew identified them as truly deserving of the award.

Reunion Hotel Rooms Sold Out

Unfortunately, rooms at the Embassy Suites are sold out in our DUSTOFF Room Block. There are no other rooms available at that hotel and, therefore, all further room reservations will be booked at the Holiday Inn Centennial Park. The Holiday Inn Centennial Park is within easy walking distance of the Embassy Suites. We are attempting to get 30 rooms, however, only 25 rooms are guaranteed. Once again - IF YOU SNOOZE - YOU LOOSE.

C-6-101 GSAB Welcomed Home

Dan and Suzie Gower traveled to Fort Campbell on 14 Jan 16 to welcome home C-6-101 GSAB from Combat Operations in Afghanistan. Also honored during that time was the 2015 Aviator of the Year, CPT Matthew Perry. CPT Perry deployed to Afghanistan just prior to the Reunion last year and was not able to receive his award. The trophy is sponsored by AirBus and our corporate sponsor is Joseph Mudd.

MAJ Travis Owen and Dan Gower

CPT Matt Perry Aviator of the Year

Receiving plaques honoring them as "Angels of the Battlefield were SGT Robert "DOC" Deleon and SGT Cody "DOC" Ford.

SGT Deleon and SGT Ford receive plaques

CW3 Steinman and SSG Rice - Difference makers honored

Also honored at this ceremony were two "difference makers". These are DUSTOFF Warriors chosen the commander to receive DUSTOFF Hall of Fame Coins. Honored this year were CW3 Alan Steinman and SSG Zachary Rice.

Members of the FRG were also honored with Proud DUSTOFF Wives Coins presented by Dan and Suzie. Present to receive their coins were Krystal Owen, Misty Danos, Chrisha Baskerville. Not present but receiving coins were Katie Appelhanz, Micah Howell.


FRG Leaders Honored by DUSTOFF

At the conclusion of the short ceremony, Dan and Suzie presented each member of the unit with a hand shake and a hug (from Suzie) and a DUSTOFF Association Coin. Also present to welcome them home were CSM (R) David Litteral (Member at Large for DUSTOFF) and CW2 Retired Joe Bradley and his wife Gail. Both Dave and Joe served at Fort Hood during Dan's time there with the 3/507th Medical Company (AA).

Another great day to be with DUSTOFF Warriors.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision that Unauthorized Wear of Military Decorations is a Right of "Free Speech

On 11 Jan 16, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, ruling on a 2007 conviction of Idaho resident Elven Joe Shisher for violating the Stolen Valor Act, overturned the conviction, saying it was a form of free speech protected by the U.S. Constitution. In taking this action, the Court upholds the U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2012 which struck down the Stolen Valor Act for the same reason.


With regard to the Court decision, it is disappointing that once again the courts have determined that the wearing of unauthorized military decorations is an expression of "free speech," as protected by the U.S. Constitution. For most veterans, and especially those of us who received the Purple Heart medal for wounds sustained on the battlefield or as the result of acts of terrorism, the Purple Heart is a badge of honor. It is the symbol that the recipient was willing to sacrifice his or her very life in defense of the United States of America and the freedoms all Americans are able to enjoy. When someone who is not entitled to any military decoration wears that medal, they not only denigrate its significance, but they dishonor those brave and heroic American military members who served to defend that same Constitution.


Hank (Okie) Tuell Inducted Into Hall of Fame

One of our members has added another honor to his name. In addition to being inducted into the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame in 2011, the notorious quid chewing Oklahoman, who flew as Medevac 1 in the 1970 timeframe, was inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame in November 2015.


Okie now resides in Red Lodge, MT and has been doing great and wonderful things for our wounded warriors through Operation Second Chance.


If we don't watch out for him, and keep his escapades in Vietnam on the hush-hush, the Queen of England will hear about his adventures in III Corps and dub him Sir Okie of Red Lodge!

Quad-A Soldier Appreciation Dinner Concert

Planning on joining us at the 2016 DUSTOFF Association reunion? Since the reunion is where the AAAA annual meeting is being held, you may want to take in the Soldier Appreciation Dinner Concert Saturday night. Chow down, renew old friendships, and hear some great music from the stars of the industry.


U.S. Army Helicopter Names in Vietnam

John Brennan, former SP5, 114 AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta, is asking for help from anyone with photographs of Army helicopters. He's looking for candidates for his next in-country Army helicopter photo book planned for 2017.


He's trying to identify and inform anyone that has Army helicopter pictures and any anecdotal information that can be obtained about these Medevac photos (date, place, crew, etc). He'd like to feature as many DUSTOFF photos he can assemble over the next 12 months for his new book. So far DUSTOFF has been vastly under-represented in his publications due to a shortage of decent looking images from prints or slides. His first book was U.S. Army Helicopter Names in Vietnam.

He's looking to gather 300 images for the next helicopter photo book. So far he's nearly half way to that goal. If you can help contact John at johnmailman@yahoo.com .

Fall/Winter DUSTOFFer Newsletter

The latest issue of our "must see" newsletter is hitting the post office soon, but you can read the latest issue right now by going to the newsletter page and either reading it online or downloading it to your tablet or printer.


Reading the DUSTOFFer newsletter is the easy way to keep informed with issues affecting the Association and the air ambulance community as well as being able to read interesting articles.


So flip on over to the DUSTOFFer section of this site and enjoy reading the latest issue.



2016 Reunion Golf Course

Golfers get ready. Ron Wilson has secured a great deal on our next Golf Tournament to be held during the 2016 DUSTOFF Reunion. The Cherokee Run Golf Club will be the venue. Take the virtual tour and get ready for a great day of golf with your fellow DUSTOFFers.


Registration and restaurant open at 0800. Shotgun start begins at 0900.





2016 DUSTOFF Reunion Info.


Room reservations now open - IF YOU SNOOZE - YOU LOSE! Room reservations are NOW open at the Downtown Embassy Suites in HOTLanta for the 2016 DUSTOFF Reunion. As we did last year, we are a sub-group to the Army Aviation Association Summit. [Read More]

Hot damn!! The DUSTOFF Store is having an inventory reduction sale and price reductions on select items. Now's your time to save big on a number of items in the story. Go to the Store NOW and check it out.

Do We Have Your Current E-mail Address?

With the Army Knowledge Online move away from local e-mail servers to the new “mail.mil” e-mail, we are experiencing lost e-mail traffic with some of our members. If you have an e-mail address registered with the DUSTOFF Association that is either a “us.army.mil” or “amedd.army.mil” domain – please take time to send us your new “mail.mil” domain based e-mail address. [Read More]

Help Find Lost Association Members

We have an abnormally large number of Association members we can no longer communicate with. When postcards are sent out, for instance to announce voting for Hall Of Fame inductees, we've received cards as "Undeliverable." Please take a moment to scan the list of lost members and send us contact information if you find your name or you know the where-about of someone on the list. [See List]

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