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Latest DUSTOFF News

If it's been a couple of weeks since your last visit to our site, you may want to visit our Old New Page (or any of the past years located in the left buttons) and get caught up on what you may have missed.


WO1 John Chrin Remembrance

John ChrinBill Sypher is looking for anyone who remembers WO1 John Stephan Chrin. John was in 57th Med Det from 5 July 1971 to 13 October 1971. On 13 October 1971, DUDTOFF 71 was lost on a night-time combat evac mission in weather. On last contact with radar control facility, pilot stated that he was IMC. Radar contact was lost approximately seven miles from a 2,000 foot mountain. Aircraft impacted on the side of a mountain near Chau Lang, RVN. A fire was spotted by ground observers who were unable to reach the crash site until the following morning. Five bodies were recovered.


13 October 2016, marks the 45th anniversary of John’s sacrifice. John was a resident of nearby Lebanon PA, and is buried in Lebanon at Holy Cross Cemetery. We would like to have a remembrance for John. We are looking for anyone who served with John, and/or any photos in-country or during Flight School.


William Sypher
56 Lincoln School Road
Jonestown, PA 17038

Flood Relieve In Louisiana

As you may have heard, Louisiana has been the victim of a catastrophic flood that has devastated much of the State. According to the Red Cross, it is "the worst natural disaster to strike the United states since Hurricane Sandy four years ago." Thousands of residents have lost everything. At least five of our Patriot Members have lost almost everything and need our help. Just as we move quickly to assist those in need in our local communities, so too should we assist our fellow Patriots in this time of need. At this point, all emergency supplies and necessities are being taken care of by Red Cross and other donations of goods. Tons of water, cleaning supplies and used clothing have already been donated. However, they will need assistance with other necessities of resuming normal life. Unfortunately, almost none of those affected were covered by flood insurance because this area was designated as a sheltering area when Katrina hit. Most areas were north of I-10 and I-12, which in Louisiana is basically the designated line by FEMA and insurance companies as the safe line, and flood insurance is not required.

With assistance and guidance from the MOPH National HQ, The Department of Louisiana has set up a special account and Committee to receive donations, evaluate needs, and distribute assistance to those who need it most. The Department will verify the need prior to sending any monies out, and no administrative costs will be taken out of any donated funds. The total (100%) of donations will go to Patriots in need. The Department will keep a strict accounting of who makes donations and checks will be written to Patriots and LAMOPH members on an equitable basis. The entire process will be monitored by the MOPH Leadership, the MOPH National Judge Advocate, and the MOPH Finance Officer who is tasked to ensure strict accountability.

Anyone who would like to make a donation should make their check payable to "Department of Louisiana, MOPH." Checks should be mailed to Department of Louisiana MOPH, Alton Rock, 217 Leeds St., Slidell, LA 70461. Each entity making a monetary contribution will get an accounting of how and where the money was spent. Please help our brothers and sisters in need!

DUSTOFF Association Scholarship Awarded

The Mike Novosel DUSTOFF Association Scholarship is being awarded to Matthew Campbell, son of COL John Campbell of Enterprise Alabama. He’ll be attending Auburn University. Other winners of AAAA Scholarships who used their membership in the DUSTOFF Association and AAAA to compete are Phoebe Smart, daughter of LTC Pete Smart and Jeremiah Cornell, son of LTC Jerry Cornell. Congratulations to our scholarship winners. [ Read more about scholarship. ]

Dust Off Crews of Vietnam War
Congressional Gold Medal Act

As you may have read on this site earlier, we have a bill in both Houses of Congress – S:2268 and H.R. 5299 to award the Congressional Gold Medal as recognition for the lifesaving efforts of DUSTOFF crews from Vietnam. This effort has the support of every major veteran’s organization in America. 


We need your support to urge your government representatives to support this legislation. Encourage them to join the veterans of America and cosponsor a Congressional Gold Medal for these singularly most remarkable, selfless and courageous unrecognized Veterans.


Below is a letter format for you to use in Word and Adobe Reader (PDF) format. Find your Representative or Senator, add their name to the beginning of the letter, sign it (type your name), and e-mail it to each.


Sample letter in Word format and in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.


Black Hawk Crash Reunion

Christopher Tinter is putting together a reunion of his pilot, co-pilot, medic and himself. It has been 31 years since the crash on 26 Feb 85 at Ft. Campbell KY. The crew haven't seen each other since being hospitalized following the crash. CPT Holly Ingram Monks, CW4 Clifford McGee, SGT Mark McCall, and SP4 Christopher Tinter, miraculously survived this terrible crash.


Black Hawk DUSTOFF Crash


The crew was part of the D Company 326th Medical Battalion. The Sikorsky UH60A Black Hawk helicopter had developed engine trouble during a routine training mission and crashed in TN. Within the last 6 months, Tinter was able to finally locate all the crewmembers and has made phone contact with them. They are excited about the reunion and have agreed on the location. The reunion will take place in San Diego CA on 17 Sep 16. Anyone else wanting to join them can reached Christopher Tinter at 850-728-2300.

Spring/Summer 2016 DUSTOFFer Published

The latest issue of our interesting Association newsletter has "hit the streets." As always, Jim Truscott and Suzie Gower have teamed up and prepared a super informative and professionally prepared newsletter.


The full-color issue may be seen by visiting the newsletter section of this site.


In this issue there are articles ranging from "Readiness Today", to "Carry On Medical Equipment" to the status of the Congressional Gold Medal Bill.


While you're on your way to this issue of the DUSTOFFer don't forget that you may catch up on past DUSTOFFers by visiting the buttons at the bottom of the newsletter introductory page.


DUSTOFF Hall of Fame Voting Open

DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame wall.It's that time of year where members of the Association get to vote on the nominee(s) for possible induction into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame. The deadline for having your vote counted is 31 Oct 16.

PPlease vote yes or no for Cephus "Lee" Roupe, this year's nominee. We would like you to consider his narrative and the following criteria in making your decision:

  • An outstanding contribution to DUSTOFF Aviation over an extended period,

  • A doctrinal or technical contribution,

  • An innovation with an identifiable impact on DUSTOFF Aviation,

  • Efforts that were an inspiration to others, or

  • Any combination of the foregoing.

Help Find Lost Association Members

We have an abnormally large number of Association members we can no longer communicate with. When postcards are sent out, for instance to announce voting for Hall Of Fame inductees, we've received cards as "Undeliverable." Please take a moment to scan the list of lost members and send us contact information if you find your name or you know the where-about of someone on the list. [See List]

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